Spot & Interview - David Bowie - The Other Bowie (Vinyl, LP)

I heard this song in a shop and it had this very specific pallet that stuck in my mind. It had 12 string acoustic guitar and brush drums. And I was like, "What is the song? But, my response was to just make my own version of what I imagined the song sounded like.

And, I have no idea what it actually sounded like anymore. I want to say I was in Daikanyama, which is a neighborhood in Tokyo. But I'm pretty sure it [the song] was by a British rock band.

Like from the late 80s, early 90s, that's the wheelhouse I would put it in. But, I've spent hours on Spotify trying to find what the song was, but I've not been able to.

And so, I made this track with brush drums and 12 string acoustic guitar in about a day. And then like I LP), I like to make these beats or I feel weird saying the word beat, because I think that could mean it's just drums, but it's usually more built out than that.

And, I just drove around listening to it. And I was like, "Yeah, this is going to be good, if I can finish this, if I can write a song around it, it's going to be good. Well, because there's this one school of songwriting, which is just like, you get in front of a mic and you just start singing gibberish.

And from that gibberish, you cull together the melody and you might When I say a nugget, it's like you might just sing one random word and that word in your gibberish, vocal performance, that word kind of makes the whole song come together. And it's interesting, in "4Runner," I think that word is actually, it was something that Brad Oberhofer came up with who I co-wrote the song with.

Because I was playing it for him in my car, and I had this melody idea Spot & Interview - David Bowie - The Other Bowie (Vinyl he thought the word should be "take" for the beginning of the chorus, or for that part of the chorus where it's like take off. I think I ended up saying, "take off a shift for me," but I definitely had a version of the song where I sing, "take off your shirt for me.

It's funny, because I have my phone right here, I could pop in and look if I have the unused lyrics for "4Runner" still. I'm just going to share it, since you loved "4Runner. I want to share it. These are some lyrics, but didn't make it.

And then, here's just a random one that's jotted down, which is, "Pull over if you need to. The song "To Communicate" fascinates me. What do you think was holding you back from communication? I guess, that's one of my therapy songs, which is like a genre of songs that I've written that are somewhat kind of about therapy, and how it's been enlightening to me. I mean, that song is not like to a therapist, or it's not specifically about therapy.

I think it's just more about the insight that the therapy can give you. So on a basic level, it's just about being honest with yourself about your emotions. And, I think it's really about communicating with yourself as much as another person. I don't want to say exactly what was on my mind when I was writing a song, because that can evolve and I like there to be a little bit of mystery.

But, it's kind of, what's at the heart of it is this idea that if we're honest with ourselves about our emotions, we become better people. I think so. I think that kind of a big theme on the record is awareness, and being aware of yourself and being aware of what you feel.

And so, that's like part one. And then, part two is then communicating that to people in your life and maybe to the outside world, I haven't even thought of it on those terms. But, I did like the idea that it felt good to me that the chorus of the song was I was not able to Spot & Interview - David Bowie - The Other Bowie (Vinyl before and that had multiple layers to it. It's directed at a specific person, it's directed at myself, it's directed at the world at large.

Ground control to Silver Lake. I'm obsessed. Going into this record, is there anything else that Aside from the COVID thing, is there anything that you feel like you have to clear up about the record? I think part of the reason that I wanted the record to come out at the beginning of the summer was I never had a record that came out at the beginning of the summer, or a record that I was part of that was the top of June. And, there was something appealing about that release timetable.

It made me feel like the world might be opening up more. And, I love the idea of people being able to hear my music in a broader context, like with friends in public spaces. And hopefully by the top of June, that's going to happen. It's one thing not to be able to play live, but then the idea that people couldn't even gather to hear the music, that kind of made me sad.

So that was part of why I was like I was happy with the June release date. Music Style Culture Video. Twitter facebook youtube instagram. Rostam on sax solos, going with change, and his new summer album. By Salvatore Maicki. Rostam: Six feet away from each other. That's true.

Can you explain a little bit more about like what that time was like? It was that era where no one knew exactly what was going to happen next. I like LP) idea. I love the baritone sax. I was former baritone sax player. I just- Oh wow. I have like a special like- Oh wow. It really is. You dabbled? I want to hear that. I think it's pretty good, but- Yeah. It's okay if some things don't make the cut. I guess, I just thought of home when I saw the imagery for the album, like the cover photo, something about watching the world change from your home, I guess, feels more, not to jump back into that, like COVID conversation, but- I'm worried that people will see my album as a response to COVID, even though most of it was written before COVID.

And, the concept of Changephobia was something that I had LP) years prior. LP) did that concept start? Elmer Bernstein. Ghostbusters [Original Motion Picture Score]. Film Score. One of Elmer Bernstein's finer film scores, only a handful of these pieces made the original Ghostbusters soundtrack, most of which was given over to pop fare like Ray Parker Jr.

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