Танец Бусла Беларускага - Volat* - Пагоня (File)

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Photo Gallery Saint-Tropez blessed. Go to the log. Professional fields of interest: Slavonic studies, linguodidactics, linguistic culturology, culture of speech, phraseology, lexicology, terminology, Word formation.

Specialization within Slavonic studies: Russian and Belarusian studies, teaching Belarusian as a foreign language, Teaching subjects within the study programme Belarusian philology: modern Belarusian language, Stylistics and culture of speech, editing and proofreading.

The authors examine and assess language innovation processes considering the Танец Бусла Беларускага - Volat* - Пагоня (File) of lexical and phraseological units that contain some emotional undertones and evaluations. New vectors of usage of phraseologisms are leading us to search for an innovative approach in teaching ethnomarked phraseological units. The phrasemes are analysed within the medium of Internet communication while being put in East Slavic context and compared with their Czech equivalents.

Secondly, our research interest is also inspired by the fact of its intensive distribution not only in real-life conversations, but on the internet and in the mass media. Some people use this phraseological unit as a joke or a sarcastic expression, while others see it as a reflection of some negative traits belonging to Belarusian character. These opposite views can only prove the significance of the expression that has been coined in Belarusian cultural space, and that the expression has already passed through a certain process of conceptualization.

The Internet sphere and, in particular, internet forums can be treated as the most democratic medium where lexical means are chosen by users speaking one or more languages spontaneously. In forum statements it is quite common to notice the usage of certain Belarusian lexical items helping to express either strong positive or negative emotions.

The application of Belarusian speech resources increases during discussion relating to social or political issues. The environment of internet forums creates a positive functional space for live presentation that supports the existence of the Belarusian language in a rather superior Russian speaking communication, thereby contributing to its preservation as one of the most compelling cultural and civilizational markers of a national community.

Phraseologisms are a result of practical experience of numerous generations. They serve as unforced means of upbringing and they also Танец Бусла Беларускага - Volat* - Пагоня (File) to the unity of the Belarusian nation. Attention of this section is aimed at individual approaches to teaching phraseological units of Belarusian language.

The implementation of an occasional function involves transformation of well- known stable expressions by means of creating some unusual context resulting in refreshing and updating a popular idiom when some component is replaced or its form is changed, or when two stable expressions are combined in one expression, which also adds to communication lexical novelty.

In the style of fiction and in journalism alike, but especially in the Internet resources, nowadays we can observe some re-evaluation of common phraseological units and sometimes even their structural expansion. The process of transformations in spoken phraseology is developing. Pala Eds. Pro- ceedings. LNCS Springer International Publishing Switzerland, Brno, Computational ontology of russian prepositions victor Zakharov v.

To solve natural language processing tasks, we need to learn how to uncover semantic relations in texts automatically. While on the subject of the Russian language, it should be mentioned that a great number of semantic relations are conveyed by preposition. This toolkit implements the corpus-driven approach combined with distributional, statistical and other techniques.

The task seems challenging as we know that one can hardly mention any corpus-based works dedicated to the Russian prepositions. We are collecting a number of prepositional constructions and arrange them according to frequencies of specified meanings in corpora of modern Russian texts.

Different semantic aspects of prepositional constructions are described with semantic rubrics which are based on a notion of syntaxeme invented by G. Our final aim is to create a corpus-based quantitative ontology of Russian prepositions. David P. May, Eshet-Alkalai Y. Reason J. No March Pp. URL: www. Thus, digital literacy plays its growing role in the modern lexicography.

Errors in dictionaries are partly caused by key-board mistakes. The article dealt with the different ways of correcting key-board mistakes, found in Russian dictionaries. Namen der tugenden. Pokoy [Mymer 36]. Lublin, Grzegorczykowa R. Krzeszowski T. Aksjologiczne aspekty semantyki. Puzynina J. Wprowadzenie do leksykografii polskiej. Katowice, MymerusDictionarius trium linguarum: Latine, Teutonice et Polonice potiora vocabula continens nunc denuo pluribus in locis auctus in titulis per seriem alphabeti concinnatus tum peregrinantibus tum domi desidentibus et quibuslibet tribus loqui linguis cupientibus maxime necessarius et utilissimus.

Trotz — Trotz M. Nowy dykcjonarz, to jest Mownik polsko-niemiecko- francuski. Lipsk, The identification of early values is associated with certain difficulties, for example the difficulties associated with the discovery of the early manner of understanding things.

If a given concept is considered to be a value, it should be reflected in a language, for people use a language to express their attitude to values. Therefore, the following question arises: is it possible to learn about these things from the most basic documentation of a language — dictionaries — and to be more precise — lexicographical definitions. This is a result of the dilemma which heretofore remains unsolved — may the axiological component be considered an element of the meaning of a word or does it remain mere connotation.

In the conclusion it was stated that lexicographical definitions are of limited utility in axiolinguistic research, whereas the dictionaries themselves provide inestimable assistance, for they may be treated as a sort of text corpora, providing a wide cross-section of the early understanding of values. Warszawa, Przewodnik edukacyjny.

Zdanowicz A. The main feature of this approach is the publication of dictionaries on Танец Бусла Беларускага - Volat* - Пагоня (File) internet, digital processing and open access. The article discusses historical dictionaries which are being developed contemporarily and which are available online. The dictionary is based on the material furnished by all Slavic languages.

The material which was collected is analysed by means of a historical and comparative method, which enables the reconstruction of the original form and semantics of particular words. The eleventh volume differs from the preceding ones in that it will be published in an electronic version for the first time. The placement of the dictionary on the electronic platform will considerably facilitate the access to the work and it will broaden its readership. Vocabulum et vocabularium. A new medical dictionary; containing an explanation of the terms in anatomy, physiology, practice or physic, materia medica, chymistry, pharmacy, surgery, midwifery, and the various branches of natural philosophy connected with medicine.

Philadelphia, Kolosova V. Charles University, Prague. Book of Abstracts. Attributed to Mark Ridley. Koln; Weimar; Wien, Valeria Kolosova chakra eu. Petersburg, Russia, Kira Kovalenko kira. Petersburg, Russia, Aleksej Shchekin shekinalexey gmail. Petersburg, Russia The article concerns the historical dictionaries of the Russian language taken as sources of the Russian phytonyms database PhytoLex.

Not questioning the significance of the dictionaries Танец Бусла Беларускага - Volat* - Пагоня (File) reflect the lexical richness of the Old East Slavic and Old Russian languages, the authors offer a number of clarifications in the dating and semantics of some lexemes that can be made thanks to representing phytonyms in the database. Besides, some lexemes not represented in dictionaries are analyzed.

Dictionary of secondary nominations of politicians in russian texts of potestarian semantics of xv—xvii centuries Tatiana Mikhaylova ta. The authors identify the range of secondary nominations of political figures that make up a formula or a stable Syntagma together with the primary name.

The names of the figures are given in alphabetical order. The widest possible contexts help the reader of the Dictionary to understand the meaning of the nominations more accurately.

The worldview of Танец Бусла Беларускага - Volat* - Пагоня (File) scribes is the basis of naming. Systematization of the relations between primary and secondary nominations of the rulers at the specified time, the history of Russia, gives the opportunity to see vividly the dynamics of the power of the beliefs of the Ancient Rus and the political journalistic discourse.

Aichinger C. Versuch einer teutschen Sprachlehre, von Carl Friedrich Aichinger. Frankfurt und Leipzig, Ickelsammer V.

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