3rd Degree - Cadillac Sky - Letters In The Deep (Vinyl, LP)

For all of us in the band, and for a dozen or so other friends, Mr. Gamble was a second father. Better late than never, and with our rantings completed, we rolled up to the big warehouse amid a sea of folks meandering around the various booths and shows.

We scurried over to the event office and verified our presence with the talent coordinator. She told us to check in with the M. Following her finger, we looked — and then freaked. The M. And this was not good news for us. He told the stupidest jokes over and over; he chided folks from all communities; and he had a voice that grated the nerves like fingers on a chalkboard.

And, Charlie was about years old back then. Sadly, Charlie passed away at age 84 on October 2,at his home. His physician for the final years of his life, who helped him find the light with full dignity at home was my best friend, Dr.

Troy B. Gamble, Jr. We walked up behind Charlie while he was rambling on about boll weevils or some other hot-button topic with a local farmer, and tapped him on the back. That lady over there said to check in with you for the talent show and go over the performance procedures.

He turned from his farming story and gave me a discerning glare. He pushed his glasses back on his leathery face, a Marlboro with a full-length ash dangling from his lips, as he squinted at the typed words on the paper. I looked at the guys, and took a deep breath before I spoke. As darkness fell, the crowd swelled to overflowing in the humongous warehouse, and the show began. Sponsored by the electric co-op, the stage was bathed in dozens of floodlights and spotlights.

Countless groups and soloists — mostly Country or Gospel acts — performed their acts, all with acoustic instruments. Nervously waiting in the wings, I surveyed the masses, trying to ascertain their reaction. As I did, I caught the eye of a pretty little blonde gal sitting up front, who was smiling in my direction.

I looked around to see if there was someone behind us, but no; she was looking at me. See, girls from home were like sisters, more or less. We grew up with them. We knew everything about them, and their families. And, we knew their daddies. More importantly, their daddies knew us.

Getting your first guitar or piano is one. Getting your song on the radio is another. Before I could start thinking up my opening line of bull, the guys called me to huddle up. We were next, and we had five minutes to set up our gear and start our set.

We had never had done this before, and we were a little edgy with nervousness. The singer onstage finished her song, the crowd applauded, and the officials waved us to begin. We scampered up the stairs, lugging our big amps and helping Ronnie with his drum kit, as we frantically prepared for our set. The din of the crowd grew louder with each passing minute. A stage hand placed the microphones in front of us, and we checked off in order among ourselves.

Just before we were to nod at Charlie for the intro, we reached over and flipped on the power to our amps. Heck, the whole side of the street went dark. No one moved. We immediately switched off our powerless amps, frozen in place, scared to death of being lynched on the spot for sabotaging the good name of the electric co-op. Flickering beams of flashlights danced around the stage, as crewmen figured out which circuit had blown.

Oh, this was just great. Like we needed to make sure that we would be good and terrified before we played in front of 2, strangers for the first time. To their credit, it only took them about three or four minutes to find the problem. Then again, with or so electrical workers in attendance — at an event sponsored by the local electric co-op — I guess that sorta helped.

They increased the stage box to a amp breaker — a sufficient level to power our equipment — and gave us the thumbs-up. We took the big, collective breath and flipped the switches again. This time, the little red pilot lights glowed happily in response, and the spotlights stayed on.

We warily nodded at Charlie. Ronnie immediately counted off, and we began playing. And Charlie, unbeknownst to him at the time, went home with a Yeller Jacket bumper sticker covering the license plate on his truck. The control panel looked almost as complex as this. After playing for about five or six years, gigs were booked with regularity around our little town.

Some of our original songs had been recorded and broadcast on a local radio station, and we began entering talent contests — which, in turn, got us bookings for other events. An English teacher for almost 25 years, my mom finally decided to upgrade her career. Between my freshman and senior years, she spent her summer breaks at Western Carolina University, earning her masters degree so that she could become a guidance counselor.

Now, having a teacher for a mom is one thing. But having a mom involved in guidance counseling and career planning is quite another. As a result, I ended up in a few classes that I ordinarily would never have dreamed of taking. One of the classes I signed up for was Shop. Oh, even back then, in one of the first attempts at political correctness, they had just re-titled the name of the class as Industrial Arts — but everyone continued to call it Shop.

Similar to my layout, except I fashioned a single line of 8 alternating colored flood lights. When my instructor asked me what project I wanted to attempt, I pondered the possibilities. Looking around the facility, I realized there was a bunch of machinery and tools that I had never had at my disposal. Now, this was primarily due to the fact that — unlike these fools — my dad knew far better than to allow me anywhere near power tools that could cripple not only myself, but anyone in the general area.

The Tim Taylor character of Tool Time had nothing on me when it came to project-realted carnage. A discussion at the previous band practice popped into my mind — and, quite literally, a little light went on in my head. Actually, it was a lot of lights. And so, while the other guys were pounding out the usual stuff, I was over in a corner, drawing up plans for my project.

Then I began selecting materials, and putting in my supplies request. Our instructor, Mr. Barr, looked at my list and scratched his head. Hey, no problem. I was in a band, making the big bucks. Every other month. I collected almost all of the items I needed right away.

The school furnished the wood, nails and paint: I bought all the wiring, receptacles and switches. It pretty much wiped out my vast band savings, but it was gonna be worth it. After a few weeks of sawing, nailing and cursing and, remarkably, without any trips to the emergency room to reattach severed limbsI had built the two boxes that would contain the lights, and the control panel.

Ina lot of my contemporaries across the country were burning the American flag, or wearing the flag in some form, or generally not giving it much respect. I decided to counter this attitude by painting my creations to look like our flag, and salivated at the thought of some commie hippie trying to desecrate them in my presence.

It was a time-consuming task. For the light cabinets, great care was taken in laying out the alternating rows of red and white stripes, and making the stencils for the stars.

The control panel was striped, and the solid blue front panel had the switches framed by stars. In my eyes, it was absolutely beautiful. Current version of my single stack array of 8 alternating colors of flood lamps, position in their spectrum progression. The big day came when all the paint was dry and my little project was ready for public view.

I unveiled the finished product and stood back, fully prepared to accept the accolades of my friends. Their perspective was a bit different. Now all we needed were the actual lights.

Well, as it turned out, lights were doggone expensive. Of course, we were all broke, and majorly bummed out. As fate would have it, we somehow ended up in Myrtle Beach one night, which was unusual for us during the fall session of high school. Suffice to say — the next day, we had our light system up and running.

And with plenty of spares, to boot. Now we really looked like an honest-to-peanuts band. We played a ton of private parties there, from birthdays to holidays. As in any small town, when there was a social event going on, age was not a discriminating factor. And not just as part of the chaperone factor, either. Some of the wildest behavior we ever witnessed from our vantage point on the stage emanated not from our peers, but from our elders. The Myrtle Beach shoreline, awash in all forms of light, and the ripe source of our lighting requirements.

We began to notice a pattern that ran true almost every time we performed. Beginning the evening with rigid, almost stuffy personas that frowned upon any type of interaction between girls and boys that might be construed as questionable, their personalities morphed with definite changes as the night wore on.

Balance and equilibrium seemed to become a bit of a problem around that same time, which sorta made us wonder — just who was watching the henhouse, after all?

There primarily to prevent kids from engaging in the usual teenage party agenda alcohol and sexthese were people we all grew up knowing — friends of our families, classmates of our older siblings, members of our churches.

As Christmas break came around that year, we had another big party to play out at the country club. Though slightly murky, we could see just about everyone in the room from onstage.

Only the frequent opening and closing of the front door to the room was discernable from our view. About half way through the show, the door opened yet again in the middle of a song.

As I nonchalantly looked over, a petite, shapely form was silhouetted against the outside light for a brief moment. Then the door closed, and the shape was lost in the darkness. Well, like I said before, you know everyone in a small town. I had taken count of all the little honeys in attendance, and knew who was out of town that night. And, this shape was not in my mental rolodex. Now, I was always a little slow about things, when it came to dealing with the fairer sex. But I was just beginning to learn — when in direct competition with my buddies — that the difference between getting a little goodnight kiss or singing to my dog after going home unattached, was to strike first whenever the opportunity presented itself.

We finished the last chords and announced it was break time. A smattering of polite applause accompanied my hasty exit from the stage, as I acknowledged well-wishers while searching the dark periphery of the back of the room for the vision of loveliness that had momentarily been framed in the light. As I drew near a group of folks, I spotted her.

She was engaged in conversation, her back to me, as I approached. She was short, blonde, wearing a cute little outfit and a very short little skirt. Just as I was recognizing him, a cascade of realization buried my ability to process thought. The same reactions you get from things like drinking soured milk, or watching your dog eat something you never dreamed any animal would ever consider eating, or the old stand-by, fingernails on the blackboard. These all overwhelmed me.

And then, my sister — ten years my senior — turned from her conversation and greeted me. I forced a smile while fighting off the heebie-jeebies of nearly hitting on my own sister — Arrrrrrrgh!!! It was a guitar strap; pre-heavy metal genre, shiny rows of chrome, like medieval armor. It really was beautiful. I thanked her repeatedly. I used it that night, as not to offend her. One of the most abject things in life is, arguably, the individual interpretation of — and interest in — music.

The easy part comes with ready labels, like classical, traditional, rock, blues, hip-hop, techno, etc. So, whenever someone chooses to do just that — you know, dump it all in and mix it up — exactly how do you describe or categorize what kind of sound that results from such an endeavor?

For the experienced connieseur, the likely answer around these parts would be The Avett Brothers. And joy of joys and happiest of coinky-dinks — because it just so happens that The Avett Brothers will bring their category-defying brand of eclectic yet mainstream music to House Of Blues in N. The band is made up of two brothers, Seth Avett vocals, acoustic guitar, hi-hat, piano, drum kit and Scott Avett vocals, banjo, harmonica, kick drum, drum kitand Bob Crawford vocals, upright bass, trumpet.

They are often joined on tour by cellist Joe Kwon. Their live performances showcase their use of three-part harmony and southern rock feel, and are admired for being intense, energetic, and soulful. In earlyThe Avett Brothers, with help from new stand-up bass player Bob Crawford, recorded their first full album as a band titled Country Was. The band soon went on tour to promote the new album. The band released Emotionalism on May 15, It debuted at No. They followed up with The Second Gleam Actually, the secret to their success — which happens when anyone really listens to their songs — boils down to an incredibly simple formula, to borrow on an old campaign slogan from a few years back:.

I had the good fortune to catch up with the band last March, while they were in Columbia, as they were opening on a bill with Shinedown. We headed to the big, back room for some quiet time to chat. Howle: Oh, it always aggravates me about how American audiences take so long to accept new bands, whereas Europeans are always just so incredibly open to new music and talent.

So many bands before you have found success overseas before LP) homefolks got a clue, you know? Wells: Well, we always write together. We tear it apart and then put it back together, pretty much. For this album, we started pre-production in February back home in Kentucky, getting all the songs arranged and ready, and then started recording in March — pretty much the month of March and a little bit in April.

It only took a little bit over a month to record everything and get it all done. Howle: And very nicely done at that. Pick up any new guitars and stuff lately? Wells: Oh, Chris and I got a couple of new amp heads from Peavey, thethat are really nice.

We still play the Les Pauls and Telecasters, you know. Howle: Ah, I was gonna ask about that Gretsch. Wells: Right. So, what was the video shoot like? And how many videos have you guys done now? It was a lot of fun to shoot that one, we had a great crew.

A lot of times they can be really tiring to shoot, but this was not one of those, it really flew by. Are you going to be doing more of that? But we really like to keep in touch with our fans, by any means we can. Howle: How much time do you guys get to put into stuff like your MySpace site? Wells: Oh, wow … well, again, thank you, man.

Any, yeah, you get homesick every now and then, sure; but the families are there for us all the time, and it makes it a little bit easier. Howle: Well said, Ben. And thank you again for being so supportive of us and sharing the word with your readers.

Thanks again for everything! Hey, Ben — thank youmy friend … and for all of you out there, I still say the biggest favor you can ever do yourself and your closest friends is to beat feet to the front row whenever these very talented and personable guys roll anywhere near your town. And allow me to add this one personal note: When I finished the interview with Ben, we made our way back to the front of the bus, where Chris, John Fred and Jon were hanging out with some friends.

I stopped to tell them that, two years ago after I met them, I had asked their PR gal to please make sure to tell their moms and dads that they did a great job of raising them. I earnestly shook his hand and repeated my assessment. I first saw this band in at House Of Blues, opening for Hinder. Their debut CD made them one of the best new rock bands I had heard in a long, long time … but I often have found that slick, heavily-produced studio work can sometimes mask poor or weak live performances.

Distinctive vocals, aggressive, ball-busting guitars, and a dominate rhythm section combine to build a sound that is both clear and sonic … but their songwriting is equally masterful.

No small feat in and of itself; but you see, this Kentucky-based band is young — and mature beyond their years on every level. Their path from wide-eyed-but-extremely-talented first-timers to savvy, quick-learning veterans has been meteoric. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know; bad economy has cut your music budget.

A relentless touring schedule has honed their repertoire to a fine, hot edge of perfection that will renew your spirit and soothe your soul. Whatever expense you incur will be more than worth it — they are that good. Best of all, their parents did a dang fine job of raising them. Howle The previous review was originally published February 26, Well, some say real rock — you know, with great melody, ball-busting riffs and rich, textured vocals that blend into sonic audio nirvana — is dead.

This band has a deep musical lineage, including a founding member of the Kentucky Headhunters as father of their drummer. Each member brings boundless talent and energy to the table, and they scale all of the usual rock obstacles in a manner that belies their collective young ages.

In the dry county of Edmonton, Ky. Music was handed down from family members to the band. Singer, Chris Robertson received his first guitar from his grandfather, who built instruments by hand, and learned his first chords from his dad. Incorporating bluegrass, gospel, and blues, Black Stone Cherry absorbed the sounds of the regional music being heard in their homes and and folded it into a southern rock style of their own. Howle: So, tell me. We got together one day and talked about forming a band, and then we started practicing the next day.

As for the name, well, we wanted something that would stand out and not sound so lame like some of the bands that are out there now. Howle: Tell me about your practice house. Howle: Well, all that practice and hard work paid off, because you really have a great, honed, signature sound. Wells: Oh, well, thank you, man. But whatever it was, Mrs. Haselden had reached the end of the line on reasoning with me. She tersely instructed me to step up to her desk, as she pulled her chair over to an open space in front of the blackboard.

I was told to lean over the chair back and grab the seat, my back to the class. At least I learned a lesson in physics, which I never forgot. And I never said another word back to her unless asked.

Of course, I also stopped taking math classes after that, too. September 11 and all that is inclusive aside, President Bush has not impressed me greatly on other issues. But whenever I find myself questioning his reason or motive, I try to remind myself of his one greatest decision:.

Two boys are playing football at this park in a small town in South Carolina when one of the boys is suddenly attacked by a crazed Rottweiler. A local sports reporter who was strolling by sees the incident and rushes over to interview the boy. What team do you root for?

If we can all laugh, then there is hope. The previous article originally appeared in Alternatives NewsMagazine, April 25, Posted by bhowle on August 6, in Along The Watchtower. Yep, the big news broke over the weekend — of the alcohol and drug forays of young Prince Harry, youngest child of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. I doubt if many of them gave it much thought.

And not just confined to the Brits … all media — worldwide — will feast on this one. Suffice to say that merely being a Royal is an extreme pressure right out of the gate. From the moment he drew his first breath, he was destined to be submerged in the trappings of an archaic Monarchy lifestyle: Proper nannies, proper schools, proper friends, proper behavior — drilled non-stop from day one. Hey, piece of cake.

Anyone could skate through puberty without any problems under those conditions. Unless, say, you carried some baggage unique to your place in the grand order of things. His dad had his first drink at age His mom had bouts of anorexia, bulimia and depression.

Other relatives have submitted the Queen to the royal embarrassment — some on multiple occasions. Add to this the fact that no teenager in the civilized world can be held from information. Television, radio, internet, schoolyard grapevine — no matter what the conduit, young Harry is at the mercy of the media when it comes to facing the cold, hard facts concerning his lot in life.

He was always the goofy one. Hey, Nigel, I took Psychtoo. A toadstool could figure out that much. But thanks for putting it out there on a soundbyte that will loop around the dial until young Harry gets to hear it a few dozen times. Bloody well done, old chap. So, we have a young boy, who has strayed from the straight and narrow and very proper mantle of British Royalty.

His parents have both exhibited addictive behaviors. The kid smoked a few joints, and had a few drinks. His father confronted him with it, and they talked. And for all year-old boys — regardless of social standing and privilege — hormonal tsunamis and trying to be cool can make life a bitch.

Leave the kid alone. Big Oil End Run — a. But validating my contention — that corporate greed is destroying our way of life MUCH faster than any lost war on drugs or failed attempts at creating an effective national education system — is of little satisfaction to me.

Thousands of innocent, hard working, gullible, God fearing people have been ruined — jobs lost, savings lost, futures lost. But at least now, we all get to see how serious our national government really is about pursuing truth and justice. Then again, when citizens allow a big, manipulative, powerful company to have carte blanche when it comes to tax breaks, amortization rates, sweetheart deals and the like — well, sooner or later, that chicken is gonna come home to roost.

Forget the lying to the Fed. Forget the lying to Wall Street. Forget the obscene amounts in political contributions — to BOTH parties. Forget the possibility of a mortally wounded infrastructure in Houston. They were legally a fancy term which means they had no choice locked into investments that prevented them from selling their stock and recovering at least some of their money.

Ah, but as for those executives in charge…they had no such restrictive stipulations hanging over their financial security. They dumped their vast stock holdings albeit less than half of their holdings at most, but hey, I could live on half a billiontoo far in advance of the fall. So now we get to see if the actual destruction of thousands of lives and the lifeblood of a community has any consequence in Corporate America.

At least, more importance than, say, some obscenely expensive political vendetta against a hound and his bitch, for trying to destroy our way of life by participating in a failed, poorly conceived development known as Whitewater. Heck, our Senate actually impeached a President over the eventual dregs of personal embarrassment that were rabidly squeezed out of that one. So, this time — pay attention to which way they look.

Sooner or later, people are gonna notice. Pretzel Logic George W. Bush, Jr. But in all honesty, I have to admit that he has come through on that promise.

B When the President of the United States of America passed out and fell off the couch — bruising his cheek and lip along the way — the only two witnesses to the event were Barney and Spot. Barney and Spot are not Secret Service codenames, nor are they aides or staffers, or relatives.

Barney and Spot are dogs. And we can order another one from Radio Shack? And the maid is stealing the silverware? But seriously … we now have smart bombs. Suddenly, a half-dozen men with aviation sunglasses and earpieces with those little coiled cords tucked down in their collars scurry into an encircling formation around the President, loudly whispering into their sleeves as they crouch in anticipation:.

That Dubya … what a hoot. As disturbing as it is, the truth of the matter is that it is not a felony to maliciously and mercilessly murder an animal in South Carolina. And yes, I know; for some, hunting is a form of murder. I feel your pain.

Now, get over it. Go ahead; give it your best shot … knock yourself out. That alone is reason enough to finally put some teeth into animal cruelty laws. But it should be done out of respect for the lives of these animals; more succinctly, out of respect for life itself. Yes, I know where my Quarter Pounder with Cheese comes from. I know my shoes once grazed in a pasture somewhere. Such is the luck of the draw; the delineating definition between livestock and pet.

These are acts of necessity, of survival, of sustenance. And the bloodlines are bred solely for that purpose. But to killsimply for the enjoyment of killing; to satisfy some perverse, sick, pathetic need to make existence for defenseless animals more horrible than your own — is an act of unmitigated evil. I propose another idea. After the sentencing, gather up a group of folks who all feel as I do. Then give us big, heavy, ball-peen hammers, and five minutes.

Or a big, heavy, ball-peen hammer. The previous article originally appeared in Alternatives NewsMagazine, January 17, Note: This was written July 14, — long before S.

As the years have rolled on by in my life, some things have become apparently clear to me, much to my absolute dismay. This idea was so important, that we were given constant examples of the practice by our wonderful role models — political, religious, professional and, of course, our own parents. I mean, seriously, go look at the river, and try to imagine a child pulling that off.

You even enlisted the help of non-voting, non-taxpaying, artery-clogging. So where was our in-your-face governor last week, when the unbelievably invasive and un-constitutional mandatory seatbelt law was on his desk awaiting either a signature or a veto?

Before you get all bent over my attack on the honorable Governor Sanford, allow me to clarify a few things. I have nothing but the highest respect, admiration and support for ALL law enforcement officers. These folks are underpaid, overworked and put their lives on the line every day so that you and I can tell the rest of the world we live freely in the greatest nation on earth. The seatbelt law means 3rd Degree - Cadillac Sky - Letters In The Deep (Vinyl now have the right to pull you over and issue a twenty-five dollar ticket for those who decline to buckle up.

My belief was confirmed in glorious fashion when a seatbelt literally saved my life in TWO separate accidents. However, there are some folks who — for various reasons — absolutely do not want, intend or ever plan to strap on a seatbelt. I personally know people who have had friends or family killed in auto accidents where — and this is against all normal conditions and circumstances, but, nonetheless — victims were trapped in submerged or burning vehicles by jammed seatbelts.

Government — whether Federal or State — has no business whatsoever intervening in our LP) transportation seating choices. Why on earth would they even find the slightest interest in doing such a thing? Could it be an overwhelming desire to prevent family members from experiencing the grieving process by avoiding unnecessary deaths when unbelted victims are ejected from vehicles in crashes?

And then they can contribute to the scam when we write them up for not wearing seatbelts, too. Every county, city and municipality will rev up the ticket writing machine, as the budget deficit woes go away, twenty-five dollars a pop. Ooooo … and what about all that other revenue that gets generated by ancillary fines resulting from the seatbelt infraction?

Have the anti-terrorist experts who keep coming up with these brilliant solutions — like banning lighters and nailclippers on airliners — ever wondered how illegal drugs get into the U. Whether we had a valid reason to invade Iraq or not does not bother me, although being lied to does if that ever proves to be the case. But stop jerking the people around when it comes to Homeland Security.

It will be some form of dirty bomb or conventional nuclear weapon, brought unencumbered across the porous borders of our nation by those who hate us most. The leftists in Canada are doing their dead-level best to do the same. Yeah, I know — that whole scene recently with the southwestern border and those yahoos who volunteered to patrol it and all made for interesting video reports. But during those days when the yahoos made their presence widely known, illegal entry into the United States dropped like Monica Lewinsky in a windowless room.

Talk Radio Burnout About two years ago, I began listening to talk radio on a daily basis. I figured it was time to give those with whom I often disagreed a fair shake and listen to what they had to say. The rest of us sure do. The previous article originally appeared in Alternatives NewsMagazine, July 14, An while the boys gave us many great albums, it has been awhile since they cranked out anything approaching the raw allure of Love Gun or the like. Well, fret no more, my face-painted little friends.

There are ten killer tracks on this album, and the attention to detail is stunning. But it takes a special, not-readily-available talent to reproduce the music-writing styles that were instantly recognizable as the KISS signature sound of those first few years.

It really is a truly remarkable achievement by the genius behind the production of this CD … and a huge hit for any KISS fan, young or old. And kids, the word is out. Since then, they have been ranked as high as No. BoxMyrtle Beach, SC Oh, and by the way … although Gene Simmons had been on record as saying they would never be recording new material again, I find it rather interesting — if not suspiciously coincidental — that he has announced they may soon crank out another album of original music … an announcement made not very long after this album was released in July of !

Reviewed by Brian M. Howle The previous article was originally published February 23, Bret Michaels is, if nothing else, a true survivor. He has survived a lifelong battle as an insulin dependent diabetic since the age of six, a well publicized near fatal car crash in and the countless musical trends and fads of the last two decades.

Michaels has also produced and written material for other artists including Stevie Nicks. In the mids Michaels formed a film production company with actor Charlie Sheen. Setting his musical sights beyond Poison, Michaels released his debut solo album Songs of Life in followed by the rootsy, Americana flavored sophomore record Freedom of Sound in The page hardcover edition is published by Simon Spotlight Entertainment, and release date is June 23, The series has became the highest rated series on Vh1 and consistently won its time slot when aired, including multiple airings.

There are so many occasions that we native-born Americans with humble apologies to true Native Americans take for granted. Familiarity does indeed breed contempt, even under the most innocent of conditions. With the onset of the traditional Christmas rush, most Americans find themselves in the grips of capitalism at its most fervent pitch. Each year, even with the earlier-than-the-year-before pre-Christmas sales that used to begin right after Thanksgiving but which now emerge as soon as the last stale bag of Halloween candy is put on clearance saleChristmas always seems to sneak right up on us.

A lot of normal, decent folks are out there, happy as clams, polite and obliging and good as gold. Then again, there are — and I swear, every year there are more and more — total wastes of human DNA out there, bowling over small children and little old ladies.

Rude, insolent, arrogant, bitter and downright ugly examples of our species gone terribly wrong. I leave it to each of you to categorize yourselves as to which group you qualify. I recently had the eye-opening honor of attending a Citizenship Naturalization ceremony in Columbia, S. My better half, originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, had passed all the citizenship tests and requirements and was scheduled to duly and lawfully become a U.

Arriving on an early Friday morning at the U. Courthouse in the Capitol City, two things immediately struck me:. Courthouse for some time, the past transgressions of the lunatic fringe in our country have left a chilling reality to our most basic freedom of assembly — Metal detectors, bomb detectors, security cameras and guards galore, and.

But here they all were, anxiously anticipating the formality of becoming U. The large crowd of about people lightened by as officials called for those who were actually participating in the ceremony, to finalize paperwork and verify identity. There is an undeniable sense of awe when you see the seamless tiers of generations assembled for such an event.

From the oldest grandparents and great-grandparents — most of whom only speak their native tongue — to the youngest toddlers and infants, most of whom display the physical characteristics of dual ethnicity homogenized to form the new world child, this window to the ever-changing fabric of our population is just a joy to behold.

As the big moment drew near, the doors to the courtroom swung open and everyone jockeyed for position to afford the best vantage point. When everyone finally squeezed into the packed courtroom, the multi-lingual murmur trailed off as the officials entered and the ceremony began.

Overseeing the proceedings was Senior U. District Court Judge Matthew J. Perry, a patriarchal figure of a man with an authoritative yet soft voice. Articulate and eloquent, he welcomed everyone and thanked them for their attendance. He then introduced visiting dignitaries and members of organizations who were providing various mementoes and keepsakes of the occasion. American Legion representatives gave each new citizen a booklet on Flag Etiquette; Members of the National Society of Colonial Dames presented laminated copies of the Naturalization Oath; and ladies of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution furnished copies of the Pledge of Allegiance and the American Creed, along with little American flags.

Game, set, match. The keynote speaker for the ceremony was Dr. Ali Akbar M. Haghighi, a Professor of Mathematics at Benedict College. Haghighi turned away from the P. Unable to hear the response, Judge Perry asked a second and third time, each of which Dr.

Haghighi would again turn away from the microphone to answer. Still not sure of his success in getting it right, Judge Perry finally implored Dr. Note: A new federal courthouse in Columbia was named after Judge Perry in Sadly, Perry was found dead, aged 89, at his home on Sunday July 31, by a family member. He was reported to have died on Friday after attending court that day. All kidding aside, the Iranian-born professor gave an inspiring assessment of what he considered to be the two greatest privileges of American citizenship.

First, freedom of speech — a concept that has been taken for granted by too many Americans for far too long.

Secondly, Dr. In this country, one truly has the ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to. You are free to pursue your dreams, to go as far as your capabilities will take you. And yes, prejudices do exist and minorities can face formidable odds.

But as long as you obey the laws and stay focused on your goals, anything is possible. Haghighi made me realize if you took a jaded, self-absorbed American and plopped him down in the middle of any one of dozens of other countries on this earth, where cast systems are unchangeable and unforgiving, where racial or religious or political constraints are unavoidable and unbending, where there is no recognition of even the most simplistic of basic human rights — well, they would beat a path straight through the gates of hell to return to the principles of our Constitution.

The land of opportunity. Judge Perry asked the candidates to stand and state their name and country of origin, due to the sheer number involved, and when all had spoken the entire group would take the Naturalization Oath of Citizenship.

One by one, row by row, men and women of all sizes, race, religion, color and creed proudly did just that. Then, towards the very end of this group of our newest citizens, there came an elderly couple from Colombia. The wife was very soft-spoken and her English was a little hard to understand. The courtroom was awash in smiles and applause and more than a few other tears. Then the group stood, raised their right hands and took the Naturalization Oath of Citizenship.

One by one they stepped forward to receive their certificates and handshakes, turning to face flashbulbs, cheers and hugs from family and friends. We headed to a downtown restaurant for a celebratory lunch as she tucked her certificate over the visor of our van. Afterwards, on the way back home, conversation was lively and constant. But as I drove, from the corner of my eye, I saw the visor pulled down and the paper plucked out time after time.

Not even her graduation from college this past spring compared to the pride that radiated from her constantly smiling face. Only my pride in her could come close. The previous article originally appeared in Alternatives NewsMagazine, December 17, Posted by bhowle on July 31, in Along The Watchtower. Did their children ever desire a sense of empowerment that comes from unlimited access to all the confusing, disturbing, and explicitly forbidden world of images and information?

Take this George Bush, Jr. The question in and of itself is a reasonable one. One of the them ran left, when he should've went right, over the headlights and face first into the drivers lap. Broken knees broken everything; eggshells. Tire smoke and loose change. The driver in shambles. The car a tomato can.

Dead guy - hood ornament. A Coke and a smile on my way to my girlfriend's place. Magic 8-ball. Channel surfing weekend. Tribal dance. Dry ICE. Orange juice and windshield wiper nails across the mirror. Hipsters giggling, writhing, dancing.

The speakers must have spirits. Basslines punching. Stomachs turning. Spin cycle. Hand over mouth, saliva. Into the wash room, unattended, vacant, sacred.

Kicking the stall door open. Puking, purging, pain, tears, all that shit. Finally, relief. Wake up or rather woken up. Stacey wants attention. Hands up against the wall. Fingers deep. Clean box, no fish smell, muted. Push back. You leave a stain. She waves you away. She wipes her back. Finds the placebo you spit on her back. She reaches for her cocaine. Empty handed. Slight of hand. Sand turns to glass with the hours. Moments are fragmented and imagination mutilated in Technicolor attire and smoking over a rocks glass and ice cube pacifiers.

Imaginary drips of candy coated teardrops shimmering of the fingernail of winter. A distortion of a human being. A one man show. The audience an abattoir. The grand guinol. All reality is satire, a parody, the impotent revolver. The pain - a laugh reel. The lemon between your teeth. The bitter punchline. I play a veteran on weekends, shell shocked.

Convinced my imaginary friend is my service animal. We shoot what's on the DLC. After a few rounds into the FN57, a loud explosion occurs. Shakes my sternum. It sounds like a howitzer. I checked my feet, it felt like rocks we're blowing by.

I saw a nose and a bottom lip whispering into my sneaker laces. Some Fuckhead accidentally shot his girlfriend in the face. Her head turnt to hamburger helper down the range. I peeked from my cubicle and saw the headless debutante on her knees n flayed backwards. Everything above the collar bone looked like disturbed soil and beef stew.

Her boyfriend frozen still gripping the foregrip of his gold plated Mossberg. That perfect, pale and matter-of-fact expression of "I fucked up", cemented across his brow.

All cellphones were ordered off. The weak boweled were escorted off the premises. Those of us that stayed were fully refunded and given coupons. The coupons were for a free afternoon and reduced prices for ammunition and rentals on the next visit. Many of the patrons were still coping with the traumatic experience.

Shit, I was there the next day with new kicks. My better self was out to lunch. Bagman Blues a Richard Applegate yarn Fucking wet.

Pizza would be God right now. No matter. A fresh bag and some celebrating is in order. Looks were deceiving. A couple of raggedy bitches and the owners mother slumped over the bar drinkin out of an aluminum mixer Fresh blackeyes from her Uptown sugar baby, no doubt.

Jim was tending still sweating out whatever Kool-aid he was popping into his toes; the remaining toes that dieabetes left him. Bones was there but too busy canoodling with some tomboy, or I think it was, over in the corner. I hate Holiday music. One of those James Bond burners. I grabbed his wrist and yanked him over the bar and spiked his face into it.

A bottle of screw top wine. Black-cherry chardonay. Absolutely disgusting. There was no friggin way I was gonna waste time here. So I slid the bottle over to Mother inferior and took my business elsewhere. Then that awful feeling comes over me and I remember the Dragon lady is still open for business.

A massage would be just the thing I need. Dragon Lady had her own relaxation spa not too far from here in Midtown. By the time I got to the door, Genie was already clocking out and told me Kandy was inside still serving.

Flicking a compulsive dime into the department store water fountain by the door, I skipped 3rd Degree - Cadillac Sky - Letters In The Deep (Vinyl the first bathroom to piss and bird bath some of my kibbles and bits for the massage. Cuz nothing is more embarassing than your massage therapist finding Coco Puffs during a session.

Sup, Kandy. I tell her to give me the 30 minute treatment and hand her Forty Dollars. Convincing herself that this is just a stepping stone to higher learning and that Fashion career.

And why not? I have no problem helping out the smaller businessman. After a few light touches and a hotwash from the table shower she tells me to turn over. I love this part. But, fuck it, lLet her finish. Ignore your gut feeling.

Let her finish and Kandy decided it was a good idea to shove a finger up my can and approach the battle on both fronts. The fuck? Fucking hurts. LP) being a lubed up bowling ball. Fuck this shit. I stop the process and she starts crying. I dropped another couple of twenties for her and hugged her. Off I went. I eat the first Taco I can get. Fuck me, right? I should just go home The place always smells of bleach and was always empty. Except tonight. I pace down the isle and not one vacancy.

Closed the door behind me and turned the lock. I grabbed the bag of yayo and took my first blast. Immediately, my throat closed tight and where was hunger suddenly became this phantom pain of a shit that will never come. This was good stuff. My head cocked back into the corner of the booth and my jaw and tongue were doing their thing in some cocaine-fueled frenzy. Two more bumps from the bag and I barely remembered this dude undoing my trousers.

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