The Bird Has Flown (Alternate B-Side Version) - Deep Purple - MP3 Collection (CDr)

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Review: Kings of Leon serve up their eight album, and with it comes a whole load of mid-life peace and wisdom. It's a subtle evolution of their famous rock style which sees the Nashville band rather mellow out from previous years which have been wrought with drink, drugs and in fighting. They say they accidentally recorded an album of Covid anthems but it certainly works. There are also bods to the socio-political tension in their American homeland and plenty of big riffs.

Ballbreaker LP. The Stone Roses LP. Out of these cues Mono mix of the above album, released on vinyl the same days as the stereo version. The mono mix was. To tie in with the British premiere of the film, Decca Records released a mono single on December 23. The groups name is a reference to Tudor Films, the production company of John Boulting, twin brother of. December 21, in the UK These are different arrangements of both tracks of the Decca single, rush.

These are new recordings. The b-sde is a Martin composition unrelated to the film. Recorded at E. On December 5, the album was released for the first time on cd officially, that is in Canada and the. Paul McCartney approved the. These performances by La. As for McCartneyPaul's actual debut album fromthe original Archive release included a lot of.

To that, I've added a few demos from the era and an. I should note that while the Archive. For one, the Archive version of Maybe I'm Amazed cuts off close to four seconds at the fade, so that is.

Also, Kreen-Akrore sounds like noise reduction has been applied to the Archive version. So, I've opted to include the DCC version here. Anyhoo, that wraps it up for this edition of the UAC series, which I believe is now up to 24 titles! I hope y'all enjoy this one and enjoy the holiday as well!

See ya when I get back home It was issued on Apple. Records in April after McCartney had resisted attempts by his fellow Beatles to have the release. Lennon's private announcement on September 20, that he was leaving the Beatles, and the conflict.

A press release in the form of a selfinterview. Apart from wife Linda's vocal contributions, McCartney performed the entire album by himself, playing. Featuring loosely arranged and in some cases, unfinished home recordings. McCartney explored the back-to-basics style that had been the original concept for the Let It Be then. Partly as a result of McCartney 's role in officially ending the Beatles'. Commercially, McCartney benefited from. The album was reissued in June as part of the Paul.

Following John Lennon's announcement in a band meeting on 20 September that he wanted a. Robert Rodriguez describes his frame of mind as: "brokenhearted, shocked, and dispirited at the loss of.

While the announcement was not made official, partly for business. The rumor was. McCartney 's months in Scotland created an estrangement between him and his bandmates, further to the. For McCartneythe period following Lennon's departure was also marked by a bout of.

She had a seven-year-old and a baby to look after, with a. She later told friends it was one of the most difficult times in her. With Linda's encouragement, McCartney began to consider a future outside the Beatles, by writing or. McCartney and his family returned to London shortly before Christmasand he started work on the.

The recordings were carried out on a recently. In the commentary he later supplied with the album, McCartney described his. McCartney first taped a second portion of a song he had written in Campbeltown, "The Lovely Linda". As with much of the album, McCartney sang the composition accompanied by acoustic guitar before.

Although this performance of "The Lovely Linda" was only intended as a test of the new equipment, it. Reflecting the sequencing on the album, the second and third songs McCartney taped were "That Would.

Be Something", also written in Scotland, and the instrumental "Valentine Day". The latter was one of. On 3 Januaryhe interrupted work on McCartney to participate in the Beatles' final recording. Abbey Road Studios. Willesden, in order to copy all the four-track recordings onto eight-track tape, to allow for further. Keen to maintain secrecy about the project, McCartney worked at Morgan under the.

By this point, he had also taped "Junk" and "Teddy Boy" at Cavendish. Avenue, two songs he began writing during the Beatles' visit to India and had rehearsed with the.

The other recordings transferred to eight-track included "Glasses" — a sound effects. Among other. While at Morgan, he also taped "Hot as Sun", a "Polynesian-influenced" instrumental dating from the late. Amid musical interludes featuring electric guitar, organ and. The latter was among the few people who knew that McCartney was.

There, he carried out further mixing on the previously recorded. Easter note as the "first 'professional' recording" on the finished album, given its position as track 4. McCartney now did the same for the remaining tracks on the album. During this process, "Hot as Sun". He also edited two separate instrumental pieces into one for. With his homemade approach to recording, McCartney eschewed the musical sophistication that had.

Road, and instead returned to the "as nature intended" ethos of Get Back. McCartney played all the. She also contributed the breathing and animal-like sounds, with McCartneyon. McCartney has said that Linda was instrumental in bolstering his. Although McCartney has frequently maintained that he was ignorant of Spector's involvement. The design concept for the album's gatefold cover was McCartney 's, with artist Gordon House and. McCartney featured throughout the packaging, including a collage of 21 family snapshots in the gatefold's.

The gatefold cover of McCartney was. Set against a black background, the front cover image consisted of a bowl of cherry-red liquid placed on a. On the back cover, a photo taken by Linda in Scotland showed her husband with Mary tucked. Apple STAO Although McCartney 's standing among Beatles fans had plummeted as a result of his. Adding to this. In the UK, The Bird Has Flown (Alternate B-Side Version) - Deep Purple - MP3 Collection (CDr) debuted at number 2, where it remained for three weeks behind the best-selling.

By 15 May, McCartney had sold. Despite "Maybe I'm Amazed" receiving considerable. Complete version of the 8 seconds fragment used on the album. Recorded on February 21, in The Bird Has Flown (Alternate B-Side Version) - Deep Purple - MP3 Collection (CDr). This is WORK!!!! But it is FUN work at least, and it is a distinct. Archive Collection. Okay, so the immediate question is how is this different from Paul's own Archive. I did make the editorial decision to not include a few tracks.

So, if you're looking for. Away, you'll have to wait patiently though I'm quite sure that I'll have my 'Wild Life' out long before Paul. So what DID I include then? Well, let's start with the basics: each disc has it's own theme. Disc one has. Simple enough. So what are the bonuses then? Obviously there's everything from the. There's also YAY! How superb is it? For some strange reason, on.

Anyway, RMW's sounds better, so I've incorporated it here Also of note. Monkberry Moon Delight, which was available to mix in mono only for a little while on Paul's own site. I've taken the individual tracks and mixed them to stereo. You can hear the results on this set. Finally, I've. There's a slight change in ambiance at the switch that couldn't be avoided as the two sections are.

For the coup de grace, I tacked on the last couple of seconds of the mono mix. Anyway, if you're able to curb your disappointment in not getting 'Off The Ground' or. One final note, for those of you who enjoy the artwork as well - especially the disc labels - I have to say. Just as a Beatles record-collecting. Okay, without further. The album. Beatles' partnership, following their break-up the year before.

This is the only album credited to the. Its release coincided with a period of bitter acrimony between. McCartney and his former bandmate John Lennon, who perceived verbal slights in the lyrics to songs. On release, the album was received negatively by most music critics, although opinion has become more. A commercial success nonetheless, Ram topped the national albums.

While McCartney had featured him on every instrument, for Ram Paul decided to hold. Auditions were held in an attic on 45th Street for three days, where David Spinozza was tapped for guitar. McCartney later claimed to have found Seiwell "lying on a mattress one day in The.

The basic tracks for the album were taped at Columbia's Studio B from 12 October to 20 November Work continued at. Playing guitar or piano and singing at the same time, Paul chose to overdub his bass later on. Although it was a collaborative project, Linda's vocal duties were mostly limited to singing harmonies. Haired Lady".

Paul and Linda's daughter Heather sang backing vocals on. Although six of the eleven songs on Ram were also co-written with Linda, both parties agreed the. In JuneATV announced that "all.

The sessions also produced songs such as "Dear. Also recorded was the first incarnation of. The Beatles. The album reached number 1 in the UK and number 2 in the US, where it spent over five. Despite the phasing-out of monaural albums by the late s. Ram was pressed in mono with unique mixes that differ from the common stereo version. These were. Released on May 21, Basic tracks were recorded in October-November in Columbia Studios. Recording started on October 26, with overdubs added over the years.

Some extra guitar was added. The tracks was. Recording started on October 12,with overdubs added in January Released on February 27. Recording started on October 26,with overdubs added on July 9, in Nashville. Remixed by. Recording started on October 29, — this is the earliest mix, as released on the Paul McCartney.

Recorded on October 22, as a jam between Paul and and drummer Denny Seiwell. Also on Paul. Rehearsal recorded on November 6, and released as digital-only bonus track on May 21, See track With overdubs added in January keys, bass and backing vocals Eric Stewart?

Released on Paul McCartney Archive. Recorded in June in the Abbey Road Studios. Released on April 29, under the moniker of. This is something I am in the end stages of working on. I will upload here once I complete this title.

To do this, I needed lots of time as I am still working a regular job and living a. This is something I've been doing in my spare time, although it is a project that. It's something that I've wanted to do for years and years and the. That said, there were some items I needed to acquire to complete my own collection. You guys have been amazing, going above and beyond to. These have not been uploaded in any particular order, as my goal was to have fun with this thing and keep.

As it stands, I certainly surpassed the objective of getting at least three. In the Summer ofPaul was eager to go back on the road. But in order to do that, he needed a band.

He was very happy with the American musicians who had helped him to record Ram, so drummer Denny. Seiwell and guitarist Hugh McCracken were natural choices. He sensed a second guitar player was needed, preferably. So, he thought of Denny Laine —someone he knew from way back, when he was. As there has been criticism about the elaborate arrangements on some of the.

Ram songs, Paul went this time for very spontaneous songs: preferably first takes. The band is in the. A few weeks later, on September 13, Linda gives birth to Stella. While in. Wild Life is the debut album by Wings and the third studio album by Paul McCartney since the breakup. It was released by Apple Records. In Julywith a fresh set of McCartney tunes, the newly formed Wings recorded the album in slightly.

Five of the eight songs were recorded in one take. Paul McCartney later. The first session was held at. Abbey Road Studios on 25 July. Road with Tony Clark and Alan Parsons engineering. Paul can be heard saying "Take it, Tony" at the.

Paul handled all of the lead vocals, sharing those duties with Linda on "I Am. R, but. After announcing to the media the band's formation on 2 Augustthe group were titled "Wings" on 9. October On 8 November, the group held a press party in London to announce both the group and.

The album reached number 11 in the UK and number 10 in the US, where it went. At the same press party, in an interview with Melody Maker, McCartney said that the group "should. John Mendelsohn wrote in Rolling Stone that he wondered. Carr and Tony Tyler called the album "rushed, defensive, badly timed, and over-publicized" and wrote. McCartney admitted to journalist Peter Palmiere that he was Harrigan.

Lennon claimed to know the. The track was later released as "Great Cock and Seagull Race" on the special edition of. It was planned to be released as a single, in January. Henry McCullough. It is a protest against the incidents in Londonderry on January 30, when British. It is. Instrumental, released as the b-side of the above. Paul and Linda were very fond of reggae music, where it.

In an effort to write a rock song for children, Paul put a nursery rhyme of nineteenth-century American. Basis track recorded in Januarywith brand new Wings guitarist Henry. McCullough on mandolin. Overdubs added in March Released as the second Wings single, on May.

Instrumental outtake of the Ram sessions, a. Recorded on February 22. Recorded on June 5 or 6, On one of these daysPaul and Linda performed a few songs for the. Both demos are recorded in Januaryduring rehearsals with Wings in the Rude Studio. The first two are solo piano demos by Paul, probably recorded in Summerwhile the third is. The basic track of the version on the Wild Life album is recorded in march.

The orchestration is added in September. Improvisation, recorded on August 20,backstage during an interview for Dutch radio, at the. After the British college tour, Wings made a second tour over the summer of Paul, his family. Between July 9 and August 24, Wings played. The last couple of show The Hague and Antwerp were recorded professionally, for possible inclusion of. This version received a vocal overdub for possible release. The show is bootlegged on titles as Got Any Toothpicks highlights, with has some bonus tracks from The.

Another message song to John. This live track received multiple overdubs acoustic guitar and harmonies. Iin the official tour program sold at the. Dixon Van Winkle Mix, including overdubs added on December 17, Meant to be released as the b. They have sure. Well, the wait is over! Red Rose Speedway Ultimate Archive is here! I knew fairly early into my "break" that I was gonna come back with this one. I wanted the first one to be. However, if you'd like to hear the album as originally.

For this disc's bonus cuts, I made sure to use the original '73 mixes as. I've also included. And that. Rather than try to include every second of everything again. Yeah, it includes the. Yeah, it. Speaking of guitar medleys, there's also a "Guitar Medley II" lurking on this disc.

As always, there's the artwork included as well, and I have to say that it was very gratifying to put that. All in all, it adds up to the next release of the Paul McCartney Ultimate. Hot on the heels of the next official Archive release!

How about that? Lotsa Macca to. Make sure you all buy those sets, BTW. My version of those won't be due till April! Until then. The album was released in after the relatively weak commercial. Red Rose Speedway. In earlyMcCartney decided to expand Wings to a five-piece band and to begin touring with the. The group spent several months on the road across Europe, beginning with a tour of British.

Despite not releasing an album inWings managed to release three singles: "Give. Recording for Red Rose Speedway began in March It was initially planned as a double album, and.

McCartney decided to include some unreleased songs that had originally been recorded during the Ram. Dragonfly", appeared on the final album. Beginning on 19 March, sessions were held at Olympic Studios. Glyn Johns was invited to. Johns was also unimpressed with. More recording took place over October and November at. Abbey Road Studios and Olympic. Morgan, Trident and Island were the other London studios where the.

The decision came about through EMI, however. The album ends. Cut", which was made in a similar style to the Beatles' Abbey Road medley. Laine later expressed his disappointment that only a single album was. McCullough was similarly disappointed that several of McCartney 's rockoriented. The album was preceded by the March release of its lead single, "My Love" backed with "The.

The latter song was recorded live during the band's summer European tour. With Apple. Records giving precedence to two Beatles compilation albums — — and — — Red Rose. Speedway was not issued until 30 Aprilin the United States, with the UK release following on 4. The album's packaging included a page booklet stapled into the gatefold sleeve, featuring.

Its cover design — with the cover shot of a Harley-Davidson shovelhead. The album was recorded between March and October. Paul saw the second Wings album originally as a group effort, with him just one of the band: the bass.

The other band members were encouraged to attribute songs. This was reflected in the double. Recorded on September 26, in the Abbey Road Studios. Released on October 26, as b-side of. This is the rare German pressing of the single, with. Another leftover from the Ram sessions, recording started on November 1, with overdubs added in. Released on. Outtake from the Wild Life session, recorded in July Cover from a song written by Gerald H. Nelson, Fred B. James Bond song, arranged by George Martin and recorded in a 3 hour session in October Studio version, recorded during the Red Rose Speedway sessions and here presented in an edit by Dave.

September 26, Engineer Alan parsons liked what he had recorded so much that he presented in an. He too liked it and added overdubs during the sessions in Paris, in November. The track would be finalized with an horn arrangement. One Hand Clapping version, recorded in Augustremixed in by Ralph Sall for the soundtrack.

Opening the special with Wings live in studio, before an applauding audience on TV screens. The second part is 'Acoustic Medley': Paul performs a medley of parts of songs on acoustic guitar. Linda is seen taking. Here, and on the second Guitar Medley Disc are some choice cuts. Music video style performance set in an outdoor location, filmed on March 16 in Hampstead Heath.

Recorded mostly in Elstree Film. The minute show is divided in eleven different parts. All the. See Disc Wings live in the studio, with an orchestra, recorded on April 1. The scene ends with a "baddie". He later reveals that this. A tune Paul apparently wrote for Twiggy. She refused politely, so Paul did it himself, as a tribute to the. Busby Berkeley choreography. He sings the song, dressed in a pink tuxedo, gold high-heeled shoes and. Accompanying him is a large female dance troupe that is split, costume-wise, into.

One in blonde wigs and silver leotards, the other dressed as men in black suits. This time around, we're. This was what kicked off Paul's own Archive Collectionand while it was nice. That's where I. Simply put, these three discs contain everything that was included on the Archive Edition of this. This include a stereo down mix of the. DTS-surround mix. This mix wasn't as drastically different as the one done for Venus And Mars, but it did.

Also, I've included. Other notable inclusions are instrumental. The goal is to be. It was. Chalk it up with all the other "extra" goodies that have been sprinkled on a few of.

Oh, and before I forget. Most importantly, YES, the "thump" at the end of the. LP version of the title track has been included! I tacked it on from the DCC remaster, so you're getting. While I have a quick moment, I just wanted to give a remembrance to Keith Sluchansky, who just passed.

For those who didn't know, Keith was the guy who for many years ran. It was here. It was also here where I picked up all the Unsurpassed. I also picked up dozens hundreds?

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