Misery - The Jungle Kids - Energizzer (CD)

This will enable the children to understand more about the type of weather that is found in the rainforest. Jungle Fun After talking about what animals live in the jungle, ask the children to draw and cut out three or more animals that live in the jungle. Make binoculars out of toilet paper rolls. When the children are not there, tape the pictures out in the hall and then go out on a safari.

The children are to find the pictures that belong to them. Jungle Animal Centerpiece Edible Pick an apple that will stand up by itself nicely.

Cut the apple in half, horizontally. Place the two cut ends in a little lemon juice, to retard browning. Cut a plastic straw into 3 equal pieces. Pick 3 jungle animals from a pkg. Place the straws into the bottom half of an apple evenly. Attach each animal cracker with a dot of peanut butter. Press top half of apple into bottom half of apple. Instant animal carousel. The Mighty Morpho Butterflies Three morpho butterflies gliding through the trees The first one swooped to take a look at me!

Three morpho butterflies sitting on a leaf The second one was trying to eat something sweet! Sunday, June 29, The 7 Wonder Whys Recently, Andrew and I visitedt he last of the official seven. Negative seven point for the creativity there boys.

Chichen-Itza Mexico 2. Anthony's re-name: "Strategic Fortress of Ingenuity" 3. Anthony's re-name: 'Adonai' 4. Anthony's re-name: 'Awesome Colossum' 5. The Taj Mahal India 4. Anthony's re-name: 'Aladdin's Crib. The Great Wall. Imagine the Chinese Emperor sitting in his courtyard, surrounded by subject drinking green tea when the highest ranking general enters, General: "Your majesty, we have just completed the largest defense system ever known in history, a true testament to ingenuity and strength.

Emperor: "The Waaaaall. People exchange unimpressed glances. The right hand man clears his throat loudly. Sunday, June 15, Crash Course in Reality. On the last day of our meditation course, we opened our eyes feeling refreshed and enlightened Anthony only opened his after being pushed.

He was concentrating so deeply he was snoring. Fresh from the meditation course, our plan was to skip up to Delhi and dance over to apply for new passports, then traipse off to spend a few weeks doing dandy volunteer work and feeling good about ourselves in Calcutta, afterward whisking back to Delhi to pick up our passports and Chinese visa, with plenty of time afterward for a leisurely trip to Nepal, with a stop at the Taj Mahal thrown in. All of this we optimistically expected to fit into a month.

If we'd known how ambitious this project was, we might have stayed in Africa. With the effort we spent, we could have done some real good for the African people - it'd be easier to go head-to-head with a lion than haggle with some of the auto-rickshaw drivers we met, and Indian bureaucracy would make even President Mugabe shudder. But, at one with nature, feeling nothing but peace and love for our fellow beings, we were ready to take on the world.

The world, maybe. All told, we spent two full months in India. It's a testament to the meditation course that we made it out with shreds of our sanity, and to the Missionaries of Charity that we still hold goodwill for humanity. It's no wonder the place has turned out it's share of saintly people - if you can live a day in those crooked streets and love the last person you see the same as the first, God must have a good grip on you.

The place is not like 'the world. India is none of these things. Or rather, it is all of these things, but in a completely upside-down stretched out sort of way. It's like the world reflected on a spoon: everything is either absolutely huge and overpowering, or small and squished and meant to be much bigger. Actually, gutter water seems preferable to home plumbing anyways. In India, bathing - not to mention drinking, urinating, washing clothes, pots and pans, and street cleaning - is a team sport.

Extra points for the group who can do all of them at once in the same gush of water. People stand in lines at the ticket counter: but the line is just as likely to spread out the length of the counter as it is to curl backwards on itself and swallow the man in the middle. It is most certainly a man there, and he is most likely to have sharp elbows - so even if he gets swallowed, the line will digest him, and he'll somehow end up in the front.

We were lucky to make it out alive. Somehow, though, despite the mess that it is, I think India has been my favourite stop on this trip. I've tried to describe why a number of times, but have yet to be successful. As my final attempt, I offer this hodgepodge of anecdotes, and if you manage to connect them, maybe you'll see what I mean. The land of smells: As you walk down the street in any city, you'll catch the sudden and powerful mouth-watering smell of something absolutely fantastic; food, incense, perfume Don't worry, though - something else will assault you in the next five steps so that you won't remember the first two!

The youth hostel was our first stop in Delhi after finishing the meditation course, so our entrance saw us greeting each other amiably and smiling; our exit, however, saw us at a run, 'escorted' by security. At any given time, there were three to five people behind the reception desk; but it took and incomprehensible amount of time to accomplish anything, and most things didn't get accomplished at all.

Two hours to sign in and be assigned a room, two more to ask about making a phone call - only to find out the phone doesn't work. There was always a line, and the simplest question from each person quickly became an issue to be resolved by the manager - who was never available. The favourite line spoken was "Wait please - Can you wait? If not Nirmal Hriday, the Missionaries of Charity home for the destitute buried deep inside Calcutta: In that home, the language barrier prevented us from talking to most people, but that wouldn't stop one man.

He spoke incessantly, whether you understood or spoke back, or not. In fact, if you didn't understand, he would only speak more quickly and louder before giving you a disdainful look and turning away, only to turn back and ask another question. If he wasn't talking, it was because one of the sisters had told him to be quiet He loved to sing, and his voice would fill the ward when he did.

Once, Anthony asked him to sing, and after a look that said "Hmph. If my public so requests," he let loose with more passion and conviction than Pavarotti. I was often tending the man on the bed beside the singer, and he was not moved at all by the music. I suppose it would be annoying if you had to live with it daily As you can see, there is absolutely no pattern to the stories; only a bunch of pictures that become the schmoz of awesome that is India But one day, I came across one image that, in my mind,describes our experience in India perfectly: There is a woman.

She is beautiful, with shining eyes, bronze-brown skin, and charcoal hair. She is wearing a red or purple sari, with gold earrings, nose ring, and bindi. She carries a young child and smiles. Then she turns and spits a stream of vile brown into the gutter beside a man squatting a number two. India: You will love it. You will hate it. You will embrace it like a lover then fight it with teeth and rage over your last pocketful of rupees.

You'll feel every emotion you have a vocabulary for - more powerfully than you ever have before - except for one. You will never be indifferent. Posted by The Nutz at AM 1 comment:. Thursday, June 5, Meditation For Dummies. Et voila. See, one day once upon a time on this boat in the Amazon my brother met some girl from France who knew someone whose father's uncle's chiropractor's daughter did this course somewhere in India and is now apparently perfectly harmonious.

So, here I am. Trying to achieve inner peace Rule 17 of the meditation course: "Do not kill any beings. The only thing I'm getting out of this so far is that I know to never let Andrew talk to girls on boats ever again. In fact when we get back, I'm sending him to a boat-less seminary. Or, maybe I could just leave him here, I'm sure the Buddhists could find room The ten-day Vipassana course is designed to help you look at your deep rooted desires through meditation and uproot them.

They believe that craving is the source of misery. For the entire ten days you are not allowed to talk no voicing, gestures, eye contact, SMS, morse code, pigeon messengers, e-mail or telepathy.

They also Misery - The Jungle Kids - Energizzer (CD) you to turn in your cameras, mobile phones, books, writing materials and even your mp3 players I really don't know just HOW they intend on achieving peace without a little daily Jack Johnson Needless to say the course demanded a little will-power.

Not so much the 'I'm going to stick to my diet today' will power Whoa, two Mel Gibson flicks The daily schedule was as follows: am Morning wake-up bell am Meditate in the hall or in your room am Breakfast break am Group meditation in the hall am Meditate in the hall or in your room according to the teacher's instructions noon Lunch break 12noon pm Rest and interviews with the teacher pm Meditate in the hall or in your room pm Group meditation in the hall pm Meditate in the hall or in your own room according to the teacher's instructions pm Tea break pm Group meditation in the hall pm Teacher's Discourse in the hall pm Group meditation in the hall pm Question time in the hall pm Retire to your own room--Lights out My personal schedule sort of went more as follows: am - Wake up bell.

I realize that even the sun is still asleep and consider shooting the bell-man. Decide that it would be very un-Buddhist. After I fell back asleep. Specifically why I keep showing up as a Care-Bear. Eat gruel. Try not to crave three strips of bacon with scrambled eggs and freshly squeezed orange juice - because cravings are the source of Misery - The Jungle Kids - Energizzer (CD) unhappiness.

Along with his chanting. Especially from a teacher who sounds like Darth Vader after swallowing a dying frog with Tuberculosis. Contemplate that scene from 'The Matrix' where they all have a plate full of human boogers and compare them to 'tasty wheat' I realize that I would have betrayed them all too to get back to the matrix I ask him why he wears a black mask and hates the Rebel Alliance.

Starts to contemplate life: 'If caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies, what do poo-eating earth worms turn into? Which, by the way, are following me around the world!

They just seem to be everywhere!! They also happen to be the one animal I despise. Tricky little vermins. They scare the crap out of me!! Then proceed to consume the crap I have provided! THAT'S why they are following me! It's a disastrous cycle. In Egypt pigeon in a common item on the menu in most restaurants. Andrew got one while we were there and I giggled throughout the whole meal I started to call it the 'Hour of Power. The best part of Anthony's day. Good thing nobody can talk to him on this break, because he wouldn't listen anyways.

He's lost in a world with caramel waterfalls, dancing lollipops and Beach Boys vinyl. This is heaven for him. Why am I talking about myself in third person?!? And who are the other two people before the third person? I've heard of 'first person,' but who in heaven's name is 'second person? Who would win between Aladdin and Tarzan? I got completely stuck when I tried to put Peter Pan up against Mulan. I mean, Mulan is pretty tough, plus she's got bonus Asian points.

Peter Pan however, has pixie dust and levitation. Tough call. I think Peter's immaturity might be his downfall and the Chinese army will march through Neverland. My conscience got the better of me and I participated.

My teacher doesn't think that Peter Pan and Mulan is 'relevant. Meditation is hard work. The course was hard, but everything difficult usually comes with its share of rewards.

Even though around the seventh day I was seriously debating giving up Misery - The Jungle Kids - Energizzer (CD) moral upbringing for some Tropicana. I'll also never forget the day that during the Hour of Power we were all on our cushions, eyes closed in the hall, birds chirping outside Then in the nearby town comes the long, loud drone of an air-raid siren!

My only experience with these so far is in the movies. They always sound when something really bad is about to happen. I stayed seated with my eyes closed as I was supposed to, expecting the teacher to tell us to run for cover soon The siren grew louder and I realized that maintaining a 'peaceful state of mind' was out of the question.

Was nobody else hearing this?! I began to sweat. The anticipation strangling me. At the end of my wit--I broke the rules and opened one eye to peek around the room. It was a perfect picture of serenity. All the students sitting on the floor with perfect posture, eyes closed and peaceful. The sun was pouring in through the window.

What do I do?!?! Sit it out like them?! Do they know something I don't? Or do I follow my gut instinct and run out of the pagoda screaming, "The British are coming!

The British are coming!! It was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. I had won the victory over myself.

I loved Big Brother. Anthony There will not be a Hindi lesson today. If you crave one, you are miserable. Friday, May 16, People should stop being boring. Note : The main character of this story could be you!! But to protect your identity I've changed your name, hair colour, height and favorite flavour of fruit snack.

You will be called 'Uranus. My apologies to everyone I know already named Uranus. No way, no way! My apologies to everyone I know who IS an Avril fan.

I'm really sorry for you. All of a sudden, Uranus rounds a corner and bumps into Anthony who is jogging. Anthony: "Hey Uranus, what's up? What's on the A-man's mind today? N'ways I gotta run, my friend lent me their old Nintendo 64 and I'm on level four of Zelda. I want to make it to level five by this afternoon when 'Desperate Housewhores' is on When Uranus is on the ground Anthony kicks a near-by pile of dog poo at him. Then he jogs away. Mis ojos no te pueden ver Remasterizado views. Creepy Grudge Ghost Girl in the Mirror!

Related Videos. Jesus Approves Of Vidlii 14, views. The Annoying Collab Subscriber Special 2, views. Agamemnon Counterpart Complete Version 2, views. Username on VidLii [HD] 4, views. Me at the zoo 6, views. Share Favorite Playlists Flag. The soundtrack marked the first time George Bruns' instrumental score was included in its entirety. This version included an interview with the Sherman Brothers, and four bonus songs: both songs taken from the Disneyland Records album More Jungle Book, an unofficial sequel to the film written Misery - The Jungle Kids - Energizzer (CD) screenwriter Larry Simmons.

Disney Records reissued the soundtrack incoinciding with the reissue of the film on VHS and laserdisc to celebrate its 30th anniversary. This version retained then interview with the Sherman Brothers, and four bonus songs: two demos of the discarded Terry Gilkyson songs, and two songs taken from the Disneyland Records album More Jungle Bookan unofficial sequel to the film written by screenwriter Larry Simmons.

Unlike the previous version, the songs from More Jungle Book were made into their own tracks rather than added onto the Sherman Brothers interview. Shake It! MousekeDance It! Disney Wiki Explore. Toy Story Monsters, Misery - The Jungle Kids - Energizzer (CD). Video Games. Recent Blogs Users Administration Moderators. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account?

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