Respect Or Death - Cripple Bastards - Live @ Country Star (CDr)

Chief among them is acting like an Entitled Bastard. Regardless, both types share defining traits: The Entitled Bastards usually think it's all about them ; they don't feel at all sheepish about asking the people whose lives they've made hell for help, and they see no reason to thank them for it afterwards.

What happens to them depends on just how annoying or harmful they've been, and how nice or naughty the heroes are. If they've just been bad-mouthing a generally Good Samaritan of a herothey'll be saved no matter what. If the hero has a sense of humor, they might leave them in a safe place On the other hand, outright murderous villains will likely die with a look of bewilderment as the Anti-Hero refuses to help and leaves them to their fate Compare the Spoiled Brat and Narcissistwho often displays entitled behavior themselves, as well as Entitled to Have Youwhen a character feels they automatically deserve sex or a relationship from another character.

Usually a source of Dude, Where's My Respect? The vast majority of villains in general show this quality to some degree given that their way in life is getting whatever they fancy without caring about whether or not they have any rightful claim over it, and it's also one of the defining traits of The Sociopath. Not to be confused with literally entitled bastard, who holds a seat in the peerage of a kingdom despite the circumstances of their birth.

If the hero actually does decide to save the jerk willingly, see Save the Jerk. The moment he hears Jeff plan his review of Asylum of Satan, he immediately calls "reviewer dibs" on it and the rest of the episode is based around the fallout of drama this causes. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Giles: Remind me — why should I help you? Spike: Because. You're the goody-good guys.

You're the freaking cavalry. Anime and Manga. Attack on Titan showcases this with a worryingly large number of the wealthy, but best highlighted with Edward "Dimo" Reeves; during the Battle of Trost, he deliberately blocks off an emergency exit with his merchandise, flat-out tells Mikasa to her face that she and the rest of the military exist solely to die so people like him can live, and tries to pull Screw the Rules, I Have Connections!

Cardcaptor Sakura : This is Syaoran's primary problem during the early part of the series. He believes that he is the rightful heir to the Clow Cards by virtue of being Clow Reed's descendant, whereas Sakura is, in his view, an incompetent weakling. His entire rivalry with Sakura is built on entitlement. Fortunately, he grows out of it. Dragon Ball : In the first seriesduring their first meeting with Master Roshi after returning his pet turtle, Bulma fully expects Roshi to give her a gift in exchange despite the fact that she blatantly refused to initially help Turtle return to the sea, and tried to persuade Goku to feed Turtle to the Bear Thief to save her own hide; Turtle even outright says that Goku's the only one who really helped him.

During the fight against Frieza in Dragon Ball ZVegeta gets himself critically injured by Krillin as part of a plan to get a power boost by having Dende heal him Saiyans become more powerful upon recovering from near-death experiencesand is genuinely shocked when Dende refuses to do so since Vegeta was just as bad as Frieza and had slaughtered countless Namekians himself. He ends up doing so anyway after Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin point out that they need Vegeta to stand a chance.

For bonus points, the first thing Vegeta does after getting healed is punch Dende in the stomach for taking so long. As a whole, this is Vegeta's Fatal Flawalong with his pride and wrath, before the final fight with Majin Buu. He believes he should be the strongest because he's the Prince of the Saiyans and born exceptionally gifted among his race, whereas Goku was born at the absolute bottom of the Saiyan pecking order. His entire rivalry with Goku is built on entitlement.

Despite being a sadistic bastard who regularly tortures others and a Bad Boss to the nth degree, Babidi has the gall to beg Piccolo to help him after being cut in half and left to die. Piccolo rightfully tells him to screw off. Piccolo : When you help others, you receive help. When's the last time you used your powers to help someone? I'll bet it's been a while, hasn't it? Vegeta : Use your head. Do you honestly think I would stay loyal to you after you blew up the planet I was destined to rule?!

Naofumi : She's so thick-skinned, she can beg a guy she tried to kill for her life, and mean it! Comic Books. The city is in ruins so he orders a salvage in order to build a comfortable lounge for himself Respect Or Death - Cripple Bastards - Live @ Country Star (CDr) the rest of the citizens huddle in the cold wreckage. The Kingpin from Daredevil has a lot of this in his character and will pull Disproportionate Retribution on people who deny him his way. The Ultimate version was worse, ordering Spider-Man 's school blown up while class was in session after Daredevil threatened to kill his wife.

And during the threat, he kept pleading with Daredevil that he had done nothing wrong because it "wasn't personal" despite the fact that in the Ultimate continuity, Kingpin was the one who killed Daredevil's father. Made worse in triplicate by the fact that it was Spider-Man who talked Daredevil down. That's right, The Kingpin was going to bomb a school full of teenagers to punish the guy who saved his wife from death right in front of his eyes.

In the famous "Unthinkable" arc of Fantastic FourDr. Doom used demonic possession to seize control over Reed's infant daughter Valeria, captured and tortured his family for days, and opened a portal to hell and threw his son into it. After Reed managed to save the day, he was able to trick Doom into insulting the demons who granted him his power boost, causing them to grab him and drag him into hell.

After all this Doom still asked Reed to save him from an eternity of torment and claim he'd changed his ways but It says a lot to how much suffering Doom had caused that Reed felt no guilt or shame at all in leaving him there to rot. Legion of Super-Heroes : A story involved a young boy around 10 years old whose father was extremely wealthy.

The boy placed himself recklessly in danger, expecting the Legion to save him because in the boy's view they expected to be paid. He eventually learns his lesson after being scared half to death by a truly murderous maniac who hated the boy's father and would have killed the boy as revenge if the Legion hadn't prevented it.

Irredeemable : A flashback showed the Plutonian being faced with a man who complained that his boat was damaged in a pirate attack the Plutonium just prevented. This guy ended up annoying the Plutonian who was already having a rough day to the point that he flew to the moon just to get a few minutes of peace and quiet.

And then the events that would kickstart Plutonian's Start of Darkness happened Spider-Man 's greatest and best-hidden foe does this quite often. Who is he? Jonah Jameson. He manages to publicly badmouth and ridicule him on a daily basis, has created two supervillains the infamous Scorpion as well as C-lister The Human Fly and a few Respect Or Death - Cripple Bastards - Live @ Country Star (CDr) robots in his quest to kill Spidey, gets into all sorts of fights and kidnappings by Spidey's other foes who are jealous of himand Spider-Man always, always pulls his bacon out of the fire He even gets to become the Mayor of New York, despite how often he's printed complete garbage about Spider-Man that he's later had to retract when it turned out that, yes, it really was Mysterio or Chameleon, and despite the fact he's known to have sponsored the creation of Scorpion, the Human Fly and the Spider-Slayers.

In various continuities, this is Lex Luthor 's attitude towards Superman. And pretty much everyone else's opinion of Lex himself. Supergirl : In Supergirl Volume 5 Sleazy journalist Cat Grant launched a smear campaign against Supergirl with the intention of driving her away Metropolis.

Cat calls Supergirl a reckless, out-of-control teenager, accuses her of spearheading a Kryptonian Alien Invasionand complained about her out-of-fashion dress and the length of her skirt. During one year she told everyone over and again that the world doesn't need a Supergirl. And then she ran into trouble and blackmailed Kara into helping her because she couldn't find Superman.

And as they teamed up, Cat kept insulting her. Supergirl: "The hero the world doesn't need," Cat wrote about me. Some days, though, it sure feels like it does. Though, if there weren't three kids missing, I'm not sure I'd help her. You can't say those kinds of things about a person then expect them to just fly up and give you a hand. In the Alien fic Alien: NemesisZack Ryan basically wants to be top dog without being willing to put in the effort to actually get there, and sees all women as "parasites" because he grew up in an area where he mostly saw women flocking around wealthy men.

As a child, he was expelled from a criminal gang for never putting any work in, he was constantly arrested when he tried to gather resources to start his own gang afterwards, and his attempt to get an "in" with local junk traders leads to him joining Ripley's crew to track the aliens while dismissing her tales as stories due to his lack of respect for women.

He ends up having his eyes clawed out by Jones the cat when he tries to steal a rare tool from Newt, and subsequently refuses to accept the explanation that there is no equipment to repair the damage to his eyes.

In Amazing FantasyMysterio was once a special effects artist but was fired during the rise of CGI because his effects were just too expensive. Rather than adapt to the times or look for cheaper ways to do his specialty, Mysterio became a supervillain just to get the money he "deserved".

Child of the Storm has this as a feature of many of its villains: Gravemoss thinks he deserves the power to conduct his heinous experiments; HYDRA think they deserve to rule the world based on an unclear metric of being 'better' than everyone else ; the Red Room believe they deserve to regain Russia's 'lost empire' more specifically, Yelena Belova believes that she deserves to be the Black Widow ; Sinister believes that he deserves the god-given right to treat anyone and everyone as a medical experiment; Surtur believes he deserves his power stolen from the Phoenix and has the right to rewrite the universe according to his design because everyone else is wrong, apparently ; and Reynolds a.

In Chloe's Lamentthis proves to be one of her Fatal Flaws several times over: Firstly, her sense of entitlement is so bloated that she sincerely doesn't see anything wrong with the concept of turning everyone into her mindless thralls as Miracle Queen.

When Adrien tries calling her out on it, she retorts that their lives are worthless unless they're personally catering to her every whim. This utter Lack of Empathy and selfishness spur Adrien to finally stand up to herinciting her to make the reality-altering Wish in order to reject the Awful Truths he's telling her. Her Wish revolves around swapping places with Marinetteexpecting to become Ladybug in her place and have everybody's admiration and respect.

But while Marinette earned her friendships and good reputation through compassion and hard work — and the Earrings by passing a Secret Test of Character — Chloe simply expects them to be delivered to her.

Chloe is also so used to abusing her status as the Mayor's daughter that she doesn't know how to work for anything. It takes a long time for it to start sinking in that she's no longer got any servants to boss around, including her former Beta Bitch Sabrina.

Danny Phantom: Stranded : Justified. Stella Bevier was raised in a wealthy family who taught her that her opinion matters more than "the commoners" believe and also to be mindful of her status. It's implied that this is the reason Stella always puts herself first and usually doesn't care how her words and actions affect others, all the while, still fully expects Respect Or Death - Cripple Bastards - Live @ Country Star (CDr) to fulfil her whims and reacts in shock and anger when she doesn't get her way.

To her credit, once she realizes that her actions have consequences such as when she hurt her relationship with her daughtershe works very hard to make amends, showing that she is not irredeemable. When Harry bluntly says no and details why, Viserys is so infuriated he tries to draw his sword and when his sister Daenerys stops him, his first reaction is trying to beat her. Erased Potential : After learning that Izuku has been training with Eraserhead to learn how to fight despite being QuirklessBakugou immediately decides that he wants in, and goes to meet Aizawa fully expecting that the pro will agree to teach him as well.

Though he does get a lesson out of it, it's far from what he was expecting, as Aizawa instead takes him to task for his attitude problem.

For His Own Sake : Most residents of the Hinata House fully expected Keitaro to keep everything running smoothly and cover for all their various transgressions despite their constant mistreatment and abuse. When Keitaro decides enough is enough and walks out, the girls are forced to face the consequences of their actions.

By the end of the series, Naru has firmly established herself as this. After she gets arrested for the second time, Granny Hina finally cuts her off, having realized how poorly she handled everything. With nowhere else to go, Naru tries to convince her father to take her in, and after this failed, heads back to her mother, expecting to be welcomed back with open arms despite how horribly she treated her mother and sister the last time she saw them.

Unsurprisingly, Saori rejects her, and is disgusted by Naru acting as though she didn't do anything wronginsisting that "I'm your daughter, so you have to forgive me! Sarah is also this in spades after Seta sends her to a strict boarding school in hopes of curtailing her Spoiled Brat attitude.

When he goes to visit her, she rants about how much she hates him for putting her there, and how Naru and Granny Hina will help her out and make everything go back to normal. Though he attempts to explain to her that they're in no position to help her, she screams at him to get out of her life. Eventually, she learns that Hina has lost control of the Inn and all of its tenants have been evictedat which point she's suddenly real keen on seeing Seta again in hopes of convincing him to take her back.

Haruka goes to visit her in his place, reminding her that she was the one who cut him off. This is despite the fact that he previously terrorized all of Paris as Hawk Moth, stole the Earrings and Ring and used them to make a reality-altering Wish. Plagg finds his presumption hilarious. Gabriel also intends to track down the original world's Ladybug in order to have them 'fix' the new reality In other words, he wants to erase the consequences of his actions — and if he can't do that himself, he expects somebody else to do it for him.

In Unmasked's Miraculous Salt Fic Happy Birthday, Miss BustierMarinette gets her teacher a gift basket full of bath products, which Miss Bustier sees as the most impressive present she was given by any of her students that year. However, she also sees it as less impressive than the gifts Marinette had gotten for her before. She deems this important enough to ask Marinette to stay after class and discuss matters with her.

Much more important than addressing any of the bullying she had seen certain other students subjecting Marinette to. She then has the gall to try lecturing Marinette about how she should be helping those very same students after all the abuse they've heaped upon her, and is honestly shocked when she refuses. Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail : After feeling overshadowed and ignored for years, Chloe Cerise's desire to be recognized twists into something toxic, as she latches onto the notion that others need to earn her forgiveness and runs away with it.

To her credit, once her mother calls her out on it, she does acknowledge and works to address that flaw, realizing that she's got to solve her own problems rather than expecting others to cater to and coddle her. Kingdom Hearts 3: Final Stand : Ansem's parents acted as such, believing themselves better than everyone else purely because they were of royal blood. As revealed in Moons of FateMinoru was no better, constantly going on about how he deserves more respect and recognition than he gets, and being jealous of Yamato for getting all the glory when Minoru himself has basically done nothing Respect Or Death - Cripple Bastards - Live @ Country Star (CDr) deserve any respect or recognition.

It's to the extent that when he slaps Rimi, the crown princess, for criticizing him and is dishonorably discharged by Ansem for doing so, Minoru continues to rant about Ansem showing favoritism to Yamato. Braig as well.

At the end of Re:Final Standhe bemoans that he'll never get a Keyblade now and that Xehanort promised him his own. In the early 20th century, Louis Vierne held the most prestigious job possible for a professional church organist: resident organist at the legendary Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Despite drawing crowds that wanted to hear Vierne's otherworldly organ work, particularly on his own compositions he wrote six symphoniesthe Catholic Church clergy that ran Notre-Dame decided in to discontinue all organ recitals.

They at least let Vierne play for the people one final time, on June 2, Vierne was the Elvis Presley of early 20th-century organists. While Presley struggled with drugs, nutrition, and health problems, Vierne had experienced a string of tragically bad luck. His wife cheated on him, one of his sons died from tuberculosis, and the other died fighting in World War I.

A fall so shattered his leg and ankle that he had to relearn his organ pedaling technique, and the stress of it all made him a three-packs-a-day smoker who also relied on heart pills, tranquilizers, and sleeping pills.

About 3, people amassed for Vierne's last concert at Notre-Dame After playing an original piece, he said to his assistant standing nearby, "I'm going to be ill.

He'd died of a heart attack sitting in his favorite seat. Webster was a star of the suburban Baltimore theater scene. At the Towson Moose Lodge in Novembershe performed a role she'd done more than half a dozen times before — the grandmother-in-law of the titular drunkard in a musical melodrama called The Drunkard. Unfortunately, so did Webster. And here we are, talking about her.

It was a poignant moment to perish. The play's director Richard Byrd told United Press International that the last thing Webster heard was "tremendous applause. Hearing that, she died. Operas are full of sad, dramatic, even tragic moments — that's kind of opera's whole thing. Baritone Leonard Warrenone of the most famous American opera singers of all time, added to opera's inherent darkness, not to mention its lore, by dying on stage.

At about 10 p. He fell to the stage floor of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City immediately after finishing the aria "Urna fatale del mio destino," which translates appropriately to "fatal urn of my destiny. Cause of death: a heart attack, according to the Washington Post. Marshal, a theatrically trained actor from Australia, put together a solid career in the s and '40s as a character actor and supporting player.

He specialized in playing villains, soldiers, and the not-quite-right-for-her-guy that the main female character is with at the beginning of the movie before leaving Respect Or Death - Cripple Bastards - Live @ Country Star (CDr) to be with her true love.

Marshal stayed true to his theatrical roots, performing in plays throughout his career. In fact, his final role would be on stage. Marshal co-starred in Sextette, a sexy farce written by and starring silver screen sexpot Mae West. The year-old actor was delighting an audience in Chicago up to the moment where he keeled over from a heart attack.

Infamed pianist Simon Barere sat in front of his instrument before a huge audience at Carnegie Hall. How did he get there? Barere was a featured musician performing for the first time with the Philadelphia Orchestra. His playing was masterful, as usual, for the first two minutes and change of the concerto.

That's when audience members noticed Barere's tempo growing inconsistent, which is to say nothing of the sour notes. Barere's missteps subsided when he stopped playing entirely and slumped forward, his head crashing into the keyboard before he rolled off the bench and hit the floor.

A doctor was, in fact, in the house, and he ran up and helped carry Barere backstage. After half an hour of revival attempts, Barere, 54, was pronounced dead, evidently from a stroke. While they recorded a slew of well-received albums on major labels, the Beat Farmers were regarded as one of the best bar bands in the world, performing at whatever intimate venue would take them. They were "honky-tonk anarchists" as Paste described themand a definitive band of the s "cowpunk" scene, combining countrified roots rock with a punk attitude.

Country Dick Montanawho usually sat behind the drum kit, formed the band in after playing with some other bands and running a San Diego record store. Cowboy Dick was an imposing presence in a cowboy hat and Respect Or Death - Cripple Bastards - Live @ Country Star (CDr) duster, and he'd usually take the mic for at least one song per show — often a quirky novelty song about the delights of drinking.

The other band members moved into the next song but stopped when they noticed Montana was silent. Road manager Tom Ames ran onto the stage and helped Montana to the ground. By the time paramedics arrived a few minutes later, year-old Country Dick was dead from what was later ruled to be an acute aneurysm.

Johnny Watson was so skilled at playing his instrument — and in so many different ways — that his nickname was literally "Guitar. Watson, who'd slowed down his career pace since the early '80s, toured inand on May 17 of that year, played a gig in Yokohama, Japan. He was Getty Images. Richard Versalle. Nick Menza YouTube. Sib Hashian. Jerome Rodale Rodale's Organic Life.

Bruce Hampton Getty Images. Dick Shawn. Tommy Cooper. Owen Hart YouTube. Irma Bule YouTube. Tiny Tim Getty Images.

Barbara Weldens YouTube. Hijo del Perro Aguayo Twitter. Les Harvey. Sam Patch YouTube. Jane Little YouTube. Onie Wheeler YouTube. Mike Scaccia. Mark Sandman YouTube. Louis Vierne Wikipedia. Edith Webster YouTube. Leonard Warren YouTube. Alan Marshal YouTube. Simon Barere YouTube. Country Dick Montana YouTube. Does this come subconsciously with experience or was it a deliberate move on your part? Yes, I agree with what you say. Variante alla morte is a natural step forward after 20 years of Cripple Bastards, not a deliberate move.

Thanks for the lead-in to my next question. How has having a stable line-up for about eight years now impacted life in Cripple Bastards? This line-up has played hundreds of shows and done a lot of work together, plus we are good friends. It helps a lot in reaching the right formula for creating new songs, having a solid style and a well-trained live approach.

I just translated the lyrics into Italian as they were originally written in English and adapted them to the song. We did the original version here in Italy and it had some production mistakes and sounded weak compared to what we had in mind.

Can you describe it and what you were trying to convey with the images you used? The artwork is a fantastic drawing by Majo Rossi, an Italian artist who works on the [Italian] comic series, Dampyr. It has a long line of children jumping down an escarpment ending in a black sea full of sharp stones.

So, this is the meaning of the drawing. Once you open the poster you get it all. Over the years, what has Cripple Bastards come to mean to you?

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