Those Girls - Maceo Parker - Made By Maceo (Vinyl, LP)

Kiedis had relapsed into heroin addiction following a dental procedure in which an addictive sedative, Valiumwas used, though the band did not discover this until later. Without Frusciante, songs were written at a far slower rate. I just figured that was how all guitar players were, that you showed them your lyrics and sang a little bit and the next thing you knew you had a song. That didn't happen right off the bat with Dave.

One Hot Minute was released in September after several delays. It departed from the band's previous sound, with Navarro's guitar work incorporating heavy metal riffs and psychedelic rock. Despite mixed reviews, the album sold eight million copies worldwide [71] and produced the band's third number-one single, " My Friends ". Inseveral shows were cancelled following deteriorating band relations, injuries, and Navarro and Kiedis' drug use.

They played their only show of the year at the first Fuji Rock Festival Those Girls - Maceo Parker - Made By Maceo (Vinyl, in Japan. With no guitarist, the Red Hot Chili Peppers were on the verge of breaking up.

In Juneafter more than a year of production, the Red Hot Chili Peppers released Californicationtheir seventh studio album. It sold over 16 million copies, and remains their most successful album. Californication was supported with a two-year international world tourproducing the first Chili Peppers concert DVD, Off the Map In his memoir, Keidis wrote: "It was clear that this situation had nothing to do with Woodstock anymore.

It wasn't symbolic of peace and love, but of greed and cashing in. The Chili Peppers began writing their next album in earlyimmediately following the Californication tour. John was back to himself and brimming with confidence. The album was their most subdued to date, focusing on melodic ballads over rap and funk, with layered textures, more keyboards, and string arrangements.

Inthe Chili Peppers released their ninth album, Stadium Arcadium. Although they initially planned to release a trilogy of albums, [] they chose to release a track double album.

It was their first album to debut at number one on the US charts, where it stayed for two weeks, and debuted at number one in the UK and 25 other countries. Stadium Arcadium sold over seven million units. The first single, " Dani California ", was the band's fastest-selling single, debuting on top of the Modern Rock chart in the U.

The song became their eleventh number-one single, giving the band a cumulative total of 81 weeks at number one. It was also the first time three consecutive singles by the band made it to number one. The Stadium Arcadium World Tour began inincluding several festival dates.

Frusciante's friend and frequent musical collaborator Josh Klinghoffer joined the touring band, contributing guitar, backing vocals, and keyboards. Following the last leg of the Stadium Arcadium tourthe Chili Peppers took an extended break. Kiedis attributed this to the band being worn out from their years of nonstop work since Californication Kiedis, who had recently become a father, planned to spend the time off taking care of his son and developing a television series based on his autobiography, Spider and Son.

In JulyFrusciante left the Chili Peppers, though no announcement was made until December In February, after months of speculation, Klinghoffer was confirmed as Frusciante's replacement. The band began recording their tenth studio album with producer Rick Rubin in September, and finished in March They decided against releasing another double album, reducing the album to 14 tracks. It topped the charts in 18 countries, and received mostly positive reviews.

In Julythe Chili Peppers played three invitation-only warm-up shows in California, their first since The North American leg, expected to begin in Januarywas postponed to March due to a surgery Kiedis required for foot injuries he had sustained during the Stadium Arcadium tour.

The performance was met with mixed reviews for its use of backing music; Flea responded that it was an NFL rule for bands to pre-record music due to time and technical issues, and that they had agreed because it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He said Kiedis' vocals were completely live and the band had recorded "Give it Away" during rehearsals. The Chili Peppers released Fandemonium in Novembera book dedicated to their fans.

Their eleventh album, The Getawaywas released in June. In May, the band released "The Getaway". The Getaway outsold Drake its opening week with album sales ofto 33, actually placing him at 4th in sales for the week though due to album streaming, Drake managed to top the band for the top position in the charts.

In the same month, the band members started to post images from the set of the music video. All money from sales of the re-issue went to Gilda's Club NYC an organization that provides community support for both those diagnosed with cancer and their caretakers. It is named after comedian Gilda Radner. The band began the headlining portion of the Getaway World Tour in September with the North American leg, featuring Jack Irons, the band's original drummer, as an opening act, beginning in January The Getaway World Tour concluded in October The tour consisted of shows lasting a year and almost five months.

The recording of the next Chili Peppers album was delayed due to the Woolsey Fire ; they performed a benefit show for fire victims on January 13, In Februarythe Chili Peppers began a month-long tour, featuring their first headlining shows in Australia in twelve years, [] including their first show in Tasmaniawhich was briefly halted due to a power outage. They wrote that Klinghoffer was "a beautiful musician who we respect and love".

I'm happy that he's back with them. In JanuarySmith confirmed that the Chili Peppers had been working on a new album with Frusciante. In Augustformer Chili Peppers guitarist Jack Sherman died aged 64; the band issued a statement thanking him for "all times good, bad and in between".

The Chili Peppers' mix of hard rockfunk and hip hop has influenced genres such as funk metal[] rap metal[] rap rock [] and nu metal. In an interview with Jason TanamorSmith said, "Certainly Anthony's singing style and voice lends itself to being unique, and nobody sounds like him. The cool thing about it is we can play any style of music whether it's hard and fast, or loud or quiet, slow or medium, whatever it is; rock or funk, and it still sounds like us. I'm proud of that because sometimes bands don't have that strong personality where you go, 'Oh, that's boom, right away.

It was the first time Kiedis and Flea had performed with Irons in 24 years and Martinez in 26 years. They also performed at the June Washington, D. The concerts, which were held worldwide, were to support the cause of Tibetan independence. In Julythe band performed on behalf of former U. Vice President Al Gore who invited the band to perform at the London version of his Live Earth concerts which were held to raise awareness towards global warming and solving the most critical environmental issues of our time.

The requirement for getting into the concert was agreeing to volunteer for the Obama phone bank. The event quickly met its capacity limit after being announced. The band performed a special rare acoustic set. In Februarythe band headlined a fundraiser concert in support of Sanders.

The benefit featured a performance by the Chili Peppers along with comedy acts selected by Ferrell and Funny or Die. The musical style of the Red Hot Chili Peppers has been characterized as funk rock[] [] [] [] alternative rock[] [] [] funk metal [] [] [] and rap rock[] [] [] [] with influences from hardpsychedelic and punk rock. Regarding their genre, Flea stated in a Guitar World interview, "For all the styles that have come and gone through-out our career, we never really aligned ourselves with any of them; we were never part of any movement.

At one time, people put us together in a category with Fishbone and Faith No Morebut we were always different from those bands, and they were always different from us. Kiedis provided multiple vocal styles. His primary approach up to Blood Sugar Sex Magik was spoken verse and rapping, which he complemented with traditional vocals. This helped the band to maintain a consistent style.

By the Way contained only two songs with a rap-driven verse and melodic chorus. Original guitarist Slovak's style was based in blues and funk. Slovak was primarily influenced by hard-rock artists such as Hendrix, Kiss and Led Zeppelin, [] while his playing method was based on improvisation common in funk.

His melodic riff featured in the song "Behind the Sun" inspired the group to create "pretty" songs with an emphasis on melody. Frusciante's musical style has evolved over the course of his career.

His guitar playing employs melody and emotion rather than virtuosity. This contrasts with his earlier abrasive approach in Mother's Milk[] [] as well as his dry, funky and more docile arrangements on Blood Sugar Sex Magik. However, this was discouraged by producer Rick Rubin, and he instead built upon Californication ' s melodically driven style.

Navarro brought his own sound to the band during his tenure, with his style based on heavy metalprogressive rock and psychedelia. Klinghoffer's style employed a wide range of unconventional guitar effects and vocal treatments.

In his debut Chili Peppers album, I'm with Youhe focused heavily on producing a textured, emotional sound to complement the vocals and atmosphere of each song. He has stated that he is a fan of jazz and funk.

Flea's bass guitar style can be considered an amalgamation of funk, psychedelic, punk, and hard rock. While Flea's slap bass style was prominent in earlier albums, albums after Blood Sugar Sex Magik [] have more melodic and funk-driven bass lines. He has also used double stops on some newer songs. Flea's bass playing has changed considerably throughout the years. When he joined Fear, his technique centered largely around traditional punk-rock bass lines. He began to incorporate a "slap" bass style that drew influence largely from Bootsy Collins.

When you play less, it's more exciting—there's more room for everything. If I do play something busy, it stands out, instead of the bass being a constant onslaught of notes. Space is good.

Drummer Smith blends rock with funk, mixing metal and jazz to his beats. Influences include Buddy Rich and John Bonham. In Blood Sugar Sex Magikhe displays greater power.

He is recognized for his ghost noteshis beats and his fast right foot. Early in the group's career, Kiedis wrote comical songs filled with sexual innuendos and songs inspired by friendship and the band members' personal experiences. When the band recorded One Hot Minute Kiedis had turned to drugs once again, which resulted in darker lyrics.

After witnessing Frusciante's recovery from his heroin addiction, Kiedis wrote many songs inspired by rebirth and the meaning of life on Californication. He was also intrigued by the life lessons that the band had learned, [] including Kiedis's experience with meeting a young mother at the YMCAwho was attempting to battle her crack addiction while living with her infant daughter.

On By the WayKiedis was lyrically influenced by love, his girlfriend, and the emotions expressed when one fell in love. Stadium Arcadium continued the themes of love and romance; Kiedis stated, that "love and women, pregnancies and marriages, relationship struggles—those are real and profound influences on this record. And it's great, because it wasn't just me writing about the fact that I'm in love.

It was everybody in the band. We were brimming with energy based on falling in love. Themes within Kiedis's repertoire include love and friendship, [] [] teenage angst, good-time aggression, [] various sexual topics and the link between sex and music, political and social commentary Native American issues in particular[] romance, [] [] [] loneliness, [] globalization and the cons of fame and Hollywood, [] poverty, drugs, alcohol, dealing with death, and California.

Kiedis was convicted of indecent exposure and sexual battery in after he exposed himself to a woman following a show in Virginia. They sexually harassed a year-old woman during their show, after Flea walked into the crowd and carried her away. Ina former music executive accused two members of the band of sexually harassing her during a business meeting in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Rhcp.

This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 1 October American rock band. This article is about the band. The band in at Pinkpop. Funk rock alternative rock funk metal rap rock. What Is This?

Ataxia the Mars Volta Jane's Addiction. Main article: Californication album. Main article: By the Way. Main article: Stadium Arcadium. Main article: I'm with You album. This section focuses too much on specific examples without explaining their importance to its main subject.

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Archived from the original on October 11, Never reissued in any form until now. Seriously, as the old adage goes, this is music that needs to be heard to be believed. French electronic trio Jabberwocky are back with bangers.

Feeling Dancing Tempo is saturated with powerful beats and analog sounds inspired by space music and guaranteed to make you dance. Named after a Lewis Carroll poem and consisting of three friends in Camille Camara piano conservatoireEmmanuel Bretou self-taught guitar, bassand Simon Pasquer sampling, MAOthere's a wonderfully organic sense of chemistry between each member.

Best known for their hit single "Photomaton", Jabberwocky are now looking to evolve past their previous sounds into wholly new territory. Equally inspired by sci-fi films, Italo-disco, and Salvador Dalithere's multidimensional layers to Jabberwocky's music that reveals new details with every listen. They've also been influenced by the energy accrued from years of touring alongside a recent move to Paris that's engulfed them in the city's long-standing culture.

Includes download code. The collection includes all of The Middle Class's early studio recordings, along with a never before released four-song studio demo.

This pioneering Orange County band's original sides have been notoriously hard to find, landing in the collections of only those willing to pay dearly for them. Until now Since that initial jam session, when Brown began experimenting with his signature plywood crate drum rhythms, they have released three LPs and a clutch of self-released cassette and digital releases. Recorded on the last day of their spring tour, the record puts a new perspective on themes from their body of work: a little more intimacy, a little more freedom, a little more controlled chaos.

Brown's idiosyncratic rhythms are all the more hypnotizing in Tubby's cozy setting, and Chen's furious guitar work cuts and hums with sounds seemingly only attainable on stage. It's an album both challenging and immediate. The expanded 75 Dollar Bill's affinity for improvisation and the avant-garde even leads to a rousing take on the Ornette Coleman classic, 'Friends And Neighbors' that feels right at home in their own repertoire. The listener can't help but feel present and part of the communal joy and catharsis being shared here in this room.

This performance at Tubby's turned out not only to be the last show of their tour, but the last show possible as the pandemic hit. Originally offered as a digital only release on 75 Dollar Bill's Bandcamp, Live At Tubby's now documents a highlight and closure of sorts; this kind of musical improvisation and community interaction being on hold for the foreseeable future.

This double album on Grapefruit will have to tide everyone over until it can all happen again. Neon magenta vinyl. Heavy Psych Sounds announce a brand-new series of split albums that will be called Doom Sessions.

The label is going to release a bunch of compilations with doom bands from Heavy Psych Sounds roster, featuring some of the heaviest bands of the world doom scene. Each volume will host two bands. Gold vinyl; gatefold sleeve with gold foil; download code with 34 tracks. To celebrate twenty years since the release of Sugababes ' iconic debut album One Touchoriginally released inthe band have a special anniversary edition of the album. One Touch remains a blueprint for genre-hopping mainstream music and a byword for effortlessly stylish British pop.

Also features remixes by TatyanaC. Mad About Records present a reissue of Kenny Mann with Liquid Pleasure 's self-titled album, originally recorded and released in via a small local press in North Carolina. The album became a modern soul holy grail. The original press is always sold over USD. Recorded and edited in in a small local press in North Carolina, it became a cult and a holy grail LP over the decades. Private ultra-rare funk soul.

A selection of eight songs covering the period from to by one of Rai's softest voices. Wah-Wah driven, mid-tempo guitar based early Rai from the city where Rai's "harder" form was conceived. Sad romantic songs about lost loves and other sorrowful tales.

Mastered by Mark Gergis. Vinyl master and lacquer cut by Frederic Alstadt - Angstrom Studio. In the mids, the music scene in the Oran region was dominated by groups such as Les Aigles NoirsChocor The Basils -- playing mainly Western pop covers, ranging from the Beatles to French romantic songs.

Then, there were also the emerging new Rai sounds, championed by Messaoud Bellemou and his troupe -- with a sound driven by trumpets and saxophones. I was 17 inwhen I joined Les Aigles Noirs as a 'stage animator'. This is how I met Ahmed Zergui. Zergui and his group, Les Freres Zergui were pioneers.

They were the first to introduce wah-wah pedals and drums in Rai. It combined Rai, rock and jazz elements into something unheard before. It was about when Ahmed Zergui offered me to join his group as an animator. Cheb Khaled was the rising star of Rai after releasing 'Ya Sada' and he covered my song 'Jat Jat', which helped attract a lot of attention, and resulted in many show requests around Oran.

Ahmed Zergui passed away in The group separated and we did not know what to do. We signed a three-year contract and we released nine cassettes together; the first of which featured 'Jibek Liyam' and 'Malgre Ma Dert Fiya'. Rai was progressing fast, and had started to integrate modern instruments such as Roland synthesizers, drum machines, etc We started recording at Studio Malik in Oran, and this is where we met the true legend that was Meghni Mohamed.

I was very familiar with them on vocals, but applying them to guitar was a first in North Africa. This new sound had a relatively large success, which resulted in numerous releases Produced by Nascimento's longtime engineer Jason Hiller, this album is do Nascimento's first solo guitar album and, like his previous album, Preludiois reliant on do Nascimento's own compositions, with a little help from like-minded musical travelers.

Just adding few layers and colors here and there. Do Nascimento performed the album almost entirely with a Strimon Timeline pedal, with a few loops and overdubs, and the result is a full-fledged, if quiet and subtle, conversation Do Nascimento has with himself, as he ruminates about this stage in his life, in his musical journey, and his music's place in the world.

Ykytu means 'wind' in the indigenous Brazilian Guarani language. In his own way, as he was quarantined in Los Angeles, Do Nascimento has succeeded in journeying outwards, in heeding the call of the open world. At the same time, he has remained true to the spirit and calling of his forebears, hearing their whispers, amplifying them, augmenting them, and allowing them to flow outwards.

Ensemble in Employing chance operations and non-musical sounds, Marcel Duchamp 's musical oeuvre predated some radical concepts developed forty years later by John Cage. Presented here on gram vinyl. It should, however, be stated that if these sixteen bands had been found on an album, EP or single, they certainly would not have lowered the average quality of albums in that genre -- not even in terms of sound quality, which has actually been improved upon here considering that the original tapes had been lying around collecting dust for at least a quarter of a century by careful restoration.

The debut album by Perpignan's finest, featuring Pascal Comelade on piano. The Llamps ' members met each other in the surroundings of Perpignan a few years ago. Moved by The Velvet UndergroundEnnio MorriconeNoir Desirand L'Agramthe four of them created an alliance between heritage and modernity, pop and hip-hop, country and psychedelics, all of it in Catalan, French and English.

Their mysterious universe acquires its full dimension live, where salvage poetry and the band's energy mingle and brew. After their first two 7"s, The Llamps present their self-titled debut. Throughout its 12 tracks, the eponymous album is unrepentant in combining the different musical cultures of this atypical group.

Joe Bonamassa — Sloe Gin. Pretty decent list. Although there will always be missing someting. Speaking of full, I miss Blind Boy Fuller. But I am glad Big Bill Broonzy made the list. In that respect it is a great success so well done!

Kings Fine list anyway! At least Kooper and Bloomfield were included on another pick. Finally, someone mentioned ray Charles, thought I was the only one!

Fats domino too. Love seeing a list like this and watch people speak of their favorites and how could they miss….!? I love you all. Especially leadbelly. Great list just think you missed a few. Especially live album Face The Music is awesome.

Good to see you have got Gary Moore in there. Groundhogs should be in there and Chicken Shack as previously mentioned. I also Roy Buchanan should be there. You are having a larf aint ya,not one album by Ray Charles i.

Nice try! John Hammond does deserve a nod from me for a couple albums. Great list, but i suggest some of Sean Costello and the first recordings of Johnny guitar Watson to. Both are brilliant guitar players and got great voices.

Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation with John Moorshead? Something from Colosseum? Something from Audience? If you asked leading University music appreciation doctorate professorsI am CERTAIN you would find popularity and technical statistics that could not agree with the idem listing you have posted.

Only two or so from the last 40 years? I was happy to see Texas Flood made the list. Also thanks for the list and for everyone adding their favorites. Missing thoughts, J. But more importantly, we can see all the comments of what people left out. Missing: 1. Such a list without any jimi Hendrix album sounds strange you include SR Vaughanbut not his master!!!

As usual guitar is the theme. Otis Taylor? The lack of Blodwyn Pig is disturbing. Bout time someone mentioned Shuggie Otis. Roy Buchanan was to overly stylistic, loved him but he began to bore me. Jesus just left Chicago???? Surely one of the best electric blues albums of all time. He has a lot of great records. His songs have been covered by some of the best. Give him a listen. I think albums is too limiting. Here are a list of albums that I like.

I came to blues music after rock and roll through Those Girls - Maceo Parker - Made By Maceo (Vinyl Clapton and others so I am perhaps not a blues purist but I do appreciate Robert Johnson, BB King, and many others as well as those who led me to their music.

Very glad to see my favorite Rory Gallagher included. Also, no Lonnie Mack. Where is the westafrican blues!? Wht about Ali farka Toures last albumSavane. But in those years I have heard five albums that have all had a great influence on me. And, of course, pretty much everything by Wolf and Muddy. Seriously, great choice! Very difficult to narrow it down to Enjoy his lyrics and his slide and harp playing are on the money.

Did you consider any Canadian blues artists? I think there are also cases of musicians from other genres who recorded blues or blues like music — Triumph is one group I can think of. Man, did they miss a lot. Many that are much better than those they selected!!!

Thank you! Some other also not mentioned in the comment section, i think great blues or bluesrock albums I very much like are:. Is a great blues album as well. The replies here are priceless. Bad Company? George Thoroughgood? Janis Joplin? Stevie Ray Vaughn? Humble Pie?

Allman Bros.? Triumph was Those Girls - Maceo Parker - Made By Maceo (Vinyl hard rock or heavy metal but Rik Emmett and the band did play and record some bluesy music from time to time. King King by The Red Devils is my favorite live blues album of all time. A must-own if ever there was one. But you have forgotten one very important British blues classic from that time, Five Live Yardbirds with the Yardbirds Eric Clapton was one of members at that time, replaced later by Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.

The British blues scene during the sixties was so important for the founders of the blues and played an very important role to make this black music style to be accepted among the white audience in America. Would like to see One Album per Artist — this allows a greater degree of inclusivity. Hard Again by Muddy Waters is also a good one. Cheers to All. No Ronnie Earl! That is like making a chicken soup with no chicken!

Plus the fact Ronnie plays ever note like it is his last! I thought that is what the blues is all about. Hooker n heat already mentioned but what about hooker n davis hot spot soundtrack.

Rl burnside ass in pocket and finally graham bond organisation live at klooks kleek. All essential. Fats knew his blues! One James Cotton album and two Mayall. Uh, no. Gotta agree with that. You could get rid of all the rock bands and all the English bands. They were just regurgitating the masters. Go to the source not the people LP) are doing Rock covers. Agree about Willie Dixon…Needs to be there. Rock blues, straight blues, jazz blues etc. I want to know about everyone and then select my own favorites.

I wish the list could have had or great albums. All of these works are valuable and have merit!! He plays a lot of cigar box guitars and unusual instruments. And Joe Bonamassa was adored by B. King, you need a better recommendation than that?? And thank you!! Typical North American rubbish. So what are your selections? European or African?

Think in those terms and some of the classic rock bands qualify. Apologies, a couple of the artists I mentioned are on the list! I accept it is a subjective thing and impossible to include everyone. Gosh I could add a lot more. And change some to different albums. As for Allman Bros. The blues was almost dead in the us. The Brits embraced it and started it again. My first concert was the Jefferson Airplane with the warm up band The Yardbirds in I would say that some of these bands should be included.

I wish it was more than Etta James, Tell Mamma. Has been previously mentioned but should include Chicken Shack and the Groundhogs. Also the Graham Bond Organisation.

Also surprised that Robin Trower hasnt been mentioned. I also like Fleetwood mac by Fleetwood mac. This has to be one of the greats! How could you miss this one? Thanks all! Hutto are strangely absent. The choice for Muddy Waters does not cover his best recordings. Why not The Best of Muddy Waters? We could endlessly debate about the definition of blues, but the purpose here is not to list all the guitarists that once played a blues classic, or our favorites RnB or jazz or rock musicians.

Why is there always someone who has to have the best or the top ten etc. The other thing that amazes me is how everybody is an authority on how the bands such as the Stones, CreamMayall, Butterfield and on and on saved the music and brought it back to life.

It was word of mouthconversationconcerts like the newport Jazz festival. We all know that our bluesmakers of all folks cannot possibly be ranked like football teams or mutual funds. Consider the West African griots or that itinerant bluesman that W.

Handy found and lost at the Tutwiler train depot in And consider the folks whose paths never crossed those of the white historians or those who sang only to themselves and their God.

Even people who love the blues can manage to leave Willie Dixon off this list. I read them all and thanks. You mean there is only good blues albums out there? Give me a break. Gonna check it out. No one mentioned Hadda Brooks. Re; the Allman Brothers. I miss Duane. Fleetwood Mac including Green lack that raw blues voice, but I love their blues stuff. Glad Alex Koris was mentioned. Great Lp. Check out Wild-Child Butler. Also, in many cases, there are better collections by the same artist than the ones listed.

Great list. Bit of British Blues and Boogie? Thanks, enjoyed reading this. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Search uDiscover Music. Bert Ruisch May 3, at pm. Pat December 31, at pm. Chuck Nyren November 13, at am. Harmonica Slim November 27, at am. Bluesbabyblues December 31, at am. Spot on Harmonica Slim. TC Lambet December 31, at am. James December 31, at pm. Mike Hardy January 1, at am. Ray December 31, at pm. Josef O Luain August 12, at pm. Mark August 14, at pm. David January 24, at pm. Slick September 25, at am. Christopher Driscoll March 31, at pm. Bassman Bob September 25, at pm.

Scott Blanchat November 8, at pm. Totalmente de acuerdo, sobre todo en lo relacionado con Ronnie Earl. Jeff Tibbetts November 17, at pm. Mike September 25, at am. Jon Taylor September 15, at pm. There is a Hendrix compilation, titled Blues. Patrick Longworth September 26, at am. Philip Anderson December 7, at pm. Aw, yes, the Powder Blues Band. Thank you for mentioning them! Thomas February 9, at pm. Marco November 10, at pm.

Vin January 4, at pm. Paul May 4, at am. Gompie May 4, at pm. Kaj Hobroh May 31, at pm. Gerrit Krekel June 4, at pm. Dank Bert, voor de aanvulling, prima keus! Rutger De Groot August 5, at am. James September 1, at pm.

Frank Nijenhuis December 30, at pm. Paul Lanfermeijer November 7, at pm. Frank …. Dat was in de Reinhalle : Lp hoes hangt hier nog steeds aan de muur! Smokey December 30, at pm. Ronald Andrews December 31, at am. What about African Blues…. Ali Farka Toure. Lambert Mulder December 31, at pm.

Winifred Wiltens January 27, at pm. Dick August 12, at pm. Dave Tothill August 13, at pm. John Shreve December 31, at am. Cooldrive December 30, at pm. Nolan weidner May 3, at pm. Andre May 9, at am. John May 4, at am. Michael May 4, at pm. Ric December 30, at pm.

Brian May 4, at pm. Mike Loyley September 12, at am. Graeme Bristol May 3, at pm. Larry Jacobsen May 4, at am. Made the list. Bob C September 25, at am. Lesley Bowes Hefner May 3, at pm. You got that right, Lesley…no Janis?? Give me a break! Al Farber May 3, at pm. Jack Rawles May 4, at am. Bonamassa is one the greatest bluesmen of the 21st century. Bennie King May 8, at am. Markk August 6, at am. Dan December 30, at pm. C July 12, at pm. Joe Bonamassa would not know real blues even if it sat on his face.

He is almost as bad as Eric Clapton. MG December 31, at pm. Clapton is good. Kind of a snore in this list though, IMHO. I agree with you about Joe Bonamassa and John Hammond! John McCarthy September 11, at pm. Jake Binnie May 3, at pm. Phil Grabar May 3, at pm.

XMilitant Straight Edge AnthemX - xCoalition Against Shanex - It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold, Cherchez La Femme - Various - More Monty (CD), I Feel Fine (Takes 1-2) - The Beatles - The Complete Roger Scott Tapes (CD), DJ Raúl Soto & DJ Miguel Serna* Presents Sofia DJ - Automatik (Vinyl), You Better Believe It (Remix (Rob Offender From Does It Offend You, Yeah?)), Tasos Stamou - Objects 1 (CDr), Dont Feel So Lonely (Soulful Mix) - Jazzida Grande - ODE Music Presents Petalo Compiled By Jazzida G, Ideal Skirt - Null Object - I Saw Machines But I Heard Monsters (Vinyl), House Burning Down - Jimi Hendrix - The Essential Jimi Hendrix (Vinyl, LP), Shattered - The Rolling Stones - Drive Carefully (Vinyl, LP), Just To Say We Did - Lita Ford & Bonfire - Collection Of Albums 1983-1994 / 1986-1999 (CD), Alice Underground - Baron Von Luxxury - The Last Seduction (CD, Album), Beat The Drum - Patto (2) - Ducks In Flight (The Lost Jazz Album) (Vinyl, LP), My Blue Ridge Mountain Home - Various - Record Session Specials (Vinyl, LP, Album), Love In Vain - Jack Of Heart - Jack Of Heart (Vinyl, LP, Album)