The Electric Flag - An American Music Band (Vinyl, LP)

As with their debut, Sigh No More, Babel was produced b Limited vinyl LP-only pressing of this brand new collection from the British rock legends. The Best Of The Kinks includes 15 tracks from the years Limited light blue colored vinyl LP pressing. The album's title is pa Just a heads up, you're shopping our U. While we do ship all around the world, there are additional shipping costs associated with international orders. Feel free to stick around, or you can also shop our UK store, which has slightly different product offerings.

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The Prodigy: The Official Story. Music Press Books. Techno 'treasures' Prodigy get nasty". The Japan Times. Archived from the original on 20 August Retrieved 15 May Postmodern Culture. That's LP) it is. Bling versus dirt. Axl Rose: We wanted to do a tour with Metallica since the day we started. We worked real hard to pull this thing together.

We paid them a few million dollars more than they deserved because they wouldn't do it unless they got paid a certain amount. And the only way we could get 'em to do it was if we called it 'co-headlining'.

So, fine, we call it 'co-headlining'. But when the shit all went down, the motherfuckers couldn't live with it. Lars Ulrich drummer-Metallica : If it was left to the managers, agents and accountants, this would never have got off the ground.

Whenever we had a stumbling block, we'd all sit down and work it out. Lars Urlich: We probably got to a point where we were being too petty about every detail but, to make it work, the shirts and the passes and whatever all had separate Metallica and Guns versions, with each on the left or on the top.

If that's the kind of stuff it takes to get the tour off the ground July Life magazine reported: The crew accompanying Guns 'n' Rose is made up of about 80 people, including four bodyguards hired, in part, to keep the drug pushers and sex-crazed fans out of temptation's path. They've formed a family. For some of these people it is the only family they have ever really known. Los Angeles Daily News: Guns 'n' Roses took more than 90 minutes to set up, which was more than enough time for restless throng of concert goers to make mischief.

But not everyone was amused by the debauchery or Guns 'n' Roses' tardiness. Some fans had to leave the stadium early. Those who could stay were treated the usual uneven Guns 'n' Roses set. The momentum was severely diminished by lengthy and pointless solos by guitarist Slash and Gilby Clarke, as well as drummer Matt Sorum. The band never gained its footing and the crowd slowly thinned. Some of the remaining fans were spied sleeping or just sitting, with bored expressions on their faces.

Unlike Guns 'n' Roses, Metallica seems fully aware that this tour presents a marvelous opportunity. In a performance that could only be compared to Attila The Hun's tour of Mongolia, Metallica storm-trooped its way to the hearts of the crowd. Their set was simply superb - more than 90 minutes of non-stop musical mayhem. After Axl is diagnosed as having damaged his vocal chords, the next three shows have to be rescheduled.

Bill Gould Bassist, Faith No More : Every band in the world might think they want to open for Guns LP) Roses but, lemme tell you, it's been a real ugly personal experience having to deal with all the shit that surrounds this fucking circus. Mike Patton Singer, Faith No More : They were playing one night, and Duff walks up to Axl and pats him on the head, like a loving comrade type thing, and Axl Rose immediately brings the show to a halt.

This is in front of 80, people and Axl screams: "Don't you ever touch my head again, motherfucker". Duff just walked away, wounded. We found out later that it was because he's going bald and he's worried that if you touch his hair it'll fall out.

Every little follicle counts. Axl asks the crowd how many people there are from Las Cruces. After some cheers and raised hands, he then asks how many people would actually admit to being from Las Cruces. The question is answered with many bottles thrown at the stage, raised middle fingers, and screams of: "Fuck you, Axl! Which they do. The band comes out, sings Paradise City and exits, returning one last time for a bow, arm-in-arm, as in a Broadway show. Axl tosses roses into the crowd, the other guys throw guitar picks and drumsticks.

After, there is the usual backstage party with the usual hors d'oeuvres, open bar, pinball machines, pool table, hot tub and strippers. As for individual band shirts, the GN'R ones were outselling Metallica's.

October 6, Axl Rose: Let me tell you a couple of things about Metallica. I thought I was friends with these people. I don't know how long they were on the road, but there was nobody in their crew that had ever got a bonus or paid anything extra for workin' their fucking ass off.

James Hetfield: It [the tour] was different. It was a good idea. We really had no idea what was going to come with it. We were out to show people that there was something a little more progressive and hard-core than Guns 'n' Roses.

And to go about it our way. But it was hard going on, dealing with Axl and his attitude. It's not something we'd want to do again. Oh, and listen out for Axl when he tells the crowd that he hasn't been asleep for 2 days, at the LP) of "Patience"!

There are some light moments of percussion to hint at the form of the full band arrangement that would coalesce later. Vol 1 is a far superior recording than Vol 2, which sounds like it suffers from tape timing issues on the first couple of tracks. Nevertheless, I'm sure the die hard Guns 'N Roses collectors will still be interested in both of these titles. I spent hours trawling through Guns 'N Roses bootleg listing sites, trying to identify the source of Vol 1 without any luck.

I suspect the track order on this bootleg has been tampered with by AMCOS, however the set list is typical of their concerts. If anyone can identify the exact origin of these recordings, I'd be very interested in hearing from you.

Both posts include full album artwork of course. Unlicensed Live Vol 1. Unlicensed Live Vol 1 Link Mb. Unlicensed Live Vol 2. Unlicensed Live Vol 2 Link Mb. Posted by AussieRock at PM 1 comment:. Despite label changes, the group had little success and even a two-year period without a record deal.

After signing with Epic infortunes improved.

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