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Valentino Valentino Garavani Rockstud leather combat boots. Bottega Veneta Puddle glittered rubber ankle boots. Bottega Veneta Puddle pink rubber knee-high boots. Bottega Zerik Puddle dark green rubber knee-high boots. Paris Texas burgundy crocodile-effect leather knee-high boots. Paris Texas silver python-effect leather knee-high boots. Moncler Insolux cream fleece snow boots.

Balenciaga Strike black distressed canvas ankle boots. Acne Studios Bryant black leather ankle boots. Jil Sander Black leather and stretch-knit ankle boots. Jil Sander Black leather and jersey knee-high sock boots.

Off-White Allen black leather ankle boots. JW Anderson Black chain-embellished rubber ankle boots. Valentino Valentino Garavani Uniqueform leather knee-high boots. Legres Combat stone suede ankle boots. Legres Combat dark brown leather ankle boots. Head east towards Dag'gorath and kill him. A door opens on your left north side of room. Kill Mek'barash and the other mobs in the next room. Go to the back of the room where there is a wispy, green web-like pattern on the floor.

Turn left west. You'll find Zerik'shekor and two temptresses accusing a prisoner. Go past them and climb down the rubble to a room below. Kill Shao'ghun and Bryanda. That lowers a fence between you and Fel Lord Zakuun.

Kill him and his friend. Xhul'horac The Felborne Breach : Retrace your steps. Go up the rubble pile to the room with the green web on the floor, but continue straight east.

You enter The Felborne Breach and go down steps to the floor. Two guys are using magic to tether Xhul'horac. Kill them and Xhul'horac becomes targetable. Burn him down. He spawns adds, but I just ignored them. Tyrant Velhari Temple of Tyranny : Turn back west and head up the steps and eventually get to the room with the green-webbed floor. Turn left south and work back to the room with the colors are emanating from the floor. Khadgar is still working on the portal in the room to your right north.

Turn left south. Follow the hallway to the Halls of Sargerei. Go down the steps on the right south. Pass through the Amphitheater of the Eternal where you killed Socrethar.

Keep going until you get to Zerik area called the Halls of the Sargerei. There are three mobs the steps ahead. Kill them and many mobs attack you from all directions. There are portals on the four corners of the room. Groups of mobs come out f them every few seconds. Click on the portals to close them. Mobs will interrupt you. After the four portals are closed, Lord Aram'el attacks you.

He is easy to kill like trash. Go up the stairs and turn right west. There is a newly opened door where a portal was before. Kill the mobs there and turn left west. I killed the trash in the middle and left parts of the room, then turned to Kuroh, quickly killed her, and then Velhari. Khadgar yells out that the portal he was working on is now unlocked. Mannoroth Destructor's Rise : Exit by the door on the left west and follow the path back to Iskar's Clutch. A door on the east wall leads straight to the room with the colors emanating from the floor and Khadgar's port just beyond.

Turn left north and touch the portal. It takes you to Destructor's Rise, which is a circular platform with three mobs. Doom Lord Usual appears after you attack one. Kill him and other adds and Mannoroth attacks. Kill him too. A portal of Khadgar's appears on the platform. Take it. A video of Gul'dan and Archimonde starts.

Zerik it's over, Archimonde and three other named mobs are at the Black Gate with you. So are Exarch Yrel and Grommash Hellscream. The three named died quickly and Archimonde just stood there. He was a little harder to kill.

Another video starts and the heroes celebrate the liberation of Draenor. Many good guys are standing around at the end. There are also five portals to starting room where you can exit the instance. Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. Unsure how to post?

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