Your Love Is Like A Drug - Bananarama - Drama (CD, Album)

The final decade of the Cold War opened with the US-Soviet confrontation continuing largely without any interruption. The world came perilously close to nuclear war for the first time since the Cuban Missile Crisis inbut the second half of the decade saw a dramatic easing of superpower tensions and ultimately the total collapse of Soviet communism. Developing countries across the world faced economic and social difficulties as they suffered from multiple debt crises in the s, requiring many of these countries to apply for financial assistance from the International Monetary Fund IMF and the World Bank.

Ethiopia witnessed widespread famine in the mids during the corrupt rule of Mengistu Haile Mariamresulting in the country having to depend on foreign aid to provide food to its population and worldwide efforts to address and raise money to help Ethiopians, such as the Live Aid concert in Islamism became a powerful political force in the s and many terrorist organizations, including Al Qaedastarted.

Bynationalism was making a comeback in the Eastern Bloc and desire for democracy in communist-led socialist states combined with economic recession resulted in Mikhail Gorbachev 's glasnost and perestroikawhich reduced Communist Party power, legalized dissent and sanctioned limited forms of capitalism such as joint ventures with Western firms.

After newly heated tension for most of the decade, by relations between the West and East had improved significantly [2] and the Soviet Union was increasingly unwilling to defend its governments in satellite states. Destruction of the km Berlin Wallat the end of the decade, signalled a seismic geopolitical shift. The s saw great advances in genetic and digital technology.

After years of animal experimentation since the first genetic modification of 10 adult human beings took place in Maya gene tagging experiment [3] which led to the first true gene therapy implementation in September The first " designer babies Your Love Is Like A Drug - Bananarama - Drama (CD, a pair of female twins were created in a laboratory in late and born in July after being sex-selected via the controversial assisted reproductive technology procedure preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

The s was also an era of tremendous population growth around the world, surpassing even the s and s, thus arguably being the largest in human history. The s saw the advent of the ongoing practice of sex-selective abortion in China and India as ultrasound technology permitted parents to selectively abort baby girls. The global Internet took shape in academia by the second half of the s as well as many other computer networks of both academic and commercial use such as USENETFidonet and the Bulletin Board System.

By the Internet and the networks linked to it were a global system with extensive transoceanic satellite links and nodes in most rich countries. Television viewing became commonplace in the Third Worldwith the number of TV sets in China and India increasing by 15 and 10 times respectively.

Super Mario Bros. Pac-Man was the decade's highest grossing arcade game. The most prominent armed conflicts of the decade include:. On October 6,Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was assassinated during an annual victory parade held in Cairo by members of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad who participated in the parade wearing military uniform. Album) s had many fundamental advances in medicine and biology. The first surrogate pregnancy of an unrelated child took place on April 13,in Michigan.

Gene therapy techniques became established by the end of the s, allowing gene tagging and gene therapy to become a possibility, both of which were first performed in human beings in May and Septemberrespectively. Arcade and video games had been growing in popularity since the late s, and by were a major industry. But a variety of factors, including a glut of low-quality games and the rise of home computers, caused a tremendous crash in late For the next three years, the video game market practically ceased to exist in the US.

But in the second half of the decade, it would be revived by Nintendowhose Famicom console and mascot Mario had been enjoying considerable success in Japan since The s are considered to be the decade when video games achieved massive popularity. InPac-Man was introduced to the arcades, and became one of the most popular video games of all time. Donkey Kongreleased inwas a smash arcade hit and market breakthrough for Nintendo.

The personal computer experienced explosive growth in the s, transitioning from a hobbyist's toy to a full-fledged consumer product. Commodore created the most popular home computers of both 8-bit and bit generations. MSX standard was the dominant computer platform in Japan and in most parts of Asia. It was the first commercially successful personal computer to use a graphical user interface GUI and mouse[12] which started to become general features in computers after the middle of the decade.

Electronics and computers were also at the forefront of the advertising industry, with many commercials like "" from Apple achieving acclaim and pop-culture relevance. The IBM PCs and compatible models from other vendors would become the most widely used computer systems in the world. Commodore 64with sales estimated at more than 17 million units in — became the best-selling computer model of all time.

The Macintosh Kthe first commercially successful personal computer to use a graphical user interface, was introduced to the public in Walkman and boomboxesinvented during the late s, became very popular as they were introduced to various countries in the early s, and had a profound impact on the music industry and youth culture. In addition, in the early s various companies began selling compact, modestly priced synthesizers to the public. This, along with the Your Love Is Like A Drug - Bananarama - Drama (CD of Musical Instrument Digital Interface MIDImade it easier to integrate and synchronize synthesizers and other electronic instruments, like drum machines, for use in musical composition.

High definition television HDTV of both the analog and digital variety were first developed in the s though their use did not become widespread until the mids. InHayes Microcomputer Products started selling the Smartmodem. The Smartmodem paved the way for the modern modems that exist today, mainly because it was the first modem to transform what had previously required a two-stage process into a process involving only one stage.

The Smartmodem contributed to the rise in popularity of BBS systems in the 80s and early 90s, which were the main way to connect to remote computers and perform various social and entertainment activities before the Internet and the World Wide Web finally became popular in the mids.

During the decade the standardization of Group 3 facsimile terminals by the International Telecommunication Union contributed to the significant spread of the fax machine. VHS won out over the competing Betamax standard, becoming the leading standard in home video systems. Hayes 's Smartmodem. InMicrosoft introduced the MS-DOS operating system, which would become the world's most widely used operating system in the s and first half of the s. The most basic CD was first introduced Your Love Is Like A Drug - Bananarama - Drama (CD October for the purpose of distribution and listening to digital audio.

Inthe British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee first proposed the World Wide Webwhich he would develop in the coming years. American interplanetary probes continued in the s, the Voyager duo being the most known. After making a flyby of Jupiter inthey went near Saturn in — Voyager 2 reached Uranus in just a few days before the Challenger disasterand Neptune in before the probes exited the solar system. Record Mirror : 4.

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Brothers and Sisters, Are You Ready? Endless Summer. Live at L'Olympia. Tales from the B-Side. White Blood Cells. The Director's Cut. Ancient Melodies of the Future. Camino Palmero. Dream Street. King of da Ghetto. Long Distance. The Saga Continues Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey. This Is Rock'n'Roll. Buffalo Springfield. Pleased to Meet You. Tales from the Lotus Pod. Rings Around the World. The Butterfly Collection. Choreographed Man of War. Robert Pollard and the Soft Rock Renegades.

Les Claypool's Frog Brigade. Love Is a Battlefield. Plan B. Huey Lewis and the News. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet. First Contact. Losing All Hope Is Freedom. Take-Offs and Landings. Time The Revelator.

The Very Best of Prince. Crow Sit on Blood Tree. In Search Of The Isley Brothers feat. Ronald Isley, aka Mr. Get Down or Lay Down. Philly's Most Wanted. Gravitational Forces. Warmness on the Soul.

Live by Request. No Self Control. Ozzfest The Second Millennium. Beautiful Creatures. The Best of the Early Years: — Mother Earth. Rock and Roll Part Three. The Sword of God. Too Bad You're Beautiful.

From Autumn To Ashes. Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights. Get Ready. Read My Lips. The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek. Anyone for Doomsday? Circulatory System. Come Clean. Flirting with Twilight. It's a Wonderful Life.

Thug On Da Line. Live at Java Joe's. Leaving Your Body Map. If You've Never Been. Morning Star. Mutilated Genitals. The Charlatans. And the Word Became Flesh. The Coast Is Never Clear. Face 2 Face. Live in a Dive: No Use for a Name.

Live Scenes from New York. Love and Theft. The Moldy Peaches. Rockin' the Suburbs. The Tiki Bar Is Open. Tomcats Screaming Outside. Wonders of the World. Long Beach Dub Allstars. Revolutionary Vol. Let It Come Down. Strange Little Girls. The Attraction to All Things Uncertain. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Here's to Shutting Up. Jhazmyne's Lullaby. The Look of Love. Consultado el 11 de agosto de The Guardian London. Archivado desde el original el 13 de febrero de Consultado el 8 de septiembre de Such tenacity will carry them a long way.

Here, for posterity, is concrete proof of that epithet. Though the stately pace of the songs becomes monotonous at times, Perry's first solo effort is a mature work worthy of his reputation.

It's literally just the two of them, recorded at a home studio in Australia. Bourke's work in Eden -- which had often been tagged with a Dead Can Dance wannabe brush -- actually meant that he knew more than most where Gerrard was coming from with her all-encompassing vision of music from different locales and times.

Compared to the often overwhelming feeling of The Mirror Pool, Duality is no less mysterious and captivating, but still maintains a more intimate, close atmosphere.

The echoing depths that characterize Gerrard's work again appear, as much a tribute to excellent production as it is an artistic choice, and there are wondrous parts with haunting string arrangements, but there are no huge, heavenly orchestras or the like dominating this time out. As always, Gerrard's voice is simply breath taking, the vaunted and well-earned reputation for her singing ranges completely intact.

Perhaps most surprising is when she sings in clear, straightforward English on "The Human Game," compared to her usual glossolalia when singing her own lyrics; in context, it's a fascinating switch. Bourke's own contributions -- it's not immediately clear if those include vocals, given Gerrard's own abilities in both high and low registers -- mesh excellently with her instrumental work and, since no specific credit appears instrument for instrument, everything works as a true partnership.

Hey there fellow travellers. Just a brief moment of your time while I sit back and take a couple days off from posting daily. I have been surprised at the volume of traffic Depeche Mode have generated in the last month, and how it has resulted in a number of "take-down" notices for both Black Celebration and Violator.

There are so many rips of DM's albums that I have to wonder why In other news I want to let you know that daily posting will slowly become a thing of the past, but despair ye not, multiple posts on the same day might make an interesting alternative. Also, it's sometimes worth checking out the comments for additional links too interesting alternatives to the headline post. This will become more apparent as time Your Love Is Like A Drug - Bananarama - Drama (CD along.

Singles are making a comeback along with some interesting Various Artists compilations. Now I've said enough as I don't want to keep you from your surfing t'web, and searching for that next awesome download, from that band you've never heard of, but you like the review by this or that blogger, and hey if you don't like it Peace Out Somewhere between Electro and Metal, Last Rites create a modern sound; a hypnotic, cold and heavy groove which works all the way through this second studio album.

It is also marked by the heavy support of industrial, rhythmic guitars Rageing Tideand the voice of Alexander Wright, whose thick, grand vocals are reminiscent of Johan Edlund of Tiamat The Many Forms, Body in Decline. Of all the Fields of the Nephilim side projects and bands, Last Rights are musically the 'least obvious'; and The Many Forms proves to be a thoroughly enjoyable listen, and although some may think it lacks that 'in your face' attack, I personally enjoyed the more subdued nature of the music.

The Many Forms has plenty of deliciously subtle and dark undertones and an impressive bass line which growls at the listener throughout and so fans of Goth self-raising flower rock will feel at home instantly. Comprising of Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper, have carved out their own niche within dark indie, electronica and synth-pop circles.

Their sound is about exploring tonal and emotional tension as much as it is about actual tracks or singular moments. Adrenalizing yet hypnotic landscapes layer mechanical and sensual impulses, as crystalline vocals weave fever dreams of yearning and alienation.

Golestaneh's vocals switch from low and smoky to exploding rock ballad mode at the change of a verse. The lyrics are dark and introspective. The music is surprisingly upbeat; imagine happy Joy Division with more synths. Nothing dominates, but it all comes together, particularly the synth pop songs to just make you want to move to the music.

Tempers describe their creative process as a telepathic kinship they've developed since they started making music together: "We have this sort of unspoken criteria when we're writing music. We never really need to explain what that is, but we both know when it's missing or when we've hit it. Following a string of critically acclaimed download only singles including from "Eyes Wide Wider" the duo released their debut LP "Services" which resulted in the underground club hit "Strange Harvest".

A debut album that is super clean and precise. In the U. Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret, originally released in Britain in the fall ofcontained both the band's first hit and its follow-up, "Bedsitter," its title referring to what in America would be called a studio apartment.

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