It Aint Easy - Blake Shelton - If Im Honest (CD, Album)

The call is free and confidential. Call TALK to talk with a skilled, trained counselor at a crisis center It Aint Easy - Blake Shelton - If Im Honest (CD your area. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you're in crisis and prefer to text rather than call, then here's a confidential crisis text line staffed nationally by trained counselors in suicide prevention.

You can let your ex-boyfriend know that you were and probably still are dealing with difficult emotional issues, needed some space, and did not mean to hurt him. If he truly cares about you and values your relationship then he should be able to appreciate that sometimes life can be messy, complex, and overwhelming. Sometimes people need to work through a difficult emotional situation without the complications of a relationship to distract them, as relationships do take work.

If he's sensitive to what you're telling him and wants to be a part of your life in some way, perhaps you can start to bring him in on what those emotional issues are and include him.

Be honest with both yourself and him about whether you are ready to jump back into a dating relationship. Who says you have to date right away? Take things slow. Above all, don't put yourself in a situation in which you feel like you have to hide from one guy that you're talking to another. Be honest with both of them immediately and let them deal with their own feelings and you deal with yours. Good luck on getting everything in your life straightened out.

I wish you health and happiness. Question: Last year, I walked out on the man I was supposed to marry after a major fight. I moved four hours away and never said goodbye but we love each other. He told my sister it was for the best because I deserve better and he is a loser. I've tried to call him many times and left messages.

He has no phone of his own. I heard he moved on the next day with another woman. He still won't speak to me. Can you help? Answer: I don't know what the core issue you were fighting about was or who was legitimately in the wrong, but if you broke off an engagement, moved four hours away and never said goodbye, it had to be a BIG blow up. This was no way to start a marriage, so it's a mixed blessing that it happened before the wedding rather than after.

This huge issue apparently never had closure for you if you're still thinking about him. However, he rebounded the next night with another woman and as emotional punishment to you now won't return any of your messages. If you truly owe him an apology, you can write him a letter since he's not in the mindframe to hear your voice. You must have his address or the address of a friend, neighbor, or relative of his who can deliver this letter to him.

Mark on the outside "To be opened by addressee only. Say what you need to Album) and give your contact information, if you want to. Tell him your purpose is to apologize.

Less is more so don't ramble. Just own whatever you need to say sorry for. He has told your sister that he is a loser and you deserve better. He doesn't have a phone and doesn't seem financially stable. He's rebuffed your attempts to contact him and immediately rebounded with another woman. I don't know what the backstory is there, but think long and hard about whether he's right for you. Is he the loser he claims to be? Apologizing is very different from reuniting.

Be very clear in advance what you want and why so that you can be clear in what you communicate. Otherwise, you may wind up reliving -- and probably repeating -- the past.

Question: I have betrayed a true friend. She has always been honest, loving, and caring, I was naive and ended up hurting her. As a result, I lost part of the closeness we once had, and it hurts inside when I think of what I did when at the time I was under the influence.

Have you got any suggestions? Answer: None of us are perfect, and we've each done things we are regretful of. Ask for her forgiveness. If your friend will hear you out in person, that is best. Take her by the hands, look at her in the eyes, and confess your humanity.

Let her know that you failed her as a friend. If she won't meet with you personally, then write your message down in a card. Express sincere remorse and ownership for your behavior, regardless of being under the influence. After all, it Album) your choice to drink to excess. Express what she means to you and ask for her ideas on how to make this right. Be willing to offer up some ideas. Make sure she knows it will never happen again -- and deliver on that promise!

Trust isn't rebuilt in a day. Ultimately, convince her that you have learned something important how much her friendship means and you are trying to be a better person and a better friend. Question: I asked a girl to kiss me on Instagram, but she did not reply. Instead, she complained to her boyfriend. I cleared the air with the boyfriend but am still feeling guilty. What should I do? Answer: You cleared the air with the girl's boyfriend.

Make sure you also apologize to the girl herself. Don't overdo it, just apologize and ask to be friends again. After the apology, it then becomes an issue of getting over your awkwardness. In other words, it's a "you" issue that you'll have to get past. Only time will solve it. People make mistakes. Stop beating yourself up after you've made amends. And no more asking for kisses or other sexual contact via social media. Question: I hurt a friend that means a lot to me.

I want to make a playlist saying sorry without declaring my love for them. A lot of these songs are about being in love. Can you suggest any songs that are not about being in love? His next of kin needs to contact a donation site. My uncle was a big, tall man with leukemia who had undergone extensive chemo and radiation that ravaged his body yet the state medical school did accept his body.

He was returned cremated within a year. Question: A man was previously in love with me, and I pushed him away until he gave up on me. Now I'm deeply in love with him. Is there any possible chance for us to get back together? Answer: One has to wonder what changed so drastically to prompt your change of feelings? It's enough to give one emotional whiplash. Rather than confuse the matter, try taking it slow with him. Re-introduce yourself into his life, slowly get to know him again as he currently is if he is still singleand build trust.

Reveal your feelings bit by bit and describe what was going on in your head and heart when you rejected him. Make sure you have your emotional house in order. Question: I lost the woman I love. After a long time of being denied attention, and being falsely convinced that she was cheating, I flirted with another girl. As bad as that was, that was as far as it got.

I could never imagine being with anyone else. I guess always coming up second best enraged her and she told my ex. After I realized my stupidity and stopped, she kicked me out and waited a month to dump me. We still talk. What songs match up that I can send her? More importantly, what do I do? Answer: Although you flirted, a generally healthy, trusting relationship should be able to weather some mild flirtation.

Is she that jealous or was it considerably more than mild flirtation? Should you reunite as a couple, you will need to pour a lot of effort into building trust. I recommend a couple's counselor if this is a serious commitment. I have found that the single most genuine and effective method for making amends is a humble, heartfelt question: "What do I need to do to make this right?

Question: I am trying to say that I'm sorry to my parents with a song after everything I have done. Do you have any suggestions on what I should use? Answer: The best thing that you can do is continue along a positive path. That's what all parents want for their kids, not apologies.

Don't wear the guilt of your transgressions like a badge of shame. Parents understand missteps as a part of maturing. If you want to honor your parents, consider a song about how much they mean to you.

Small, random acts often mean the world: hugs, a card with a warm message, or taking them out to lunch on occasion. Question: I made multiple mistakes sleeping with someone else instead of my significant other and need a good song to apologize.

Any suggestions? It's a classic for a reason! Especially look at the following lyrics. It wouldn't be too difficult to send your beloved a slide show of photos of the two of you during good times set to this song, then at the end include a personalized message.

Question: I violated my boyfriend's trust, and then I lied about it. He found out and is really mad at me. How should I fix things? Answer: None of us are perfect human beings. You made mistakes and all you can do at this point is ask to talk to him in person.

Look him in the face when you apologize and face towards him. That's a start. First, accept responsibility for your actions by admitting what you did e. Don't add qualifiers or try to explain it away e.

Attempts to explain it away will make matters worse at this point. Make sure you offer a heartfelt apology. Second, describe how your behavior impacted him, how it made him feel.

This lets him know that you truly get what you did to him. Third, tell him what he means to you and ask how you can begin to make this right. If he is not to start forgiving you, then tell him you'd like to talk more with him in another few days to see if he is open to working with you to repair the broken trust in your relationship.

I don't want to regret holding this back. Answer: The following song describes a young woman's physical and inner beauty from the perspective of a guy who seeks to start a relationship with her: "Beautiful Soul" by Jesse McCartney If you look at the lyrics, you'll notice that it seems perfect for your situation.

If you want ideas for additional songs, there are several others that would also be appropriate on the following playlist:. Question: I have regrets. There is someone who loves me like crazy, but my love for him faded away.

I broke up with him, and now I'm with someone else. I want to express that I didn't do that to hurt him. But because of all those years trying to give him what he wanted, the two of us just don't work out.

After years, I decided to work on my happiness too. That is specific but what kind of song could I send? Answer: Here are two suggestions. Be sure he gets the message that the relationship is OVER and understands why you're sharing this particular song. Put that part in your own words, so he doesn't read into anything. It's easier to do a clean break, although it hurts like hell for the first few weeks. Answer: Give him some space first as you collect your thoughts.

If he truly loves you, he's going to miss you like crazy. Then contact him to ask for a face-to-face meeting. Give your one last best pitch to him in which you apologize and lay it all out on the line, holding nothing back.

You have ONE last chance to do this, and this is it. If he refuses to meet with you, make a pre-recorded YouTube video marked private so the whole world isn't able to view it and send him the link. The video should be a video of you talking straight to the camera and pouring your heart out as if you were talking face-to-face. Apologize and request forgiveness without excuses.

Talk about memories, what he means to you, and what you want for your future together. Add photos of you both and background music for additional emotional impact at the end if you're technically inclined. Make sure It Aint Easy - Blake Shelton - If Im Honest (CD have the big "ask" at the end. What are you asking him to do? Call you, be your boyfriend, move in?

Also tell him that if his answer is no, you'll respect his decision and won't contact him again. The benefit of using a private YouTube video is that you'll know how many times if any, he's viewed it because it's only viewable to those who have the link. Make sure it's marked private! Question: I asked for an open relationship that I really didn't want and it just took a spiraling turn downward. We ended up breaking up it's been about a week. It's the worst mistake I've ever made.

What song can I use to fix it? Answer: I'm glad you see that three's a crowd. Send your honey a song like, "Baby Come Back" by Player with a simple message that you made the biggest mistake of your life and you want to apologize and talk it over.

In your discussion, accept full responsibility and communicate that your lover is "enough" for you. Question: I've nearly ruined my friendship with my best friend because I do not like her new boyfriend and have been judging and criticizing her to the point of hurting her feelings instead of supporting her.

What song can I use to show her I care? Answer: Rather than send an apology song, why not let your friend know that you love and support her and want the best but that sometimes you're human and fall short?

I suggest, for example:. As far as the guy is concerned, if he isn't good for her, she'll hopefully see it sooner or later. She has to learn to trust your judgment and you, hers. However, this is her mistake to make. Answer: This is a song of both joy and regret, celebrating the season of Christmas as a special time in which people.

The narrator wonders as beautiful as this is why do we only do this at Christmas? He is sorry that it cannot always be like this, no matter the season. The song was sung by Petter Hollens Question: I am meeting other suitors up until a deadline set by my parents so that they will finally agree to let me be with my love if none others work. This makes me feel bad for what he is going through. Which song says sorry for putting him through this?

Answer: It's unfortunate in today's world that your family is not permitting you to freely and fully choose to marry the individual you love.

They are inserting a level of control and interference into the process. Although your parents want what they think is best for you, they don't fully embrace the notion that this decision is THE most important one of your young life. It needs to be yours rather than theirs. Perhaps this is an issue of culture and tradition, but it concerns me greatly because the secret to happiness and success in life can largely be found in who you marry.

My thoughts are with you as you do what is best for your happiness and your future. My opinion: always choose love. Rather than apologize to your beloved, why not offer him hope and reassurance instead? These include:. Question: A comment I made was taken wrong by friends. What's a good song to say I'm sorry? Answer: Just remember that true friends will forgive you if you apologize. Here are the regret-filled lyrics:. Question: I lied to someone I really love. Although we're not together, I hurt him deeply, and after apologizing to him, I hurt him again.

I really want him to forgive me, but I don't know the right words to say or what to do. What should I say? Answer: You violated his trust not once but twice. Do some deep reflection about what led you to do so. The biggest predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Why would he trust you now? You need to focus your energy on demonstrating trustworthiness. Apologize earnestly and tell him you are focusing on being a better person.

Question: I made this girl I like really mad. Right before that she was debating if she should go out with me. I accidentally told people we were going out when we weren't.

What song would be best? Answer: You do need to apologize and ask if you can start over. Make your apology to her relatable. We've all had one of those situations where we've gotten ahead of ourselves, nothing seemed to go right, then bad events turned to worse. See if she can understand that experience. Tell her how awful you feel about it happening and how you wish you could have a redo or make it right because she's so special to you.

Then, especially if she is still unconvinced, maybe present a written list of the top 10 reasons she should give you a second chance. Hint: make some of the reasons funny, make some of them endearing. Here is a list of song ideas for background mood music:.

Although some of these are apology songs, you don't necessarily have to go with that type of song, as many such tunes are about broken romantic relationships and yours hasn't really started yet. Whatever the case, best of luck in winning her over.

I hope this was helpful! Question: I pranked my boyfriend that I was pregnant, and his parents kicked him out of the house as a result. I confessed the truth, but now his whole family detests me. What can I do to show how sorry I am about my prank? Answer: Oh, that's tasteless. Your unfortunate prank had real repercussions with your boyfriend's parents kicking him out. Right now they aren't supportive of your relationship, although he still continues to see you.

The best you can hope for right now is polite acknowledgment, and you get that by consistently behaving in a responsible and mature manner.

You may try to write them a sincere apology letter with a card, asking for personal forgiveness. Tell them it was an immature joke in poor taste and you didn't know what you were thinking.

You didn't understand the ramifications of your actions; if you could undo it or make amends you absolutely would. Say that you are sorry. Do not expect that it will automatically result in the desired consequences but make the effort. They may treat you poorly but don't return the ugly behavior.

Remember who caused this and be the bigger person. Crissy - I've spent about an hour trying to find this on lyrics databases to no avail. So sorry! Perhaps a reader will recognize the lyrics and comment. Lora - I find that "Cat's In the Cradle" to be such a bittersweet song. Kids do grow up quickly. Even if you did the best you could I think there will always be regrets. Thank you for such a warm comment and note of encouragement.

A great playlist of songs about regret, apologies and feeling sad, Flourish. You did a splendid job! Life gets away from us before we even know it and so many times it's too late to even express our apologies to those that we love.

It is better to say your sorry than to let this happen. This song has such a profound message that sadly sums up so many relationships in families. Tu as une minute. Find your next favorite book. Midnight Sun. Stephenie Meyer. But until now, fans have heard only Bella's side of the story.

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