Untitled - Bardoseneticcube - Time Of Mars (File, Album, MP3)

Manifests about the end of the world, politics and dark angels of Chaos. This building was projected in the beginning of s for a TV-center, but after all was desolated like many other neverending projects. In the last decade it has been visited mainly by the lovers of strong drinks and other mutants. During several record-sessions we have recorded some tracks inside the basement of the building, and on the roof too.

This is power acoustics. A scream for destruction of the symbol. An international line-up: two Karelians, one Finnish and one Pole bawl and destroy stone, glass and iron. Limited to 41 copies. M: industrial rumbles of concrete samples, recorded on tape in Leningrad, and a shroud of analogue noise, extruded from Polyvox and materials at hand. OOF: not frequent but melodic synth lines and vinyl records manipulations, processed with Soviet electronic devices.

Karelian school of industrial noise. Factory-made, 50 copies. Feindflug -- " Only S size. Dark-green colour, size S. Taking part in the Alexandroid project with Alex Matrosov and releasing albums all over the world, Andrey creats his own ambient soundsystem. There is no complexity in his world, no ambiguity or vagueness - there are only his own ideas and mood, embodied in music.

Red Book was specially created for private listening - two in the room is too much to understand him. I think it's played on analogue synthesizers, and it's not the tapestry sounds of Hypnos but more the stripped down version of ambient house music. Things move a little bit, there is arpeggio's on the piano, and even a bit of percussion. However the highlight of the cd is the fourth track, which started out with a voice going through a vocoder, later on forming a duet of voices and brings it close to space age popmusic.

That is absolutely a great piece. Even with such a title for the cd things can't go wrong. With a couple of hard-boiled songs and a boxful of extremist love letters this obscure erotique one man orchestra gets its stylish fists right into the face of todays fashion kids.

Too strong to be pussy. Too pussy to be romantic. A bizarre cup of circus fun served in a Jess Franco ballet dance through hell. Remember the mirrorballs and watch this whole unique striptease from lounge to funk to rock'n'punk. Everything in here, more than a spicy cocktail.

All shaken not stirred. A punch of its own! Comes in beautiful digipak including a 28 pages booklet with all lyrics in italian and english too! Raw, powerful and complex. It is very exciting to see someone take the neo-folk music genre and completely redefine and broaden its scope. To see an artist infuse this genre with so many diverse musical approaches and infuse it with Mediterranean flavor has been a very unique and enjoyable experience.

I highly recommend this album to everyone. The music is very approachable and seductive. Faeries coming from many different music scenes will find both something familiar and something new in this music. All of the songs lyrical content is poetically esoteric and open to interpretation. The music is also good just for the experience.

If you love innovative music that is redefining limits and boundaries you have to get Abenteuerliches Herz! The music on these two records is warm and sensual with apocalyptic pop, folklore magic and flamenco magnetico. Fine catchy melodies, infectious groovy rhythms, a lot of joie de vivre ambiance, lovely strings and a varied musical menu.

Accessible and original at the same time. There are no weak moments. Some of my favourite songs are the sing-along 'Sonne golthi-ade Josef ', the intimate classical songs 'Ob auch mein Herz so funkelt' and the almost Latin 'Sturmlied'. With this record the temperatures are rising again This release - musically situated somewhere in a terra incognita between folklore, krautrock, metal and industrial music - is inspired by the beautiful Upper Austrian village Hallstatt which belongs to the world cultural heritage due to its amazing tomb findings of the Hallstatt culture and the unique ossuary with the painted skulls.

The songs have lyrics and vocals by Gerhard Petak and R. Taylor from Changes. A shimmering world of subterranean glacial caverns. One's consciousness is mesmerised by siren-like strings and metallic chimes, that glisten like frozen stalactites in this palace of ice. Sophisticated upbeat numbers veering toward pop territory in terms of its melody and construction, gelid love-songs.

The addition of string and brass sections imbues the whole with a sense of subdued tension which acts as the perfect vehicle for Kadmon's pondering, poetic lyrics. Backdrobs of pulsating bass, sweeping reverberations. Wonderfully expressive violins provide a respite from the cold. As always with Allerseelen, one is left feeling enthused and invigorated by a brilliant listening experience. With concepts and music of this quality, Kadmons looks set to remain at the forefront of cutting-edge sounds for years to come.

A ritual. I have never been disappointed. I have never heard an Allerseelen piece that sounded weak, poorly done, or uncared for. Allerseelen represent a standard of excellence that is almost unheard of in the world today.

Stirb und Werde is no exception. It refers to the journey of death and rebirth. The artwork is taken from photographs of the sanctuary Externsteine in Westphalia. The music follows a progression, beginning softly, and almost tentatively, like the first rays of sunlight on the horizon; and, like the sun, a few minutes after this CD has begun to arise, it becomes almost overwhelmingly brilliant.

Stirb und Werde is a masterpiece of the Twentieth Century, and a sentinel of the Golden Age that must surely follow this modern world of darkness. The albums music moves between powerful and rhythmic oriented tracks to soundtrack-type grooves, encompassing the decadent, inspired, hypnotic and surreal. Based on R. Rilke and inspired by Nietzsche and E.

Lounge and downtempo industrial. The CD features four exclusive songs by the Northern-Portuguese group Sangre Cavallum and four exclusive songs by the Austrian group Allerseelen - ancient and traditional but at the same time brand-new avant-garde music, somewhere between apocalyptic folklore and psychedelic rock.

Poetical songs about wine taken down rivers with crews of strong men, floating down throats with crews of sparkling spirits. Inspired by the vineyards that welcome the sun bringing character to grapes. Then a silent darkness, a timeless life inside oak barrels turn wine into flavoured blood for a toast between men and nature. It is live heathen shamanic ritual session in His magical Domicilium.

The Mighty Shaman sings magickal formulas by guttural singing, talks in language of animals and birds also. His progeny creates soft real-time noises as well as some keyboard and sound fx. Apoptose's third album explores dystopian locations: the undergrounds of Japanese megacities, the depths of worldwide data highways, the nightmares of little children. The seven tracks express images of a desolate and dying world, far removed from the solitude of the beloved Northern woods. A world lacking daylight and oxygen.

A bleak vision of reality. Over the years, several of these tracks made their way to compilation CDs all over the globe. There they laid dormant to be reunited some day to form this album. In autumnApoptose joined forces with Japanese cyberpunk author Kenji Siratori to complete the cycle.

On this album, Apoptose works for the first time with spoken word lyrics. Featured languages are Japanese, English, and German. The CD is housed in an embossed 6-panel cardboard cover with an additional booklet. Nordvargr has also contributed with additional arrangements on a couple of tracks, and prepared a slightly modified track list, which will feature on the vinyl version of the album that will follow soon, together with a limited edition box set.

The CD version is presented in a deluxe glossy Digipak, with embossed artwork. Ariu Lab deals with documentary, video installations and visual design. Ariu Kara records sound for all visual parts of the project.

Ariu Kara plays gloomy music of post-human future, dead earth, covered with snow of nuclear winter. It's music of dark overcastted sky, and huge rusty broken cars, living alone in their own eternal cycle. They assemble creatures from odd details and disassemble to assemble again. Niiko now the only member of Asmorod used the word Hysope French word for Hyssop as a symbolism of spiritual purification.

In ancient times, Hyssop was used for the cleansing of lepers Leprosy may represent sin It is alluded to in the Scriptures: 'Purge me with Hyssop, and I shall be clean' Purify me from my sins, and i will be clean; wash me, and i will be whiter than snow. Psalms As ever, Simon has reinvented the genre as well as himself with a unique ambience created from his ever-increasingly complex and obscure techniques of mental dissolution and musical innovation.

Atrium Carceri emerges from the vapours with yet another stunning release entitled Ptahil fetahil. The obsidian citadel stands stoic, its forceful gaze forever over streets running rampant with the councils bidders, while the citadel of glass attracts the mindless reincarnates grasping at anything physical while their memories slowly burn away in the womb of their eternal home. The comforts of quiet lives forever washed away by a miasmic tidal wave of necrotic flesh, sagging, protean forms and the chill of the grave.

This is a place where steel rusts and is forgotten, where flesh and the fleeting forms it inhabits are forever changed. Ptahil sees all, and forgets naught.

Let your mind be stripped to the pulpy, undulating core with this darkened voyage into domains both dreadful and serenely beautiful. Rotting jailcells, past insanity and the crumbling domes of the other side are a few of the many eerily twisted images that this evocative music compels.

There is a constant dark majesty that forcefully propels the message of inevitability: The colorful illusion people spend most of their lives in is fragile as a rose petal, and just as easily shattered in Seishinbyouin.

With brilliant use of the full spectrum of dystopia, this will surely leave no one unscathed. The album is filled with dark ambient soundscapes, haunting symphonic intensities and engulfing atmospheres that let you get inside the twisted psyche of the total other. One can but wonder at the twisted mind of the tortured soul that made this vision spring to ghastly unlife.

The sound is not the usual dark ambiant type of keyboards too often heard but real innovative and captivating soundscapes with pulsating spiral of sound like if it was a Solar winds soundtrack. In itself it goes beyond dark ambiant and this is one of our favorite Athanor release since the begining of the label! Martyn Bates has chosen to sing four poems of the famous Irish poet W. There are also two instrumentals in a more experimental style on this disc, one being a dark drone reprise of the main piece 'Mad As the Mist and Snow 2.

This is pure emotional poetry transformed into yearnful audible spherics! Nordvargr, Alk0, Do Shaska! Numbers rule the world! On this release a pattern that permeates the history of time is investigated without blinders.

Beyond Sensory Experience delivers a characteristic blend of haunting dark ambient soundscapes, experimental electronics and arcane dialogues, which set the listener on an unforgettable musical and scientific journey. It takes off where Urmula ended, spiralling further down the dark ambient soundscapes. Drakh star of MZ. Those recordings are the result of an intense creative process performed in the nordic absence of sun. It takes off where Tortuna ended, spiralling further down the dark ambient soundscapes.

Wonderfull dark ambient sounds with exoterical inspiration from Mr. Digipack plus booklet in the same vain of the 1st album! Mesopic Vision is a creation of another Russian musician who previously used the name Polaris and is also known for his label Abgurd. Their collaboration work is a one min. Really strong, varied and MP3) recording.

A new punishing fullength CD packed with 8 churning traditional kneecapwrenching tracks, get down with it or bow in shame Following the last album "" fromthis new work is more in the vein of 's "May all be dead": meaning slight punk mode ON. Diverse, hallucinatory, monotone and HEAVY with that sweet characteristic doom-laden and depressive touch. Simple and effective; just right for your pulsating private parts. Under this name he explores more dense sounding side of drone ambient music, sometimes even bordering with noise, but still driven by emotions.

The closest analogues are Maeror Tri and Troum albums. The lovers of these projects should really draw their attantion to this release - you won't be disappointed.

The recording was done with the help of guitar, accordion, flute, voice and percussion. To us It sounds like a journey into the heart of the sacral, pointing at a sphere of transcendence where all questions end. Or begin again. Only illusion of freedom - no freedom.

Cold Fusion - Occupatria - a musical journey on the thin line between urge of freedom and lack of its realisation. Great and unusual power electronics. No walls of noise, no heavy distorted screech, but innovative and experimental approach for real power electronics-industrial! Comes in A5 black cardboard sleeve with silver printing, including lyrics. A platter of scathing militance and surreal atmospheres backed by a wealth of experience makes this a truly masterful release from the commanders of dark industrial.

Now the new full time CD is finished. The recording includes nearly only brand new material, which sounds more like ambient death-industrial. Dark soundwalls are combinded with deep crunchy sounds. Urban voices create a menacing athmosphere. Dark bass-droning and atmospheric, rattling and crackling sounds rise and vanish. Slow rhythmics filled with black walls of corroded atmospheres and ghostly wails and moans.

The last three tracks are older and still unreleased recordings in a more dark power electronics style. A masterpiece of dark ambience combining hovering sounds with rumbling dark noises. A classic union of darkness, anger, and power that's a must for death industrial admirers. Punishment never sounded so good!

Drape Excrement captures sounds of agony and inner torment, of madness and glorious insanity. A release that explores the blackest depths of man's soul. Unreleased early recordings from these pioneers of the early 90ies!

Cover-art by Fabrice Billard. Sounds go up and down like waves, pulsate soft and tender, surround you like cotton wool, being added up by sensitively created electronics.

This is a kind of hommage to water, symbol for life, moving and development. Listen to the endless streaming and flowing of life. Round-dance of elves overdozed with acid. After long years of silence DVAR returned with a gothic darkwave album 'Piirrah' released Untitled - Bardoseneticcube - Time Of Mars (File Italy in and presenting material from the period A year later the band produced 'Roah'.

This time DVAR's style changed once again. It wasn't really 'dark' anymore, but rather melancholic. Oriental and minimalist influences could be easily heard.

Music critics claimed it 'lightwave'. DVAR was recording 'Rakhilim' during yearand by now it is the freshiest material of the bizzare formation. With this album DVAR's unique style reaches its artistic and technical purity.

Definite recommendations! Second edition. More than an hour of calm yet energetic meditative drone music. All kinds of crunches, gurglings and wheezes are plaited in sophisticated sound tracery with FEM's trademark sound. An interesting phisiological experiment - listen to what your body can make in the hands of the artist. Everything is imbued with sounds of wind, quiet but fairly tense. Heavily transformed resonating soundflows of winds in their enviroments These are mystic echoes, pseudo-subterranean vibrations, faint sounds of surroundings, chime of bell and glass Entangled in the light haze of air streams.

While Aube uses only one sound source for an album, may it be tone generator's waves or sounds of water, FEM chooses only 5 elements: air, water, earth and stone.

And while Aube often goes mad with building mathematically precise multy-level constructions with hi-fi sound, FEM on the contrary inherited droning structure of tracks from other projects of [S] Sister Loolomie, Exit In Grey with muffled lingering sounds. This album starts with literally stone ambient but by 10th minute the identification of sound practically disappears and only sometimes kind of familiar timbres emerge: cicadas, radionoises, etc.

Drone ambient with lots of field recordings: earth, water, sand, fire, salt Second track starts to condense the sound and brings the feeling of being in a primeval night forest not in the best time The last third track continues this feeling drawing in the very inside of fire - here dominate the sounds of flames and charcoal crackles, little by little dissolving in their own echoes Gae Bolg vs.

CD comes in cartonsleeve and is limited to pieces. Comes in nice black 6-panel digisleeve with silver drawings. In re-freshed sound quality, and Untitled - Bardoseneticcube - Time Of Mars (File a new look: a 24 page monster booklet which is filled to the top with blood-enriched pictures and texts, with which the listeners can also enjoy themselves visually.

In addition to the well-known "Trilogie des Blutes" fromthere are three bonus tracks "Nachblutung"to listen to, which also stem from this period. These have, however, only now been fully completed in order to Untitled - Bardoseneticcube - Time Of Mars (File included in this re-issue from mr.

New Haus Arafna album Some of you who already had opportunity to listen "Fur Immer" 7"-single will definitely understand what I mean. The old fans should be amazed.

No, there is even more fascination of the beyond and general darkness. Just like the prominent horror movie which is well done without dead bodies, blood streams and other superficial features of borrowed violence - no need for that while really frightening.

All the senses are submerged into fathomless pit of human soul, still continuing torture and threaten with inexplicable force. An awful prophecy and damnable firmness - a bitter grin turns to deadly mask.

This album is not so easy to understand, for me it took at least five times to play it back again and Album, then something more or less distinct began to standing up against me. On the other hand, there are many people who didn't heard any previous Haus Arafna song, the new generation - seems that for them "Butterfly" should be more accessible. I even think that it could bring much new flesh into the fans camp.

According to musicians, this is their first album sincerelly devoted to the true love sense, and logical develpement out of previous releases - like it always was and, I hope so, always will be. Horror from the dark corners of consciousness, rage, putrid cold and absolute electronic insanity. Even the labels seems to know nothing about this formation. Haunting you in your deepest nightmares. You may be dead and even then you don't know a thing about this release. Just experience it!

Transformed corvine voices interwoven with Hum trademark minimal and tranquil drone ambient. This release is dedicated to one of the most multifaced and ambiguous heroes of the anscient myths and modern social landscape - a crow Corvus corone cornix, or carrion-crow. It is a shaman's prospector in the spiritual worlds and a foreteller of misfortune and war; a "queen" of carrion and rotten flesh, and Untitled - Bardoseneticcube - Time Of Mars (File getter of vivifying moisture and rain.

A Raptor, a thief, a turnskin, a chtonic symbol of Navia, a harbinger. In any case, regardless of a characteristic, anxious voice of a grey crow is always magical and pricks the ears HUM - quasi-rhythmic ornithomorph collage created under influence of crow voice and places of living.

Sound material of To all lovers of shades of grey. MI3ERY - minimalistic noise-concrete built on field recordings of crows and atonal backgrounds. Crows were recorded at the cemetary during the period of little crows learing to fly, when the energies of fear and activity unify in these birds most vividly. A symbolical exit of inner self from suffocating embrace of reality. Bird as a key to the unknown reality, a guide to the other side. A collision Dis-identification of a self with surrounding.

A new instinct The release is packed in a DVD-box and limited to 67 copies, handmade. Contains conceptual inserts: three cards and a magic packet. This work focuses on the German Vril society myths of 'Aldebaran', from which universal spirituality is said to originate. One hour of immense walls of dark, brooding atmospherics, pulsating anthems of the universal power, mixed with themes of heritage and history. The ultimate document of deep and cavernous dark ambient.

Institution D. This is a groundbreaking piece of Extreme Electronic Music with all facettes and at the same time a very entertaining and enjoyable piece of weird and sick Noise-Pop. Digipack with booklet, CD includes a video. Stylistically it's almost the same: totally calm atmospheric ambient woven from mainly processed field recordings and smooth synth tunes.

Quoted from Markus Pesonen himself "This is my personal W. You are the enemy! The album was again exquisitely produced by Peter Bjargo at Erebus Odora. Dead voices and melodies, moans of winds and swarms of worms. Exploration of the other world in it's darkest manifestation. Kriminaaliset Metsanhaltijat -- "Mina Rangaistan Loukkaajaa! Hejniasejmaa island They have conducted some tests here Late autumn Everything's died Beton bunker walls Malice put out by chemicals and atmosphere of nuclear trials of the past.

Protest in every track, unwillingness to obey the system and to have connection with rotten society. Hail Finland! Three tracks sounding like roaming in a pitch dark electronic forest by feel.

Isolationist dark ambient. One almost minute long trask. Movements in total darkness. A portrait of Russian radio-ether. Handmade sleeve from a page of some glamour zine. From the deepest vault at Soleilmoon, precisely such a cherished but long unavailable classic has been remastered, repackaged and re-issued.

Nearly 15 years after its release it regularly features on top-ten lists of ambient music. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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