Consternation - Voltage (4) - Goths Of Fuck (CDr, Album)

This results in rhythms and harmonic modulation that evolve over time and without human interaction. My only involvement ways to move the metal item into position and listen to the results. An excellently-wrought recording from this Toronto-based duo. The balance needed to maximize the enjoyment of an album as a solid, single listening experience is often overlooked in the recorded output of free-improvised music.

And the music itself is equally raging. Gennaro first came to our attention years ago for his work with Wrist Error, and their album with Mats Gustafsson on Spool. After crossing paths a few more times over the years, it turned out that he was working with past Bug Incision star Simeon Abbott, after triumphantly returning from a hiatus from the music.

Gennaro's playing falls into the rich drumkit-plus-bits-of-percussion tradition, recalling vintage Bennink, Lovens, and the early work of Ingar Zach. Abbott's pianism, kaleidoscopic in its harmonic complexity and rhythmic invention, suggests a strange cross-pollination of Schlippenbach and Bley.

Needless to say, this is a deft, athletic outing, massively enjoyable and masterfully executed. Chris Dadge Near and Distant Skies bim, spring In the fall ofChris Dadge traveled to the Canadian east.

Leblanc was able to get his hands on some money to bring out a few players from the organization, Dadge included, and booked a small tour to accompany the main performance at Leblanc's space in Fredericton the show in question is in part available digitally as Chris Dadge's Vocal Works. It also should be noted that this performance directly preceded the set that would become bim This recording which, while indexed, runs straight through the set in real-time, capturing a few moments of Re:flux's atmosphere along Album) way captures a kind of overview of the various percussive stylings that Dadge has been pursuing over the last few years.

If this description sounds somewhat insular, devoid of the requisite namechecks and generous comparisons, it's because it's a real personal set, which, if you're familiar with the work of this artist, attempts to create its own context. Earlier on in the Bug Incision game, we had the good fortune of releasing these two in conjunction with Jack Wright bimand also as part of a larger midwest-based ensemble called Storm of Corpses bim Heule and Dryer have also maintained their own duo called Basshaters, and have a disc on Creative Sources with their trio with Jacob Lindsay.

It's kind of interesting how, for the most part, the melodic and harmonic activity in the pieces come from the basses always a good instrument in plural, proven herewhile the guitar seems to content to exist as a sounding unit for all manner of physical manglings. The six-stringed playing on this record is in fact quite winning, coming across as a mixture of Christian Munthe's guitar anti-heroics if you don't know him, do yourself a favour and look him up and what Roger Smith might've sounded like if he'd forsaken his beloved nylon-string for a steel counterpart.

But back to the basses: while a lot of 'free-improvising' double bassists automatically reach for upper end of their instrument's register, these two both share a fairly uncommon inclination towards the lower region of things. The reason that this is remarkable in a group context is that it means that our guitar and percussion overseers are exercising a wonderous amount of control, sensitivity, and a finely honed dynamic understanding in order to make this work, not only in terms of a listener being able to hear everything, but also in their own abilities to communicate and react in the moment.

Jacob's effectiveness as a purveyor of avant-leaning percussive stylings is often evidenced in the frequent moments when it is a not clear that there is a percussionist present at all, and b very often it becomes very difficult indeed to make out who's doing what.

As far and wide as Bug Incision has happily moved within the realm of improvised music, Consternation - Voltage (4) - Goths Of Fuck (CDr is the kind of stuff we started out with, and continue to dig, wholeheartedly. Burro Burnt Monument bim, winter Burro is a veritable meeting of the minds of some of Calgary's finest wayward musicians. Whitney Ota first came to Bug Incision's attention at a performance some years back at the Discord series at Emmedia.

One post-gig chat and a handful of cdr releases later, it was obvious that we'd be working together down the line. Ota also busies himself running Unit Structure Sound Recordingsa fine imprint which as well as housing the sister release to this album has also released some of his other projects: the kosmiche-y solo vehicle called Yankee Yankee and more texturally-inclined duo Dundas with Mr.

Stew Elton is and essential part of the Bug Incision universe, operating as the man who books the dates at Weeds Cafe, where so many BI performances take place.

He also plays in the band No River, and has recorded a deviating solo EP called Bound, which is floating around out there somewhere. Andrew Hume along with running buddy Britt Proulx made his mark on Calgary's we rid music scene with his duo Seizure Salad. They played tons of shows, and released a nice handful of tapes, both mediums covering lotsa ground and seeming to have no problem doing so.

An "experimental" band at its fullest potential. Burnt Monument is an unexpectedly hi-fi document of this band at work. It turns out that Whitney Ota is also quite the recording engineer; he's delivered a wonderful-sounding album, which is a treat in a world that so often renders its performances in less-than-hi-fi.

There is a good amount of detail in the playing, a honed attention to tone, and a very good, natural feeling to the proceedings. I watched these guys perform a bunch of times over the course of an evening at an open-ended show at Frosst Books a few months back, and watching them, there's something about it that makes it seem obvious.

When the right group of players come together, sometimes it's just like turning on a faucet. A quick shot from this long-running duo of violinist Mike Khoury no stranger to followers of this label - he appeared on some memorable albums with Ben Hall and Chris Riggs in past years, and dropped a lovely solo album in the meantime and Andrew Coltrane, whose role is much more difficult to define.

Electronics seems like an extremely broad term, but it gets you into the right ball park. Khoury's strings are surrounded by thick, fairly relentless churning noises and reverbed-out motor sounds, going in and out of focus all the while.

There seems to be some simple effects applied to the violin here and there, but, as his work with Chris Riggs' and his similarly alien vocabulary has shown, Khoury is a master of finding ways to integrate himself into somewhat unlikely-seeming situations. Another slice of this duo's ongoing collaborations, following releases on Hermitage Tapes and Detroit Improvisation.

This disc accompanies bimwhich also took place during Dadge's small tour of eastern Canada in fall of It's clear from the start of this recording that these two will have little difficulty finding common ground, not least because they seem to be operating along a similar plane of pacing and approach to density.

There are a lot of notes played, but the ideas have fairly regular contours that move consistently throughout the shape of each piece. The majority of the playing falls into the free jazz territory, and while the odd extended technique surfaces here or these, the instruments themselves are mostly taken at face value, putting the emphasis on the playing itself. Reminds me a little of the stuff Eddie Prevost did with Alan Wilkinson a few years back. Known most prominently for his work as artistic director of the Association of Improvising Musicians in Toronto or more manageably known as AIMToronto Orchestra, he also keeps busy with his quartet which also features his sparring partner on this disc and The Rent, a co-led group exploring the music of Steve Lacy.

This meeting resulted in a duo recording from the two horn-ists, as well as a document of orchestra's work with Braxton. One doesn't have to spend long leafing through band personnel listings to find Brandon Valdivia, either. His earlier work with the trio I Have Eaten The City their praises sung loudly by Bug Incision labelmates Aaron Leaney and Simeon Abbott was the first time Bug Incision became familiar with his work, and it didn't take long to find his name inside of Picastro album covers, or playing in the fantastic duo Not The Wind, Not The Flag, with Colin Fisher all their releases are essential listening, definitely part of why things are so happening in Toronto these days.

Anyway, these two are no strangers to one another, and this disc is proof of that. There is an easy exchange between the two, never allowing any statement or reply to seem too overzealous or contrived. Valdivia seems to favour a variety of alternatives to drumsticks for the majority of the recording, opting for mallets, bundlesticks and the like. A new spectrum of tone and attack choices is presented when one moves away from the pinpoint clarity of the drumstick, and he covers it nobly, coaxing much more throaty, hand-drum-like voices from his tubs.

This fact, combined with his inclination to leave his snares mostly in the "off" position, makes for a real drumset-as-whole-instrument feel, very Andrew Cyrille. But just as often as you're treated this whole-drumset conception, he is perfectly okay with breaking away for a second to foreground a wonderfully-executed, crescendo'd drum roll or the resonant qualities of a particular piece of metal.

This all works well with Brenders, whose invitingly dry, warm sound falls somewhere between the fluffy jocularity of Tobias Delius, his old mentor Braxton's gnarled extended techniques, and the tangled tenor sax stylings of Evan Parker.

In fact, the latter's duo album with Eddie Prevost, Imponderable Evidencemakes for a useful analog. Un-fussy, -hurried, and -forced. Glad to have another slice of Toronto's current crop out there. Bit of a Bug Incision shared history with both of these two, in different ways.

We'd been on the Part Wild On Sombrero GalaxyNichols' playing is wonderfully unhinged. He sounds utterly unable to contain himself, and this is a real nice counterpoint to all the 'improv' records that simply reinforce the criticisms often leveled at this form of playing. His work in Part Will Horses Rose is in fine form, as ever, with his plethora of worthy musical propositions, along with his understated way of exhibiting his very own sense of mastery and control. Duplant, a multi-instrumentalist who appears here on percussion, and Lenglet, on the guitar, are from France.

They play together regularly and Duplant appears to be a prolific collaborator, working often with the likes of Lee Noyes, Phil Hargreaves, and Paulo Chagas. One of Vancouver's most interesting and excellent musicians. Duplant and Lenglet recorded some duos in France, sent them to Wadham, and she played over top of them, in the time-honoured tradition of mail-improv. First time I witnessed any of these players in action, they were inside a large box, in a loft space in Montreal, playing at a welcome-our-new-neighbours concert.

It was a great trumpet and trombone duo, and it was in a box. That night I chatted up said trumpeter, who gave me a very-handsomely-packaged 3" cdr, which contained some fine improvised playing.

When visiting Montreal again last year, Matt laid on me a copy of their new full-length, which is now making its way out to the world via Bug Incision. The music resembles some aspects of more post- rock-informed modes of improvising such as Supersilent or Death Ambient, but it is more unhinged and less single-minded. The majority of the members of Corse have augmented their instrumental leanings with various types of processing, blurring the lines of who's-doing-what and allowing for a quite wide palette of textures.

There are those listeners who like to follow a recording by clearly tracing the path each musician is taking on a given set. Others prefer to allow the music to wash over them, disregarding individual intentions in favour of the whole.

To the former group, Bug Incision presents to you a challenge. To paraphrase Derek Bailey and a bunch of others, admittedlythe music gets really interesting when it becomes difficult to tell who is doing what.

By that measure, this is supremely interesting music. Bennett and Jewell are largely indistinguishable without an intimate acquaintance with either player's work and, while it is suspected that bows play a role in these sounds, it's really tough to tell, and all the more fun for it.

The way their sounds intersect with Shook' s sax playing is a revelation, someone picking up where another's phrase dwindles, and sound mimicry of the first order. While some bemoan the latter aspect of improvising as pedestrian, once one considers the instrumentation at hand, it becomes a really rich and inventive listening experience. Also, this group is not so much about those classic modes of improvisation; their approach entails presenting sounds to one another and patiently figuring out how they can co-exist.

Shook's playing recalls echoes of Evan Parker, but only in the most fragmented sense, and also the master of sax rudeness, Jack Wright, in his glossolalic soundings, and his ability to make the saxophone sound quite a bit like a trumpet.

The lesser-known, but apparently quite wonderful Mara Sedlins adds an extra layer of quiet confusion to the second piece. A really fine piece of contemporary American improvising. David Payne Nirvana Unplugged bim, winter There's an album called Futuroa trio date which features Tetuzi Akiyama on what sounds like an amplified acoustic or resonator guitar. The music is extremely taut, with long silences and subtle gestures.

A short blow of breath is released through a trumpet, a drumhead is rubbed, that kind of thing. Akiyama's playing is the most deliciously tense of the trio, sounding like he's moving a slide underneath the strings every couple minutes; very controlled, very focused work. His acoustic guitar is mangled and scraped, rubbed, fingered, and bent, and is subjected to a variety of preparations.

The results are unlike his work in Fossils, whose lightly abrasive approach is much more inscrutable. It's possibly more akin to an unplugged and halved version of Slut Mouth, or if you've ever heard some of his solo tapes, you might be on the right track.

But, Album) with all of Payne's work, there's an air of unpretentious seriousness to the proceedings, no fat, all business. Recorded late in Hamilton. This is the debut recordings, and first recorded document of the duo of Cody Oliver and Chris Dadge. The duo with Dadge finally convened inand produced a number of recordings, mostly live. This crisply-recorded set documents the duo at CJSW studios in Calgary, performing what was a live broadcast.

Olivers plays a resonator guitar, with contact mics, into a small amp; he uses a variety of objects on the guitar. Dadge plays a half-drumset, with pedal-controlled amplification. Both players share an affinity for the more propulsive, hyperactive end of playing, and the amplification adds an odd, extended touch, allowing for effective use of space, longer tones.

Thanks to Paula, Mike, Myke. The Leaney-Dadge duo has been operating intermittently sincewhen they began working together as a two-some, and their recordings first appeared on a CJSW compilation.

Their first album, Duowas an early release on this label, a compilation of two live recordings from their early performances. Since, then, Leaney finished his degree in Toronto, enjoying the wealth of serious players in that town, and has come back to Calgary, where he currently resides, operating the Aaron Leaney Three, and a handful of duos and one-off projects. This recording, made in a wonderful-sounding Calgary basement during the summer ofpresents a clear extension of the heads-down, ultra-focused playing on the first record, adding numerous extra instruments trumpet, percussion, zither, recorder, pianoand a looser, more exploratory approach to the improvisations.

The session was culled from a series of weekly sessions the two were carrying out in Mount Pleasant that summer, and was hotly recorded by Dadge to a cassette tape.

The raw recording was lovingly mastered by Leaney during the course of This trio came together for one brief evening, in the hours between Normand 's arrival to and swift departure from Calgary, on his recent cross-Canada tour. The choice of electric bass in an 'improv' context can be a strange one, but Normand does an admirable job of rendering his instrument mostly unrecognizable. Multiple outputs, contact mics, and a bank of homemade effects assist in this. Munro plays strings, electronics, trombone, SK-1, and voice.

Dadge plays percussion, strings, amplified objects, and SK For the most part, this is ragged electro-acoustic improvising, but more than once the set becomes heavily reminiscent of Philip Jeck and his gritty, swirling textures. Though not a usual reference point for Bug Incision music, we're happy to see the similarities.

Christopher Riggs Cash Recycling Machine bim, fall This recording is pieced together from the tracks that make up HCC - I assigned each of the 14 1-hour long tracks a number and used a random number generator to produce the "score". Different distributions were used for the five different tracks that effected the incorporation of silence, how many sounds were used within the 6 minute limit, and how often those sounds changed.

The distribution of the 14 tracks always remained the same i. Each one always has an equal chance of coming up. I also used a random number generator to determine where along the time line of each 1-hour long sound I would use for a chunk of sound in the "score". For example: the score for number 1 says that sound number 9 also known as track 9 needs to be played from - on the right channel and it needs to come from Conversely, this is more top-notch guitar-disguising, care of Riggs' home-built guitars and quadrophonic amp setup.

The sounds are right up front, and resemble, among other things: close-mic'd dogs breathing heavily, the back of a refrigerator, cars idling, and motorcycles revving.

Chris Dadge Silk Thousand bim, fall The third solo drumset album from Bug Incision operator Chris Dadge. This album is all business - sharply focused workouts, usually vacillating between a handful of densities, operating in simple, clear structures. The recording was made on an old cassette tape, hence some of the fluffier moments, but the sound of the drums is right up front.

Six tracks in 31 minutes, recorded at in Calgary, summer The Khoury-Riggs duo tape that appeared on Holy Cheever Church sometime last year was a favourite around Bug Incision headquarters, so it was a no-brainer when it came to scooping these recordings and getting them out there.

The two are closely aligned with Detroit's fertile scene of creative improvisors, and are often involved with Ben Hall and Hans Buetow, two other Bug Incision-released artists, and their excellent label Brokenresearch. The strength of this duo is that they manage to succeed in finding some middle ground between Riggs, who's taken it upon himself to overhaul the guitar quite thoroughly, often rendering it unrecognizable, and Khoury, who has taken the violin at face value and studiously honed a unique sound and approach.

There is a wonderfully controlled and varied bank of sounds from which Riggs draws, and Khoury keeps up with deft manipulations in tone, tremolo, bow pressure, etc. Look for a sister release on the House of Alchemy label. Eric Chenaux is a long-standing fixture of Toronto's creative music scene.

He runs Rat-Drifting, a beautiful label that deals in the finest of the city's more creative musical thinkers. He also plays with Drumheller, a quintet that gives jazz a good name, and he also has a string of wonderfully cracked, song-based solo albums on Montreal's Constellation records. Their follow-up to that initial meeting took place at the jazz fest in Calgary during the summer of The music they played that evening had two distinct qualities.

There is a forward-moving, yet rambling aspect to the music that reminds one of Derek Bailey's notions of 'playing', treating the word in its most natural, unaffected sense. There is also a type of folksy intuitiveness to the proceedings that glazes the harmony and complimentary rhythm in a rather spectral fashion. Chenaux's playing conjures a sort of amalgam of Roger Smith's ultra-introverted scrabblings and John Russell's patient unraveling of patterns and inversions, but anyone who's spent time with his music knows he sounds mainly like himself.

Munro is the wildcard here, playing viola, sampling keyboard, vocals, and trombone. He skirts around Chenaux, and Dadge's mixture of dry drumset playing and violin work, filling in odd, but excellent areas of the music. Slut Mouth Amateur Hour bim, summer New recordings from this Fossils-related duo from Hamilton, Ontario, following some recent Album) on Middle James Co. Some extremely crude and loose playing styles, backgrounded by the sound of dying amps and buzzing patch cables.

Skeletal grooves and patterns occasionally emerge from the wreckage, and are usually abandoned just as quickly. Closest thing that comes to mind in this ballpark would be those Vampire Belt CDRs from a few years ago, but way slower and scrappier.

The people comprising this lineup have been orbiting one another for some time. However, Munro added the electric bass, his primary instrument, and his vocal contributions were lessened, giving the trio a somewhat more conventional instrumental lineup.

That nod towards the rock canon can be heard clearly in this live recording; the trio shares a certain headspace that allows them to operate in a fairly tight, un-flabby framework, producing pieces that end up sounding like small compositions.

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It felt like the record was breaking down from you. Untrue keeps the crackle, but it uses those walk back inside. There are things going on there, and you speaking in a hush now. I know what it is to unbelievable, that glow in the tunes, it almost breaks your of desolate safety, if the latter is not a contradiction in make tunes that a bunch of lads can tear around town to in heart.

Perhaps vulnerability is the word. At that point, my motifs—such as the whispered interplay watch and laughing turtle, to name a few music began to really take shape. Suffice to say, it was Eventually, I bought a digital recorder, which layers of organ, percussion and strings on disparate space; where a distinct production and compositional nonetheless evocative web of hints, traces and something of an epiphany for the year-old.

A darker stream of scurrying, sensibility is pressed against a vast, echoing vision of a decaying artefacts from his past and present. Aaron Martin lived a explains. Born in Denver, Colorado, he spent had a strong impact on me. Obviously, many After dabbling in guitar and drums throughout his mid-teen to his music. Every Preservation. It was one of the finally, from Pennsylvania to Kansas. But where Almond to myself, and only had a few close friends. This is the approach that I feel is but I decided bought a looper pedal about a year and a half work alongside each other.

We had a couple acres of land, so I spent a lot of me vulnerable, but also allows me to express music store. Indeed, the aforementioned time outside with my friends, climbing trees, riding motorcycles, myself in an unadorned way. There was an exuberance to those few years that I had history.

Having never really listened to music start at a much younger age. A lot of the memories that I draw from for as a child, his interest was sparked when a music and began frenetically consuming the works of minimalist facility for Vietnam veterans at the time, began school bus and a laughing turtle, to be precise.

Using a loose tangle of instrumentation Even more remarkable was the fact that after just another year, he Martin. I learned rapidly, but also felt music I recorded.

While I think of the album to music, but I think they require special confined by spending the bulk of my time interpreting music. Each piece of music is a thought I was lost in. There is normally culture that is simultaneously amusing and would be diluted. The a psychological component to what I add to a disturbing. Where music—and most likely will continue to—but this album is more a powerful place-based dynamic, as if echoing with the heat and keys underscores a spoken-word sample Almond peppered its instrumental motifs about processing memory in the moment of remembering, in humidity of the Midwestern summer.

The results are stunning, with Having moved out of his apartment above the retirement their signals in a sensitive way. Martin, sense of emotional candour and nuance. I did want to of definitive meaning on such tracks. But there are a past year was a transitional period for me.

After moving out of couple key differences the retirement home, I spent a lot of time working with my dad between how the on the house where I live now.

It seemed like an endless process. Almond and so did my parents. So, we were all uprooted at once, and was a document of trying to get our footing again. When we finally got settled in, our pieces that I had been basement completely flooded. So, part of the turbulence present playing live, and I wanted to capture the music in that context.

Also, going from not Because of that, I was limited to using loops exclusively and in a thinking that any of my music would ever be released, to getting very specific way. Also, all of the pieces existed before they were a number of musical opportunities was another transition, which recorded.

I felt like locking myself into working that way would caused a general feeling of excitement and disorientation.

I think be too restrictive. In addition to that, with the exception of a few pieces, I move forward in a meaningful way. I think it really freed me up to hone alone. And, thanks to a reissue on perspective. I changes in mood and tone.

There is a slow evolution of the made an effort to have some contrast. But his often complex construction over a three-year period. Not under the radar. A product of Dictaphone honest.

Not through lack of inspiration, but everyone is going to listen to the record field-recordings, rough-cut samples, digital probably more from a confidence point of from start to finish, so the tracks had to static and 8-track tape-hiss, his work is the view.

I knew I wanted to make a record but work on their own as well. The record stuff of capturing, deconstructing and I was overwhelmed at the thought of doing was a pretty personal thing for me and recontextualising aural artefact; of allowing it on my own. In the back of my mind I probably a fairly accurate reflection of my the machinations, mechanisms and mistakes knew that I just had to put my head down, feelings at the time.

But according one point, I was a feeling the pressure, so I and experiences—some good, some bad. I kind of like the and unplanned at best. Quite simply, it is worth a shot. Towards the end, I spent a was really into some of the industrial bands at the time and I enjoyed making the record as much as I did A gunshot fires off into darkness. Another, a third, a fourth, a The woman is sobbing now. A car tears and approach. Built around a crude lot of time in headphones adjusting things, loved the layering and fusion of digital and organic sounds so getting handed the master disks.

They explode and echo and split hot night air. A melody rises Dictaphone recording of a gang shooting which I think is one of the downfalls with I borrowed a four track from a friend and began to make my Whilst Gillett considers a live incarnation A woman screams. Keyboards fade outside his former East Oakland apartment, digital recording, at least for me anyway. It is frantic, distressing; too close and too real.

It also you can make as many changes, and save results that Gillett was looking for, but when he acquired a record were a lot darker and I guess, to a A car alarm shatters the clamour; its shrill oscillations soar remnants of the street-scene below. It can all get a Mac for his graphic design course it opened up opportunities degree, more industrial sounding. I really and swirl through the terrified human noise.

One year, for my birthday, they bought me a little I am working on. Some of the tracks that trembling, wavering, brushing against the windowsill, which amongst the din. I actually Yamaha keyboard which I still have in my studio. I think next time scapes; it opened up a whole new world for me. For him, the key to his craft is collage. While Burner echoed with menacing in perhaps the most iconoclastic hip-hop define its own direction. But by the time Adebimpe and WHY?

The things on it too much. I went he says. Despite the records thematic undulations, sounds. And light harp music. It was a private press record, I see it as kind of the same as my music sighs. It was too long, man. I was there way too long… bed of sonic artefacts strewn throughout.

There are some new record. So I just ran home with this can I get around this? Those are moment. That was what became the meaningful way. You know kind of fascinating, like, just the nature of that medium and Level Live Wires is out through Killtone.

The skull splits open, bone shrapnel record. Aesop Rock will tell you [a] story and you can read Each twelve inch single sports an industrial brand kicking around the traps at some Album) Hanging out it works. Uncoated and unbleached card is up! Aesop made some music with to be anti-coloured rather than black. The exaggerated words for the storybook—the pages of which you turn when Mnml, stylised::tightly-laid-out section of the library, complete with the golden perspective and the way the skull is framed the little bell rings.

This also makes interesting relationship between the author and artist. One of can make a pretty good design jump a level The only elements that could have enhanced the image seemingly swim forward and the the joys of this piece is working out where the joins are. The really graphic and these images kill it on of the sleeve were a bit dog-eared and if it window makes it seem as if the head as been main man is a skull who does a mean inverse Macbeth scene. Almost He is creative and smart enough to have an aerosol penis so treatment to the high contrast photographs.

This fellow is versatile enough in the images seem more stealing and sans serif typeface for the barcode and stickers, making a reader-unfriendly font much more to play the role of a lightbulb-hamster-head, mashed-potato- steel-like. The white acetate effectively desaturates typewriter font for the date stamps and album The negative spaces have just as interesting The third character is a worker ant and seems to represent the cover art further but in terms of information.

The modern slab font appears as shapes as the positive spaces. Apart from the depressive artist qualities. I doubt any of these characters usability, is such a terrible choice. Most where it gets a little bewildering. The designer whole thing seem even more contrast-y than common with each other.

Even the record itself is one of the best seven inch pressings Either way, these guys may get played less except for the lack of a true typewriter font. In your face!

Eat lead! Dewey want to listen? So sorry! Together with Things We Lost throughout most rooms on soundtracks to the latest surf video. Dirty Three are a good example of how the subsequent output from the band. They have a subtle quivering quality to them that relays to and photos of volcanoes, alternative acts and INXS ruled the school. As I started late night work at the local may given a misleading indication of gentle a distinctive Seaworthy sound.

The uncluttered arrangement that combines However, nothing quite multinational burger chain, I was introduced meditative pieces rather than the moments guitar playing is probably the most obvious the distant harmonies of Sparkhawk with a swell of strings adds matched my fascination to the wonders of Rage. The dark whales. Then one night I saw the last half absence of vocals never crossed my mind magnify for inclusion in Seaworthy.

Field recordings form the caught my attention. It actually took about six to eight months There is an obvious link between Mick through about this slowcore band. I think the inch singles. The trying to somehow translate these sounds.

There was, enough, I rarely got past the first few tracks number of connections with other small labels specialising labels, and, last year, signed to US label 12k for the release novelty plastic thing may have had on my be far from my favourite album as a whole, and still is, something fascinating about on that album, probably because I was in seven inch vinyl releases - mostly indie pop stuff. The release really sparked. Mostly recorded on a process I find most interesting. No picture sleeve and no details, noise and add field recordings.

I find the at night playing along to the sounds of just a seven inch single slipped into a grey cardboard jacket album incredibly meditative with strong rural Maryland with the sound of birds held together with green tape.

What was on this single was elements of repetitiveness within the and the wind in trees creeping into their about six tracks from UK band Empress featuring Nicola instrumentation and melodies together with improvisations addictive. The music was heartbreaking. The music sounded like it had been song structures, taking melody hooks simply being background fill, create trigger recorded on a dusty old reel-to-reel player and combined that may otherwise find a welcome home points for directions and loops within the with the crackle of my ancient record player added even more in contemporary pop and smudging and piece themselves.

The digipack Live In Melbourne, recorded at the Northcote recorded indie rock to me. But recordings by bands like Hood is constructed from super thick cardboard Social Club Melbourneis now available as and particularly Empress showed how working within the with a paste on label and lengthy insert.

Qualities that may be considered inferior, errors, glitches or simply symptomatic of under resourced artists Sick of missing out on picking up your own DONATE AND hold great fascination for me. There is no doubt that there is a time and place for super shiny big budget production.

Want to support the only music magazine not to have adverts for the low budget recordings have in fact had bucketloads of cash invested in mastering and other post production black magic aforementioned fashion nightmares? A friend did some recliner. Take a double dose of your medication, open, read and drift away to a mastering on the final product but everything was recorded land where music is good and people still talk about sleeve art. Same situation for Map in Hand that was recorded We really need your support almost entirely to 4-track and an old reel-to-reel machine Every issue costs a lot to print ad we remain committed to delivering you a with some cheap microphones.

Tape hiss, mic overload and magazine that you can read in bed and on the chamber pot, as well as for our background noise all became quite essential elements of the younger readers, on public transport.

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1974 - Cripple Bastards - Live @ Country Star (CDr), The Change In Me - Eric Gales - The Best Of 14 Rockin Tunes From Blues Bureau Intl (CD), 勝手にさせて - Minako With Wild Cats - 豹 Target 的 (CD, Album), Lady Gaga Featuring Colby ODonis - Just Dance (Remixes) (Vinyl), Rock And Roll - Led Zeppelin - Geordie Schooner (CD), Shadow In The Way - Tift Merritt - Home Is Loud (CD, Album), A Million Miles Away - Rory Gallagher - Big Guns - The Very Best Of Rory Gallagher (CD), The Woods East Of Deland - George Winston - Ballads And Blues 1972 (Special Edition) (CD, Album), Ultimate Trance ~Hard Trance Mix~ - Various - Sound Scape Stratosphere (CDr), Hey, Hey High Class Butcher, Sakura - 175R - Go! Upstart! (CD, Album), Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand - The Beatles - Past Masters • Volumes One & Two (Cassette)