Transparent/Opaque - Blacklisted (2) - Were Unstoppable (Vinyl)

Grand Final Day. Irato A2. Memphis Sophisticate A3. The Motion Picture B1. August Relativity B3. Want No Light To Shine. Stormy Weather 2. All Because Of You Days 3. Parthenon Drive 4. In The Margins 5. Of A Life 6. Make Us Blind 7. Everything Kills You 8.

Siberia 9. Sideways Eight Scissors In The Sand What If We Are? Chisos 2. Climbing Bear 3. Woodpecker 4. Spring 5. Flying 6. Camouflage 7. Swimming 8. Stories In Stone 9. Summer Nightfall Owl Hunting Sunrise Big Horns Autumn Cubs Pallid Bats Rains Legacy Bird Family Winter Human History Lauren Flax - Endless Summer A2.

Posthuman - Ottomen B2. Posthuman - Ottomen Lauren Flax Remix. SIDE A 1. Psyche 2. Foxbright 3. Invisible Man 4. Heart 5. Fisherman 7. Swim To The Star 8. Lacuna 9. Iris John, Take Me With You 2. I Love You 3. Maybe 4. Make Another Record 5. Only With You 6. Don't Fall Apart 3. I'm Probably A Ghost 5. Disc 1 - Side A 1. The Fun Lovin' Criminal 2.

The Grave And The Constant 4. Scooby Snacks Disc 1 - Side B 1. I Can't Get With That 2. Bombin' The L 3. Smoke 'Em 4. Bear Hug 3. Come Find Yourself 4. Crime And Punishment 5. Methadonia Disc 2 - Side B 1.

Coney Island Girl 3. Blues For Suckers 4. Fata Morgana Folding Moscow BMW Shuanghuan X5 Chant In The Wreck Room Many Gods, Many Angels CREAM Envenom Glue Naja Tyre Switches Shards Saccades Balloon Lossy Newtown Got Folded Obsession Model Empty Middle Seat You Left A Space Hyperpassive Balloon Copy. Adriano Italiano Full Length B1.

Adriano Italiano B2. Adriano Italiano Version. Sometimes 2. True Love 3. Lake June 4. GSM 5. Around Again 6. Hope 7. Joy 8. One Bottle 9. Blindsided Hue Junior Day League CD: 1. Into The Blue 2. Chimes 3. Sevier 4. Interval 5. Farrago 6. Gotta Feed My Dog 7. Somewhere New 8. Bring It To The Front 9. Back To Nothing Only Once Bring It To The Front 2. Back To Nothing 3. Only Once 4.

Somewhere New. Side 1 1. Yalvarma Don't Beg 2. Agitate 3. Yeter Enough 4. Melodi Melody part 1 5. Melodi Melody part 2 Side 2 1. Elegy For Love 2. Affet Beni Forgive Me 3. Inertia 4. Ahenk Harmony 5. Please, Don't Take This Badly Splash With Fernando Ferrarrone A2.

It Might Rain A3. Bar Solitude B2. Northcote, Winter Solstice B3. Side A 1. Carol In Your Eyes 2. Cast Your Sadness Away 3. Up Side B 1. CD Track Listing: 1. Alert Level 2. Good Trouble 3. Sabotage Is Sex 4. Disinformation 5. Search And Destroy 6. Believe Me 7. Broken System 8. We Shall Resist 9. Death Toll Disinformation Side B: 1. Search And Destroy 2. Believe Me 3.

Broken System 4. We Shall Resist. Prelude A2. Howls A3. Open Paths A4. NG Theme A5. TA-Storm B2. The Birds Rejoice B3. Phunkhysteria B4. The Sun Returns. Star extended Club A2. Star extended Instrumental B1. Tour De Perel B2. Internal Monologue. Song For Anges 2.

Human Touch 3. Pink Lunettes 6. Czech Locomotive 7. Rambo 8. Disc 1: Loaded EP A. Loaded B. Loaded Terry Farley Remix B. Shine Like Stars Instrumental. Disc: 1 1. Some Humans Ain't Human 2. Glory Of True Love 3. My Darlin' Hometown 4. Crazy As A Loon 5. Morning Train 6. Long Monday 7. The Moon Is Down 8. Taking A Walk Disc: 2 1.

Safety Joe 2. Clay Pigeons 3. She Is My Everything 4. Carousel Of Love 5. That's Alright By Me 6. That's How Every Empire Falls 8. Bear Creek Blues 9. Other Side Of Town Dual Custody. Flourish 2.

To Me 3. Tubercular Skies 4. Fireflies 5. Every Waking Minute 6. Point In Time 7. Readiness Is All 8. Bullion and the band use the studio as an instrument, resulting in their most polished work to date.

A bold, quantum leap forward from the critically beloved "Grey Area", this is hardly music aiming simply for the pop charts; rather, it is turbo charged with the kind of fury and potency, confusion and anxiety that make up the modern experience of being Black, British and female at this particular point in time.

Lauren Alaina releases her third studio album. The 15 tracks include the Top 40 Country hit "Getting Over Him," which features Jon Pardi and her signature powerhouse vocals, as well as "Run" which addresses the rat race of life we are all on. With these twelve new songs, Cooper comes into her own—both musically and as a person—embracing a newfound sense of independence, honesty, maturity and creativity. Still reflecting. I just want to continue making art that displays myself, the moments, and the people around me.

In the years since, the South Carolina native and avid outdoorsman and fisherman has formed his own sense of unique musicianship—incorporating self-taught styles that fit each song rather than following conventional techniques.

The things that clutter up the pure soul are all in here. We all have a black powder soul that can explode, but there is redemption in all of us too. Kiefer Sutherland, mostly known as an Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actor, producer, and director, began pursuing a secondary musical career in the s and s by forming the Ironworks label.

Opening track "Bloor Street" explores the sense of home both externally and within yourself. Lead track "Two Stepping in Time" showcases Kiefer's classic fire sparking americana tune. Items available on our website may not be currently in stock at our store. Please call us with any questions! Music Releases Over the course of her lush, expansive, defiantly sprawling new album, "Sometimes I Might Be Introvert", released on Agethe Ivor Novelloaward-winning, Mercury nominated Little Simzdelivers an undeniable modern classic, effortlessly condensing any number of disparate styles and genres into music which thrillingly broaches the gap between urgent modern treatise and hip hop.

This is no mere philosophical exercise, however - the result is her most ambitious and soaring body of work to date, one which operates at the very heights of what rap can be. Acclaimed singer, songwriter and musician Liz Cooper will release her anticipated new album, Hot Sass, September 3.

Original motion picture soundtrack to the film Cinderella starring Camila Cabello. If Grizfolk, the band, are a study in dichotomy and contrast, then Grizfolk, the album, is the bridge where it all connects.

With the release of their self-titled third full-length record, the band creates a place where folk stompers and electronic synths cozy up to the same driving backbeat and golden riffs in a pertinent and perfect way.

And just as we all were forced to adjust our ways of working-and existing-during the pandemic, the band, too, learned to adapt their own methods and evolve with the era. The band embraced the benefits this brave new style of working afforded them while also keying in on the sound's similarities to both their previous albums, calling the process both nostalgic and new.

From the emotional charge of "Fumes" and it's "voice for the voiceless" sense of overcoming fears to find confidence, to the ferociously catchy riff that begins the upbeat lament of "Now That I Know," the new tracks work together with their Rich Costey-sessions material including "The Ripple" to present a band firing on all cylinders by revisiting everything they have done before in order to put forward the best current version of themselves.

Long before the history-making tattoos, ubiquitous television shows, best-selling books, and influential beauty empire, Kat Von D sat down at a piano for nearly two hours a day and played. Classical training and a deep appreciation for music of all genres underscored her life.

She studied voice under Ken Tamplin six days per week, strengthening her vocals. Following this experience, Kat continued to write on her own, sitting at the piano and summoning songs from raw emotion. Capping off the process, Dan Haigh of Gunship handled mixing.

To make the best of the situation the band made their way to Los Angeles The scene is Hollywood. The acclaimed result introduces new characters and plot points, as well as offering teases of DCEU movies to come.

On two discs. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English. Digitally remastered 10th Anniversary edition. Andrea Bocelli's One Night In Central Park concert is undoubtedly a seminal moment in his career, the concert was not only a childhood dream turning into reality but the validation of Andrea as one of the world's true superstars. The original album was one of the best-selling live albums of all time. At the time, the metal world was flailing in a state of post-grunge confusion, meanwhile, Opeth were forging an entirely unique and fearlessly creative path.

With several songs passing the ten-minute mark, Blackwater Park was no kind of commercial compromise. Instead, its popularity and acclaim proved a couple of valuable points: that music fans and metalheads, in particular are often vastly more open-minded than they are given credit for, and that depth, subtlety, sophistication and imagination were all credible selling points.

We are extremely happy to announce that our self-titled debut album is getting pressed for the first time ever on Vinyl and CD! The album was initially released digitally in October via Bandcamp and introduced us to the beloved Doom scene. This album has a really special place in our hearts because it represents the birth of Acid Mammoth.

It is our coming together and it bears the enthusiasm of our first ever recording. Three years after its initial release, the time has come for its physical release in both vinyl and CD by Heavy Psych Sounds Records, with a killer new artwork by Branca Studio.

Influenced by kabbalah, German Idealism and French post-structuralism, the opera tells the story of a cosmogonical traumatic explosion between Oioion and Siheymn, a pair of divine beings whose thwarted love tears a wound from which civilization is generated, producing the Four Alimonies of the intelligible universe and the task of collective emancipation.

Outside the narrative frame, the piece is meant to foster productive discord between the modes of attention and political commitments that implicitly accompany its various genres, as well as to hover in the liminal territory between the music industry, the art world and the contemporary philosophy community, reiterating the message of Jesus via William Blake by belonging nowhere, only half-comprehensible within any established framework, puncturing hypocritical ideologies while crying out in the name of love.

The album is accompanied by a new, eponymous album-length operatic video written, directed, shot, edited by and starring Hunt-Hendrix, who uses her evolving body, in the wake of her recent gender affirmation as a trans woman, as the medium for the story. First time being released on vinyl in the U. Throughout their career, they have released nine full-length albums and have evolved through a succession of sounds, all in the main style of groove metal and industrial metal.

Special new vinyl versions of the two Wardruna album classics!!! The package includes a large scale 4-page book previous pressings included a cd size book. Lightning Bolt play with abandon that is unmatched and remarkably undiluted and this album is just one more example of that raw power and sound. They are often called one of the loudest rock outfits in existence, both on record and on or famously, off the stage. Brian Gibson creates sounds that are unexpected and remarkably varied with his virtuosic bass playing and his inventive approach to the instrument, centered around melody rather than rhythm.

The dizzying fury of Brian Chippendale's drums twist from primal patterns into disorienting break beats as his distorted, and echoing vocals weave more melody into the mayhem. Lightning Bolt is one such thing. The true gods of the stoner underground music, The Melvins, released their album Stoner Witch in The album is one of their most successful efforts and an album where their musical capacities can be heard in the depth, powerful and experimental sound.

Official reissue of the debut studio album by the Armenian-American heavy metal band System of a Down. Pandaemonium' is the full-length by Black Rainbows, and it's the follow-up to 'Stellar Prophecy'. In the months after the attack, the Star Spangled Banner was prominently featured in many apparel items, as were the colors red, white, and blue. Other American symbols incorporated into apparel included bald eagles, the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, and the great seal of the United States.

The motto for the fashionista in this new decade seemed to be less is more. Clothing customers found alternatives in a fashionably restrained style dominated by socially accepted minimalist tendencies Seelig The s are also known in American history as the age of mergers and acquisitions.

Mergers became a common business strategy seeking to bring together two strong companies, such as the merger of Revlon and Pantry Pride. During acquisitions, a large corporate institution acquires other firms by either agreement or stock takeover. The retail industry saw the merger of Sears and Kmart, announced in after Kmart had filed for bankruptcy in Bythere were more than 35, malls in the United States, or approximately eighteen square feet of retail area per person, a nearly Transparent/Opaque - Blacklisted (2) - Were Unstoppable (Vinyl) times increase from Agins Manufacturers also faced strong competition from strengthening economies in Asia and the Middle East, which motivated many American companies to outsource production and services away from the United States.

The elimination of export quotas to the United States and Europe in further. Inthe Asian market collapsed, freezing spending by individuals in Asia, especially discretionary spending on Parisian haute couture Agins At that time, the United States was experiencing an economic rebirth mostly fueled by the success of the information technology sector.

During the Clinton administration, the gross domestic product expanded by 38 percent, and unemployment rates were reduced considerably. The yearhowever, marked the start of another recession period. President George W. Bush replicated Reagans approach by once again reducing taxes and restrictions for large companies and wealthy individuals.

The economy gained some strength at the dawn of the twenty-first century, but the national debt continued expanding mostly as a result of the expense of the Afghanistan invasion and the war in Iraq. As the twenty-first century progressed, the American economy continued experiencing changes as it was forced to adapt to the globalization of culture and communications and the further integration of the international economic system.

In earlythe country feared a potential recession as consumer spending continued slowing down. The European Union became effective indebuting a new era in Europe as the continent became politically aligned and financially unified through a common currency, the euro, in Trade, finance, and manufacturing in the Western world were also intrinsically merged with Middle Eastern and Asian economies as individuals and companies from those areas invested large amounts in Western enterprises.

American and European manufacturers outsourced production to developing countries where concerns arose related to the proper care of the environment and labor conditions in sweatshops. Communication outlets also became global, initially through cable television and later by satellite radio and the Internet. The information super-highway created by the World Wide Web had an effect on the globalization and standardization of fashion styles.

Designers from several nontraditional countries such as Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Venezuela were able to enjoy worldwide fame thanks to the Internet. The first Democratic elections in Russia were held inand some Eastern European countries went through a peaceful transition to a new political structure. The country peacefully split in into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Ina popular rebellion overthrew the Socialist regime in Romania, and, inthe former Yugoslavia was dissolved after four of its republics, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia, along with Herzegovina, seceded in Instability continued reigning in the Middle East through the dawn of the twenty-first century.

InIraq invaded Kuwait, taking control of the countrys oil Transparent/Opaque - Blacklisted (2) - Were Unstoppable (Vinyl) and sea access. Sadam Hussein ignored sanctions and timelines imposed by the UN, prompting armed conflict in the Persian Gulf in when a coalition of nations led by the United States liberated Kuwait. The war was televised in detail around the world by reporters who followed the conflict traveling with troops, initiating a new trend in war coverage seen again in the invasion of Iraq.

European fashion houses and perfume manufacturers, for instance, lost fortunes when trade with some Middle Eastern countries was halted Mendes and de la Haye Sanctions imposed on Iraq after the war increased tension with the United States and negatively affected the Iraqi economy in the following years. After terrorist attacks hit the United States inAmerican and British troops led a coalition of countries that invaded Iraq to overthrow Hussein and stop his alleged development of weapons of mass destruction.

Other terrorist attacks in Madrid in and London in motivated several countries to increase security measures and immigration controls. Tension between Palestine and Israel continued during most of the period, particularly after the Palestine Liberation Organization proclaimed a Palestinian state in Leaders from both sides met in and to sign agreements over the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Inas part of the Oslo accords, the Palestinian National Authority was created as an interim organization for administration of the area.

By the start of the new millennium, many Palestinians were unhappy with progress made in the resolution of conflicts, even after the Israeli government handed control of several West Bank cities to the Palestinian Authority in InHamas, a militant Islamic organization that openly called for the destruction of Israel, was elected to the majority of seats in the Palestinian Authority Legislative Council, further complicating the peace process in the region.

The census was also the first time a census allowed citizens to identify themselves as multiracial, revealing that one in every forty Americans felt they fit into that category. Of the million inhabitants, approximately million were non-Hispanic whites Overall, the census made evident the decline in the number of whites while Hispanic and Asian percentages rose, with Hispanics becoming the largest minority group in the nation.

Bya heated debate over illegal immigration was occupying the nation. Many individuals and business sectors hoped for a moderate solution or even an amnesty program, whereas other groups asked for increased border safety and criminalization of illegal immigration.

Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia dominated immigration in the United States in the last quarter of the twentieth century. New immigrants in the late s came mostly from Asia As opposed to past immigrant groups, many Latin Americans maintained strong ties and often traveled back and forth to their nation of origin.

This was particularly true for Mexican nationals, the largest and most visual group of Latin-American migrants. Improved communication and transportation systems allowed many Mexicans to travel freely between the United States and Mexico, often keeping ties and jobs in both countries and creating a new type of transnational migration Barlow Presidents Bill Clinton and George W.

Bush supported an increase in Border Patrol, and, inthe Minuteman Project was created by volunteer citizens to patrol the Arizona-Mexico border. Adding to the controversy of border patrols was information revealing that thousands of people had died attempting illegal border crossings. InPresident George W. Bush presented his Guest Worker Plan by characterizing the United States, once again, as a country of immigrants.

Insuch initiatives were still under debate. African Americans continued playing an active and recognizable role in American life. Their accomplishments were important in many fields, and a highlight of the period was the awarding of the Nobel Prize.

In the twenty-first century, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice became the highest-ranking African American government officials in the history of the country, both holding the position of Secretary of State.

InBarack Obama, son of an African father and Transparent/Opaque - Blacklisted (2) - Were Unstoppable (Vinyl) white American mother, became the first African American to outstrip other Democratic primary candidates in a run for the presidency of the United States. Hispanics struggled to maintain their identity, customs, and language whether they were new immigrants or had lived in the country for generations.

By the end of the twentieth century, they were a strong presence in the movie and music business, and more of them were being elected as government officials, including mayors and members of Congress. Many American universities included not just African-American or black studies programs but also Latin-American and Caribbean studies. Spanish, used as a secondary language by many companies, became the most popular foreign language in most universities and could be heard on television as a result of the popularity of Spanish-speaking networks such as Univision and Telemundo.

Hispanic fashion designers such as Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, and Narciso Rodriguez also enjoyed widespread popularity, but other Hispanics, such as farm workers, faced stern challenges.

Farm workers continued working long hours under harsh conditions and fighting for health and education access, including overcoming barriers such as the passing of Proposition in California that aimed to ban undocumented children from schools.

Asian Americans gained prominence in American politics at the end of the century. Congressman Transparent/Opaque - Blacklisted (2) - Were Unstoppable (Vinyl) ; and Elaine Chao, Secretary of Labor inwere three of the first Asian Americans to hold such offices.

New York: William Morrow. Bailey, B. Barlow, A. Berkin, C. Buchanan, P. Carroll, P. New York: Holt, Rinehart, and Winston. Denton, N. Dolfman, M. BLS Report Bureau of Labor Statistics. Farber, D. Hobbs, F. Department of Commerce. Lomas, C. Mendes, V. London: Thames and Hudson. Schulman, B. Seeling, C. English edition. Cologne, Germany: Knemann. New York: Pantheon Books.

Steele, V. Tortora, P. New York: Fairchild Publications. Trends in art, movies, television, and music all influence fashion, either directly or indirectly. Conversely, without fashion, the themes in art, movies, television, and music would be missing a vital communication vehicle. Furthermore, through movies and television, not only are fashion trends introduced, but they are launched virtually simultaneously around the world.

In art, artists broke away from accepted conventions in both technique and subject matter. Abstract expressionism, op art, pop art, minimalism, and postmodernism formed the new vocabulary of art through the last half of the twentieth century. The shapes, forms, colors, and textures of each movement were reflected in the fashions of each era. The optical illusions of op art were translated into textile designs for the psychedelic 60s. The pop art movement not only elevated Campbells soup cans to art but opened the door for the placement of logos, such as Guinness beer, and cartoon characters, such as Beavis and Butthead, on T-shirts.

The twentieth century also saw the birth of rock n roll and its many genres: funk, punk, new wave, heavy metal, mod, glam, and disco. Through rock n roll, in all its forms, youths created a generational gap that angered their parents and the establishment.

Each genre, whether punk or new wave, metal or disco, rock or folk, had its costume to visually convey messages and identify subscribers. If hippies had dressed in suits At this fashion show, a model wears a black and white op art beachshift and happy glasses, which have colored interchangeable lenses held in position by magnetized frames.

Television was perhaps the greatest communication tool of the twentieth century. From Elvis performing on The Ed Sullivan Show to the moon landing, from the assassination of a president to the shooting of J. Ewing, from the Vietnam War to the unification of Germany, every celebration and every tragedy was broadcast for the world to see.

When JFK did not wear a hat for his inauguration, the world took note and did the same. When Don Johnson wore shoes without socks on Miami Vice, again the world took note and did the same. Movies repeatedly told the stories of our hopes, our fears, and our conflicts, reflected changes in womens roles, and got us all dancing. Cold War espionage played out in James Bond films, the impact of the Vietnam War was depicted in The Deer Hunter, the hippie revolution was recorded in the Woodstock documentary, and the rise of corporate America can be seen in Wall Street.

Models pose in mod designs from Mary Quants collection on a street in London, England, in Whether leisure suits, power suits, or legwarmers, movies helped us learn what to wear. The main concentration of artists working in this style was in New York City, where the Museum of Modern Art served as an incubator for the new artistic movement.

Transparent/Opaque - Blacklisted (2) - Were Unstoppable (Vinyl) movement, which ranged from the unique to the bizarre, was dominated by existentialist thought, which placed importance on the act of creating, not on the finished object. The execution of the existential framework was applied differently by each artist, the.

The primary interpretations of abstract expressionisms were color-field painting, gesture, op art, and minimalism, two of which, although they did not greatly influence fashions in their era, found their way into apparel fashions of the s.

Color-field painting, a technique developed in the early s, focused on the effects of large areas of color. Color-field or color-block paintings by Mondrian in the s served as inspiration for the mod or modern fashions of designer Yves Saint Laurent YSL and others in the s in which garments were cordoned off into sections, each of a different color. Op art, an abstract movement begun in the mids, used surface kinetics to create optical illusions. Artists used colors, lines, and shapes to create perceived movements, flashes, vibrations, swells, or warps.

The geometric patterns and visual effects created by op art became widely adopted in s psychedelic fashions. Pop art adapted images from advertising and comic books, and, most memorably, Campbells soup cans and elevated everyday objects to the status of art. Considered as a counterattack against nonrepresentational abstract expressionism, pop art marked a return to figurative painting, in which objects were accurately represented by the artist.

The pop art concept of elevating the ordinary, although not influential in fashions of the s, greatly shaped fashion design in the s. The most notable example of pop art fashion influence was when, inGeoffrey Beene designed a floor-length, sequined evening dress that looked like a football jersey, complete with numbers on the chest.

The resulting sound provided American teenagers with a unique soundtrack to underscore the widening generation gap.

Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and His Comets became the first rock n roll song to hit number one July of and later became the best-selling record of the year. Another early pioneer, Chuck Berry, exemplified the guitar sound and showmanship that would come to define the rock n roll genre. His energy and charisma on songs such as Maybellene was contagious.

Elvis Presley entered the rock n roll scene with his first number one hit, Heartbreak Hotel, in With swiveling and gyrating hips, Elvis overtly sexual stage presence had young girls screaming in the audience. Elvis not only gave youths a unique sound but also a unique look. His widespread fame, bad-boy look blue jeans, T-shirts, D. The Elvis image was in direct conflict and competition with the prevailing conservative values of the time.

Elvis performances were so controversial that, in when he was invited to perform on televisions The Ed Sullivan Show, the cameramen were instructed to film him only from the waist up during his performance. In an effort to advance record sales and make rock n roll acceptable to mainstream white America, the music industry manipulated the music by whitewashing the lyrics.

Every song was carefully reviewed, and any racy lyrics were rewritten to conform to generally accepted subjects and beliefs. Clad in chinos, button-down shirts, and cardigan sweaters, these young crooners gave the younger crowd an updated version of their parents idols: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Perry Como. America, still a racially divided society in the s, was uncomfortable with the mixture of cultures and races that rock n roll engendered.

Berry Gordy, son of a black entrepreneur who promoted the upward. Polite Early Rockers. Rock n roll, transistor radios, television, and beach movies worked together to create an image for teens and young adults in the fifties. Elvis Presleys swiveling hips and Chuck Berrys electrifying guitar were not well received by parents, but they were an instant hit with teenagers.

To be accepted by parents, early rockers. Performing in suits, button-down shirts, skinny neckties, and crew cuts, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and other top musicians projected the image of clean-cut, wholesome American teenagers and young adults, while changing the sound of popular music forever.

His support of young black artists ensured they fit the mold of respectable professionals. Gordy was intent on grooming and cultivating streetwise teens from Detroit, transforming them into polished professionals. He had a very strict dress code and code of conduct and indoctrinated all of his artists through participation in his charm school.

His goal was to eliminate the old stereotype of musicians as lewd drug fiends. Other sounds of the s included doo-wop and California surf sounds. Doo-wop vocal groups such as the Mills Brothers and the Ink Spots blended jazz and pop for a smooth sound. The Southern California lifestyle was glamorized with Hollywood films such as Gidget and the beach party movies of Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello, Elvis Presley, and other dreamy stars.

The California surf sound that evolved in tandem with these movies featured hot-rod car- and beach-themed lyrics. Works such as Truman Capotes Breakfast at Tiffanys stressed the theme of finding your proper place, whereas J. Salingers The Catcher in the Rye reflected on the alienation of youth. Although conformity was the rule of the land in the s, some authors chose to voice their concern over the loss of individuality through their works.

A group of authors emerged during the s preaching antiestablishment messages through literature and poetry. This group, known as beatniks, was lead by Jack Kerouac and his book On the Road John Dr. Everybody Was in the French ResistanceNow!

Santa Rosa, Fire! Fiver Fixers Fjord Fjorden Baby! Love G. Wear Cape. Goddamn Electric Bill Godspeed You! Hey Rosetta Hey Rosetta! India India. Over It. Into It. Holiday J. Mascis J. Richards J. Tillman J. Michelle K. Phillips K. Lang K.

Scripted - SL Project* Presents Jace - Red Scribe Pages (CDr, Album), Dança - Carlos Paredes - Guitarra Portuguesa (Cassette), Tanze Samba Mit Mir - Various - Die Ultimative Chart Show - Die Erfolgreichsten Ballermann-Hits (CD), A Womans Worth - Various - The Brit Awards Album 2003 (CD), Dont Let Me Down - Various - Maxima FM Radio-Dance Vol. 17 - ¿Bailamos? (CD), Mists Of Darkness - The Lightless Lands (Cassette), Miki Zara & Fabio T.* - Miki Zara & Fabio T. Presents Quimbara! (CDr), Green Leaves Of Summer - Frank Gibson - Various - Great Instrumental Hits (Vinyl, LP), Adagio Para Amantaní (2007) For Cello And Piano - Gabriela Lena Frank, ALIAS Chamber Ensemble - Hilo, Soy Ave de Paso - Adrian Y Los Dados Negros - Adrian Y Los Dados Negros (Vinyl, LP, Album), Move Me - Basic Element - Move Me (CD), Али-Баба И Сорок Разбойников - Various - Али-Баба И Сорок Разбойников (Vinyl, LP), Intermission* - Gypsy Chief Goliath - Its A Walk In The Mist (CDr, Album), Domitila - Pete Terrace And His Orchestra - My One And Only Love (Vinyl, LP, Album), Treat Her Like A Lady - Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose - Treat Her Like A Lady (Vinyl)