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Her book The Complete Guide to Disco Dancing Warner Books was the first to name, break down and codify popular disco dances as dance forms and distinguish between disco freestyle, partner and line dances.

The dynamic dance duo of Robin and Reggie led the show. The pair spent the week teaching disco dancing to dancers in the disco clubs. The instructional show aired on Saturday mornings and had a strong following. The viewers of this would stay up all night on Fridays so they could be on the set the next morning, ready to return to the disco on Saturday night knowing with the latest personalized dance steps. The producers of the show, John Reid and Greg Roselli, routinely made appearances at disco functions with Robin and Reggie to scout out new dancing talent and promote upcoming events such as "Disco Night at White Sox Park".

Other dance marathons took place after Roberts held the world's record for disco dancing for a short period of time. Some notable professional dance troupes of the s included Pan's People and Hot Gossip. For many dancers, a key source of inspiration for s disco dancing was the film Saturday Night Fever Interest in disco dancing also helped spawn dance competition TV shows such as Dance Fever Disco fashions were very trendy in the late s.

Some women would wear sheer, flowing dresses, such as Halston dresses or loose, flared pants. Other women wore tight, revealing, sexy clothes, such as backless halter topsdisco pants"hot pants", or body-hugging spandex bodywear or "catsuits".

Men often wore Pierre Cardin suits, three piece suits with a vest and double-knit polyester shirt jackets with matching trousers known as the leisure suit. Men's leisure suits were typically form-fitted in some parts of the body, such as the waist and bottom, but the lower part of the pants were flared in a bell bottom style, to permit freedom of movement. During the disco era, men engaged in elaborate grooming rituals and spent time choosing fashion clothing, both activities that would have been considered "feminine" according to the gender stereotypes of the era.

Platform shoes and boots for both genders and high heels for women were popular footwear. Less commonly, some disco dancers wore outlandish costumes, dressed in dragcovered their bodies with gold or silver paint, or wore very skimpy outfits leaving them nearly nude; these uncommon get-ups were more likely to be seen at invitation-only New York City loft parties and disco clubs.

In addition to the dance and fashion aspects of the disco club scene, there was also a thriving club drug subcultureparticularly for drugs that would enhance the experience of dancing to the loud, bass-heavy music and the flashing colored lights, such as cocaine [22] nicknamed "blow"amyl nitrite " poppers "[23] and the " Paul Gootenberg states that "[t]he relationship of cocaine to s disco culture cannot be stressed enough While the dance floor was the central arena of seductionactual sex usually took place in the nether regions of the disco: bathroom stalls, exit stairwellsand so on.

In other cases the disco became a kind of 'main course' in a hedonist's menu for a night out. In his paper, "In Defense of Disco"Richard Dyer claims eroticism as one of the three main characteristics of disco. He uses Donna Summer's singles " Love to Love You Baby " and " I Feel Love " as examples of the ever present relationship between the synthesized bass lines and backgrounds to the simulated sounds of orgasms Summers echoes in the tracks, and likens them to the drug-fervent, sexually liberated fans of disco who sought to free themselves through disco's "aesthetic of machine sex.

In their history of the disc jockey and club culture, Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton describe the Sanctuary as "poured full of newly liberated gay men, then shaken and stirred by a weighty concoction of dance music and pharmacoia of pills and potions, the result is a festivaly of carnality.

By describing the music, drugs and liberated mentality as a trifecta coming together to create the festival of carnality, Brewster and Broughton are inciting all three as stimuli for the dancing, sex and other embodied movements that contributed to the corporeal vibrations within the Sanctuary.

This supports the argument that the disco music took a role in facilitating this sexual liberation that was experienced in the discotheques. Further, this coupled with the recent legalization of abortions, the introduction of antibiotics and the pill all facilitated a culture shift around sex from one of procreation to pleasure and enjoyment fostering a very sex positive framework around discotheques.

Further, in addition to gay sex being illegal in New York state, until the American Psychiatric Association classified homosexuality as an illness. Disco was mostly developed from music that was popular on the dance floor in clubs that started playing records instead of having a live band. The first discotheques mostly played swing music. Later on uptempo rhythm and blues became popular in American clubs and northern soul and glam rock records in the UK.

In the early s, nightclubs in Paris resorted to playing jazz records during the Nazi occupation. She installed a dance floor with coloured lights and two turntables so she could play records without having a gap in the music. The patrons were unimpressed until a young reporter, who happened to be covering the opening of the club, impulsively took control of the record player and introduced the records that he chose to play.

Klaus Quirini later claimed to thus have been the world's first nightclub DJ. During the s, discotheque dancing became a European trend that was enthusiastically picked up by the American press. Those genres, mainly African-American ones, would influence much of early disco music.

Also during the s, the Motown record label developed a popular and influential own sounddescribed as having "1 simply structured songs with sophisticated melodies and chord changes, 2 a relentless four-beat drum pattern, 3 a gospel use of background voices, vaguely derived from the style of the Impressions, 4 a regular and sophisticated use of both horns and strings, 5 lead singers who were half way between pop and gospel music, 6 a group of accompanying musicians who were among the most dextrous, knowledgeable, and brilliant in all of popular music Motown bassists have long been the envy of white rock bassists [ citation needed ] and 7 a trebly style of mixing that relied heavily on electronic limiting and equalizing boosting the high range frequencies to give the overall product a distinctive sound, particularly effective for broadcast over AM radio.

At the end of the s, musicians and audiences from the Black, Italian and Latino communities adopted several traits from the hippie and psychedelia subcultures. They included using music venues with a loud, overwhelming sound, free-form dancing, trippy lighting, colorful costumes, and the use of hallucinogenic drugs.

The long instrumental introductions and detailed orchestration found in psychedelic soul tracks by the Temptations are also considered as cinematic soul. In the early s, Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes scored hits with cinematic soul songs that were actually composed for movie soundtracks: " Superfly " and " Theme from Shaft " The latter is sometimes regarded as an early disco song. In the early s, the Philly soul productions by Gamble and Huff evolved from the simpler arrangements of the lates into a style featuring lush strings, thumping basslines, and sliding hi-hat rhythms.

These elements would become typical for disco music and are found in several of the hits they produced in the early s:. Other early disco tracks that helped shape disco and became popular on the dance floors of underground discotheque clubs and parties include:. The genre was also shaped by Tom Moultonwho wanted to extend the enjoyment of dance songs — thus creating the extended mix or " remix ", going from a three-minute 45 rpm single to the much longer 12" record.

Frankie Knuckles was not only an important disco DJ; he also helped to develop house music in the s. In the s, the key counterculture of the sthe hippie movement, was fading away. The economic prosperity of the previous decade had declined, and unemployment, inflation and crime rates had soared. Political issues like the backlash from the Civil Rights Movement culminating in the form of race riots, the Vietnam War, the assassinations of Dr.

Kennedy, and the Watergate scandal, left many feeling disillusioned and hopeless. The start of the '70s was marked by a shift in the consciousness of the American people: the rise of the feminist movement, identity politics, gangs, etc.

Disco music and disco dancing provided an escape from negative social and economic issues. In Beautiful Things in Popular CultureSimon Frith highlights the sociability of disco and its roots in s counterculture. The birth of disco is often claimed to be found in the private dance parties held by New York City DJ David Mancuso's home that became known as The Loftan invitation-only non-commercial underground club that inspired many others.

After some months the parties became weekly events and Mancuso continued to give regular parties into the s. When Mancuso threw his first informal house parties, the gay community which made up much of The Loft's attendee roster was often harassed in the gay bars and dance clubswith many gay men carrying bail money with them to gay bars.

But at The Loft and many other early, private discothequesthey could dance together without fear of police action thanks to Mancuso's underground, yet legal, policies. Vince Aletti described it "like going to party, completely mixed, racially and sexually, where there wasn't any sense of someone being more important than anyone else," and Alex Rosner reiterated this saying "It was probably about sixty percent black and seventy percent gay There was a mix of sexual orientation, there was a mix of races, mix of economic groups.

A real mix, where the common denominator was music. Film critic Roger Ebert called the popular embrace of disco's exuberant dance moves an escape from "the general depression and drabness of the political and musical atmosphere of the late seventies. Nirvana is the dance; when the music stops, you return to being ordinary. In the late s, uptempo soul with heavy beats and some associated dance styles and fashion were picked up in the British mod scene and formed the northern soul movement.

As the favoured beat became more uptempo and frantic in the early s, northern soul dancing became more athletic, somewhat resembling the later dance styles of disco and break dancing. Inthere were an estimated 25, mobile discos and 40, professional disc jockeys in the United Kingdom. Mobile discos were hired deejays that brought their own equipment to provide music for special events. Glam rock tracks were popular, with for example Gary Glitter 's single " Rock and Roll Part 2 " becoming popular on UK dance floors while it did not get any radio airplay.

From todisco music increased in popularity as many disco songs topped the charts. The Hues Corporation 's " Rock the Boat "a US number-one single and million-seller, was one of the early disco songs to reach number one. The same year saw the release of " Kung Fu Fighting ", performed by Carl Douglas and produced by Bidduwhich reached number one in both the UK and US, and became the best-selling single of the year [53] and one of the best-selling singles of all time with 11 million records sold worldwide, [54] [55] helping to popularize disco to a great extent.

In the northwestern sections of the United Kingdom, the northern soul explosion, which started in the late s and peaked inmade the region receptive to disco, which the region's disc jockeys were bringing back from New York City. The shift by some DJs to the newer sounds coming from the U. Later inGaynor's number-one disco song was " I Will Survive ", which was seen as a symbol of female strength and a gay anthem, [58] like her further disco hit, a remake of " I Am What I Am "; in she released " Let Me Know I Have a Right ", a single which gained popularity in the civil rights movements.

Also inVincent Montana Jr. Formed by Harry Wayne Casey a. In this period, rock bands like the English Electric Light Orchestra featured in their songs a violin sound that became a staple of disco music, as in the hit " Evil Woman ", although the genre was correctly described as orchestral rock. Other disco producers such as Tom Moulton took ideas and techniques from dub music which came with the increased Jamaican migration to New York City in the s to provide alternatives to the "four on the floor" style that dominated.

DJ Larry Levan utilized styles from dub and jazz and remixing techniques to create early versions of house music that sparked the genre. From around the production of the Temptations' album Cloud Nine inhe incorporated some psychedelic influences and started to produce longer, dance-friendly tracks, with more room for elaborate rhythmic instrumental parts.

An example of such a long psychedelic soul track is " Papa Was a Rollin' Stone ", which appeared as a single edit of almost seven minutes and an approximately minute-long 12" version in By the early 70s, many of Whitfield's productions evolved more and more towards funk and disco, as heard on albums by the Undisputed Truth and the album G. The Undisputed Trutha Motown recording act assembled by Whitfield to experiment with his psychedelic soul production techniques, found success with their song " Smiling Faces Sometimes ".

Whitfield produced some more disco hits, including " Car Wash " by Rose Royce from the album soundtrack to the film Car Wash. Insinger, songwriter and producer Willie Hutchwho had been signed to Motown sincenow signed with Whitfield's new label, and scored a successful disco single with his song "In and Out" in Other Motown artists turned to disco as well.

Diana Ross embraced the disco sound with her successful outing " Love Hangover " from her self-titled album. The Supremesthe group that made Ross famous, scored a handful of hits in the disco clubs without her, most notably 's " I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do the Walking " and, their last charted single before disbanding, 's "You're My Driving Wheel". At the request of Motown that he produce songs in the disco genre, Marvin Gaye released " Got to Give It Up " indespite his dislike of disco. He vowed not to record any songs in the genre, and actually wrote the song as a parody.

However, several of Gaye's songs have disco elements, including " I Want You " Stevie Wonder released the disco single " Sir Duke " in as a tribute to Duke Ellingtonthe influential jazz legend who had died in It contained the disco single " Baby That's Backatcha ". Several of Motown's solo artists who left the label went on to have successful disco songs. Mary WellsMotown's first female superstar with her signature song " My Guy " written by Smokey Robinsonabruptly left the label in She briefly reappeared on the charts with the disco song "Gigolo" in Jimmy Ruffinthe elder brother of the Temptations lead singer David Ruffinwas also signed to Motown, and released his most successful and well-known song " What Becomes of the Brokenhearted " as a single in Ruffin eventually left the record label in the mids, but saw success with the disco song " Hold On To My Love ", which was written and produced by Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, for his album Sunrise.

Edwin Starrknown for his Motown protest song " War "reentered the charts in with a pair of disco songs, " Contact " and " H. Radio ". The song was intended as an affectionate disco-style pastiche of the Motown sound, in particular the various duets recorded by Marvin Gaye with Tammi Terrell and Kim Weston.

Many Motown groups who had left the record label charted with disco songs. The Jackson 5one of Motown's premier acts in the early s, left the record company in Jermaine Jacksonhowever, remained with the label after successful songs like " I Want You Back " and " ABC "and even the disco song " Dancing Machine " The Detroit Spinners were also signed to the Motown label and saw success with the Stevie Wonder-produced song " It's a Shame " in They left soon after, on the advice of fellow Detroit native Aretha Franklinto Atlantic Recordsand there had disco songs like " The Rubberband Man " However, one single, "The Night"was released in Britain inand thanks to popularity from the Northern Soul circuit, reached number seven on the UK Singles Chart.

This Swedish quartet, which sang primarily in English, found success with singles such as " Waterloo "" Fernando "" Take a Chance on Me "" Gimme! A Man After Midnight "and their signature smash hit " Dancing Queen " —ranks as the Fourth best-selling act of all time. In s Munich, West Germanymusic producers Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte made a decisive contribution to disco music with a string of hits for Donna Summerwhich became known as the "Munich Sound".

The final product, which contained a series of simulated orgasmsinitially was not intended for release, but when Moroder played it in the clubs it caused a sensation and he released it. The song became an international hit, reaching the charts in many European countries and the US No. It has been described as the arrival of the expression of raw female sexual desire in pop music. A minute inch single was released. The 12" single became and remains a standard in discos today. Boney M.

Another successful West German disco recording act was Silver Convention — The German group Kraftwerk also had an influence on Euro disco. Dalida successfully adjusted herself to disco era and released at least a dozen of songs that charted among top number 10 in whole Europe and wider.

French producer Alec Costandinos assembled the disco group Love and Kisses — Her greatest international single was "Tanti Auguri" "Best Wishes"which has become a popular song with gay audiences. The song is also known under its Spanish title "Para hacer bien el amor hay que venir al sur" which refers to Southern Europe, since the song was recorded and taped in Spain. It was her only entry to the UK Singles Chartreaching number 9, where she remains a one-hit wonder.

The song charted in different European countries. Euro disco continued evolving within the broad mainstream pop music scene, even when disco's popularity sharply declined in the United States, abandoned by major U. In Decemberthe film Saturday Night Fever was released. It was a huge success and its soundtrack became one of the best-selling albums of all time. The idea for the film was sparked by a New York magazine [70] article titled " Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night " which supposedly chronicled the disco culture in mids New York City, but was later revealed to have been fabricated.

The recording, which was included as part of the "MacArthur Park Suite" on her double live album Live and Morewas eight minutes and 40 seconds long on the album. The shorter seven-inch vinyl single version of MacArthur Park was Summer's first single to reach number one on the Hot ; it does not include the balladic second movement of the song, however.

A remix of "MacArthur Park" by Summer topped the Billboard Dance Charts marking five consecutive decades with a number-one song on the charts. The band Chic was formed mainly by guitarist Nile Rodgers —a self-described "street hippie" from late s New York—and bassist Bernard Edwards.

Their popular single, " Le Freak ", is regarded as an iconic song of the genre. Other successful songs by Chic include the often-sampled " Good Times " and " Everybody Dance " The group regarded themselves as the disco movement's rock band that made good on the hippie movement's ideals of peace, love, and freedom.

Every song they wrote was written with an eye toward giving it "deep hidden meaning" or D. Sylvestera flamboyant and openly gay singer famous for his soaring falsetto voice, scored his biggest disco hit in late with " You Make Me Feel Mighty Real ". His singing style was said to have influenced the singer Prince.

At that time, disco was one of the forms of music most open to gay performers. They were known for their onstage costumes of typically male-associated jobs and ethnic minorities and achieved mainstream success with their hit song " Macho Man ".

Other songs include " Y. At the height of its popularity, many non-disco artists recorded songs with disco elements, such as Rod Stewart with his " Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? Progressive rock group Pink Floyd used disco-like drums and guitar in their song " Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 "[77] which became their only number-one single in both the US and UK.

Geils Band with " Come Back " The disco sound was also adopted by artists from other genres, including the U. In particular, a disco remix of the track " Baby I'm Burnin' " peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart; ultimately becoming one of the years biggest club hits. The rich orchestral accompaniment that became identified with the disco era conjured up the memories of the big band era—which brought out several artists that recorded and disco-ized some big band arrangements, including Perry Comowho re-recorded his song " Temptation ", inas well as Ethel Mermanwho released an album of disco songs entitled The Ethel Merman Disco Album in Easy listening icon Percy Faithin one of his last recordings, released an album entitled Disco Party and recorded a disco version of his " Theme from A Summer Place " in Classical music was even adapted for disco, notably Walter Murphy 's "A Fifth of Beethoven"based on the first movement of Beethoven 's 5th Symphony and "Flight 76"based on Rimsky-Korsakov 's " Flight of the Bumblebee "and Louis Clark 's Hooked On Classics series of albums and singles.

Many Talk Talk (Extended Mix) - Various - The Best Of Music - Electro 2.0 (CD) television theme songs of the era also showed a strong disco influence, such as S. Several parodies of the disco style were created. Rick Deesat the time a radio DJ in Memphis, Tennesseerecorded " Disco Duck " and "Dis-Gorilla" ; Frank Zappa parodied the lifestyles of disco dancers in " Disco Boy " on his Zoot Allures album and in " Dancin' Fool " on his Sheik Yerbouti album; "Weird Al" Yankovic 's eponymous debut album includes a disco song called "Gotta Boogie", an extended pun on the similarity of the disco move to the American slang word " booger ".

Comedian Bill Cosby devoted his entire album Disco Bill to disco parodies. InMad Magazine released a flexi-disc titled Mad Disco featuring six full-length parodies of the genre. By the end of the s, anti-disco sentiment developed among rock music fans and musicians, particularly in the United States. Rock artists such as Rod Stewart and David Bowie who added disco elements to their music were accused of selling out.

The punk subculture in the United States and United Kingdom was often hostile to disco, [82] although in the UK, many early Sex Pistols fans such as the Bromley Contingent and Jordan liked disco, often congregating at nightclubs such as Louise's in Soho and the Sombrero in Kensington.

The track " Love Hangover " by Diana Rossthe house anthem at the former, was cited as a particular favourite by many early UK punks. The film The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle and its soundtrack album contained a disco medley of Sex Pistols songs, entitled Black Arabs and credited to a group of the same name. Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedysin the song "Saturday Night Holocaust", likened disco to the cabaret culture of Weimar -era Germany for its apathy towards government policies and its escapism.

Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo said that disco was "like a beautiful woman with a great body and no brains", and a product of political apathy of that era. Anti-disco sentiment was expressed in some television shows and films.

In one scene of the comedy film Airplane! July 12,became known as "the day disco died" because of the Disco Demolition Nightan anti-disco demonstration in a baseball double-header at Comiskey Park in Chicago. As the second game was about to begin, the raucous crowd stormed onto the field and proceeded by setting firestearing out seats and pieces of turf, and other damage.

The Chicago Police Department made numerous arrests, and the extensive damage to the field forced the White Sox to forfeit the second game to Talk Talk (Extended Mix) - Various - The Best Of Music - Electro 2.0 (CD) Detroit Tigerswho had won the first game. Disco's decline in popularity after Disco Demolition Night was rapid.

On July 21,the top six records on the U. Dahl stated in a interview that disco was "probably on its way out [at the time]. But I think it [Disco Demolition Night] hastened its demise". The anti-disco movement, combined with other societal and radio industry factors, changed the face of pop radio in the years following Disco Demolition Night. Starting in the s, country music began a slow rise in American main pop charts.

Emblematic of country music's rise to mainstream popularity was the commercially successful movie Urban Cowboy.

The continued popularity of power pop and the revival of oldies in the late s was also related to disco's decline; the film Grease was emblematic of this trend. Coincidentally, the star of both films was John Travoltawho in had starred in Saturday Night Feverwhich remains one of the most iconic disco films of the era.

During this period of decline in disco's popularity, several record companies folded, were reorganized, or were sold. Midsong International Records ceased operations in Salsoul Records continues to exist in the s, but primarily is used as a reissue brand. Many groups that were popular during the disco period subsequently struggled to maintain their success—even those that tried to adapt to evolving musical tastes.

The Bee Geesfor instance, had only one top entry 's " One " and three more top songs despite recording and releasing far more than that and completely abandoning disco in their s and s songs in the United States after the s, even though numerous songs they wrote and had other artists perform were successful.

Of the handful of groups not taken down by disco's fall from favor, Kool and the GangDonna Summerthe Jacksons —and Michael Jackson in particular—stand out: In spite of having helped define the disco sound early on, [95] they continued to make popular and danceable, if more refined, songs for yet another generation of music fans in the s and beyond.

Six months prior to the chaotic event in Decemberpopular progressive rock radio station WDAI WLS-FM had suddenly switched to an all-disco format, disenfranchising thousands of Chicago rock fans and leaving Dahl unemployed. The latter also helped bring the Chicago house genre to the airwaves. The first event was held at a circus tent on 16 September at Jenkins Lane, Beckton in east London.

This was Britain's first legal all-night rave. Helter Skelter. They were inspired by the early Acid Bungalow clubs such as "Codys" and "Lava", and the M25 motorway "Orbital" rave events such as the Sunrise. Helter Skelter's first event was an illegal outdoor rave in A popular festival and parade that originated in Berlin, Germany inand spread throughout the world.

After a number of deaths at the concert, the annual rendition was cancelled. The name of a fundraising party held annually in San Francisco, California immediately following the Folsom Street Fair.

International computer art festival in Sofia started as a festival for electronic music. One of the modern sections of the contest and festival part is still related to computer and electronic music. Black and Blue Festival.

The various events attract up to 70, participants a year. There have been editions in other countries like Polandwhere it takes place every year, or Hungary. MunichGermany. Fantazia is a dance organization that first held six large raves in These events were legal, and Fantazia's rave at Castle Donington was the largest outdoor rave to be held in the UK, with no fewer than 25, people. Fantazia raves increasingly featured characteristics of theme parks and mainstream celebrations.

Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend. Palm Springs, CaliforniaU. Dubbed "The Dinah", the five-day festival is considered the largest lesbian event in the United States and the world.

The first unofficial Dinah Shore Weekend took place in when women began to flock to Palm Springs in conjunction with a golf tournament, and has since grown to include a White Party.

CrimeaUkraine. The longest running and the largest electronic music festival in the former Soviet Union. Originally held in a reactor building on the Crimea Peninsula, the week-long event purports to be a "free music republic". Inthe festival took place outside of Crimea for the first time ever, in AnakliaGeorgia.

Init was to be held on Cambodia but was cancelled by the local authorities. VuuV Festival. VuuV, formerly known as VooV Experience, is an annual music festival with about 10, to 20, visitors.

It is one of the oldest rave parties in Germany. From its start as a small party with about people, it is now one of the biggest rave parties in Europe. After several moves, VuuV's official location became Putlitz in Inthey moved back to Antaro. An Australian outdoor dance music festival and electronic music events organisation. The outdoor events were generally held in forest environments around Victoria, Australia, with some events held in Queensland and overseas in New Caledonia.

After the last remaining founder died inthe event has ceased. ZurichSwitzerland. The most attended "technoparade" in Europe, attractingin Inspired by the Berlin Love Paradeoriginally a demonstration of love, peace, freedom, generosity and tolerance with ravers dancing through Berlin behind two Lovemobiles.

An electronic music event taking place after the Street Parade in Zurich, Switzerland. It is considered the largest indoor event of its nature in the country. Inaround 14, people attended. The first big event was The Final Exam, with more than 10, people in attendance on 20 June From to it operated Thunderdome as a festival. After the event, the party was brought back in for the 25th anniversary with a edition announced the following year.

There were editions in other countries too. Castlemorton Common Festival. MalvernEngland. Weeklong free tekno informal concert organized by.

BudapestHungary. One of the largest music and cultural festivals in Europe. More than 1, performances take place each year. Seoul International Computer Music Festival. SeoulSouth Korea. Important computer music festival in Asia. Every Picture Tells A Story. The Melbourne Underground Development M. As the first of its kind in the country when it was established, its organizers have billed the event as the oldest dance music festival in the Netherlands.

There have been editions in other countries too, like Chile or the United States. Time Warp is a techno music festival in Germany. The premiere was in in Ludwigshafen. SinceMannheim has been the permanent venue. Monegros Desert Festival. A large EDM festival held in mid July. Some 40, people to its electronic music performances annually.

Formerly called the "Groove Parade" after being founded init is held in a windowless, graffiti-covered hall called Flarida, with an area of some 3, square metres 32, sq ft. His return is expected in July An underground teknival held annually in July. The locations were usually announced a day before the event on Czech rave websites. With little or no organization at all, the festival attracted thousands of free tekno dancers from several European countries.

It made an open invitation to all performers, soundsystems, and performers. Closed after a violent police response in WhitbyNorth Yorkshire. Twice-yearly goth festival, also including genres such as EBM and industrial. World's Largest Disco. The event, widely popular in the area, is a tribute to the disco era and features live performances by s-era musicians, along with dancers dressed in s attire.

The current event began as an annual occurrence inbut it traces its history and name to a disco held in Buffalo infeaturing The Trammps and Gloria Gaynor.

That disco is marked in Guinness World Records as the largest disco in the history, with 13, people in attendance. Barcelona, Talk Talk (Extended Mix) - Various - The Best Of Music - Electro 2.0 (CD). A three-day, three-night annual music festival, described officially as a festival of "Advanced Music and Multimedia Art". Lineup includes technohouseelectroIDMhip hop and various other experimental and avant garde types of music.

The Sonic Acts festival had its first edition in Over the years, it has established itself as a thematic festival with a strong focus on contemporary and historical developments at the intersections of art, technology, music and science taking place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Olympia Experimental Music Festival.

Known first as The Olympia Festival of Experimental Musics, in addition to unusual, experimental, and noise music, many festival performers use film, multimedia, and spoken word. Connect Music Festival. SaskatchewanCanada. Connect Festival has grown into a large grassroots electronica and alternative culture festival. SpaarnwoudeNetherlands. Annual summer dance music festival dubbed "the Woodstock of dance", catering only to pure dance and particularly trance.

It has also featured artists in the electroeurodancehardstyle and experimental styles. The festival pushed its boundaries with several international editions, including in Miami, Ibiza, Malta and Israel. MontrealQuebecCanada. It now features headliner DJs from all over the world and attracts over 15, attendees. Bal en Blanc usually has two separate rooms, one catering to house music and the other to trance music. A large open-air electronic music festival, featuring DJs from Germany and the world, with the theme "open-air rave".

Massive electronic music festival originally based on Alice in Wonderland. In its early years, Insomniac Events moved the event to different locations, with diverse musical genres. GhentBelgium. SinceMontpellierFrance. An international techno event. It took place the first time in at the Vooruit in Ghent and attracted people, and had since grown to be held at the Flanders Expo in the same city. Many spin-off versions of the festival have been held over the years across Europe. Between andthe festival was also organized in Montpellier.

Init was announced that the main festival would relocate to Montpellier, France as crowds had shrunk. Former I Love Techno organiser Peter Decuypere partly blamed the shrinking crowds on the festival embracing genres like dubstep and electro house. A one-night electronic music festival originally created as an after party for Lollapaloozadescribed as "an inter-planetary festival celebrating cosmic peace and sexuality".

Annual technoparade in Munich, attracting up toattendees. It was organized as a demonstration against excessive police controls and the Munich curfew. Generation Move. HamburgKielGermany. Annual technoparade in Hamburg, attracting tens of thousands of attendees. Annual rave cruises of one or two weeks length aboard cruise ships which were organized by Munich's Partysan crew.

GhentBelgium and AmsterdamNetherlands. Started in"10 Days Off" began as a day-long Belgian celebration of techno music which has since grown to be a yearly club event.

Several concert venues in the cities of Ghent, Belgium and Amsterdam, Netherlands. World Electronic Music Festival. OntarioCanada. Canada's longest running electronic music festival. Started and still run by Destiny Event Productions.

Three-day summer all day, all night event is held across Southern Ontario, Canada. Reincarnation Parade. HanoverGermany. Large annual technoparade and subsequent rave in Hanover, Germany.

BrestFrance. Large annual electronic music festival, usually taking place in July or August. Taking place annually in over locations and 60 countries, every year, musicians, DJs, artists, and speakers convene at local Earthdance events to share inspiration and ideas to "build a world culture of peace".

AmsterdamNetherlands. Garden of Memory. Columbarium walk-through at Chapel of the Chimes on the summer solstice. Dutch techno music festivals organized by the event agency Monumental Productions BV. In addition, events were hosted at other festivals in Australia, India, Brazil and the United States.

Electric Daisy Carnival. It is operated by Insomniac Events. EDC events are held in other United States cities and abroad too. GenevaSwitzerland. A large technoparade which is organised every year.

Every year there are up to 20 Lovemobiles. One of the biggest open-air electronic music festivals in Germany. The festival takes place in the Ferropolis open-air museum. It is hosted by the Berkeley-based event promoters Skills.

Idanha-a-NovaPortugal. A biennial transformational festival in Portugal. The festival features musical performances and a broad variety of visual art exhibits.

Boom Festival began as a psychedelic trance music festival. Nowadays, other genres like techno, house and world music are played too. An open-air festival featuring electronic dance music. The first festival was in with 2, people. The 15th festival in reached 35, Rainbow Serpent Festival. Victoria, Australia. A large electronic music, art and lifestyle festival, mainly known for psytrance and minimal techno music, but also featuring other genres of electronic music and non-electronic music on the smaller stages, as well as art installations and workshops.

Energy ' The festival sold out, attracting 18, revelers in all. The event had 10 large marquees Talk Talk (Extended Mix) - Various - The Best Of Music - Electro 2.0 (CD) genres of dance music ranging from drum and bassto technoto houseto hardcore.

A technoparade which stemmed in reaction to the music restriction and commercialization of Love Paradefirst named Hateparade. The most played styles of music are gabber, speedcore, techno, punk, and house.

Los Angeles, CaliforniaU. A yearly electronic music rave held near Halloween and founded by Go Ventures, where many of the attendees dress in costume. Ko Pha NganThailand. First held at a wooden disco not far from the beach early s, though not yet electronic in focus, the parties gained fame through word of mouth, and the event now draws a crowd of about 5,—30, every full moon evening. Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards. GothenburgSweden. Australia and New Zealand. The event in Melbourne saw 23, tickets sellout for a hour event.

Scotland and BritainUK. CopenhagenDenmark. A celebration of Copenhagen street life and international club culture. With an estimatedguests per day, it is one of the largest annual gatherings in Europe.

Distortion is a mobile festival. University of Bradford UnionUK. An annual three-day music festival n the August bank holiday weekend, featuring alternative electronic music acts from genres including industrial, EBM, futurepop, synthpop and power noise. Takes place across seven different stages, features top DJs, artists, and live acts. Focuses on many genres, including electrotechnotrapdeep housedrum and basstech houseprogressive housedubstepand trance.

There are editions all around the world too. Kristal Glam Club is a club in BucharestRomania. Init is the 16 edition of electronic music festival Sunwaves. Community-based summer solstice festival that ran annually in southern Ontario. The festival, organized by Sumkidz now Sumaprimarily featured electronic music as well as dance, workshops, art, and other forms of acoustic music. The festival began in and is run by the Cream clubbing brand supporters.

It's the UK's oldest and most prestigious electronic dance music festival. In addition to the main UK event, Creamfields also operates a number of international spin offs. BoskoviceCzech Republic. An annual festival of electronic dance music that takes place in BoskoviceCzech Republicthat reinforces the region's importance as a major center for dance music.

An annual Northern Irish electronic music festival which was held sincewith a skipped year in Bay AreaCaliforniaU. They feature artists who design their own musical instruments in a festival of workshops, music making, and performances.

SydneyAustralia. Founded in as a small person event, it has grown over time to large-scale rave which hosts major happy hardcore, gabber and hard trance DJs. An event with the mission to forge connections between the composers, performers and lovers of avant garde classical music and the DJs, MCs, guitar-gods, troubadours and gourmets of experimental popular music to produce an annual international festival of electro-acoustic music.

Together as One. A festival that was held on New Year's Eve as a collaboration between Go Ventures and Insomniac; the partners split inwith Go organizing one more event on its own before the —13 edition was abruptly cancelled due to venue issues. Nelson, British ColumbiaCanada. The largest and one of the longest-running electronic music events in Canada, held in August at a acres 2. Since the beginning, it has been a family-run event and has never accepted corporate sponsorship.

Yearly dance event in Amsterdam RAI. An electronic and jam band music festival, hosted and centered around The Disco Biscuits at Montage Mountain in Scranton. The Disco Biscuits launched Camp Bisco in with the idea of combining sets by electronic DJs with improvisational rock bands. Elektra's mission has since been to present artists and works that combine the latest in electronic music and visual creations derived from new technologies. MarseilleFrance. It was originally dedicated to the Marseille hip hop scene, then expanded progressively to international hip-hop, then to electro, rock and, sinceto African music for one night.

Inmore than 35, people attended in the festival. Bats Day in the Fun Park. It has become an annual three-day event. StockholmSweden. An annual alternative music festival focusing on the subgenres of alternative electronic music such as industrial, EBM, synthpop and futurepop. AachenGermany. A yearly, three-day underground music festival featuring industrial, power electronics, and alternative electronic performers who include both independent and signed bands, held in a bunker.

Now titled the CTM Festival, an annual music and visual arts event originally focused on electronic music, but has since evolved to cover a wide range of genres under the banner "festival for adventurous music and related visual arts".

San Francisco Electronic Music Festival. Mission is to provide a public forum for composers and sound artists working with electronic-based technologies in the Bay Area. Designed as an annual multi-day event of concerts, installations and discussions. QuebecCanada. A weekend-long international gathering of visual and musical art, it features a symbiosis of dance, open philosophies, performance art, and human and spiritual experiences. NorbergSweden. Novi SadSerbia. Founded as a student movement fighting for democracy and freedom, it quickly grew into one of the largest mainstream annual music events in Europe.

SingaporeMalaysia. One of Asia's biggest music dance festivals, it is organised by Zouk Singapore. Unyazi Electronic Music Festival.

BolognaItaly. An international festival dedicated to electronic art as a multidisciplinary program of works, investigating and promoting contemporary audiovisual research.

A yearly festival focused on electronic music held in Rome, Italy. The first edition was in New art forms festival devoted to "experimental electronic music, audio-visual spectrum, digital creativity, and transmedial art. A yearly event that focuses on independent electronic music and hip hop as part of the annual This Is Not Art Festival.

It is usually composed of artist development workshops. Detroit Electronic Music Festival. Detroit, MichiganU. Electronic dance music showcase held each Memorial Day weekend, which has featured performances by musicians and DJs, and emphasized the progressive qualities of the culture surrounding electronic music.

The city's support for the festival has been seen by many as the first high-profile acknowledgement and celebration of the city as the birthplace of techno music.

Annual hardstyle and hard dance event held since at the Gelredome, in Arnhem, Netherlands. Sinceeach edition has had its own anthem to symbolize the theme of the event. AmsterdamNetherlands and other countries. Dutch indoor dance event. Sensation events are held all around the world Talk Talk (Extended Mix) - Various - The Best Of Music - Electro 2.0 (CD). In and there were single events simply known as Sensation.

Later, Sensation was expanded into two annual events known as Sensation White focusing initially on trance and later on house and Sensation Black which focused on harder styles and more underground sound. Attendees were required to wear all black or all white, depending on the event.

BLACK is no longer celebrated. How Weird Street Faire. San Francisco, California. Annual electronic music festival to "connect the diverse electronic music communities and spread peace". In Aprilthe first gathering was held at the Okefenokee Swamp. Genres vary from old-style retro to up-scale, modern contemporary electronic music. Locations can be difficult to get to. All of the music created at each gathering is live, unrehearsed, spontaneous and recorded in one take.

The Ricochet Dream music label publishes and records the music created at the event. Central Coast of CaliforniaU. A transformational festival presented by The Do LaB. A small, exclusive, annual ambient music festival held every September at a private retreat center in Willits, California.

It was started by the Cloud Factory community, and ticket distribution is largely based on participation. Electronic Music Midwest. Kansas CityKansas. Overall it has as featured over new electro-acoustic compositions. Universo Paralello. A festival that celebrates electronica, trance, and psychedelic music.

It is one of the most prominent festivals which has trance as one of its main themes. It is held on the beach of Praia de Pratigi in Bahia. There are 7 days of music and 8 days of camping. A part of This Is Not Artinvolves various installations and hands-on workshops. A festival that includes music and cultural events in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Long Marston, WarwickshireUnited Kingdom. The festival was organized by the Godskitchen brand, and was held annually in the UK.

Lumous Gothic Festival. Commonly known as Lumous, was the largest festival dedicated to the goth subculture in Finland and the northernmost Gothic festival in the world. It covers musical genres such as gothic rock, deathrock, industrial, EBM and neofolk. Gay parties held in Singapore. Electroclash came to media attention inwhen the Electroclash Festival was held in New York. Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts.

Minneapolis, MinnesotaU. An electronic music festival founded by Douglas Geersconsisting of a weekend of lectures, performances, master classes, and multimedia installations on the latest in electronic and electroacoustic music and art. Mostly free and open to the public. Airbeat One. Neustadt-GleweGermany. It was first held in as Airbase One and has grown from less than 1, visitors to more than 65, It is the largest festival of its kind in northern Germany.

In the festival took place at a lake near Neu Zachun. Vision Parade. Annual technoparade in Bremen, attracting tens of thousands of attendees. New Interfaces for Musical Expression. Also known as NIME, is an international conference dedicated to scientific research on the development of new technologies for musical expression and artistic performance. Electroacoustic Music Days. Annual event organized by the Hellenic Talk Talk (Extended Mix) - Various - The Best Of Music - Electro 2.0 (CD) Music Composers Associationwhich takes place in various cities and institutions throughout Greece.

During these events, some of the latest electroacoustic works from Greece and abroad are showcased. Alongside the Numusic festival in Stavanger and Ekkofestival in Bergen, it is the largest festival for electronic music in Norway.

The tour covers 7 cities in 7 days. Les Siestes Electroniques. ToulouseFrance. Founded by electronic musician Mobywho asserted that he was "in large part, inspired by the ethos of Lollapalooza", and wished to create a similarly "genuinely eclectic, interesting, alternative music festival". First called Area:One inand the sequel tour Area2, in Annual multimedia festival for electronic music, sound, art and technology, first supported by the Arts Council England and later by other sponsors.

It invites sonic and digital artists to submit new pieces for commissioning. Electronic music festival. It usually occurs for five days in May of each year since The HagueNetherlands. At the end of September each year, TodaysArts has a program at 20 indoor and outdoor venues in the center of the city, with over artists from more than 25 countries. The first edition had 5, visitors.

Annual festival of dance music performed by the Building Records label, which has involved dance music artists of international radio stations in Brazil each year. EnschedeNetherlands.

The festival deals with subjects on the area of multimedia, art, music and technology. It has around 20, visitors and is known for its controversial themes. UtrechtNetherlands. Acts perform in various clubs throughout the city of Utrecht. Buenos AiresArgentina. Held three times annually since United States and Europe. An electro, post-punk, synthpunk, and experimental multiple-day festival, and the largest DIY festival for "art-damaged" music.

A music festival for two days in July. Originally, Lovebox was the name of a nightclub hosted by Groove Armada. It was a one-day festival on London's Clapham Common until Prometheus Global Media. Retrieved August 11, Retrieved April 16, Archived from the original on March 25, Krewella ".

Archived from the original on April 16, Archived from the original on October 2, The Kite String Tangle". Music Canada. Archived from the original on August 18, Archived from the original on December 31, Archived from the original on September 30, Archived from the original on June 16, Retrieved June 16, Sara Diamond".

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