Is It Yes Or Is It No - James Brown - Its A Mans Mans Mans World (Vinyl, LP)

There are two amps in the Axe-Fx preset and one in the FM3 version. FM3: 4 stereo delay lines with LFO-controlled frequencies create a sample-and-hold band delay, similar to other "band delay" presets amp: Prince tone. Amp: Brit Silver. Watch out for bursts of non-musical high-frequency feedback. The version for the Axe-Fx includes a Farfisa organ simulation. Delete a shunt on row 2 to hear just the organ.

The rotary rate is controlled through an envelope. Amp: Jr Blues. Another compressor adds more squashing. In one scene External Controller 1 pedal controls the volume. Adjust the ADSR threshold for your guitar. DI is "direct inject"which means a clean tone straight into the mixing console, without a speaker cabinet. Processing includes EQ, slapback delay, stereo enhancer and stereo pitch detuning. Includes a "Billy Jean" scene, based on the funky guitar part in that song. Adjust your attack.

Use External Controller 1 to add arpeggios. Includes a "Strangest Things" scene television series. External Controller 1 controls pitch.

Amp: Angle Severe. Scene controllers set the rate per scene for gradual ramping. Play single notes and slowly. Set the key in the Pitch block. External Controller 1 adds effects.

The title refers to the game HomeWorld. Different waveforms per scene. The FM3 doesn't support dual source modifiers and uses an alternative approach. Amp: Mr Z MZ Different type of chorus per scene. Different detuning settings per scene. Different MTD channel per scene. Amp: Matchbox Chieftain. Use External Controller 1 to fade in the shimmer sound.

Demo by Leon Todd. The effect mix changes per scene. FM3: amp channels. Amp: CA OD External Controller 1 adds vibrato. Amps: Class-A 30W. Amp: Recto. External Controller 1 controls the delay feedback. Amps: Energyball and Recto. The FM3 preset uses amp channels. With Tri-Chorus and no cabinet.

Yngwie Malmsteen's signature sound. Preset created with the help of Frank Steffen Mueller. Amp: Super Verb. Preset by Fremen. External Controller 1 shuts down the delay when engaged.

Input Gain in the second Pitch block is tied an envelope, to fade in the effect. External Controller 1 adds a voice and "holds" the sound. Scene controllers take care of gradual changes between scenes. Amp: 6G12 Concert.

External Controller 1 sets the tape motor speed. Tapeverb block created by Simeon. External Controller 1 shuts down the reversed delays in scene 2. External Controller 1 controls delay feedback. Amp: Badger External Controller 1 switches between minor and major. Amp: PVH FM3: lite version, single Pitch block. Some scenes use External Controller 1 for manual volume swells. Amp: Double Verb, and a Tube Driver. Definition of Beef Supreme in Urban Dictionary.

FM3: no reverb. LFO-controlled filter. Various overdrives. This sci-fi sound features a tremolo and shimmering crystals going through an LFO-controlled Wah. Amp: Shiver. The title refers to the actor Ned Beatty, who played in the movie Deliverance. Amp: Fryette D Uses synth, pitch, chorus, filtering, delay, internal controllers, scene controllers. Amp: Brit Pre. Amp: Britwith Tubescreamer, detuning, chorus, EQ.

Play in A minor or change the key. Amps: Plexi and Brit Dual amp blocks FM3: singlestereo chorus and enhancer. Amps: Brit and Plexi. Like the original, the processed sound is panned mostly to the left and the dry sound to the right, using dual amps FM3: singleso listen in stereo.

Also features the vibrato LP) of the original pedal. Amps: Double Verb. External Controller 1 adds effects from the Plex Delay.

Play slowly and hold notes or chords. Use External Controller 1 to degrade the sound. The Axe-Fx preset uses dual amp, the FM3 has a single one. Added effects: pitch, phaser and filtering uses External Controller 1. Amps: Bassguy 59 and Bassguy The FM3 preset features the "Hard Fuzz" model and a single amp, while other scenes add a low octave and post-amp phasing. Sounds like an orchestra tuning before a concert. Scenes add automatic volume swells, sequenced volume, envelope-controlled filtering.

Complex preset, using lots of controllers, to create a range of spooky sounds. Stereo delay, chorus and a different drive model per scene. Use a Control Switch to change delay and pitch. Amps: Hipower and Plexi. External Controller 1 controls the frequencies in the Filter blocks. Amp: 5F1 Tweed. Flanger, pitch detuning, delay, and pre and post amp compression.

Play sustained single notes. Based on "How soon is Now? More delay from an external controller. FM3: one reverb instead of two. The delay trails make a virtual circle. Play a single note and let it sustain. Uses envelope-controlled filter and pitch, synth and more. Gain and effects increase as you play higher notes. Amp: USA Lead. FM3: lite version, one Pitch block instead of two.

The preset title refers to Star Trek. Amp: Band-commander. Try chords. Amps: Vibrato Verb, AC Amp: Brit Reverb kicks in when not playing ADSR. A synth adds vintage hiss. Flanging from two flangers. The Pitch block in scene 3 reacts to the playing envelope follower. What about Last Days of the Is It Yes Or Is It No - James Brown - Its A Mans Mans Mans World (Vinyl What a bogus list.

Actually any of his many, many live recordings, all the way down to Bird. A real cop out list this. Nirvanas borefest at no. Yeah right… Made in Japan not in the top five? Kiss Alive in the top ten? Fun yes, a great live album no.

I know this will offend some people but the Who — Live at Leeds the best ever? With the awful sound and scrappy performances? You left out the 1 live record of all time — Band of Gypsys with Jimi Hendrix. Kiss at 5? I was at one of the Humble Pie shows late show I liked and preferred all the Cream live albums, I always though they had a totally different sound live. Bill Withers Live at Carnegie Hall has been overlooked by virtually everyone!!

The Who and Allman Brothers are as expected in the top 5. Ludicrous omissions due to very conservative tastes and a loss of interest in music after the 70s! Why do some people get so serious and offensive?

Someone drew up a list and it was great to read it and totally disagree with some of the choices and read the comments. But some people are so disrespectful. Would they say what they say to your face? I think not. Well, not twice anyway.

Someone mentioned Free. They have an album called Free Live but apparently it is a compilation of live performances stitched together. Paul Rodgers is still alive and is one of the greatest rock vocalists ever in my humble opinionand Paul Kossof was a truly gifted but troubled lead guitarist who died early.

Not to mention a great bassist, great drummer, keyboardist. Anyways, thanks for reminding me of Paul Rodgers — as a result I just recalled the current tour and booked my tickets for Bad Co in Nottingham! Keeping the thread going, how about an alternative top live albums list? As in not just Dad Grandad? Rock but including other genres. I have: 1. Death to The Pixies — Pixies 3. Set List — The Frames 4. Live at Hammersmith Vol1 — The Enid 5.

Live at Leeds — John Martyn 7. Maximum Darkness — MAN 9. Irish Tour 74 — Rory Gallagher Dr Feelgood — Stupidity Mystery White Boy — Jeff Buckley Everything Everything — Underworld Big Time — Tom Waits PNYC — Portishead.

Top 5 psych live albums: 1. Jimi Hendrix Experience — Live at monterey 2. Quicksilver Messenger Service — Happy Trails 3. Electric Prunes — Stockholm 67 4. Mighty Baby — Live in the attic. Wheels of Fire is fantastic along with the Allman Bros. No live albums from The Boss in the list? Such a shame! I totally agree with 1. Two great albums come to my mind, one that everyone knows and one that you would probably only know if you were from England.

Absolutely wonderful. You should check them out! What about Queen Live at Wembley? Play it loud with Earl Slick on lead guitar! Love that album. And my vote for the 2 best livecalbums of all time? Fantastic vibe, energy and musicianship. Check em out. The Doors Absolutely Live! Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys!

John Mayall Turning Point! Lou Reed Rock and Roll Animal! David Bowie Live at the Tower Philadelphia! JD Smith.

What,not A single one of the Dead,s live albums? And how the hell could you miss Hendrix,s Band of gypsies too? Was Dark side of the moon included? HOW the hell could it not be!!! Those are my two grips. Johnny Winter And Live should be on this. Call me an old folkie, but Reckoning is my favorite live Dead album. It Is It Yes Or Is It No - James Brown - Its A Mans Mans Mans World (Vinyl seems noisy and long. Huge omission: Band of Gypsys by Jimi Hendrix. No greater live album, especially that version of Machine Gun which alone is a masterpiece.

NO Derek and the Dominos at Filmore… common??? Purple made live in Japan a classic, where is Dylan at Budokhan 78? Sadly the Springsteen isnt a live concert really, clapton and harrison is Japan is legendary and unrepeatable.

YES Songs of Yesterday? No damn way. Kiss is just a bunch of painted face poofters. No overdubs, no sweetening in the studio! A hungry, road-tested band playing in front of their hometown friends! What is it with the Live At Leeds obsession? Best live albums? Colosseum: Live 3. Gentle giant: Playing the fool 4. Deep purple: Made in japan 5.

Robin Trower: Live 6. Jethro Tull: Bursting out 8. UFO: Lights out 9. Camel: A live record. Glad it made it though! One of my favorites! Not a bad list, not at all.

Started off strong then fell apart. Bullshit list! It came out in and 13 years in to their career, they sound fantastic. BOC was always a better band live than in the studio, and this album shows why! Golden Earrings first live album. Should be in the top ten at least! What about Slade Alive? I am not sure there was ever a better set of musicians that excelled live than those guys and the others up on stage that night.

Their minute run that night on an arrangement of Sing, Sing, Sing made it a hit like never before. Every arrangement after that on Sing, Sing, Sing is based upon that live Is It Yes Or Is It No - James Brown - Its A Mans Mans Mans World (Vinyl.

Waiting For Columbus has to be near the very top of this list. Yet another list that looks like it was made up on the fly by someone with little actual experience of the subject. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search uDiscover Music. Max Palfenier September 2, at pm. Jeff September 4, at pm. SueZ September 4, at pm. Dave September 4, at pm. Sam Smiley September 6, at pm. Alex Stojkovic December 21, at am. Band of Gypsies! Not mainstream, but sensational. Krieger September 8, at pm. Rah55 November 10, at pm. Al September 11, at pm. Joe I September 2, at pm. MC September 2, at pm. Absolutely The Who at number one.

Are you being sarcastic? Live at Leeds is the best! Mike September 20, at pm. Tim June 5, at pm. You are insane! No one could or can touch The Who from 69 to 72! Darrell September 4, at am. Tim September 2, at pm. Mykeeb33 September 2, at pm. James gang live should be in there somewhere. Alberto September 2, at pm. Cheap trick nr. Ian September 2, at pm.

Ian October 13, at am. Ollie McCarthy March 20, at pm. Laurence September 2, at pm. Pete September 3, at pm. Mike September 2, at pm. Chaim Caran September 6, at pm. Yeah The concert for Bangladesh is absolutely missed in this list. What about Woodstock? TIM September 10, at pm. Kenny Doms September 2, at pm.

No Grand Funk Live — shame on your list. Simon Rogers September 2, at pm. Simon September 2, at pm. Michael September 2, at pm. Ben September 5, at am. Lisa September 6, at am. Tom Yuknis September 2, at pm. Jo Ann September 7, at pm. You got that right. That would be my first pick. Phil Wright September 2, at pm. Roy Mabbett September 2, at pm. Charlie brandt September 2, at pm. Band of gypsies, jimi Hendrix.

Your list is a joke for the fact that jimi is not on it!!! Iggie Kane September 2, at pm. Werner September 2, at pm. The first live album by the Golden Earring should have been on this list. Mykeeb June 26, at pm. P Johnny!! Steve September 4, at pm. Adam Brazee September 2, at pm. What about Strangers in the Night???????? UFO is criminally underrated. Frank September 2, at pm. All great albumsbut the order. A little wacky …….

Dave September 7, at am. Steve September 2, at pm. Mark September 3, at pm. David Guite September 4, at am. The Song remains the same is there… Led Zep.

Michael Koehler September 2, at pm. Frank Antich September 2, at pm. Vince September 2, at pm. Dean Smith September 2, at pm. David September 2, at pm. Phil G September 2, at pm. Martin Martyn September 2, at pm. Paul January 20, at am. Lupe September 2, at pm. No Hendrix live at the Fillmore? No Robin Trower Live?

P Kelly December 15, at pm. Lasse Eriksson September 2, at pm. Ian Jd Andrews December 27, at am. Jo:E September 2, at pm. No Johnny Winter and Live? Iron Maiden? Totalmente de acuerdo es un disco que cuando lo oyes parece que lo estas viviendo en directo. Kevin Coradeschi September 2, at pm. Ross Anderson September 2, at pm. Allman Bros. Richard Breault December 27, at pm.

Kevin September 2, at pm. Allman Brothers live at fillmore east is at no. Kevin September 6, at pm. John July 19, at pm.

Note to self: Read list thoroughly before posting. Barry September 2, at pm. Geils Band!! Some one mentions Full House by J. Top 5 in my book. Lston Gunn August 26, at pm. Tom Tobin September 2, at pm. Michael Shields September 2, at pm. Gavin Ferrie September 2, at pm. James Carr September 2, at pm. Stuart Royle September 2, at pm. What about van morrisons its too late to stop considered one the greatest live albums by many.

John Marghilano September 2, at pm. Grant September 8, at am. Dtyler April 19, at am. Carol Markham September 3, at am. Larry September 3, at am. Super Session. One of the most underrated albums ever. Dave November 24, at pm. Michael Taylor September 4, at am.

Neil Ellis September 7, at am. Ian September 13, at pm. Deborah Is It Yes Or Is It No - James Brown - Its A Mans Mans Mans World (Vinyl September 3, at am. Mickey Mac September 4, at pm. Mick Lee September 3, at pm. JD Smith September 3, at pm. Ed September 3, at am. Yessongs should have been included; just an oversight, I guess…. Laura Cook September 3, at am.

Steve September 3, at am. Dan September 3, at am. And where is Blue Oyster Cult? Man September 3, at am. Armando Flores Chacon September 3, at am. Bill Bernard September 3, at am. Chris Nugent September 4, at pm. Jos Demol September 3, at am. Razon September 3, at am. Bertrand Fritsch September 3, at pm. Alex Colvin September 3, at pm. MrWest September 4, at am. Steve Blight September 3, at pm.

I agree with The Who at no1 but what about Free Live! Graham Bloxsome September 3, at pm. Whitesnake Live in the heart of the city from is still one of my favourite live albums. Ted Nugent Gonzo! Dino September 3, at pm. Dennis Reilly November 7, at am. Thumbs up! What hell happen with the concert for Bangla desh? Marty September 3, at pm. And the Clapton one, Live at the Budokan I think it was, that was pretty good too.

Bob September 3, at pm. Jasper September 3, at pm. Wheres Pink Floyd Pulse ?? Best live concert in my humble opinion. Aminoordin Kader September 4, at am. Trent Edgerton September 4, at am. George Price September 4, at am. Kevin C September 4, at am. Steve September 4, at am. No Wishbone Ash? One of the best live bands.

Ten Years after had a great live album also. Dan Ballou September 4, at pm. I agree Wishbone Ash Live Dates belongs on there. Rodrigo September 4, at am. Jim M September 4, at am. Donald September 4, at am. Steve R September 4, at am. Hellboy September 4, at am. Motoi "Freddie" Iizuka September 4, at am. Jones September 4, at pm. Steve S. September 7, at pm. Lalo September 4, at am. Killer live album. Larry September 6, at pm. Nick Craske August 26, at am.

Mike Ace August 27, at am. A slight edge for TYA. Schueiler September 3, at pm. September 5, at am. Mason Lee September 3, at am. Not cheap thrills, I meant the live at winterland. Stoner November 21, at am. Mark June 3, at am. Jacek Gruszczynski June 27, at pm.

Jeff Weinberg September 6, at pm. Timothy Flynn November 11, at am. Richard November 19, at am. Pope Nick the Great October 24, at am.

Coen den Luyfel September 4, at am. Bob lawrinz September 4, at am. Strange that Rorys Live in Europe is not amongst this lot. Kostas Kritikos Sparta, Greece September 7, at am. Patvyn September 4, at am. Jim September 4, at am. Phil September 4, at am. Lars Holm September 4, at am. Tom S September 4, at am. Larry Lagula September 5, at pm. Stephen September 4, at am. Telmo Marques September 4, at am. Graham Purnell September 4, at am. Jan Koelemeij September 4, at am. Rob Leake September 4, at pm.

You got the number one correct! What about Woodstock or Queen Live at Wembley? Vila September 4, at pm. Dave Kebs September 4, at pm. Michael September 4, at pm. Graham Scott September 4, at pm. Kostas Kritikos Sparta, Greece September 4, at pm.

Kostas Kritikos Sparta, Greece September 5, at pm. Jimmy P September 4, at pm. Peter September 4, at pm. Graham Brown September 4, at am. Kerry September 4, at pm. Kathy J September 4, at pm. What a bunch of whiney babies. Harry September 4, at pm. Benny Rees September 4, at pm. Frank September 4, at pm. Smart fitness gear is often limited by being static and non-portable. And, well, eye-wateringly expensive.

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