Major Tom ( Special Extended Version) - Various - Remember Mix (CD)

Girls On Film Two of Hearts Set Me Free Get Tough Mirror Mirror Goodbye There There My Dear It Started with a Kiss Gold Imagination Fire In the Sky Major Tom ( Special Extended Version) - Various - Remember Mix (CD) Operator Done By the Forces of Nature Have a Nice Day Remix Just a Friend Body Slam Ade Die Sprache des Regens Ich bin noch da How do you keep the music playing? The way we were Eingestellt von Musiktruhe um Labels: Caterina ValenteSchlagerBoutique.

Anita 2. Steig in das Boot heute Nacht, Anna Lena 4. Ich zeige Dir das Paradies 5. Spiel Bouzouki 7. Die Blumen der Nacht 8. Ikarus 9. Der Wein von Samos Du Es stieg ein Engel vom Olymp Was nun, kleiner Mann Carolina, komm 3. Pan 5. Am Tag, als die Sonne nicht mehr kam 7. Helena 8. Santa Maria del Mare, Adieu Shangri-La Ta Matia. Labels: Costa CordalisSchlagerBoutique.

Messer, Gabel, Schere, Licht 2. Deine Rosen vom ersten Rendezvous 3. Wenn du geh'n willst 4. Dich mit anderen teilen kann ich nicht 5. L'amour est bleu 6. Morgen sehen wir uns wieder 8. Heut' war Premiere 9. Bunter Luftballon Karussell d'amour Halt die Welt an Klipp und klar Ich bin Wo ist er My sweet lord Comme je suis Ich bin Hey Joe McKenzie Ich hab die Liebe geseh'n Auntie Die Bouzouki klang durch die Sommernacht Tropez Gitarren bei Nacht Disk 2 1.

Auf Wiedersehen, ihr Freunde mein 3. Theo, wir fahr'n nach Lodz 4. Rot ist die Liebe 6. Ja, ja der Peter, der ist schlau 7. Ich liebe das Leben 8. Tango d'amor 9. Drehorgelmann Kali nichta Gute Nacht Bye bye my love Wer weint denn schon um einen Mann Kinder der Sonne Love's alive Je t'aime mon amour Verloren zijn we niet Ver van het leven Jenseits von Eden. Labels: SchlagerBoutiqueVicky Leandros. Zwei kleine Italiener 2. Diana 3. I Love You Baby 4. Lady Sunshine und Mr.

Moon 5. Midi-Midinette 6. Drei Musketiere 7. Blue Jean Boy 9. Teenager Melodie Verliebt, verlobt, verheiratet Kleine Lucienne Ob 15, Major Tom ( Special Extended Version) - Various - Remember Mix (CD) 16, ob 17 Jahre alt Jolly Joker Yes, My Darling Mariandl Sag' mir, was Du denkst Mister Music Du bist mir so sympatisch Skip-Du-Bi-Du Pack die Badehose ein More interesting perhaps are those items produced right at the cusp of the analogue to digital transition.

Junk shops like Hardoff are full of discard Laserdiscs. Like CDs, the information was encoded using pits read by a laser head. However, the video encoding mechanism used a form of pulse width modulation, encoding and reproducing a purely analogue signal.

Hardoff was also home to our next item. When I first bought The Repeater I had no idea what it was. A curious slot appeared to accept a magswipe card, but I had nothing much else to go on. After some headscratching I deduced that the device plays back analogue audio encoded on a magswipe card.

It appears that special flashcards were sold as a learning aid. Swipe a card on which a question is printed and the device will playback an audio recording of the answer. The Repeater is interesting to me because the audio is stored as an analogue recording, which is immediately digitally sampled by the device for playback so that it can be repeated if required. This is really the only point in time when this approach would have been taken. Digital systems not quite cheap enough for storage, but able to effectively manipulate and playback datasets with Major Tom ( Special Extended Version) - Various - Remember Mix (CD).

In the video below, you can observe this technological curio in action:. The Repeater is also notable as the last piece of consumer electronics on our junk bin trawl manufactured in Japan. These days the vast majority of consumer electronics for sale in Akihabara are manufactured and often designed in China. And while the transistor radio was emblematic of the rise of Japanese consumer electronic manufacturing, I found it impossible to find a single new consumer radio in Akihabara manufactured in Japan.

Outside of consumer electronics Akihabara is home to test equipment store Keisokuki Land. Here you can find both domestic and foreign surplus test equipment often at very low prices. All faulty in some way, but easy repairs. Sometimes more curious pieces of domestic equipment pop up too. Major Tom ( Special Extended Version) - Various - Remember Mix (CD) the Anritsu communications analyzer shown to the right.

Akihabara has shifted focus over the years, and Japanese manufacturing is no doubt currently in decline. But Akihabara still feels strong and vibrant. While the markets of Shenzhen now dwarf Akihabara a thousand fold, Shenzhen is all business. Akihabara is filled with Otaku driven by the desire to hack. One can only wonder what the future will bring. Hide genres you don't like in the Account Settings.

Charli Brix DnB - Hardstyle - Volksmusik Remixes. Boris S. Hardstyle - - Track Addicted. MC DL Hardstyle - FeestMc Peerke Hardstyle - Delete In Qontrol Anthem Rude Jumpstyle - Miss Trouble DnB - - Metamorphosis. Solutio Hardstyle - Lyrically is very strong and one of the highlights of the album.

It's an epic track with nearly 10 minutes long and where Bowie provides a beautiful vocal work. It's a lengthy song that gradually moves from slow to rapid and vice versa. The sixth track 'Janine' is the second folk rock song on the album with a pure Bob Dylan's musical style.

It's a beautiful acoustic ballad with nice and interesting lyrics and where the melody has an interesting flowing. It's a song with a nice mixture of acoustic and electric guitar works, a good bass line and where Bowie's vocals serve the song perfectly well.

The seventh track 'An Occasional Dream' is a short and gentle love song with a beautiful flute musical arrangement about a very brief and intense affair. We are in presence of another folk rock ballad with a very interesting, pleasant and peaceful tune. It's one of the most progressive songs on the album in the pure symphonic style. It's a song with good lyrics and is divided into several musical sections, which features full orchestral arrangements. It's also the debut song recorded by Bowie with Mick Ronson.

The ninth track 'God Knows I'm Good' is another folk song where Bowie plays his 12 string acoustic guitar, which he often do on the album. It has a nice melody and an interesting catchy story, a woman stealing food and saying to God that she remains a good person.

It's a very good folk song with great acoustic guitar working. It's a psychedelic folk space rock song with good lyrics and nice tunes. The track is about a festival that Bowie organized Major Tom ( Special Extended Version) - Various - Remember Mix (CD) London, in I agree with some reviewers when they say that the first part is very interesting, but the second part is a little bit repetitive.

Anyway, this is an interesting way to close this nice album. Conclusion: This is my first review of a Bowie's studio album on Progarchives. However, I had already reviewed his live album 'Stage', before. This is also one my oldest albums in my vinyl collection and I must confess that I always had a soft spot for this album. It always was and it still remains to me, as one of my favourite albums from Bowie.

Despite both albums being the second studio albums from them, both represent, in a certain way, their real debut album. By the other hand, 'Space Oddity' and 'Goodbye And Hello' are two excellent albums and both represent, in my humble opinion, two of the best and most representative albums from progressive folk and psychedelic music.

They represent, in my humble opinion, two of the best examples of the changing of the rock music in the end of the 60's. So, despite it can't be considered a masterpiece or an excellent album it has its merits and deserves to be fully appreciated. Prog is my Ferrari. Some songs are frankly pretty forgettable while I'm writing this without the album playing, and months since the last time I listened to it, I have very thin memories of e.

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