Sleeper - Zero 7 - Yeah Ghost (CD, Album)

Iron Lung Records on Bandcamp. High Cost is a five piece band from NYC who formed infrom the looks of things. High Cost play a scathing, vicious, and brutal as fuck style of music that incorporates elements of hardcore, punk, and poweviolence within their sound.

Musically, High Cost can be loosely compared to bands such as Oxidant, Backslider, Total Abuse, and other like-minded bands. On What's Living Worth? Overall, What's Living Worth makes for an awesome listen and definitely should not be missed. High Cost on Bandcamp. Last Gasp on Bandcamp. Dropping Bombs on Bandcamp. Militarie Gun is a five piece band from Los Angeles, California who formed infrom the looks of things. Militarie Gun on Bandcamp. Overall, The Place You Know makes for an awesome listen and definitely should not be missed, Great stuff!

One Step Closer on Bandcamp. Here's a killer split featuring two of my favorite bands offering up covers of awesome 90's bands. Regular readers of the blog should be very familiar with both bands appearing on the split, so I'll spare you from enduring my usual spiel here.

Overall, this is a fun compilation of songs and definitely should not be missed. Highly recommended. My House The Pros Payday Give N Take Superhumans Feat. Buggin CDP Smackdown Timeless Treasure I Jus Wanna Away Too Long Make Due Tired Atlas Dishonored Valor CD 2: Instrumentals The Pros Instrumental Payday Instrumental Give N Take Instrumental Superhumans Instrumental Buggin Instrumental CDP Smackdown Instrumental Timeless Treasure Instrumental I Jus Wanna Instrumental Away Too Long Instrumental Make Due Instrumental Tired Atlas Instrumental Shamash Feat.

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From Slave Chains To Handcuffs feat. Still Reprise I Can Still Remember Westside Willie feat. Change Ur Beliefs feat. Kevlaar 7 Precious Moments feat. French Connection feat. Soul Drenched feat. DJ Los Get Me Rich Outro Buck Shots feat.

Kxng Shxt feat. Fresh From The Morgue feat. God Body Tendency Awesome In the Ruff feat. Haile Supreme The Gangman Reaper feat.

No Squares feat. Can't Breathe feat. Smitty Too Late feat. Control feat. But You feat. Termanology - Vintage Horns We all know. Had a very productive day. I managed to assemble a very heavy piece of furniture in only twice the amount of time the directions said it would take. Well done, Doc! I couldn't run in them and my knees hated them. They were okay for just knocking around, though.

Back to Merrell Glove. It's just flirting, I ain't going home with you. But, hey, who am I to judge? Imagine you travel from Virginia to Pennsylvania and have to exchange. But there wasn't much printed money in those days, it was barter or coin or whisky. Wait, what? It'll die if it can't move? Behind him Jill and Bloomberg have something going on. She also made fun of Charlie Sykes, albeit not by name, for being one of the white dudes mindlessly nodding along with Reid on her show. Sykes, of course, responded, quite lamely.

We as soooo doomed as a nation. Nice to see you again! Prayers sent, Blanco. You're not my supervisor, Coke Zero. I've said it before. They are cancer. The worst part is the media fawning all over it. Did you know my XH? Lobbed a few at him, he was cheating.

The media? The GOP??? Hah ha ha ha ha I crack myself up. It is immensely helpful to be able to speak of the sorrow - that's what we are here for. It's active rejection, not just ignorance. They simply cannot accept any reality outside of their fevered imaginations.

It's solipsistic thinking--they are the only reality and nothing else matters. I've still got to find dinner. What are you all chatting about. Posted by: JQ Stole yer smokes, eh? Even Darleen knows better than that. Looks like it's not official yet. Don't know what FLDocs will do if it becomes legal. My primary does the same protocol only not hcq or ivermectin. Point being, now that the medical community understands this virus there are multiple medicines that will stop the swarm.

If a physician can't treat the virus he's batting for the other team. Slow down. You can't make this stuff up 'cause no one would believe you if you did, but Minaj refused to get vax'd for tonight's Met Gala, and tweeted something about her cousin in Trinidad. I guess he had a friend that took the jab, became impotent, suffered from swollen balls, and lost his fiance because of the whole mess.

So, yeah. I'm not sure smart is the word I'd use, but good on her for savaging Reid. Still don't know what I will do. I really don't believe the shots are safe, but I also have to provide for my kids. I need to check whether my life insurance policy will pay out for a vaccine-related death I may also just decide to take a leap of faith and let them fire me for non-compliance and see what I can find to do instead. I'd have to change industries because there are no companies in my industry that don't do business with the government, which would be heartbreaking because I believe in my work, but I also believe in my ability to read a fucking study and determine it isn't adequate to prove safety.

Posted by: Blanco Basura You and yours are in my prayers. Posted by: qdpsteve at September 13, PM L2ZTs The thing that has always bugged me about her, is that if you scraped away all the makeup and false eyelashes, and dressed her in jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt, she would be a very pretty woman. But her persona is a walking, talking example of the uncanny valley. Still, kudos for her post. She ain't wrong.

I forgot about the Papa Kushner thing. I am a daily lurker on The Hostages. I was reading an earlier post and watched Rose McGowan's speech. She prattles on about America being for the "elites", then goes on to discuss how uneducated Americans are according Eurotrash and how America is the "Florida of the world". Is that wrong? Slow Joe's speechwriter. There's pretty decent money to be made giving out the "free" clot shot: "f you instead administer a dose of the COVID vaccine on the same date to 12 Medicare patients in 12 different homes i.

They died under mysterious circumstances in a rooming house in Denver at the turn of the last century. Some say on a Album) night you can hear the ghostly Biden, wailing for his demoncrat lover. I might be sympathetic except, again, the whole three decade thing. Posted by: casual observer at September 13, PM aAP3z Actually the state banks acted as clearing banks, they pretty much returned bills to the home bank for settling the value in Gold.

Lots of communities hated them because in the back country a lot of time the guy bringing in the bills would bankrupt the bank because it had overprinted bills against actual holding of specie.

A really good book on this if you are interested in Murray Rothbard's A History of Money and Banking in the United States though for me past about the year it is like reading Small Sacrifices by Anne Rule, you know what is going to happen is bad, the only question is how depraved will it be. Posted by: LeftCoast Dawg Heh, he laughed, so no. Long time no gray box! Posted by: Pete Bog Box of gray Take me away! I caved. Don't feel great about it.

This wasn't my hill to die on. It may be yours. And I respect whatever decision you make. There's pretty decent money to be made giving out the "free" clot shot: I don't think they're losing anything on the antibody infusions, either.

But so worth it. Especially if you can rope in Ace and company on secondary sexual harassment civil charges. Geils Band. Rolling Stones. Kingdome, I've never seen so much cocaine in the crowd, before that day, or after.

If I could spel, I'd be dangerous. Emmie, I play keyboards, piano and organ but I'm not bringing them to Texas with me. Posted by: Walter Freeman OTOH, we need as many people as possible calling out these lefty fuck fascist assholes, throwing sand in the gears, exposing, sabotaging, and derailing the Totalitarian Express.

How are you going to provide for your kids if you are dead? I'm not being sarcastic at all, we may face this with hub's job. But still, what job is worth your life?

That was close. Posted by: Mrs. Peel at September 13, PM M It's evil how they just keep pushing until they find that thing they can use to coerce people. I wish I knew how to break the spell, because this will only continue as long as we allow it. Well, until we pass the point of no return. And Vitamin D can't hurt. FLCCC has information and that might be a good place to start looking. Their Zoom chats are long like all zoom chats, but they have stuff in writing.

There are some things to help with any possible clotting from the spike proteins, but I don't know which ones seem to work best. Peel, when will you know for sure the terms of the mandate? Or are they a false flag op to make me hate Trump? I do not know if anyone else is. But she likely thinks as ill of conservatives as she does her rapist s. So I'm not gonna try and pet that particular doggie. So, sorry if I did. I hate this coercion, too, and what these shots are doing to people.

I think it's a personal decision, so no judgment intended. It's beyond wrong. Posted by: Dave in Fla at September 13, PM 5p7BC Or Trump just licensed out his name, and trusted the people in charge to not use it in ways that would tarnish him. Posted by: Dave in Fla at September 13, PM 5p7BC I assume they are fundraising off of Trump's popularity, but that it doesn't help Trump or really involve Trump except for invoking his name.

Posted by: greaser no onry erection pledicktions. And then again sometimes they are so jarring to a worldview people cover it up and pretend it never happened. The fun thing is someone going through that process is loud, and often makes other people start thinking as well. Rose has a lot of people watching her. Posted by: Walter Freeman Forgive me if I don't want her representing me on any subject. Let her eat the left on her own, but she's not part of "my team". Posted by: Dave in Fla Totes legit.

Posted by: AZ deplorable moron at September 13, Be well blanco, sorry for your loss. My fear is with the evil incrementalism these bastards use, they'll force my hand somewhere else, like deny medical care or limit acess to banking, and make the job change meaningless. And there's at least 3. Don't blame you - I may end up caving as well. Tecumsehtea - I think it's very unlikely I'd die, but I also have horrible luck.

I can go around a monopoly board a half dozen times without landing on something I can buy. So, I'm very, very risk-averse. So I'm trying to weigh the biggest risk here. Losing our sole income and our very good health insurance is a massive risk. I'm also too scared to risk lying or trying to pay off a doctor to squirt the syringe in the trash. How do you even find someone to do that? I can't imagine you can walk in with a couple of benjamins and be like "so What a dumb name.

Posted by: tecumsehtea at September 13, PM skoMC It's tough because we are in "mixed company" and there are sensitivities. I appreciate the vaxxed morons who have pledged to stand with the unvaxxed, like avoiding activities and businesses that require the shots. They are doing their part. Lots of turmoil in the off season with the top 4 wide receivers all hitting the portal and changing schools after Jimmy Lake hired a new offensive coordinator they apparently didn't like.

Add that to a rookie QB, and the offense is pulling a serious case of on-the-job training. I still see a. Why does he give a shit? I personally don't think Rose MacGowan has "seen the light" on anything, except that Dems are evil fucks. I'd bet she's still super-woke on tons of subjects, including trans people, kids and what not. If taking down some major Dems is what it takes, that's cool with her. But I'd bet that years from now she's a forgotten like Cindy Sheehan and b as leftist as ever.

Freedom lovers and independent thinkers will refer to it as the Second American Revolution. Adjust your scorecards accordingly.

But I don't think I am. I Album) been looking at things since CA SB 5. Good people are and will be needed. Didn't know who she was and, wow, she turned up in some unexpected places.

Can't imagine it'll be later than this week. Speaking of Johnny on the spot, I normally can't get my supervisor to even show up to a meeting with me or fill out any paperwork I need him to fill out for me. But when I waited three whole days to fill out the vax form? I ended up not actually filling it out. It was an online form, and the only required field was to type in my name, so that's all they got.

I know you guys were talking about Charo, but y'all kept spelling it with an extra R, so Peel at September 13, PM M I wonder if there is any drug you could load up on, pre-vax, that would mostly neutralize the vax?

Or could you make a couple of scalpel cuts at the vax site, and then suction it for an hour or so? Like they used to do for snakebite? I'm really not sure how I would have approached the decision nowadays if I'd avoided the sickness. With thumbscrews if necessary. Posted by: LeftCoast Dawg Rong. The Victors write the history.

The clotting happens if vaccine-induced antibodies attach to PF4a protein involved in clotting. This is also something that can happen to patients treated with heparin. Maybe a little "street insurance," perhaps? Anyway, it won't look good if she "commits suicide" anytime within the next year. All I know is what I learned from watching Burn Notice.

If someone offered ME a couple of benjamins, I would immediately turn their ass in, so I'd expect that would be the reaction from most people. Everything is part of their holy war. Harris did not disappear when Tulsi Gabbard stuck the knife in her. It's not shark-proof per se, more like shark resistant. Peel at No forgery and no bribes. You could lose your license, your job, and your freedom.

I have a perfect copy of a card. With my luck, I'd get caught. And I'm not going to any major sporting events anyway.

Nor will I go to events where there is discrimination. Or bars or restaurants. And if I'm asked, I will still say ," it's none of your damn business. I have to be employed. And I like my job. And I'm really good at what I do. Plus, I am betting there is a lot of dirty laundry he could air. Posted by: Kindltot Too soon to say. Posted by: qdpsteve The Clinton Ctime Family doesn't care about optics.

Just ask incarcerated Jeffrey Epstein That opens up all sorts of possibilities. Story I head about that was the he joined the force to avoid going to 'Nam. It wasn't until later that he learned 'Nam was safer. Didn't matter that she tried knifing Biden, and Tulsi knifed her pretty good too. Writing was on the wall as soon as she disappeared for six weeks after withdrawing in the primaries so her facelift could heal enough to look somewhat normal. There are literally thousands of state employees who are picking up checks, sometimes in 6 figures, who do absolutely nothing.

Not one thing. Maybe they have their name painted on an office door in Sacramento. Maybe some letterhead stationery. Not unlike many states, I would guess. New York, Illinois, Washington, et al.

Imagine him making a floor speech. My reasons are my own and have little to Album) with fear, belief, or politics. I did it mainly on a whim and because I decided i would never mask up again. They claimed it was to protect others, just like the claim they make about masks. The point is to shame you. I said, fine, after this day I am done with it. But look at today, most of the hard core vaxxers wear the mask and try to shame you if you do not. These people want to virtue signal.

Sure many are scared shitless, why woudn't they be? I'm confused? Did I say something about crimes? You could choose your new location and prolly get some perks too. Posted by: AZ deplorable moron My sister and brother in law lost their son this summer. They are hearbroken. I don't know how you are handling your loss, but God be with you, always. Via con Dios, friend. Twice in the last week I responded to something my wife said with "that's what she said. Nah, it'll be fine. He was a very good actor to boot.

With the vax "mandates' allegedly in the pipeline, have lottery ticket sales gone up? Just don't do it if you are easily frightened or have a weak heart or stomach. I think he's gone crazy, Jim.

God Bless. Load up on vit D at least a week before. He was once a cop before he became a "rock star". I kind of have fond memories of Eddie, because I was dancing with a pretty hot girl at a party to an Eddie Money tune I was this close holds thumb and forefinger together to going home with her. Dopey me. Posted by: Miklos ask doggie to wake up and protect that what feeds her at September 13, PM QzkSJ " This morning, at 2 o'clock, our daughter came in to our bedroom and held up 5 fingers and said.

The producer liked it and signed him to a contract. Posted by: Bozo Conservative That Those things have been known to travel in pairs. This is more Caligula crazy. Now it's a hurricane, a wind event and come onshore near me. Maybe I'll be lucky and it'll keep sliding up the coast. Duh duh. That was funny. Posted by: Bitter Clinger Starts off a a dilator then vecomes a constrictor depending on dose I think. Posted by: Blanco Basura I read that as "breast to be careful". Posted by: Dave in Fla Abba Zappa duel.

Posted by: Dave in Fla Gotta dead man walking here boss! Smiley face icon here. I haven't read it but I will later for sure. Peel at September 13, PM M Forcing you to take unwanted, and potentially dangerous medication is also a crime. Pastrami on rye?

I got the good deli mustard and dill pickles. That last guy looks super horny. Karl Rove I know, I know was making an interesting actual comment of relevance. He said the law that that traitorBiden was basing his command on mentioned it and I can't remember what it was has been taken to court 6 times in the decades since it has passed, and 5 of 6 times, was found unconstitutional by the courts.

Apparently the law itself covered completely different meaning than what it was originally supposed to. Rove was insistent and repeated it, and of course was cut off by some crank woman and Wallace, who were all for the forced jab. Who knows for sure, our courts are so effed up.

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