Cocc - Various - Screaming Mob - Screams From The Underground II (Cassette)

You'll get a more noticeable change from the massive changes in actual resistance from these than you will from the 'carbon comp magic' - I think it's all a bunch of 'mojo' horseshit at this level. So buying a new stock ts-9 would give that sound? You don't need a vintage one? Or an modded one?

Unavailable Member. Gotta say dude, you're a damn good resource to this forum. Cheers for all your help. Student Member. Come on guys If you listen to Andy's reamps of all the pedals of the TS family and their modded cohorts If it sounds good, it's good Yeah, that's my take, more or less. The differences with a lot of these things are hard to spot on their own, and with things like carbon-comps they're not even there in any way I've been able to detect.

Messages 3, Messages 4, Boss ge7. Best way to hear your Muff in the mix: fire the keyboard player and the other guitar player and turn your Muff up.

Looks like Im in the minority where I run my big muff into all my other drive pedals and I only run mine as a boost, no sustain. I feel like it really reigns it in and makes it more friendly to my guitar controls. I like it with a strat for gilmour esque leads and with a les paul for old school santana sounds. Messages 2, Tootone Member. Messages 6, David Gilmour runs his big muff into OD.

More on Gilmourish. But one thing this does is tighten up the muffs low end for better note definition in the Dark, Cocc - Various - Screaming Mob - Screams From The Underground II (Cassette), cello like distortion setting on muff. Bertha Member. Also TS into Muff here. But I like the other guitar player! She's so nice! Thanks for the help everyone. I'm going to put the OD9 first and see how that sounds for me. It'll be a nice starting off point for some tweaking.

Bertha said:. I do the same. However, you can only have one of each Critter frozen onscreen at a time. Cocc - Various - Screaming Mob - Screams From The Underground II (Cassette) same ones will Cocc - Various - Screaming Mob - Screams From The Underground II (Cassette) out like they always do, the Ice Bucket just won't do anything to them if one of their kind is still frozen. Just like the bucket of water with the Witches outside, the ice Cocc - Various - Screaming Mob - Screams From The Underground II (Cassette) keep falling all the way to the bottom of the screen, allowing you to freeze more than one Critter if they happen to be below the ice cubes when they fall down the screen.

Place the bucket below the drip from the ceiling. You can set it down on a surface if you click with the bottom of the Bucket level with the surface you want to set it on.

Wait until it fills all the way as shown to the rightclick the Bucket, then click on the potted plant pot to water it. Don't worry if you misclick, the Cocc - Various - Screaming Mob - Screams From The Underground II (Cassette) will appear in another random spot right after disappearing below the screen, with all accumulated water still there. Every time you water the plant, the size of it will increase a gradual amount.

In time, red fruits will spawn on the vines. Click a fruit and feed them to caged prisoners or creatures wandering around for 1 green Gem, or the Lab Assistant for a Potion Token.

Interestingly, you can still feed fruit to the hanging prisoner for a green Gem even when he's a skeleton. This means you'll have to wait until you have at least 55 Potion Tokens at once, as it takes 2 Tokens to smash a 2nd consecutive time, 3 Tokens to smash a 3rd consecutive time, and so on up to 9.

These next five are different levels of the same achievement square "I'm Not Ticklish! Click it, then click the hanging prisoner. Repeat this 3 times; you'll also get a green Gem. When Generator has at least 3 energy, click the little square on the top to of the Goo maker to start filling the twelve smaller squares. When they are filled, click the little green sphere that is now floating in the Goo maker, then click anywhere onscreen.

It doesn't matter where, because it's not something that's predictable. Its trajectory and destination are randomly generated every Goo throw, but it's also programmed to make sure certain targets are hit every so often. The Big Green Target - Gems shown below Generator - one unit of energy Chicken - spawns Feather; it's a bit hard to click on with the goo splat, but it can be.

Tentacle Monster - Massive 5-second Generator boost; gives at least 1 energy. Any other surface - 1 green Gem. The target must be the final place it splats.

Just keep throwing Goo until it happens. If you get lucky and it hits the target, it will give 2 - 5 green Gems, more the closer to the center it hits. Every Bucketfull after that will yield 1 green Gem.

Click the throw lever on the wall just behind the Frankenstein monster's head to make it come alive. This seems to be an improvised "filler" area made off the appearance of Covid, so there isn't much to it. Buy at least 25 Water, and a Water Bottle will appear every so often near the ladder. Click a Water Bottle, then click anywhere on the dirt ground below to reveal a "tile".

Water Bottle will be lost if you click on anything except uncleared soil 5 times. Uncovering all eight of these will rebury the entire soil and discoveries will be randomly placed in new spots. When you buy "2nd Level" from the Yellow Arrow tab, to add a 2nd lower Bunker room, it will be where the dirt is, and the dirt will be moved down below that. At that point, when you click on a Water Bottle, it will automatically Cocc - Various - Screaming Mob - Screams From The Underground II (Cassette) the screen down to the dirt, then automatically move back up one second after clicking the dirt to use currently selected Water Bottle.

Every so often, it will go snowy with static. Note below Click it; the number of times you can click it before it goes black for a while varies randomly from 1 - Note This is actually an anachronism, as only older televisions did this, when not on a particular broadcast channel.

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View source. Fan Feed 1 Scene 1: Front Yard. Universal Conquest Wiki. Increases screams per click 3x, allows mad scientists.

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