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The Nusra Front issued a statement denying it was involved but activists say its members were seen placing the bombs. In addition to Syria, Lebanon and Israel have large Druze communities.

The Nusra Front carried out shameful acts. Activists estimate several hundred Druze have been forced to convert. A purported Nusra Front document, posted online and dated Feb. Under the deal, the Druze will implement Islamic laws, destroy tombs, impose Islamic dress on women and stop having mixed-sex schools. Idlib-based activist Asaad Kanjo said many Druze there have fled. An opposition activist in Kafranbel, a town in Idlib, said the group has established an elaborate network of social services and Shariah courts and rules uncontested.

The main Western-backed Syrian group, the Syrian National Coalition, which in the past has been wary not to criticize Nusra, has changed its tune. Particularly at stake in any ramping up of hostilities are the Baltic States of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. As Moscow becomes more assertive, this likelihood increases. Signed into practice on December 26,it lists the expansion of NATO as the main external threat facing the stability and territorial integrity of Russia.

Philip Breedlove, warned at the beginning of March that Russia was already in the process of turning Crimea into a forward operating base against the alliance. Since the start of the Ukraine crisis, Russia has been holding snap military drills along its borders with the Baltic States at an increasing pace raising concerns that the exercises could one day be used as a cover to launch a quick invasion of the Baltics.

If such an invasion were to occur, NATO would either be forced to respond — leading to an unpredictable military conflict in Europe — or the alliance would not respond and NATO would cease to function as a treaty-bound entity.

Over ten years ago the former National Security Advisor gave a graphic description of the imperatives of imperial geopolitics. He argued that the U. Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire. Russia without Ukraine can still strive for imperial status, but it would then become a predominantly Asian imperial state, more likely to be drawn into debilitating conflicts with aroused Central Asians, who would then be supported by their fellow Islamic states to the south.

The past master of U. As the war between Russia and Georgia in the summer of showed, Russia is no longer prepared to stand idly by in the face of further attempts at expansion. For Russia that would be the kiss of death. Most of the infrastructure linking Russia with Europe — from pipelines to railway lines and high-voltage cables — is located in Ukraine.

Industry and agriculture in both countries are closely interlinked. There are more Russians living in eastern Ukraine than anywhere else in the world outside Russia. The Russian Black Sea fleet is stationed in the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol because there are no reasonable alternatives. Ukraine stretches so far into southern Russia that a hostile power in the country could pose a threat to Moscow. Vice versa, if Russia regains control in Kiev, the country could set itself up as a regional — and perhaps even a global — power.

President George W. And in that regard, I want to assure you that the declaration at Bucharest which foresees that Ukraine will be a member of NATO when it can meet those standards is very much at the center of our policy. Within a few days the dispute began to have an effect on energy supplies throughout Europe. On 6 JanuaryTurkey, Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia reported that deliveries through the Ukrainian transit pipelines had come to a halt. Despite the deployment of EU observers the Ukraine is again removing gas from the transit pipelines.

Russia is therefore unable to deliver supplies to the EU countries. In the case of both Georgia and Ukraine there is a close link between the gas dispute and support for their admission to NATO. Cooperation has subsequently been extended. Such reforms principally concern the consolidation of internal democratic structures, but priority is also given to the fight against global terrorism and support for the operations and missions of the North Atlantic Alliance. The latter was one reason why U.

Their path will inevitably take them into NATO. Germany is playing a double role here. On the one hand it has joined France in rejecting an accelerated accession procedure for Ukraine, which the U. A look at the map quickly makes it clear why the Southern Caucasus is so important. Georgia provides the only opportunity of supplying Europe with gas and oil from the resource-rich countries of Central Asia and of transporting goods and products to Europe by land from China and Kazakhstan.

This was why the U. Germany continues to play a significant part in the arming of Georgia. The Federal Armed Forces Bundeswehr mostly train Georgian officers as part of the general staff training course which includes participants from other countries. Over the past few years the Bundeswehr has been host to a steady stream of high-ranking military delegations from Georgia.

The bulk of the training has been carried out by the U. The U. In addition the U. At the squad level, American marines and soldiers trained Georgian soldiers in the fundamentals of battle.

In addition there are the reservist units whose level of training is far inferior. The Georgian government talks officially of 37, soldiers andreservists. Real expenditure is much higher, however. Anyone liable to be called up for military service, for example, can buy themselves out of the army — four-fifths of the money goes straight to the ministry.

In Julya joint manoeuvre was held as part of the Partnership for Peace Programme in which a total of 1, military personnel, including 1, Americans and Georgians, took part. Air Force flew the Georgian units stationed in Iraq back to the home front to provide help while the fighting was still in progress.

Given the massive campaign undertaken by the U. At any rate, the Russians are certain that the attack took place with support from Washington.

It is clear to whom he was referring. And, if things went wrong, to force Russia into the role of the enemy. It is, indeed, hard to believe that the Georgian attack took place without any prior consultation with the U. Yet it must have been clear to the U.

Did it simply miscalculate in assuming that Russia would quietly accept the Georgian advance? It is hard to imagine but conceivable nonetheless. The other explanation is that the primary objective was to stir up a conflict with Russia so as to make the European Union toe an even more anti-Russian line and that Saakashvili came in handy here in the role of useful idiot, albeit at the expense of the people in the region.

The matter cannot be clarified with any degree of certainty, although the latter explanation would appear more plausible. At all events, the calculation backfired, because Russia seized the opportunity provided by the Georgian attack to improve its own position in the Caucasus. It was evidently well prepared for such an eventuality.

In July, 8, Russian soldiers carried out an exercise simulating the repulsion of a Georgian attack. That might also explain why the Georgian troops were halted within 24 hours and the Russian troops gained the upper hand relatively quickly. Whether the Russians were well prepared or not, the fact of the matter is that Georgia engaged in a war of aggression. This is intended to circumvent Russia. After all, the opening of the BTC pipeline in Mayover which Washington and Moscow had wrangled bitterly for almost a decade, was one of the biggest geopolitical successes in the U.

The Nabucco project was also dealt a heavy blow. For the first time since the end of the old Cold War Russia has thus ended a Western attempt at expansion by military means.

That alone is sufficient to underline the dimensions of the Russian-Georgian war. At the same time the invasion of Georgia is a clear signal to the West that in future Russia will once again have to be taken into account in international power politics. Firstly, its army can carry out successful operations, which foreign observers have doubted. Secondly, the Russians can defeat forces trained by U. Thirdly, Russia has shown that the U.

It is hardly surprising that the Russian response to the Georgian invasion was fiercely criticised by the U. If Russia continues down this road it must ultimately be isolated within the community of states. The statement continues by severely criticising Russia alone. There were occasional vehement demands for even more drastic action against Russia. On the one hand there is a desire to show Moscow who is in charge in Europe but, on the other, there is a wish not to spoil things completely with Russia, because business there is simply too profitable.

In November U. Our strategic response on the chess board of Central Asia must be to establish a presence on parts of the board they do not yet control. That means laying down new pipelines that add alternatives […] to the monopoly Russia has enjoyed. It has been widely reported, however, that the Georgian pact resembles a strategic partnership charter signed by the United States and Ukraine in December.

The aim of the policy pursued by the U. Should this scenario turn out to be a success, it would simultaneously ensure that the NATO allies in Western Europe are tied into a joint strategy of escalation and have to become even more heavily involved in projects designed to secure energy supplies. Since this strategy has thus far proved successful and it cannot, unfortunately, be assumed that there will be a move away from a policy of U.

How will Obama and Bitch Nuland manage to blame Putin for the coming anti-austerity protests? Ukraine has agreed to increase the cost of gas to consumer by percent, and 66 percent for heating, as part of the IMF terms for getting extra financial aid, says Valery Gontareva the head of the National Bank of Ukraine.

She added that as a result inflation will be percent by the end of The tariff increase was among the subjects Ukraine and the IMF touched upon during negotiations in January. Demonstrations in cities across the UK, France and Spain stood in solidarity with massive crowds in Greece that also went out to express support for the Syriza government led by new prime minister, Alexis Tsipras.

Meanwhile, Syriza officials told media that they remained committed to making good on their promises to Greek voters and improve their country.

President Petro Poroshenko gives a speech as he hands over new military equipment to the Ukrainian forces near the city of Zhytomyr, some km from Kiev, on January 5, Yet Ukraine was also disappointed with the resolution, which fell short of describing the Russian-backed separatists as terrorists. President Petro Poroshenko had claimed on Jan. The Russian war — using proxies and, when needed, Russian regular army troops — in eastern Ukraine has already taken more than 4, lives, according to United Nations estimates.

On Dec. President Barack Obama signed a law allowing for economic and military support to Ukraine, but the current American policy remains not to supply Ukraine with lethal weapons. Kyiv Post staff writer Oksana Grytsenko can be reached at grytsenko kyivpost. Obama opposed U. Yet he eagerly bows to the Saudi monarch, the ailing King Abdullah. Equally startling is that Obama has set the stage for a commodity price collapse, which could cause the worst economic crisis in America since the Great Depression.

Oil insiders believe that the credit Obama has received for the stunning rebound in U. While the president did promise to open up new areas for exploration, he also clamped down on the offshore drilling following the BP oil spill in April Obama suspended offshore drilling leases and authorized an investigation of 29 oil rigs in the Gulf.

Later, his administration ordered a six-month offshore drilling moratorium enforced by the U. Department of the Interior. That ended only when a federal judge lifted the moratorium, finding it too broad, arbitrary and unjustified.

At the same time, the Obama administration has provided enormous support to Riyadh. Inthe Obama administration pulled off the largest arms deal ever. The Gnomes Of Zurich - Please Mr. Sun / Im Coming Down With The Blues (Vinyl) year, petroleum prices underwent their second largest annual decline in history.

That has been great news for American drivers. But the cost of Saudi oil dominance cannot simply be measured at the gas pump. ConocoPhillips, a major player in the U.

The global impact of crashing crude is what worries me most. Factor those, and thousands of good-paying American jobs will disappear. Obama is playing a dangerous game conspiring with Saudi Arabia. I predict that in every resource industry from agriculture to mining is going to begin a serious decline that may last until the end of this decade. Last year, billionaire and Obama confidante Warren Buffet was purchasing up wind farms.

Buffet is shrewd. In five years, wind farms may be the only farms worth owning. I witnessed it before in the early s when crashing oil prices crippled not only The Gnomes Of Zurich - Please Mr. Sun / Im Coming Down With The Blues (Vinyl) states like Texas and Alaska but also farm and mining states like Nebraska, Iowa and Idaho. I saw the farming crisis firsthand when I was 22 and writing for a cattle magazine.

During those first years as a young writer, I would sometimes be driving through farm country. I saw the devastation. According to Neil E. Harl, an Iowa State economics professor, more than three percent of the 2. Inthe U. Department of Agriculture reported net farm income fell by nearly one-third during the first half of that decade. As farm commodity values declined, farmland values plunged.

And that broke the backs of tens of thousands of farmers and ranchers. At my next job as an investment writer, I saw the same havoc in the mining industry. Those families that stayed on were mostly impoverished as mine upon mine shut down.

It seems Obama is providing too much to Saudi Arabia where Christianity is illegal and where weekly beheadings draw large audiences. So even as Obama promises to fight Islamic extremism, he is backing the very kingdom that is backing the crazies who want to kill Americans.

Things have simply been simmering along for too long for this not to occur at some point. Obama continues to put America more at risk each passing month. His close relationship with Saudi Arabia should alone have him impeached but of course he is almost untouchable because of his heritage and his powerful friends in and out of government.

As we beginthe nation faces an impending deflationary collapse. The son of C. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary.

He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Pyatt: United States Ambassador to Ukraine.

Kennedy Jr. The consequences were the sanctions which the EU imposed on Russia, first targeting individual politicians and businessmen deemed responsible for the crisis in Ukraine, then switching to the energy, defense, and economic sectors.

EU members, particularly those close to Russia, were the most affected by the loss of the Russian market. Following pressure from local farmers, a million euro EU Commission Common Agricultural Policy fund was established, from which the growers are expected to get some cash, while Amsterdam is willing to cover the cost of transporting excess produce to eight food banks across Holland.

With European countries now at a loss with apple and dairy surplus, it is not exactly clear whether EU producers will be able to return to the Russian markets after the one-year ban expires. We know that. Nuland was recorded as saying the notoriously known phrase during a phone call with US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, as the two were seemingly discussing a US-preferred line-up of the Ukrainian government.

Aftermath of the Wall Street bombing of A little violence can sometimes work to defend against predatory bankers. Consider the farmers of Le Mars, Iowa. The year wasthe height of the Great Depression. A finance bubble on Wall Street had crashed the economy, the gears of industrial production had ground to a halt, and 13 million Americans had lost their jobs. Seeing opportunity, banks foreclosed on their properties in record numbers, leaving the farmers homeless and destitute.

So they organized. Under the leadership of a boozing, fist-fighting Iowa farmer named Milo Reno, who had a gift for oratory, several thousand farmers across the Midwest struck duringrefusing to sell their products. In Le Mars, the weapon of choice was the hanging rope. On April 27,in a series of incidents that would become national news, hundreds of farmers descended on a farm that was being foreclosed under the eye of the local sheriff and his deputies. They smacked the lawmen aside, stopped the foreclosure, and dragged the sheriff to a ball field in town, where they brandished their noose.

Instead of hanging the sheriff, however, they went for a bigger prize: the county judge, Charles C. Bradley, who was presiding over the foreclosures. The judge was hauled into the air on the hanging rope, until he fell unconscious, and was then hauled up again. When he revived, the farmers told him to The Gnomes Of Zurich - Please Mr. Sun / Im Coming Down With The Blues (Vinyl).

The farmers, knowing they were about to involve themselves in murder, spared Bradley. He was bloodied, covered in filth, humiliated, and this was enough. The threat of continued unrest fomented by Reno and the FHA had its intended effect: State legislatures across the Midwest enacted moratoriums on farm foreclosures.

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