I Got You (Live From Wellington) - The Finn Brothers - Everyone Is Here (CD, Album)

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Artwork from the original Broadway production. Stephen Sondheim. Baritone or Bass-baritone [13]. Morose and vengeful; a barber by profession who has returned to London, after fifteen years of unjust incarceration in an Australian penal colony, to seek revenge first on the corrupt judge and beadle who sent him there, and then on all humanity through his clients.

Contralto [14] or Mezzo-soprano [15]. Baritone or Bass [13]. Tenor or Boy Soprano [16]. A simpleton who works first for con-man Pirelli and then for Mrs. Lovett, but does not trust Todd. A mad crone whose interjections go I Got You (Live From Wellington) - The Finn Brothers - Everyone Is Here (CD, eventually identified as Benjamin Barker's wife, Lucy, who was raped by Judge Turpin.

An Irish charlatan and former employee of Benjamin Barker who has since developed a public persona as a flashy Italian barber; he attempts to blackmail Todd, but is immediately killed. Denis Quilley. Alun Armstrong. Michael Cerveris. Angela Lansbury. Sheila Hancock. Julia McKenzie. Imelda Staunton. Victor Garber. Jim Walton. Adrian Lester. Matt Doyle. Lauren Molina. Lucy May Barker.

Edmund Lyndeck. John Bowe. Ken Jennings. The Beatles Plastic Ono Band. Snow Patrol The Reindeer Section. Sex Pistols Public Image Ltd. Steely Dan The Doobie Brothers. The Smiths The Nosebleeds. Survivor The Ides of March. Guns N' Roses Hollywood Rose.

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Retrieved 16 February True To You. Archived from the original on 10 May Retrieved 7 December In legal fees alone, Joyce has cost me thousand pounds—this is quite apart from any payments made to him, and is quite apart from any money seized by him. In total, Joyce has cost me 1 million, thousand pounds.

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Der Spiegel. De Telegraaf in Dutch. The Hollywood Reporter. Los Angeles. Retrieved 10 December Retrieved 11 December Retrieved 11 September Retrieved 9 November Their Album) these sentences to make a conservation. But you said I was driving on the right side.

Why are you driving on the right side of the road? A strange country! So why did you stop me? Minh: Actually, I miss the good old days when 8 ……………. Minh: Yes, you could park 4 ……………. Do you want me to drive on the wrong side? You are driving on the wrong side. My dear sir, you must keep to the left. That right side is left. The two boys went to the top of the slope. The bicycles went down the slope at great speed.

Then, the boys realised that they had lost control of the bicycles. They were going so fast that it was too dangerous to use the brakes. The bicycles hit a curb and crashed into a fence and a tree. The boys were in great pain. Luckily, some joggers saw what had happened and came to help.

Someone called their parents who soon came to bring them home. Tom and Fred had learnt their lesson. They promised never to do something so dangerous again. Use the word given and other words as necessary. Do not change the form of the given word. Smith are flying to Ha Noi now. Use the words given to complete each of the following sentences. Write the correct verb in Past simple the first letter of each verb is given under each picture then read the whole sentence aloud.

After that put the verbs in the correct column. Do you know Daniel Day-Lewis? He has won three Oscars for Best ……………. The film was ……………. Big Ben Down is about a group of ……………. Although Titanic is a ………. His recent film received a lot of ……. We were ……………. Complete the following sentences with the adjective ending —ing or — ed from of the italicized word.

The book interests me. That chemical irritates your skin. The instructions on the box for assembling the tool confuse me. My father often reassured me. I waited for two hours to see the doctor, and it really frustrated me! Anna has a noise in her car that disturbs her. The tender love story moved the audience. The sad movie despressed me. The movie on TV last night laugh me……………… A. Boredom 2. They were very disappointed …………. We are really …………about going to the cinema tonight. The cinema changed completely at ……….

I ………. Trung finds horror films really…………. In Titanic, it … Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawnson, a poor artist. Further improvements continued, particularly in America, 7 ………. With the arrival of television in the s, 8 ………. More countries have started to produce films that influence film-making and there are currently 10 ………. Read the passage and choose the best answer to each question. Soon the public had 4 ………. Although it only 1 …………of short, simple scenes, people loved it and films have 2 ……….

The first films were silent, with titles on the screen to 3 ………. In spite B. Despite C. Although D. However The film has a silly plot. Though B. Because D. Nevertheless VIII. My first visit to the cinema was a very unhappy one. I was taken there by some friends when I was only seven years old. At first there were bright lights and music and I felt quite happy. When the lights went out, I felt afraid. Then I saw Who took the writer to the cinema for the first time?

His father C. His parents D. His friends 2. How did he feel at first? He was frightened when …………. There was music C. The cinemas had no light D. Where did he hide when he saw the train coming towards him? Under the seat C. On the screen D. How did he feel when the film finished? Very sad B. Find a mistake in the four underlined parts of each sentence and correct it. The children felt very terrifying when they watched that horror film.

Lots of people enjoy Titanic despite it has an unhappy ending. We found the film bored, so we left halfway through it. Although his old age, Mark performed excellently in his latest film.

Almost people were shock by the way the film star behaved. In spite of having to work the next day, Tom watched films on DVD till midnight. The train was coming towards me. I shouted out in fear and got down under my seat. When my friends saw me, they started to laugh. I felt ashamed and sat back in my seat.

I was very glad when the film ended. Think of a film you have seen. Write film review. Your review should be at least words long. Use the following guides to help you in your review. Choose the word in each line that has different stress pattern. Japan B. Thailand C. Norway D. Then put them in the correct column. The festival is held on the third week of August. Britain imports a lot of food during the winter. You will progress a lot with English if you practise using it regularly. There has been a decrease in the number of visitors to the museum.

The students organised a march to protest against rising tuition fees. Thousands of people were present at the festival. He travelled around the country to take pictures of festivals. They are going to organise a big campaign to advertise the festival. Put the names of the festivals under the appropriate pictures.

How many people attended this festival J. More than three hundred kilometers. Make questions for the underlined parts of the following sentences. The Flower Festival is celebrated every year. We always have turkey on Thanksgiving. Peter went to Da Nang last month with his parents. The village always ………………its harvest festival in the spring. Christmas songs are …………for people in towns and villages. Tet is a time for Vietnamese families to clean and …………their houses.

Burning Man is a …………festival held at the end of August. On Passover Day, people…………freedom from slavery. In Canada and the United States, ………… 1 of the most popular days in the year is Halloween. Halloween is on October 31 st.

For example, they may dress up to look ………… 3 an animal, a person from a book or film or a famous person from history. In some places, children go to school in ………… 4 Halloween costumes. After dark, many young children ………… 5 on thei costumes and visit their neighbours.

Then the neighbours ………… 7 them some candy and the children go on to the ………… 8 house. Adults also enjoy dressing up for Halloween. There ………… 9 usually Halloween parties in the evening and usually there is a prize for the best or ………… 10 unusual costume.

During Tet holiday the …………atmosphere is felt about around the country. Every year Cannes …………its international film festival called Cannes Film Festival. How B. What C. When D. Why How often B. How far C. How long D. How much VIII.

Fill each blank with a suitable word to finish the passage. Tens of thousands of tourists come to the Festival to see new films and plays and to hear music played by famous musicians.

This year, you can see over five hundred performances with actors from more than forty countries. The tickets for these performances are quite cheap, and it is usually easier to see your favourite star in Edinburgh than it is in London.

So come to Edinburgh next summer. Every year, thousands of people come to Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotlland, to be part of the Edinburgh Festival. For three weeks every August and September the city is filled with actors and artists from all over the world.

They come to Edinburgh for the biggest arts festival in Britain. During this time, the streets of the city are alive with music and dance from early in the morning until late at night. You can see artists painting pictures on the streets! Christmas is almost here. Holiday music fills the air. Colourful lights shine brightly in windows. The stores are crowded with people buying last-minute gifts.

All these are Christmas traditions. Another tradition is snow. Christmas in the northern part of the world comes a few days after the start of winter. So, in many places, a blanket of clean white snow covers the ground on Christmas Day. Of course, many places do not get snow in December. In fact, they may be very warm at that time of year. People who like snow- but live where it is warm — dream of having a white Christmas.

Hundreds of singers and musicians have recorded it. Perhapss the most famous version was sung by Bing Crosby. Songwriter Irving Berlin was Jewish.

He did not celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday. But in his Christmas song, he shares a message of peace and happiness which all people can joy.

So from all of us — to all of you — we wish the happiest and most joyful holiday. What are the stores crowded with? Whose luggage is this? How much is the entry fee? PRICE ………………………………………………………… 4. People hold the festival to thank the Rice God for the crop. Use the words given to write about the Songkran Water Festival in Thailand. This D. That 2. There are far more opportunies for young people than there …………… A.

Ther is nother very ……………to do in that small town. Interest B. Cyclists must ……………for pedestrians when they are cycling along the country lane. In Britain there is an enormous market for ……………pizzas. The new film has good audience figures ……………poor reviews in the press. Roadwork ahead A. Drivers B. Workers C. Customers 2. First class ticket holders only A. People at a museum B. People in a cinema C. People on a train 3. Please fasten your sealbelt. Students B. Airline passengers C. People in a theatre 4.

Please do not talk to the driver A. In your car B.

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