Yeah (Edit) - Various - On Air 2005 - Upfront Beats Vol. 1 (CD)

For such a short-lived band, Sugar never wasted a moment on record. That line of thought only ends in hypotheticals, though. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club made an impressive debut intaking both America and England by surprise while alternative metal ruled the charts. More gutsy, more aggressive, and more dynamic than B.

They're fearless and this release is all swagger, emotive, and cool. There's more character to songs themselves and BRMC appears a touch more confident. From the acoustic ballad "And I'm Aching" to the post-punk fire of "U. For only a second album, they've got the maturity that most young bands lack on a creative level.

Such tenacity will carry them a long way. Here, for posterity, is concrete proof of that epithet. Though the stately pace of the songs becomes monotonous at times, Perry's first solo effort is a mature work worthy of his reputation.

It's literally just the two of them, recorded at a home studio in Australia. Bourke's work in Eden -- which had often been tagged with a Dead Can Dance wannabe brush -- actually meant that he knew more than most where Gerrard was coming from with her all-encompassing vision of music from different locales and times. Compared to the often overwhelming Yeah (Edit) - Various - On Air 2005 - Upfront Beats Vol.

1 (CD) of The Mirror Pool, Duality is no less mysterious and captivating, but still maintains a more intimate, close atmosphere. The echoing depths that characterize Gerrard's work again appear, as much a tribute to excellent production as it is an artistic choice, and there are wondrous parts with haunting string arrangements, but there are no huge, heavenly orchestras or the like dominating this time out.

As always, Gerrard's voice is simply breath taking, the vaunted and well-earned reputation for her singing ranges completely intact.

Perhaps most surprising is when she sings in clear, straightforward English on "The Human Game," compared to her usual glossolalia when singing her own lyrics; in context, it's a fascinating switch. Bourke's own contributions -- it's not immediately clear if those include vocals, given Gerrard's own abilities in both high and low registers -- mesh excellently with her instrumental work and, since no specific credit appears instrument for instrument, everything works as a true partnership.

Hey there fellow travellers. Just a brief moment of your time while I sit back and take a couple days off from posting daily. I have been surprised at the volume of traffic Depeche Mode have generated in the last month, and how it has resulted in a number of "take-down" notices for both Black Celebration and Violator. There are so many rips of DM's albums that I have to wonder why In other news I want to let you know that daily posting will slowly become a thing of the past, but despair ye not, multiple posts on the same day might make an interesting alternative.

Also, it's sometimes worth checking out the comments for additional links too interesting alternatives to the headline post. This will become more apparent as time moves along. Singles are making a comeback along with some interesting Various Artists compilations. Now I've said enough as I don't want to keep you from your surfing t'web, and searching for that next awesome download, from that band you've never heard of, but you like the review by this or that blogger, and hey if you don't like it Peace Out Somewhere between Electro and Metal, Last Rites create a modern sound; a hypnotic, cold and heavy groove which works all the way through this second studio album.

It is also marked by the heavy support of industrial, rhythmic guitars Rageing Tideand the voice of Alexander Wright, whose thick, grand vocals are reminiscent of Johan Edlund of Tiamat The Many Forms, Body in Decline. Of all the Fields of the Nephilim side projects and bands, Last Rights are musically the 'least obvious'; and The Many Forms proves to be a thoroughly enjoyable listen, and although some may think it lacks that 'in your face' attack, I personally enjoyed the more subdued nature of the music.

The Many Forms has plenty of deliciously subtle and dark undertones and an impressive bass line which growls at the listener throughout and so fans of Goth self-raising flower rock will feel at home instantly. Comprising of Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper, have carved out their own niche within dark indie, electronica and synth-pop circles.

Their sound is about exploring tonal and emotional tension as much as it is about actual tracks or singular moments. Adrenalizing yet hypnotic landscapes layer mechanical and sensual impulses, as crystalline vocals weave fever dreams of yearning and alienation. Golestaneh's vocals switch from low and smoky to exploding rock ballad mode at the change of a verse. The lyrics are dark and introspective. The music is surprisingly upbeat; imagine happy Joy Division with more synths.

Nothing dominates, but it all comes together, particularly the synth pop songs to just make you want to move to the music. Tempers describe their creative process as a telepathic kinship they've developed since they started making music together: "We have this sort of unspoken criteria when we're writing music.

We never really need to explain what that is, but we both know when it's missing or when we've hit it. Following a string of critically acclaimed download only singles including from "Eyes Wide Wider" the duo released their debut LP "Services" which resulted in the underground club hit "Strange Harvest". A debut album that is super clean and precise. In the U. Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret, originally released in Britain in the fall ofcontained both the band's first hit and its follow-up, "Bedsitter," its title referring to what in America would be called a studio apartment.

A third U. At full album length, lyricist Almond's primary preoccupation, only suggested in "Tainted Love," was spelled out; this was a theme album about aberrant sexuality, a tour of a red-light district. The insistent beats taken at steady dance tempos and the chilling electronic sounds conjured by Ball emphasized Almond's fascination with deviance; it almost seemed as though the album had been designed to be played in topless bars.

British listeners saw through Almond's pretence or were amused by him, or both; more puritanical Americans tended to disapprove, which probably limited the group's long-term success stateside.

But the music was undeniably influential. This deluxe edition of Marc Almond and Dave Ball's debut includes all the B-sides and extended mixes from the synth duo's first and best period, plus the pioneering Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing remix album.

Totally captivating while maintaining an important air of mystery, Erin and Ryan Hawthorne are most definitely an act to keep an eye on for the future.

Now a trio, Client continue to craft chilly, elegant electro-pop that's poised and business like, full of hooks, and tries to conjure feelings of luxury and efficiency. Synth-pop has always been filled with deliberate coldness and facelessness-- nothing new about that. But that's not Client's style: They're one of few synth acts I've heard who seem to lack personality mostly by accident. It's hard to even pinpoint where that sensation comes from.

It's not in their music, which is certainly up one of my alley s : chilly, elegant electro-pop, poised and business like, full of hooks.

It's not in their image, which is a good match for the sound-- first two and now three women, semi-anonymous, dressed up in sleek 80s business wear and flight-attendant uniforms that go perfectly with the luxury and efficiency they're trying to conjure. Heartland, their third album, is the kind of full-on solid record I barely even expect to hear these days, every track as concise and hook-filled as the last. Apart from the lyrics, they have all the bases covered: Anyone looking for reliable synth-pop thrills will find something to enjoy in just about every song.

The vagueness of those lyrics might be a clue to the problem, though: Client don't seem to have much that they're actually trying to get across to us. It's not just a matter of electro detachment, either.

In the early afternoon on January 3, Project Born accepted their invitations to the March. On January 5, Zug Izland accepted their invitations for the March.

On January 11, Lo Key accepted his invitation for the March. On January 12,MC Chris declined his invitations stating in part, "I do not have a problem with Juggalos, but I will decline the invite because I have a upcoming fall tour, and am dependent on the DC market to make a living".

On March 1, it was announced by Psychopathic Records that the concert was cancelled due to local law enforcement pressuring the venue to not allow the concert to be held there, but they are looking for a new venue to hold the concert. On March 17, it was announced that 1 Ton will take part in the March. On April 13, Violent J said Tech N9ne will not take part in the March due to his new contract signing with Paradigmbut was "wholeheartedly" down to do a verse for the Family Psypher and subsequent video.

On May 8, Necro announced via his Facebook account, that after being invited by Insane Clown Posse to join The Parental Advisory Tour with 2 Live CrewGeto BoysOnyxand Lil Eazy E with DJ Yellaand being given a "low ball deal" to tour for "a month basically for free" he announced that he will not take part in the tour, and also rescinded his acceptance to take part in the March.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American independent record label. See also: Hatchet House artists and Psychopathic Records discography. Main article: List of films released by Psychopathic Video. Retrieved In Fostey, Nathan ed. ICP: Behind the Paint 2nd ed. Royal Oak, Michigan: Psychopathic Records. ISBN ICP: Behind the Paint second ed.

Entertainment Weekly. July 4, June 27, The Amazing Jeckel Brothers. Liner notes. Psychopathic Records. Archived from the original on Event occurs at Weekly Freekly. Retrieved 16 October Show Calendar.

Weekly Freekly Weekly January Edition internet news. Detroit, Michigan : Psychopathic Records. PR Newswire. Detroit Music Awards. Rovi Corporation. New York Times. Retrieved 12 December April 2, ISSN The Entertainment Nexus. September The Hatchet Warrior. Archived from the original on 20 October Retrieved 16 August Business Wire. October 22, Torch Daily Blitz. Episode The Detroit News. Retrieved 4 April Detroit, Michigan: Psychopathic Records.

Category:Psychopathic Records. Authority control. United States. MusicBrainz label. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Hip hophorrorcorehardcore hip hop. Farmington Hills, Michigan. The duo has earned two platinum and three gold albums along with 2 platinum movies and a gold movie, and has sold over 6.

Violent J has released 3 while Shaggy 2 Dope has released 2. Violent J has released 2 on Psychopathic, and Shaggy 2 Dope has released both of his on Psychopathic as well. Club and Mr. DiamondEsham Mr. Spadeand Lavel Mr. The group released their only studio album, Furiousin After a fight between label mates, Esham and Lavel left the group and Psychopathic Records. In Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope came up with the concept of 2 backwoods, serial killing hillbillies called The Bloody Brothersbut later met, signed, and used the gimmick for Boondox.

During Insane Clown Posse 's Gathering of the Juggalos seminar, it was announced that they would in fact be doing The Bloody Brothers concept and would be recording it soon. It was also announced that after coming up with many other gimmicks that were used for other artists, they said "After doing that, we've decided that if we come up with a concept that we want to use as a project of ours, we are gonna do it".

Their debut album titled The Bloody Brothers is set to be released in In the January 19, Faygoluvers. His debut album titled Gutterwater was released on May 25, Project Born signed to Psychopathic in off the strength of a demo album. Impressed with the demo, ICP and Psychopathic decided to release it as was. Unfortunately, the demo recording was lost, leading to Project Born having to record a new album, which according to Violent J, Yeah (Edit) - Various - On Air 2005 - Upfront Beats Vol.

1 (CD) inferior to the original. They named it the Born Dead EP and released it in V-Sinizter won a one-year deal with Psychopathic Records in After its release and low sales, V-Sinizter was released from Psychopathic. He went on to sign to Area 51 records, making a few more albums.

Esham signed to Psychopathic in while his brother and co-owner of his record label was in jail. He released three albums on Psychopathic, and saw his highest point of success. After a fight between label mates and the release of his brother, Esham left Psychopathic Records. In an April 8, faygoluvers. The group disbanded after ABK left Psychopathic in He released The New Prescription on August 24, After UMZ closed inBreed moved over to Psychopathic Records, where he stayed until his death on November 22,while he was working on a new album.

The group was scheduled to release an album Horrorscopebut released the song "Shake" before The R. The group reformed inwhich was officially announced Yeah (Edit) - Various - On Air 2005 - Upfront Beats Vol. 1 (CD) the GOTJ When House of Krazees members Mr. Violent J was so impressed with the group that he asked them to sign to Psychopathic. They did, and together they came up with a name they felt fit the group, "Twiztid". They released their debut album Mostasteless on November 25, They left the label in late to form their own label Majik Recordz before the label folded inand Twiztid returned to the label.

They announced that they were again leaving the label on December 12,and formed Majik Ninja Entertainment in Cold um released only one album, The Only Solutionon October 22,which coincided with Twiztid's Abominationz album.

He left Psychopathic in July due to the poor reception of the album by fans. Blaze Ya Dead Homie signed with Psychopathic in He released his debut self-titled EP on Psychopathic in Turning to course help online for help is legal.

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