Fooled - Essence Of Mind - Try & Fail (CD, Album)

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Did Gilmour or Hendrix or Trower for that matter use fuzz and Vibe together? Also wondering what are your recommendations on using a Germanium fuzz, a Silicon fuzz BC and a Big Muff style fuzz on the same board and placement etc. Any suggestions? Thanks again man! Hi again, sorry for my late reply. Big Muffs can go before or after fuzz pedals but again, you should be careful with the placement of the fuzz.

A good tip is to arrange gain pedals after how much gain they have. David usually had his UniVibe after the fuzz and into a clean amp. This made the UniVibe sound pretty bright. Hendrix Usually had the UniVibe after the fuzz but into a craked Marshall, which made it sound much darker. I like UniVibe and phaser pedals before all the gains, including fuzz. This makes them sound more creamy and darker. I picked up a Shin ei vibe bro a few months back and have to tell you I am very impressed.

I had a chance to compare it to an original univibe and could not tell the difference! Most importantly, it does not change my tone! I found it sounds best when I use a boss ls2 line selector to isolate it from my other pedals when not in use.

With all respect to your work, it seems to me that you rate the units in a way that make truer to the original sounding Vibes less desirable and you seem to favor shallower options, closer to phaser stuff. All of which are VERY close to the original tone. Personally I tend to favour the more phaser-like Vibes, like the RotoVibe and Album) 45, as I think they blend better with high gain pedals.

Hi Bjorn, great vibe info! Now I just have to decide on which vibe pedal to get! Ironically, not interested in DejaVibe. Hi Adam! It goes extremely well with high gain pedals. Other UniVibes can often sound harsh and fizzy with fuzz.

It also depends on your amp. Fender amps tend to make the UniVibes, and fuzz, sound very bright but Marshalls, Hiwatts etc, which are perhaps better for Hendrix and Trower anyway, makes the UniVibe and fuzz sound creamy and smooth. It could probably become the top choice for a budget vibe in this list. You forgot the Strymon Mobius. Definitely worth mentioning.

I had a Lex obviously not a univibe for a while but sold it because I wanted something with a dry blend since I was using it in mono. You can really dial in things to your preference. This is great for experimenting. As always, love the site. As I was looking up different pedal options, I came across an article that suggests that Shin-ei has relocated to Austin, TX a few miles up the road for me and they are making a new Uni-vibe pedal called the Vibe-bro. Have you seen this, played one, or heard it?

Your thoughts? Thank you Carlos! The price is ridiculous but it will be interesting to see the reviews. The best univibe pedal… Have you checked out the korg nuvibe? Korg hired the original maker of the univibe to recreate it without the parts that are outlawed now.

I love it! Thanks for making this a discussion. Just wondering mate, can the vibe machine get close to the rotovibe with the Bright mode enabled? Not really. The bright mode just adds a bit of high mids to the UniVibe tone. The RotoVibe has a much thicker tone.

A Phase 90, with the a UniVibe swirl. The Electronic Orange Moon Vibe has an extra control for shaping the depth and contour and you can tweak it for something very similar. The Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe is also somewhat similar, with more mids and an overall darker tone. Fantastic Stuff as always Bjorn! I was wondering how you felt about the TC Viscous Vibe? If you have, what are your thoughts? I prefer UniVibes and phasers in front of the gain effects.

Maybe that will help :. What are your thoughts about the TC ViscousVibe? In youtube I can listen some good vibetones off this pedal in the music Breathe for exemple. I play a strat with a Hiwatt T20 and the vibe is after the compressor and before the dirt pedals. The stock setup sounded OK but a bit too pristine perhaps. Big fan of your work! I also use humbuckers which make it sound too dark.

I love the half phaser — half vibe sound and the foot controllable aspect. However everybody seems to be complaining about the buffered bypass and its affect on the tone. What other alternatives to the rotovibe are there? Would the grand orbiter get close, or should I get the rotovibe modded for true bypass?

Hi Matt, yes the RotoVibe is a great alternative for heavier sounds and humbuckers. Otherwise, the RotoVibe it self seems to sound darker. You might not want to pair it with vintage circuit fuzz pedals though. Highly recommended for that super thick phasing sound. Hey Bjorn! Thanks for the reply. Hmm thats a problem because I mainly play with vintage fuzzes : Ill ask around to see if anybody can do a mod or something!

Thanks for the info :. I am to buy a modulation pedal. Phasing is what I need for some covers I do and some stuff I write, especially those fat throb sounds of a Univibe! The second is available to check in a nearby store too, while the first has a 2month waiting list. I think it has some resistor and photocell changes too.

Have you tried yet, any opinions? Hi Dimitris. Well worth the extra wait! Still not what I expected, or imagined. The MDV was reaaally subtle and gentle. And the way they interracted with my VA Overdriver; this also played an important role in my opinion. I liked the Phase90 more, I must say. I hope it produces those heart-felt throbs at various speed I am looking for! Definitely worth checking out and with the tone print function, you can dial in a wide range of tones.

Did you compare the Drybell Vibe Machine to the Neo ventilator? Two very different sounds :. I can recommend the Vibe Machine and the Mini Vent and use both of them for different things. They have both been on my board for a while now! It sounds really beautiful. Perhaps not as vintage sounding or authentic towards the original UniVibe as some of the others, like the Electronic Orange MoonVibe, but it has a lush and almost 3D character that none of the others have.

What do you think of The Depths by Earthquaker Devices? Do you think it is worth the buy or are there better pedals? It sounds pretty good. It has a more modern sounding UniVibe character, with a slightly brighter phasing. Not a question but just a friendly FYI. It really drills the Breathe and Us and Them sound. Having the level control on it really helps as it allows you to set it to unity gain.

After them it became a little too fizzy for my tastes. Perhaps you can get a copy and add it to the section as I think it represents the UniVibe name well. As always awesome stuff Bjorn! Ho Bjorn! I have hiwatt t20hd with strato USA dg20 pick-up. David used a UniVibe on the album and recent tours, so you probably want to look into a UniVibe. The Voodoo Lab is reasonably priced and it sounds great. Would be really interested to hear what you think. Hey Bjorn, Thanks for your suggestion about the Phase 45 2 stage phase type pedal as a decent Univibe substitute.

This thing is awesome. Not true-bypass, so I definitely colors your tone somewhat. I run it with a Crowther Hotcake od to minimize tone loss. Thanks again Bjorn! The stock setup is OK but the tone print feature allows you to do all sorts of things. Well worth checking out. Yes, I did years back. Hard to tell how it compares to some of my favourites, like the Moon Vibe and Machine Vibe but well worth checking out I think. Hello Bjorn, Many thanks for all these tests, very useful for any guitarist who want to buy some pedals.

I play on strats with fat50 or EMG vintage active pickups Thanks for your help! The Viscous is probably your best buy. It sounds pretty good all stock but you can also dial in a wide range of tones with the tone print feature. You might also want to check out the Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe. Very deep throb and a nice mids boost, which is great for cleans. And thanks again for this huge work, very useful because there are so many pedals, it is really difficult to choose one or another, and when you are non-professional guitarist, this is complicated to try all of them!

I will buy both eventually, I just love these effectrode pedals. Thanks for all you do. Hi Chris! You seen my review of the Echosex? Sounds pretty good but you need to use the tone print feature to get those smooth, classic UniVibe tones. I just tried it at the local store and got some nice tones.

It sounds good on the demos I listened to. Do you have any opinions on the JHS Unicorn? Thanks and keep up the great reviews!

I just picked up a Viscous Vibe from TC. So far, I like the V Vibe and can get some good tones from it. The V Vibe seems easy to get a good sound. Sounds awesome. Hi bjorn, first of all thanks for your web with a lot of useful information!. I am spanish speaker, i do my best with english. But how important is that in Gilmour sound?

I mean, when Gilmour uses the univibe in the Pete Cornish pedalboard, the univibe is not always in the effect chain, so the preamp neither. Hi Dani! Sorry for my late reply. After some further reading it seems like its not a recreation, AnalogMan just sells the Black Cat vibe, which were made in lieu of the non-operational Black Cat company by another guy in Connecticut. However, when I checked up on Black Cat today it looks like their site is operational again and you can buy it direct from them.

Tried it very briefly. Fulltone MDV-1 is the only one worth buying. I have an electronics engineering degree and have played guitar for 30 years. The Fulltone is the only real Uni-Vibe you can buy. There is no argument to be made for choosing something else if you want what the original Uni-Vibe was. As used by Hendrix and then Trower who took his style as a basis for his sound then you need a Deja Vibe. Also, pedals are all about what tones you need or want and what works with your amp and guitar.

No disrespect but playing guitar for 30 years only make you a specialist on the tones you like. Not mine :. I discovered the vibe classic CV-2 and the vibe baby, and the few videos I heard, it seems the closest to an original I ever heard, along with the KR Megavibe. If you want to hear for themselves. I have a UV-1 Dunlop. The oscillation is deeper in the lower strings and sounds fatter.

I use the UV-1 drives before, but I know that Jimi used after the fuzz. If I do that, the sound is very wheezing. I think Hendrix switched back and forth but anyway, I like phasers and UniVibes in front of the drives. It just sounds more natural. Having it after fuzz pedals can sound very fizzy on bright amps but it works OK on darker amps and amps with a lot of mids. The Mojovibe has an internal dipper to change from a vintage to a modern buffered input which makes the pedal a touch brighter.

Sounds pretty good. Not as authentic sounding as the MoonVibe, Machine Vibe and others that are more true to the original specs but well worth checking out. Your site is absolutely fantastic and I read it very often but never write. Thank you. Since this Fooled - Essence Of Mind - Try & Fail (CD is digital and we use to put the vibe in the very beginning of the chain, will this pedal, beeing in purely analog chain,kill the tone or spoil it in any way?

Thanks for your kind words, Alexey! The TC pedals has a switch inside for either true bypass or buffered bypass. For a big pedal board it is recommended that you switch over to buffered. All that remains is for me to find a store that sells the fingers of David Good morning! How good would RotoVibe be at Shine on you crazy diamond phaser effect?

Thank you! I think most people reading this site would think nothing of spending 5 mins tweaking a few settings. Like most UniVibes I think. Having it after the gain pedals makes it sound pretty harsh but place it in front and it sounds creamy and warm. Overdrive or fuzz? Depending on your amp and what tones you want I would say that almost any model works but I recommend placing the overdrive or fuzz after the vibe.

That way the vibe sounds much more natural and not as fizzy. I have a Marshall JVM h and some of my pedals are the lovepedal roadhouse eternity, musket fuzz, wampler ego comp, Vox wah wah, echo rec delay, wet reverb, pickle vibe and the deja vibe. Im using a strat maple neck and its similar to the black strat. Im looking into another fuzz pedal and or overdrive that can give me that kind of tone, I was wondering what you recommend for me… Thanks.

I was also thinking about adding a chorus pedal, do you think it is necessary? If so, what do you recommend? If chorus is what you want then it is necessary. Hey brother! I sure do love my Effectrode Tube-Vibe. Extraordinary, really. Almost 3-D, liquid, swirl goodness. Hendrix, Floyd, But especially Trower.

I definitely agree, Tube-vibe or Uni-vibe before the fuzz, OD, distortion, etc, Keep up the good work. Thank you Bjorn for your awesome wealth of material! I know it takes a great deal of time to put all of this together. Thanks for sharing. None of them are out yet so I have no idea. New site is killer! Even better then the old site and I thought that site was a unbelievable source of information.

Question for you. I already have the moor electric lady, mojohand fx nebula IV phaser, and a boss RT If so which do you recommend? On the univibe side I was contemplating the dry bell vibe but then saw TC electronics is getting ready to release the vicious vibe.

Thanks for your kind words, Kris! Like I said ealier, the pedal by no means sounded bad and was of top quality. The one exception I can think of is if you had the room on the board and only used one setting per song, then you might get away with it.

It imparts a similar vibe chorus tone as the Larger black pedal. Hey Bjorn, Have you tried the Strymon Mobius? It has both vibe and rotary algorithms. Thanks, Keith. The way to set it is to turn down the intensity to zero, then play a note and sweep through the range with the bias knob — you will hear a point where it changes which is where it will have the most noticeable warble when you turn the intensity up. That is a good start point BUT it might produce too much of a wobble.

I find that turning UP the bias cures this a bit sometimes. But you can just tweak the bias to taste really. In terms of intensity, i find lower settings sound more natural especially on the vibrato setting. But if you want to go crazy just crank up the intensity.

You can mess with the wave shape and symmetry but on chorus and vibrato its a pretty subtle change on all but very low speeds. But it is not thin and subtle though, so it you want a really trebly thin vibe either look at the deja vibe or other, or EQ it. Hi there, great thread, has been very useful to me over the years in my quest of the perfect vibe tone….

Ian, would you care to please share your vibe settings for the vibe sound? I gave up on it long ago… Thanks! Hi bjorn I have looking into univibes and I came across the MxR univibe. Have you gad a chance to check it out? If you have let me know Thx. The newer black Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe sounds better, closer to an original than the cream color one. It is a fantastic sounding pedal.

This may seem counter-intuitive since Roger Mayer worked with The Maestro himself bVoodoo-Vibe Plus is the most expensive uni-vibe clone on the market, trumping even the very costly Korg Nu-Vibe.

Ironically enough, I usually use mine for the tremolo setting which is pretty stellar. Another strange thing about the design of the pedal is that it has two separate but identical outputs.

That is, the pedal is NOT stereo but houses two output jacks. If someone can explain the usefulness of this, please enlighten me. It will serve me as a studio quality Buffer, Preamp and signal Splitter as well as an actual Vibe. Injection duties. For instance, the pedals that used to cut it with my tweed Deluxe usually are too bright or bass lacking in my AC I just hope it lives up to my expectations….

Now I only need to try and see if it works un my rig and if it does just as well at preamp duties. Mayer custom re-engineering his pedals for him like many others have with different electronics men. The Soul Vibe is actually a 2 stage phaser design and as far as I know the only two stage vibe in production.

People often site the 2 stage Phase 45 as being more Vibe like than the 4 stage phase For a real vibe sound you need a vibe, and for me the Soul Vibe does well.

So I think on Album) the Deja Vibe seems like the best choice, but it falls down soundwise because every demo of a real original Uni-Vibe is just so much thicker sounding than a Deja Vibe. Which one would you recommend to those lush tones, and for live purposes, one that cut well through the mix. Thanks again, greetings from Brazil! The Fulltone is no doubt a more accurate reproduction but I also like the darker sounding Micro Vibe. I also want to recommend the excellent sounding DryBell Machine Vibe.

Hard to beat that one in terms of tone, versatility and foot print : — Bjorn]. For univibe sounds the Roger Mayer Voodoo vibe is incredible.

I tried both and the Voodoo Avibe just blew the fulltone away. The bottom end on it is unbelievable. Another you might like to try is the Pigtronix Envelope Phaser newer version. You can get very vibey sounds with the LFO side mixed with the envelope. Would cover all pink Floyd bases i think. I also have the Boss Rt which sounds great — agree it is more of a chorus variant although you can get good rotary by tweaking the settings.

The univibe on it gets a bad rap, but if you adjust the balance it sounds ok. Not like the Roger mayer but a different, lighter flavour. It is a dual vibrato and chorus pedal but really it gets quite decent leslie tones.

The depth knob goes way up to warped so you can get some crazy ray gun 50s sci fi tones or sweeping chorus with the speed turned down. Not to harp on it but I have a whole new understanding of some of my pedals and I have finally begun to get what my EMG Strat replica is supposed to do and spun like. And most of all just totally digging my new tone! So, as always, many thanks.

All best —John. I would place it in front of the gain pedal, to get a more natural sounding phasing. Sorry, I forgot the Pickle Vibe from my options. I like it the best when judging purely on demos.

Some people really seem to love it and some people dismiss it as a phaser and nothing like a vibe. Villanova on the other hand has tone and mix controls. MXR just sounds good on demos, so tough decisions, tough decisions…. The Micro Vibe is dark sounding but it works really well on most amps and it blends nicely with gain effects.

The Micro Vibe is kind of a phaser sounding more like a UniVibe. Perhaps not as dynamic and warm sounding as many of the others. Hard to pick one. Have you had a chance to try out the newer Fulltone Mini Dejavibe 3? A comparison video would be awesome! Thanks for the great work you do! Need to check it out. I used to have the complete Hendrix rig way back in the early seventies, including the Univibe with pedal. I have yet to hear any imitator that sounds like it. The thing I really liked about the original was the deeper, earthier tone.

You simply cannot do Machine Gun justice unless you have the real thing. The Univibe with a compact Ibanez multieffects rack worked well for me for years. I still carry a torch for that UniVibe. It was a fantastic little box and sold my Hendrix sound. Check out the pickle vibe by lovepedal great for shine on you crazy diamond, Breathehave a cigar, Us and them, Brain damage, Eclipse, Pigs three different ones, and a whole lot more!! I love my Drybell and they are great people to deal with.

I still find that my Sweetsound Ultra Vibe II has a touch more mojo but it is also almost 3 times the size. For the price, the size, tweekability, and over all quality, the Drybell is a top notch vibe!

Not a Mad Men fan? He was one of the first to offer the real circuit in true bypass on a scale so many could get their hands on it, so maybe that is a claim that was more true a time ago. In any case, he certainly seems like a man with some opinions, and quite a personality. What goes along with that is that some Fooled - Essence Of Mind - Try & Fail (CD gonna love ya, and some are gonna hate ya.

The thing is though that people are easily fooled. How many Vibes has Fulltone sold because they claim to offer the real deal? How many buys a US Fender based on reputation alone? If you scream loud enough people will always listen. The downside of the internet is that these claims are more easily heard. The good thing is that with a bit of research you can get much more info and make up your own mind on what to get.

The ones with often a great deal more honesty and devotion. Regarding Drybell, just the experience of dealing with Martina, and the man behind, and inside the machine, Zvonch was enough to make the pedal worth every penny.

Regardless of any new Photocells, That company has a reputation for stretching the truth about how they make the only exact clone of the original, and the two Fulltones I tried, were plain shite!

Peace, Love, and Gilmourish, Keith. Amen on the Vibe Machine! Expensive for one pedal, no doubt, but an authentic univibe clone is one of the few effects, in my opinion, it makes sense to spend some money on. Absolutely no regrets on getting the Vibe Machine, though. My interactions with the Dry Bell folks were great. My pedal was held up in customs for a while and they even looked into it for me, to the extent they could, from Croatia.

The Mooer Soul Shiver looks promising. Will we get a video review of it done by our favorite Gilmourish guitar wizard? I hope we do because you opinion usually sways mine I just saw that Mooer website was updated, with the brand new Soul Shiver pedal. Very few informations about it, but some commercial websites sell it as a Uni-Vibe clone seems to be in accordance with the three modes.

Knowing the quality of Mooer effects, and as the MXR Uni-Vibe was launched few months ago really great sound imoI was wondering if this new Soul Shiver could compete with. Maybe yes, if the chorus and vibrato sections are identical, and if the rotary effect is convincing enough. Price could be a selling point too. The quality of the pedal itself is superb, and as you know the sounds the pedal is producing are simply amazing!

It is super-quiet as well. Personally, I like the clarity of tone it is producing. It is not per se cheap, but in my opinion well worth the price. Hey Bjorn, played the b9 at the music store, and it blew my mind how absolutely close to a real b3 sound you get.

If I were in a band without a keys player, and wanted to play some Deep Purple, or any old rock n roll that featured b3 like say, the Zombies, My rhythm player could provide the b3 perfectly. It does exactly what they say it does!!! Peace, KC. OK, thanks, Bjorn. The Deja is the most vintage sounding while the Micro sounds warmer and has a tad more mid range. Both can do fast rotary pretty well.

Hi, Bjorn. A phaser is a better option. The Univibe, my all-time favourite effect. I would like to add two recommendations to the list, as my effects range from dirt cheap to boutique. Both are excellent at what they aim to deliver — which brings me to my point of ultra affordable tone. They are true bypass and deliver analogue tone pur sang.

Hi Bjorn, what is the difference between a rotary speaker sim like the Lex Strymon and the effectrode tube vibe? Never owned any of these types of modulations.

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