To Say The Thing That Cannot Be Said - Shima33 - Release (Cassette, Album)

Our boss asked us to hand out flyers on the street one day. Then, she hit me with her work philosophy. But really, I thought that was terrible. What kind of life is that? Ninety percent of one half is I thought this mindset was such bullshit and a recipe for disaster for those of us who cannot numb ourselves into oblivion to live through our work.

This, I suppose, is precisely why someone asked h e l i o s on Discord our very first question:. To Say The Thing That Cannot Be Said - Shima33 - Release (Cassette the vast majority of us, there are no floods or famines or pandemics. In fact, most of us reading this have probably never even been truly hungry or thirsty.

So, why the misery? A lot of human misery comes down to self-inflicted damage. The slow burns. Being shackled to a depressingly heavy rickshaw we keep throwing shit on top of. We endure. An unmistakably huge, huge, huge part of this miserable unhappiness stems from not doing the right thing for your job. Jobs To Say The Thing That Cannot Be Said - Shima33 - Release (Cassette a huge part of our lives.

They provide us community. A paycheck. A purpose. A real connection. Some jobs are an escape from your problems. Not all jobs are created equally though. Some actually do suck. Can you guess how many jobs h e l i o s has had? For a long time, I let myself believe I was the variable of unhappiness. I must be the variable of unhappiness! I retired for a brief stretch of my twenties. A few times actually for months at a time.

I just stopped working when I felt like it was too much. The time was mostly miserable. I learned that misery often comes from ignoring a deep desire to collaborate with other people in the pursuit of something greater. As a writer and lonely marble statue, I need to remind myself of this daily.

The journey might be long. People may doubt you. You may doubt yourself. But eventually, you will find your place and misery will vanish like mist in the virtual shopping mall when the sunlight pierces through the atrium windows.

I searched far and wide for a quote to share with you. Instead, I had a vision and made up my own quote: All misery stems from within, especially if you are the type to post a meme on Facebook that says "the first five days after the weekend are the hardest" because those people are the worst kind of misery because they spread it in the form of humor.

We received this question from a pupil who already asked their teacher but the teacher shot down their vaporwave query. Vaporwave is no philosophy! His mind begins to reach far and wide for the answer. What is h e l i o sif not a philosopher?

I mean, vaporwave looks like a philosophy. It even smells like one. In short, it is a philosophy. By all definitions. Your teacher was wrong. For evidence, I have something for you.

It has come time for h e l i o s to use his platform to challenge societal norms. Will you allow h e l i o s to step on his marble soapbox for a moment? Divergent thinking. Connecting dots. Seeing around corners. Venturing across the chasm. Dare I say This is the great shame of education in I can list so many jobs that pay more than being the educator and role model for our upcoming generation. They poop on our dreams.

They stifle us. They tell us that all we can ever hope for in a job is to do one thing out of ten you actually enjoy. My vaporfriends, we will resist. But, how? I know you have it in you. Because the opposite of courage is conformity. And, you are way beyond conformity, my aesthetic pal. Sometimes a courageous act can be as simple as sending an email. Did you know I used to be a teacher? I mean, a real books-and-test-and-lectures kind of teacher.

The better question is Who he is The big reveal is coming in time even though some of you met me at a very special vaporwave event already. I told you about conformity and courage before. So, let me take you back into my past. To a span of a few years when conformity and predictability nearly broke me. I ran into my neighbor and the conversation got serious. He put his hand on my shoulder. For several moments, he went on to talk about how I needed to start working in the financial sector so I could make real money And, what did I say?

But, I let that moment simmer in my brain for years. After years of temptation to Album) predictable path, I took a creative leap. The truth is, h e l i o s was just another dude who was tired of his job. He was miserable. Just like you might be. I started a silly little vaporwave Instagram account on my own. It was very unoriginal. In fact, Vapor95 was already a great company and served as my main source of inspiration. I quit Instagram after a few weeks.

Too hard and too late, I said. Suddenly, the dots connected so I sent an email. I sent an email to Vapor The benevolent Vapor95 CEO answered my email. The conversation led to an opportunity to show them what I could create. The opportunity led to something bigger. It paved the way for the birth of After many years none of which were in the financial sectorI sure showed my neighbor. I got rich after all. No, not in money. But in creative riches, impact, and fulfillment.

I became h e l i o sthe lonely, nostalgic Vapor95 figurehead and voice. Steve Jobs was right when he said it only makes sense when you look back. It would make it all worthwhile for me.

It feels good to tell you my tale of creative courage. Now, I have a challenge for you. This is no platform for h e l i o s to brag about his life, after all. Use my interesting tale and figure out what you can do for someone so they can do something for you. Who is someone you admire?

What unique value do you bring to the table? What project are you dying to start? Who can you collaborate with? What have you always wanted to do? What would creative courage look like for your life? The challenge, my friends, is to simply make one courageous step forward.

Just one. The rest will fall into place eventually. These words that you read were no accident and years and years of misery fueled them.

An 11 track compilation album showcasing the best in underground Vaporwave inspired production. Lose time and create some false fantasy memories with this latest beautifully curated album.

The saxophone sounds like it's coming from just beyond my sight. But, hold on to your preconceptions. This track morphs right when you're about to max out your bliss. It's got all the vibes you ever wanted in an upbeat, vaporwave track.

Play this track when you're giving a tour of your apartment to someone you like. Biteki by Death is ambient and tender. It reminds me of a song you listen to when exploring a zen garden in a city somewhere. It's very dynamic and the arrangement is top notch.

It takes you on an exciting journey into a newly fused genre. ThornGirl by Cruzie is brooding and funky. It's so different from the rest of the album which makes it such a joy to hear in the album's last few breaths.

Prepare yourself for a sultry shift around the two-minute mark when something Sade would sing overcomes bursting through out of nowhere. Lost Forests by MidiEvil tickles your curiosities and makes you question your idea of what a genre is. There's a heavy bass. There are delicate synths.

There's a dope movie quote. It's the kinda song you play when you're lost in the concrete forest of a city. The name of the song really does capture where it takes you. We all go through stuff that hurts. It always passes. This song reminds us of that. It's dark. It's deep. It's sexy.

Your speakers will come alive. Space Drive by Velocity Zero is an epic synth ride into darkness. It drives and pumps like all good synthwave does. It's chase music. It's come-with-me-if-you-wanna-live music. It's running-from-your-nightmare music. Are you scared now? Hunter by Driver And Coleur s is a synthwave anthem that balances epic with tender.

It's halfway between a ballad and a chase song. The song evolves into a pretty hard-driving track. What are you hunting? Final Message by Re Dux fades in ominously. A distorted pluck, pad, and vocal lull you into a dark retrospection. The song's disjointed vibe relents to a more peaceful moment and then its back to the driving sound.

It's rough-around-the-edges vaporwave goodness. Do you feel a little warm and fuzzy inside when hearing old video game console and retro operating system start-up sounds? Love playing catch up with the hypnotic, yet chaotic, hi-hat patterns, bass samples and poppy snares of traditional, hard-hitting trap beats?

Well, do I got a genre for you, my friend. In the other corner of the ring, we have the fiery attitude of Trap to cover you with the drums. Like two armies clashing with one another, Vaportrap sends in thunderous layered kick drums, sharp, rapid hi-hats, and orchestral synthesizers to combat the generally laidback and woozy vaporwave style.

And while these two may seem to be polar opposites on the surface level, these opposites really do attract here as the ferociousness of trap instrumentals brilliantly fills that missing trait in the chillness of Vaporwave, and vice versa. Like peanut butter and jelly, these two genres were seriously made to be and we have seen some extremely memorable and fun releases ever since its conception. Today, I want to give you 5 releases from the Vaportrap scene that I feel do a great job at showcasing what there is to offer, and more so, go past the stereotypical tropes of the genre.

I really find Vaportrap to be an umbrella term more than anything so you may find some releases on here to be more Electronic than Vaporwave, classic Hip Hop than Trap, etc. This release feels really long, like some truck driver hauling their wheeler around a snowy mountainside knowing they have hours and hours ahead of them of just seeing nothing but the blanketing nature of winter.

In the long treks between safe and understandable concepts lie a murky uncertainty. Plastic bottles of milk are stacked on shelves in such a way as to make the surplus appear infinite. Like the bottles of milk, our days seem without end, only to suddenly dwindle down to nothing - but the idea that there is no end is still very real in our minds. Shelves stacked with hopes and dreams.

Moments crystallized into colorful, morphing cubes that seem to detach and attach themselves to each other with unknown sentience. Like savoring a glass of milk, could one not also savor time? This album is a pure gem and is one of the first albums I actually ever heard when discovering the world of Vaporwave. Every track has its own personality which can range from polished mixdowns to fuzzy, VHS inspired journeys into your television-watching past.

Heavy reverb on hi-hats provides an expansive listen, playing homage to the open and virtually endless ocean behind the island we see in the album art. For something that is only about 26 minutes long, the artist really came to play and truly deserves to have your full attention for each song we have found here washed upon the shoreline. Overall, this is a crispy clean release in the Vaportrap hemisphere; quaint yet sophisticated.

Which side will you take? The album sways between calm and caffeinated constantly and really paints settings of what this alien world would look like from alien factories leaking with sludge to miles and miles of purple-grass covered hills.

Surprisingly, nothing feels abrupt though and that is why I think this release deserves some serious praise. Also, we gotta talk about that album art, for fans of that Y2K aesthetic feast your eyes on this thing of beauty. Not sure if this is an actual 3D-rendered creation for the project specifically or if this alien-like vehicle was taken from a video game or something, but damn this thing just straight up sounds like the music coming off the album.

And the hyper-reflective water in the background? Last but not least, what I consider to be pretty much my favorite Vaportrap release of all time. This album, as well as everything else NxxxxxS has in his discography, has grown on me so much overtime. Wishlist Log in to view your wishlist. Items in wishlist:. Items in cart:. Play All. Sort Artist. People also bought Integrating Clouds cassette limited to copies. Dream Catalogue. My filters. Genre See all.

Type See all. Music See all. The remaining nineteen are cover versions of songs by other artists, some of which were requested by the small audience. If you listen closely he can be heard saying "Stop, 's' enough". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Replacements. Retrieved Rolling Stone. Customer reviews. How are ratings calculated? Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if Album) reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness.

Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Excellent book, I put it in Album) bathroom and usually ends up in my teenagers room. After reading just the first couple of poems, I knew immediately this was really going to make me think about what is true in my life and what fake due to bullshit conformity and not just living in my OWN world and MIND. Hot Antic Jazz Band.

Bourbon-Street-Jazzband [CH1]. Humphrey Lyttelton Rhythmakers. Shimme Sha Wabble. Jacques Doudelle. Dee Felice and the Sleep Cat Band. Steve Waddell's Creole Bells. Paul Lingle. Wally Fawkes with Zenith Hot Stompers.

Trevor Richards New Orleans Trio. Randy Sandke's New Yorkers. Gambit Jazzmen with Tim Laughlin. Silver Leaf Jazz Band. Smoky City Jazz. John Petters' Jazz'n'Swing Band. Dick Cary's Tuesday Night Friends. The Savannah Jazz Band. Aces of Syncopation.

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