River Of No Return - Ghost Dance - Gathering Dust (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Cheap paper writing service provides high-quality essays for affordable prices It might seem impossible to you that all custom-written essays, research papers, speeches, book reviews, and other custom task completed by our writers are both of high quality and cheap. It gave some kind of legitimacy to the whole idea of communicating with ghosts. The spiritualism is very close to the technical avant-garde movement of the time. Burial is the recording alias of William Emmanuel Bevan, who has been River Of No Return - Ghost Dance - Gathering Dust (Vinyl music sinceinitially anonymously until his identity was revealed inalthough he has remained reclusive, giving few interviews and avoiding public appearances.

However much of the work on his compilation album Tuneswhich collects together work from a number of singles and EPs he has released on Hyperdub, sounds more akin to the spectres of spectres of dance music, a far off faded fever dream of it. The music on Tunes could be considered to create and represent an alternative view or version of hauntology, one which may only subconsciously, coincidentally or even accidentally connect with or be informed by the themes and characteristics of hauntology such as a melancholia, yearning or nostalgia for lost futures, the reimagining and misremembering of past cultural forms and the use of the audio flaws of older physical media to create a sense of time out of joint and edge memories of previous eras.

Footnote 1. If you could leave digital files of electronic dance music buried in the earth for a decade or two and they slowly rotted and deteriorated here and there, as photographic film can, then when they were unearthed they might sound like sections of Tunes But only if the music somehow contained dreams and memories not so much of nights lost in the euphoria of clubland but rather created an atmosphere that invokes a sense of roaming the streets and late night garage shops of a city that you know but can no longer remember the name of, looking for some way out, something you could never find, that you never knew but hoped and longed for.

Footnote 2. You can never tell if the crackle is the burning static off pirate radio, or the tropical downpour of the submerged city out of the window. Written and recorded by Stephen Prince the novella and album are set among the cultural hinterlands of wyrd, otherly pastoral, folk, psychedelic and hauntological culture, and follow the journey of a song through time: one that appears to bring disarray to all who hear it.

Is this coincidence or something more? It entrances those who hear it, but does it also lead to their potential demise? The Shildam Hall Tapes: The Falling Reverse album is both a soundtrack to accompany the novella and also a standalone piece of work set amongst the fragmentary memories and dreamscapes of The Shildam Hall Tapes.

All of the above albums and novella can be listened to and read as standalone pieces of work. Limited to copies. Further album packaging details: 1. Metal badge, secured with removable glue on string bound tag. Sticker printed on vinyl style material. Folded sheet of accompanying notes, printed on textured laid paper, hand numbered and signed on back. On The Moors 2. Blown Away Like Dust 4. An Ancient Find 5. False Starts And Naysayers 7.

Tumbling Through Time Further details are at: www. Thanks to everybody who contributed, wrote about etc the above albums and books, including Suzy Prince and Ian Lowey of Bop Cap Books for the editing and design work. A tip of the hat to you all! The animation and figures that appear in the ident are at a notable remove from polished contemporary CGI based work, appearing I assume to have been done my hand and have a pleasingly handcrafted folk art-ish feel, and seem to be made from materials such as fabric, wood etc.

In terms of their aesthetic and animation style they recall the s and s Smallfilms work by Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin, such as Bagpuss and The Clangersand like those series the ident also seems to offer a glimpse or portal viewing of a magical self-contained world unto itself.

The ident opens on a view over a neatly recently harvested looking field, taking a viewpoint from the uncultivated edges of the field which is where events take place, as though to show that they are at a remove from the norms and orderliness of civilisation. Initially a lone king-like figure walks onto the screen, wearing a cape and holding a flower River Of No Return - Ghost Dance - Gathering Dust (Vinyl its stem as though it is a sceptre.

He is soon joined by other figures and creatures, who to varying degrees often have anthropomorphic human characteristics, and they begin folk ritual-esque revels and dancing. The other revellers include, amongst others, two frolicking corn dollies, a sheep that walks on its hind legs and is carrying a flag standard that bears the E4 logo, a strange folk ritual-like pyramidical stag headed creature, a cockerel that only seems to consist of a blue head and unnaturally long stilt-like orange legs, a staring eyed blue headed rabbit and a black and white creature, possibly a cow, made from layered wooden sections with a squared head.

The soundtrack during this section mixes the stomp of the king walking, rural field recordings of birdsong etc and a free form seeming acoustic folk tune loosely played by the revellers. Once this is in place at the centre of the revellers the day darkens and the fox sets fire to the wicker logo, and it is at this point that the ident begins to take a darker turn, and marking this the soundtrack quickly and briefly changes to some form of choral drone.

NIght suddenly descends, the folk music resumes and the revels continue but now there is something, if not bacchanalian, then at least subtly frenzied about it as the participants dance around the burning wicker structure; the king sets light to one of the wicker LP, which continues merrily dancing, and the clown also seems to be on fire but not making any attempt to halt this.

The ident ends but there is a sense that the revels and their transgressions will continue. What was that? Just the idea of old cinemas is evocative enough — all velvet seats, flickering light… Evocative stuff. A ghostly disinterred female voice calling us from our stupor….

Visit that here. Originally broadcast on Sine FM, the episode is archived at Mixcloud here. The tracklisting for the show can be visited at their main site here and the show is archived at Mixcloud here. The Quietened Dream Palace is an exploration of the ghostly spectres of abandoned and former cinemas, intertwining personal and wider cultural memories as it wanders amongst the stories and times when they still cast their spell over audiences.

More information on the album can be found here. The Quietened Dream Palace was planned and a considerable proportion of the related artwork, text and music was created prior to the global events of and Its central themes relating to abandoned etc cinemas were never intended to refer to or interconnect with the need for cinemas to stay closed during and but we understand that the album will potentially, in part, have a different resonance in the new and changed landscape.

We wish the UK and overseas cinemas all the best in these challenging times. There is a strand of s British young adult television drama that draws from Arthurian myth and legend but rather than directly attempting to tell tales of King Arthur and related well known characters and stories such as the wizard Merlin who aided him, Arthur becoming king by pulling the mystical sword Excalibur from a stone, the quests of The Knights of the Round Table and so in it places the powers and magic related to Arthurian myth in more recent times.

Both series explore and contain some surprisingly adult themes and atmospheres, particularly considering their intended younger audience. However, while Children of the Stones is largely purely fantasy and science fiction based, Raven adds a Album) world edge to its themes as its story is based around ecological concerns related to the nuclear industry and related processes, in particular the long term safety implications of storing nuclear waste material that will stay hazardous for a quarter of a million years and moral responsibilities in relation to safeguarding the world for future generations.

It also occasionally incorporates other aspects of contemporary events in the real world such as what some perceived as a malaise in the British workforce and trade union activity, which was a prominent aspect of the national conversation during the s. The series is named after its central character, who is an approximately year-old former borstal inmate who as part of his rehabilitation is sent to live in a rural area with an archaeology professor and his wife.

The professor is leading the archaeological investigation in the system of caves, which he believes are connected to the legend of King Arthur, and he strongly resists and wants to stop the building of the nuclear waste facility in them. The professor is confined to a wheelchair and surveys the archaeological work via CCTV and only has thirty days before work on preparing the caves as a waste facility is complete and his investigations will have to stop, and it is intended that Raven will LP him during this final month.

After initially thinking that the professor is attempting to hold back progress by trying to stop the waste facility plans, Raven becomes passionately involved in the fight against them. Raven has a wiry street wise energy and initially he make for a marked, almost alien, contrast, and seems very much at odds with, his new chocolate box pretty rural home and the character of his hosts, the gruff and research driven professor and his gently maternal wife.

Raven is played by Phil Daniels, who would later play the lead frustrated and rebellious teen role in the iconic mod film Quadropheniaand around a similar time as Raven was produced he also played a fatalistic borstal inmate in the Alan Clarke directed British television play Scum There are similarities between the three characters but Raven is almost like the flipside of his character in Scum; he has a pragmatic, realist attitude and acceptance of his past and former wrongdoings but after an initial almost recidivist recalcitrance, coupled with an also almost reactionary acceptance that those in power must know best in terms of the plans for the waste facility, he quickly grasps opportunities to change on a personal level and attempts to become what he considers to be a positive influence on society by working to stop the waste facility plans.

He took his name from this type of bird and keeps a photograph of it, which he calls dad. When discussing King Arthur the professor tells of how it is thought that Arthur may not have been the name of a particular person but rather the name given to a line of kings. The cave system is revealed to be the nexus for the return of King Arthur, or possibly acts as a portal that allows the channelling of power and magic so that it can be passed on to the latest in the line of kings.

Although he does not initially directly say it, the professor knows that Raven is the latest incarnation of Arthur, and he acts as a Merlin-like guide and helper to him. As he does so Raven experiences mystical visions of himself as King Arthur, which result in the physical anointing of him with an astrological sign by this otherworldly presence and he gains a charismatic, possibly magical, influence over others.

Another connection with Arthurian myth is provided towards the end of the series, when the young reporter Naomi Grant, who along with Raven has become the nucleus of the team or group of knights who fight plans for the waste facility, and for whom he has romantic hopes, leaves him to take up both a job and a romantic attachment with a television current affairs programme presenter who is instrumental in their fight.

Alongside being a reporter, Grant writes the astrology column for the newspaper she works for and in the series she is the character who mostly suggests and explains possible astrological links in relation to events, the cave system etc.

Perhaps reflecting the previously mentioned widespread interest in astrology etc in the s and also possibly the way that those of a younger age are often placed in almost wish fulfillment positions of central influence in young adult orientated fictional work her astrological based theories and suggestions with regards to the caves and their structure are often given a high degree of credence by those in authority.

One story in related mythology involves the wizard Merlin when he was young telling a king called Vortigan that the reason the tower he is attempting to build collapses each day is due to there being a red and a white dragon who are trapped beneath it and doing battle. Merlin tells the king that they must be freed in order that the tower can be built and when a hole is dug into the side of the hill they emerge and continue to do battle.

Initially the white dragon looks to have won and then the red dragon launches a fresh attack and defeats it once and for all before flying off with a cry of victory.

When Vortigan asks Merlin what this means he replies that the red dragon represents the people of Britain and the white dragon the invading Saxons, and that although the Saxons seem to be winning the war, one day a leader would come who gives the British the heart to fight back and drive them from their lands.

This story connects with Arthur having been thought to be a king who lead the defence of Britain against Saxon invaders in the late 5th and early 6th centuries, which can be seen in some ways as being analogous with Raven battling the waste facility plans. After it is noticed he is no longer at the public meeting it is thought he is trapped in the cave system, and when a rescue team arrives to save him it is, initially somewhat curiously seeming, headed by the government minister who is attempting to push through the waste facility proposal, and who is wearing a conventional suit rather than protective clothing.

Raven makes a mystical mental connection with the minister by anointing him, as he himself was earlier, and shows him the dangers of nuclear power by causing the minister to have a vision of a nuclear explosion. After this it is revealed that the minister has suddenly and drastically changed his mind and the planned waste facility is cancelled.

However despite this success the series does not end on a neatly rounded off note of positivity. While the public meeting and rescue attempt take place the professor dies, with it being implied that he is able to do so as his work in aiding Raven assume the mantle and power of King Arthur is completed. However he has arranged for the continuance of the lineage of Merlin-like helpers by making his wife promise to burn a stuffed merlin bird from their home. In the final scenes Raven is pictured stood apart from the mourners and dressed in his day-to-day casual wear rather than their formal black outfits.

He then wanders off alone, passing through and away from the stone circle and stops to look around the landscape. It is unclear whether he is waking from a dream, leaving his role or was it a form of possession?

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