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Release (Let Go)

To release and let go means surrendering to the present moment. It means surrendering yourself to your current circumstances. Surrendering is, of course, not the same as giving up. To give up means to quit taking action in the direction of your desired ted Reading Time: 7 mins.

 · I’d say it over and over in my mind to help me let a sneaky lingering thought go. To release is to detach ourselves from something. To say, “I’m good, I got this. I don’t need this anymore.”. But to let go is to make it final. To remove something we’ve let go completely out of our lives, both mentally and ted Reading Time: 6 mins.

 · Release and Let Go. May 9, Posted by Rev Anne Ahokangas UConnect Podcast. Releasing is about making room for a greater good to be expressed or received, for change to take place, and for healing. Releasing is not based on what we choose to release but on Spirit’s highest ideas revealing what must be released.

The Release and Let Go program includes calming music and environments sounds. It can include guided imagery portions. It also includes professionally written narrative and stories explaining the dying process. It can include a beating heartbeat. Much of the narrative will be education-based to .

In order to release and let go of a repetitive cycle or story, in order to truly clear out stuck stories that we keep telling ourselves, we have to approach them differently. We have to identify the repetitive thoughts and then change them.

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