Reba McEntire - Does He Love You (CD)

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Country Music Hall of Fame s. Authority control. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Reba McEntire - Does He Love You (CD) ready to take all the blame if they'll just come back, please come back into your life.

Not healthy, but that's another story. Baby come back, any kind of fool could see There was something in everything about you Baby come back, you can blame it all on me I was wrong and I just can't live without you.

Sometimes you reach a point when enough is enough. Your lover plays too many games, hurts you too many times and it's too late to apologize. You're done. This song shows backbone in the face of being jerked around by a sweetheart. Sometimes apologies describe the brutal truth we need to hear. In this song about a relationship that has run its course, a man offers this sad but bitter truth to his lady friend:.

It's unfortunate how sometimes those who are closest to us you often get the least of our time and energy. In this song, Vince Gill sings that he's sorry it took him so long to realize the situation, and he wants the chance to make it right.

This ballad describes a couple in which one partner is on a losing streak, uttering mean words she really doesn't mean. As soon as she blurts them out, she wants to snatch them right back, but the damage is done. It makes the other partner feel sad and broken and the speaker begs forgiveness.

Blowups and misunderstandings need to be corrected immediately before they lead to major repercussions. This song by Ciara emphasizes the urgency of working it out. Sometimes by the time you apologize too much damage has been done. That's the message that Blake Shelton imparts in this song. I wonder if he ever sang this to Miranda during their troubles?

Oh, you're sorry, So sorry, And you want it back the way it was. Well I'm sorry, But sometimes sorry, Just ain't good enough. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them.

Wodehouse, English humorist. This song by Babyface is a cold dose of reality. The protagonist admits to his sweetheart that sometimes we do stupid things, and when that's the case please just overlook it in the spirit of "no harm intended.

Sometimes a man Is gonna be a man It's not an excuse It's just how it is Sometimes the wrong Don't know that they're wrong Sometimes the strong Ain't always so strong. This Indie song asserts that instead of fighting and crying, maybe it's better to say "I'm sorry" and just hold one another tight. It just means you value your relationship more than your ego.

In a sense this Grammy award-winning song was prophetic. Kurt Cobain mused about apologies and absorbing all the blame. Inthe famous singer who shaped the the music of the s and beyond committed suicide. Don't even try to tell Madonna "sorry" because she's downright bitter about all this apology crap. In this song, she says she's heard it all before, so save your precious breath. I don't wanna hear, I don't wanna know Please don't say you're sorry I've heard it all before And I can take care of myself I don't wanna hear, I don't wanna know Please don't say "Forgive me" I've seen it all before And I can't take it anymore.

With references to Madame Butterfly, this song is about taking advantage of innocence and someone who loves you and apologizing for promises that you've made that won't be kept. Some things were never meant to be. Usually Taylor Swift's songs are about how she's been wronged, but this one from is different.

Some say it's about her ill-fated relationship with Taylor Lautner. The song is an apology for mistreating a former lover and causing a dramatic conflict that ended the relationship in a hurtful way: "You gave me roses and I left them there to die. She goes back to December all the time, and this is her apology.

The man in this song by Jason Aldean is really beating himself up for his relationship mistakes. He's waited until 3 a. Why do I always use the words that cut the deepest When I know how much it hurts you?

Oh baby why do I do that to you? The woman in this song had a fight with her lover and made hurtful remarks. They had a shouting match, and she was very unkind. Now it's eating her up, and she's phoning him to make amends. In this hit, Brenda Lee asks for forgiveness for whatever she did. She claims that youth and blind love caused her make blind mistakes. No one is the perfect mate—attentive, kind, or expressive enough.

However, this classic by Willie Nelson says that it's the intent that counts. He reminds his beloved: "You were always on my mind. In this country hit, a man apologizes to his darling after losing his temper and saying a lot of mean-spirited things. He's reaching out for her, begging for forgiveness, wanting for the relationship to return to what it was. Cher is feeling mighty regretful in this classic in which the protagonist wishes she could just press "reset" and take back all the mean words and things that she did to hurt her lover.

Her actions drove her lover away because she was too proud to say "sorry. I don't know why I did the things I did I don't know why I said the things I said Love's like a knife it can cut deep inside Words are like weapons, they wound sometimes. In this song, the protagonist left his sweetheart standing in his rearview mirror, swearing never to return. She faded from his life, married and moved on. But he has regrets. She's the "what if" girl, the one he's always wondered about. But she's someone's else's wife.

That's regret, buddy. This song is a regretful ballad about never truly connecting with a loved one who lives in the same house. A girl grows up with a stoic father who never takes the time to tell her how much he loves her. He's always got his attention diverted elsewhere, and the daughter separates herself in her room.

Little does she know that she means everything to him. Now that he has been dead for a year, the opportunity to build a true, meaningful relationship has passed along with him. Don't let this happen to you. Say what you need to say now. This song expresses the remorse and desperation of a lover at the moment he knows he's being moved out on. She's packing her suitcase, and he can no longer ignore the warning signs that their relationship is in trouble. He admits he took her love for granted and now the regretful fella will do anything to make it right again.

Too late? This folk rock song from has stood the test of time because it conveys a powerful message: relationships are investments, built in small moments, over lifetimes, and you get out of them what you put into them.

The father in this song never had time for his son growing up. When he finally did, his son had a family of his own and was too busy for him. Worst of all, he had taught his son to be just like him. Have a suggested regret or apology song? Feel free to recommend it in the Comments Section below.

You don't have to be a HubPages member to leave a comment. Question: I pushed someone I loved away because of my own insecurities and personal problems. I hurt them in the process, and now I am trying to apologize with a song. Do you have any suggestions? Whatever song you select, you might highlight key lyrics when you send it. If you apologize deeply, express how important both they and the relationship are to you, and accept responsibility for your transgression without getting defensive i.

Even if your someone special doesn't forgive you at first, ask them to continue to consider your request rather than saying "no. As long as the lines of communication are kept open, you're in decent shape. Question: I cheated on the man I love. He is my everything, and it was the biggest mistake of my life. How can I fix it? How do we save us? Answer: We all make mistakes, and you have violated this man's sacred trust. This rejection cuts deep, but affairs can sometimes be forgiven.

Go to him and ask him to hear you out. Look him in the eye, hold his hands, and pour out your heart. Accept responsibility for violating his trust. It doesn't matter if he was working too hard, didn't give you the attention you needed, or whatever else allegedly caused you to seek the affections of another man.

You are the one who violated the bond between you, so own it fully and ask for his forgiveness. It may or may not come. Ask how you can make this right between you. Tell him it was the worst mistake you've ever made. Tell him what he means to you. Offer to go to a counselor to work on any communication issues between you and rebuild trust.

Allow him to express his anger and sadness and ask questions. If he won't talk to you in person, call him, FaceTime him or write him a heartfelt letter. Whatever his answer is, respect it.

Either way, you have learned an important lesson. Question: When I treat the person that I loved badly, what do I do? I don't want to just say sorry. First, instead of waiting to be called on your inappropriate behavior and being asked for an apology, it would be better if you volunteered that you behaved inappropriately and stepped up to offer a heartfelt apology.

Secondly, make sure you provide a genuine and effective apology, as outlined in the article. This includes the following steps:. Lastly, continually work on changing your behavior so that you don't repeat the mistake. It's very honorable of you to want to do right by those you care about. Hope this advice helps you do that. Question: My friend said some dumb shit to his girlfriend that hurt her feelings, and now he wants to sing to her.

Any song suggestions? Answer: Your candor made me laugh. He probably asked for your help with finding a song. It depends on what stupid stuff he said, but he probably issued some insults that made her feel bad about herself and the relationship. Question: I told my friend I would hurt myself if she didn't do what I wanted her to do, and she ended up crying. How do I apologize? Answer: Threatening to hurt yourself in order to get someone else to do what you want is extremely manipulative.

Acknowledge that to her and the fact that it was wrong. Describe how it must have made her feel. Offer your apology, ask forgiveness, and tell her you will never do it again. Also, consider consulting a psychologist because this is some pretty extreme behavior and I'm concerned that you may repeat it or genuinely turn to self-harm when stress becomes intense.

Question: I hurt my boyfriend, and have tried to apologize, but he won't listen to me. What song should I send him? He thinks he hurt me as well. Answer: Choices have consequences, and it's possible that you've lost her for good. Whether you can repair the broken trust between you depends on many things -- for example, the formality of commitment between you two, the length of your relationship, was the cheating a one-time tryst or a longer affair, who it was with hopefully, not her best friend!

If she won't discuss the matter with you in person, or via phone or FaceTime, try writing a letter with a heartfelt apology -- yes, the old-fashioned handwritten kind. Perhaps include it in a card or have a florist deliver it along with a dozen roses. People don't write letters anymore, and it takes an investment of time and heart, so you'll get her attention. Mail it to her, if needed.

You get ONE shot at this so make it good! Don't make excuses or give any justifications or rationales. Own how wrong you were and express how you let both her and yourself down. In your own words, validate how cheating must have made her feel second best, unwanted, rejected!

Remember that emotional cheating and physical cheating both hurt like hell. Tell her WHY she is the only one for you and why you realize that now that she isn't in your life. Paint the picture of where you want the relationship to go, any dreams you have for the two of you, and if it's true say that you're willing to do the hard work to rebuild her trust if she gives you another chance. Be warned that this involves answering a lot of questions about the cheating, a lot of anger and tears, and having to account for your whereabouts.

Don't expect instant forgiveness, even under the best of circumstances. One of the great relationship insecurities is whether a partner will continue to be faithful when one's good looks fade, health or wealth declines, luck turns sour, or they're at their most vulnerable.

She probably questions that if you cheated now why you wouldn't do it again? You own causing her this pain. Spill your guts, then tell her the decision is all hers if she wants to take it slow and try to work it out.

Then, if her answer is no, stop. That's unwanted attention. Chalk it up to a lesson learned the hard way. Question: My husband of 23 years moved out after saying that I needed to start taking care of myself again.

He is fed up with the arguing and namecalling and says he misses the person he married. He told me he would never leave, but then he did. How can I get him to give us another chance? How can I get him to believe that I am sorry for all the things I have done and said and that I love him and will do anything to make us work? Answer: It sounds like you need a relationship reboot before it's too late, and it's going to take a lot of work so that you don't wind up in divorce court.

Do some honest soul searching first about what you truly want, how you really feel about him, and why you behaved the way you did. Make sure that wanting him back is not simply a knee-jerk reaction to being rejected. Were you truly good for one another? Are you both capable of change, forgiveness, and growing together? Are there other people complicating this relationship? Panera, for example, is a good place because you can stay for several hours uninterrupted while you have a private conversation.

If you are truly sorry and feel responsible for your inappropriate behavior, then start out by totally owning it and telling him that you are sorry -- regardless of where your relationship leads. He needs to know that you realize you treated him badly. Ask if he can accept your apology. Describe to him how he is still the man that you fell in love with 23 years ago and what your dreams for the future are, should you be able to get through this crisis together.

Ask where he sees the marriage going, and really let him talk. If he is open to a future together, ask whether he will go to couples therapy with you. If he won't go, then this is not a great sign. Let him know that you are working on "you" in the interim. Even if he isn't ready to forgive, leave the door open to your relationship. Beginning ASAP, it would be helpful to seek individual counseling for yourself to work on any unresolved issues of anger or untreated mental health issues such as depression.

This will help you regardless of whether he is in your life. Question: When someone apologizes for mistreating you, what can you say other than, "It's okay"? Answer: Good question because it is NOT okay to treat others poorly, so why say that? Here are some other options:. You're thanking them for making a sincere apology. You are not excusing the behavior, however. This is the most empowering choice to me. Let's move on" or "I forgive you," but only if that's truly the case. If not, then state the opposite and discuss why.

If you still need time to process the situation, you can say that instead. Avoid saying that all is forgotten because that is hyperbole at best, a lie at worst. Question: I crossed a line with a friend. He thinks I like him romantically, but I do not. We share a bond together over the loss of our spouses. I desperately want to apologize to him. What do I do? Answer: If he absolutely will not return your texts, messages, phone calls, emails, or FaceTimes, then you're going to have to write a good old-fashioned letter or go see him personally, which would probably be perceived as a little stalky.

Send your letter with a card, and begin with something to the effect of, "Can I clear the air over something that happened that I regret? Tell him you've tried to contact him via text etc. People who are grieving and lonely sometimes do inappropriate things because they miss the warm arms of their partner.

People can misread romantic, friendship or other behavioral cues. People can make incorrect assumptions about what others' motives are. We all make mistakes. If he does not respond to your letter, at least you've been adult about trying to Reba McEntire - Does He Love You (CD) amends and correct wrong information, thus you can move on from your friendship.

I am sorry about the loss of your spouse. Question: I have tried my best way to apologize to someone who loved me, but he's completely unwilling to give me another chance. What can I do? Answer: You've already tried to earnestly apologize for whatever you did to break the trust between you.

Please understand that it is his choice to forgive you or not. Forgiveness is a gift -- one Reba McEntire - Does He Love You (CD) give both the other person AND at the same time ourselves because the hurt will cause pain for the grudge-holder.

He has chosen not to extend you this gift, so the only thing you can do at this point is to let him know that the door is always open, you'll leave him alone, and that you'll respect his decision. We cannot make people love us and cannot force them to accept our sincere apologies. Go live your life and let him live his. Question: Out of desperation I accepted money from a man and allowed him to watch me while he touched himself, but there was no contact, sexual or otherwise.

My wife walked in and saw this. Now she won't speak to me. This was a one-time occurrence and I was in a hopeless place. Now I don't know what to do. She means everything to me. Any help? Answer: Regardless of whether there was sexual contact between you and this other man, you completely betrayed your wife's trust. You were a willing participant in a sexual act regardless of what you may claim. You played a visual stimulating role instead of a tactile, interactive role.

You don't say whether you were unclothed as well or whether this was a stranger or friend. The fact that you did this for money adds another complicating layer. Sexual activity for payment IS technically prostitution. Your wife has to wonder if you'd do this, what else have you done or what else would you do?

You broke all kinds of personal boundaries here, friend. Your wife has to be shocked, ashamed, terribly disappointed, and very angry. You must do some soul searching. If it's a shared money situation which with spouses you'd assume it is, right? She felt and feels the financial desperation, too.

However, she's not engaging in prostitution, is she? I'm thinking there's something else going on that affects chiefly your finances. Consider what the root cause was behind your desperation. Although money was your surface need or motivator, I'm thinking that drug addiction, gambling, or some similar personal situation was the real driver for you to cross such a moral line.

That is what you need help with. Go to her and ask her for help with that e. Make sure she knows how much you care. If you've never had intercourse outside of marriage, say so and ask two things: marriage counseling and how to make this right by her. Question: I love three girls. One loves me dearly and she can only kiss me. The other one loves me more than anything and she can't allow me to kiss her. The third one I have sex with her whenever I want. She claims that she loves me, but I doubt it.

My question is: whom should I choose among these three? Answer: I'm afraid that you've gotten love and affection--or more precisely SEX--confused. I suspect you don't love ANY of these girls, although you may believe that you do.

I also suspect that you at least tell them each that you love them, although that may be just a tactic to get more physical in your relationships with them. You deserve a deeper emotional connection than this. You'll find that it's actually more satisfying and rewarding. You will learn that later when you are truly in love with someone, you don't want to be with anyone else romantically.

At least, I hope you will learn this. When you're in love, you can't stop talking or thinking about that special someone. Your whole world revolves around seeing them and making them happy, even if that means making sacrifices like not becoming intimate with other people or even moving across the country with them because that's where they got a new job.

You think about a future together. You respect them as a person with thoughts, feelings, and opinions. You take care of them when they are sick, sad, or grieving. You want to know as much as you can about who they truly are, what makes them click, and what their childhood was like.

You accept their flaws, moodiness, and mistakes as a part of their makeup. That's being in love, and notice it's absolutely not the same as sex.

That's not love. The third girl is probably hooking up with you in an unspoken friends-with-benefits type arrangement. You need to clarify with her how you really feel about one another.

Be brutally honest. Are you just using one another for convenient sex? Be careful because babies can get made with what you're doing and you don't even seem to have genuine feelings for one another. The arrangement is also hindering you from emotionally connecting with other girls who could prove to be a genuine love interest. As far as the two other girls, I'm glad they don't let you get any further. Take dating slow and get to know them or whomever you date as people before you declare love.

Out of honesty, you should tell Girl 1 and 2 about each other and that you had been seeing Girl 3 all along. They deserve to know who you really are, and if they forgive and accept you for your this, you're well on your way to establishing more a genuine, trusting, mature relationship.

If what you're looking for isn't love but instead just physical, stop playing with people's hearts and be a little more forthcoming. Good luck in establishing a better quality, more fulfilling relationship that actually involves love in the future. I know that eventually love will happen for you if you just grow up a little. Question: How can I prove I did not cheat on my boyfriend? My boyfriend believed I cheated on him and would not stop questioning me.

When I finally had enough I lied about everything just to get him to stop asking questions. Now, he blames me for breaking us up but I am innocent! He will not stand for the truth. Answer: Under enough duress, many people will falsely confess to things they did not do just to get the questions to stop.

They believe the only "right" answer that will alleviate their extreme stress of the moment is to give the interviewer what he or she wants, even if it is not true -- confirmation that they engaged in behavior that they're being accused of and questioned aggressively about. You're requesting help in proving to him that you're innocent, but his mind is made up.

If you were to reconcile he would always hang this over your head -- your lying, the questionable status of the cheating. Don't go back. You should be more worried that he engaged in such demanding and aggressive questioning that you felt so powerless and desperate that you falsely admitted to cheating just to escape the situation. What right did he have to badger you like this?

He did not just challenge your integrity by alleging you cheated. Be happy you are rid of this guy. Down Reba McEntire - Does He Love You (CD) line, you'd be seeing more than the recent verbal aggression, jealousy, and angry accusations.

What he demonstrated should be as deal-breaking as if he slapped you. Sweet girl, stop your ex-boyfriend's blame game.

Break off all communication with him for good. It's better to be alone than be treated like this. Demand to be treated with respect and dignity in all personal interactions. Question: I have left my wife and children. I tried to convince myself that it was the right thing to do as I kept hurting her. I tried to pretend I was happy and okay walking away, but I am not.

Deep inside, my heart is in bits. Unfortunately, I am too proud to say sorry. I have let down those who matter the most to me. I have left them feeling unwanted and unloved, when in truth they are wanted and loved so deeply. Are there any songs to try and tell her I am sorry? Answer: You say that you keep hurting her, and now you have walked out. I don't know if that means serial infidelity, a substance abuse problem, or some other behavioral issue, but you should strongly consider committing yourself to a concrete plan for real and lasting change, regardless of whether she takes you back.

This is for your own psychological health first. You may request that your wife join you in couples therapy as well. If you're looking for a simple song, a good place to start is 3 Doors Down's "Here Without You" Right now, during the holiday season, your wife and children are feeling intense rejection. Your timing for leaving was especially bad, as holidays heighten such feelings.

Do not play with their emotions by going back and forth from the family home if you do not have an action plan for becoming a better man. Don't continue to hurt your wife and thus your children -- yes, they are hurt, too, by whatever you are doing to your marriage. Don't be surprised if they are all angry as well as heartbroken. There's no way Reba McEntire - Does He Love You (CD) skipping the apology will fix this.

It's cowardly. You need a long come-to-Jesus confessional with your wife. Set a date in advance with her. Bring her roses and arrange to talk alone outside earshot of the kids. Tell her what she means to you, WHY you make a huge mistake, and that you need her help i.

You probably said and did a lot of things when leaving to justify your actions, and now you have to explain why you were wrong. I hope she'll do what is right for her and the kids, whatever that is. I wish you well in getting through this rough patch in your marriage. Question: I broke up with my boyfriend because I was dealing with very deep emotional issues and couldn't handle a relationship at the time.

I had been friends with another guy and kind of liked him. I feel the break up was a mistake but I don't want to hurt this new guy's feelings. I'm a big part of why he still wakes up, literally.

Any advice or songs to send either one of them? Answer: You seem to be going through some emotional turbulence, and you've connected with a new guy who is similarly experiencing such difficulties right now.

It may be best to have a cooling off period in which you don't date anyone exclusively. Instead, just concentrate on getting emotionally healthy. If your new male friend is depressed, please encourage him to seek counseling. It may be biochemical in nature. Depression is very treatable, and he doesn't have to feel like this.

In a recording career dating back to the s, Rogers moved from teenage rock and roll through psychedelic rock to become a country-pop crossover artist of the s and s. He had a minor solo hit in called "That Crazy Feeling". The group recorded for Columbia Records. Rogers also worked as a producer, writer and session musician for other performers, including country artists Mickey Gilley and Eddy Arnold. Inhe joined the New Christy Minstrels as a singer and double bass player.

Feeling that the Minstrels were not offering the success they wanted, Rogers and fellow members Mike Settle, Terry Williams, and Thelma Camacho left the group. They were later joined by Kin Vassy. When the First Edition disbanded inRogers launched his solo career. He charted more than 60 top 40 hit singles including two number ones—"Lady" and "Islands in the Stream".

After leaving the First Edition inafter almost a decade with the group, Rogers signed a solo deal with United Artists. Rogers' first outing for his new label was Love Lifted Me. The single " Lucille " was a major hit, reaching number one on the pop charts in 12 countries, selling over five million copies, and firmly establishing Rogers' post-First Edition career. In the late s, Rogers teamed up with close friend and Country Music legend Dottie West for a series of albums and duets. Of West, Rogers stated in a TNN interview: "She, more than anybody else I ever worked with, sang with such emotion that you actually believed what she sang.

A lot of people sing words, Dottie West sang emotions. In the same release, West credited him with taking her career to new audiences.

Rogers was with West only hours before she died at age 58 after sustaining injuries in a car accident, as discussed in his biography "Luck Or Something Like It". Later in came his partnership with Lionel Richie who wrote and produced Rogers' No. His first Christmas album was also released that same year. The album's the title track reached No. It was the theme song of Rogers' film Six Pack. Also a number 1 single on the Country charts in the United States, it reached the Top 30 on the British charts.

InRogers bought the old ABC Dunhill building and built one of the most popular and state-of-the-art recording studios in Los Angeles. Gibb insisted on doing the entire album together. The two would continue to collaborate on occasional projects through subsequent years, including a duet single " You Can't Make Old Friends ".

When it was eventually released in the United States, it was more successful, charting high on the Adult Contemporary chart and making the country top The album itself reached No. Shortly after came the album What About Me? David Foster was to work again with Rogers in his album The Heart of the Matter, although this time Foster was playing backing music rather than producing, a role given to George Martin. This album was another success, going to No. The next few years saw Rogers scoring several top country hits on a regular basis, including "Twenty Years Ago", "Morning Desire", "Tomb of the Unknown Love", among others.

On January 28,Rogers was one of the 45 artists who recorded the worldwide charity song " We Are the World " to support hunger victims in Africa. The following year he played at Giants Stadium. He visited Miller's during this time period. InRogers released his "dream" album titled Timepiece on Atlantic Records.

InRogers released an album Vote For Love where the public requested their favorite love songs and Rogers performed the songs. Several of his own hits were in the final version. The album, sold exclusively by QVCwas a huge success and was later issued in stores under a variety of different titles.

It reached No. InRogers scored with the single "The Greatest", a song about life from a child's point of view looked at through a baseball game [22] The song reached the top 40 of Billboard's Country singles chart and was a Country Music Television Number One video.

Not found on any album, the recording sells for a high sum at auction. In the 21st century and at age 61Rogers was back at No. Rogers held the record untilwhen then year-old Willie Nelson became the oldest artist to have a No. Although Rogers did not record new albums for a couple of years, he continued to have success in many countries with more greatest hits packages. In 42 Ultimate Hitswhich was the first hits collection to span his days with the First Edition to the present, reached Number 6 on the American country charts and went gold.

It was the first new solo Rogers hits album to reach the United Kingdom for over a decade, despite many compilations there that were not true hits packages.

Although this CD did contain 21 chart-toppers as the title claims recorded between and the present daythis was not a complete collection of Rogers' No. The third single, "Calling Me", which features Don Henleybecame popular in earlyand was nominated for a Grammy Award at the Grammy Awards.

Also inthe Kenny Rogers album was re-issued as a double CD, also featuring the Kenny album and this once again put Rogers' name into the sales charts worldwide. The following year, another compilation album A Love Song Collection also charted. The album included some of Rogers' greatest hits, plus three new songs. The release is designed to celebrate Rogers' 50th year in the music business.

Inthe England national rugby union team adopted Rogers song "The Gambler" as their unofficial Rugby World Cup anthem, [30] after hearing prop Matt Stevens playing it in the team hotel. Before the semi-final against France and the final against South Africa, Rogers sent video messages of support to the team in light of them choosing his song. InRogers toured with his Christmas Show. He split the show up, making the first half his "best of" and the second half his Christmas songs.

Dolly Parton and Lionel Richie were among those set to perform with Rogers during a show celebrating his contribution to country, blues and pop music.

Also inRogers re-recorded the hit song "Lady", a duet with its songwriter Lionel Richie, on Richie's album Tuskegee. This album included the title track, a new duet with Dolly Partonwhich was his first single released in six years. Rogers recorded 65 albums and sold over million records. He stated his intention to retire from touring at its completion, although he was considering the possibility of recording another studio album.

The concert also included a special appearance by long-time friend Dolly Partonwho performed " You Can't Make Old Friends " and " Islands in the Stream " with Rogers for the final time. Although Rogers used many session musicians to play instruments on his recordings, he was backed on tours by the group Bloodline since The group originally started as a three-piece. Rogers also had success as an actor. Rogers said that photography was once his obsession, before it morphed into a passion.

On the November 27,broadcast of Late Night with Conan O'BrienRogers could not pick his chicken out in a taste test, claiming he preferred "greasy burgers". Rogers and his restaurant were subjects of comedy from MADtvespecially the impersonation done by Will Sasso ; the sketch of the faux-Rogers hosting Jackass became popular on the Internet.

Rogers put his name to the Gambler Chassis Co. Spurlock in Hendersonville, Tennessee. The company used the name from Rogers' hit song The Gambler. During the s and s, Gambler was one of the fastest and widely used Sprintcars with such drivers as Steve KinserSammy Swindell and Doug Wolfgang driving the cars to victory in the World of Outlaws and the famous Knoxville Nationals.

Gambler sprintcars were also successful in Australia with drivers such as Garry Rush and Steve Brazier using Gamblers to win multiple Australian Sprintcar Championships. Rogers appeared in a episode of Reno ! InRogers appeared as himself in a GEICO commercial, singing part of his song " The Gambler " a cappella while acting as the dealer in a card game.

According to Rogers, the goat was " his center", providing a calming influence after long and stressful touring schedules. Rogers was married five times and had five children. His third marriage was to Margo Anderson in October ; they divorced in with one child.

They had twin sons and were married for 22 years until his death.

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