Eyes Closed - Alan Davey - Human On The Outside (CD, Album)

We believe meaningful stories help you guide you through the highs and lows in life. Stories like this are the most valuable for us in a piece of music. What we aim for Closed Eyes Recordings releases only those records resonate with your deeper feelings.

This could be a passed away loved one, an exciting memory of their youth or any other meaningful feeling or thought they get when listening to their work. In our vision, the only valuable criticism stems from the feeling a record evokes among its listeners. The Unseen is a deep space drone track with some distorted spoken words.

This heads into Delusions of Ganja, a down tempo bass and synth driven number with some guitar and a mysterious feel to it. Quite melodic. Dog Star is short another synthesizer space out that leads into the heavy rocker, Glass Wolves, which features Metatron on vocals from Meads of Asphodel and a guitar riff like Angel of Death by Hawkwind.

Reviewed by Scott Heller. And another opinion The latest from Hawkwind alum Alan Davey is a varied set of heavy space rock, floating cosmic excursions, space infused progressive rock, and well crafted mixtures of all. After a brief spacey intro the album launches into "Years Ago Miles Away", a classic space rocker that recalls the best of Alan's contributions to Hawkwind. A solid song that rocks hard but includes more ambient bits too, plus fiery instrumental sequences and an all around great combination of space rock and progressive elements.

This is a classic album being treated with respect and being blasted out to fans who are eagerly awaiting to be pummelled into submission. I remember seeing Hawkwind at an outdoor festival inand being amazed I had hearing problems afterwards given it was in a stadium okay, so I was pinned against the railings at the front and if I had been in London that night in I am sure I would have been deafened again and drenched in sweat.

As with the other album, this is essential to any Hawkwind fans and all power to Davey and the label for them finally becoming available. There are times when it seems like the man himself is there on the stage, and with that bass underpinning the songs this seems as if Hawkwind are Eyes Closed - Alan Davey - Human On The Outside (CD in their heyday.

For any fan of the band this is essential Album), especially as so few of these songs have ever really bene played in concert, and I doubt if the album was ever played live in its entirety. It sounds like the original comic interludes have been retained, and it is a very English performance of a very English album yes, I do know Davey is Welsh.

This album was originally way ahead of its time, combining the space rock of Hawkwind with garage and early punk, along with Python-esque humour which could only come from the brain of a warped genius.

Here Davey has done his best to capture all of that, and for any Hawkwind fan this is absolutely essential. It is heavy, it is surreal, and the people Album) were there last night had a blast as can be heard during their reaction to "I Resign". An essential album for anyone who loves the classic Hawkwind sound, whether they know the original album or not what do you mean you haven't heard it?

Rectify that now! Robert Calvert may be a name only known to a few these days, while the name Hawkwind will go on forever, but Davey has done a great job of restoring him to centre stage. This is an album which made me smile from beginning to end and isn't that what music is all about? House played violin, synthesizer and other keys sporadically for the band, from ? House's violin comes in quite early, giving the space rock track that middle-Eastern sound.

The track is built upon a heavy guitar and bass riff with moderately fast rhythm and airy space effects. Davey's vocals don't come in until well into the 2nd minute, and the sound is definitely Hawkwind, not a cheap imitation at all. This is the Hawkwind sound we have been craving. Plenty of rocking and plenty of jamming, you would swear this was a track from the 70s. More layers of space rock joy continue here with swirling guitar and sax standing out in the mix.

The track is a bit noisier than the first with heavy synths tying it all together. This track has a moderate sound, and less noise. Heavy bass and dissonant sax play together in a long introduction, then guest vocalist Bridget Wishart Hawkwind's only female lead vocalist from ?

The track has a ore experimental feel to it which is really quite appealing. Tempo's change in various places, and a riff from a violin comes in on the last part of the track that turns the music into a swirling dance.

The beat is quite heavy and the sax has plenty to say here too. Guest Mick Slattery one of the original guitarists from also helps out on guitar. A nice synth loop creates a tonal percussion effect. It's a great instrumental with a progressive feel and tricky drum patterns. Baker also plays drums on the title track "The Future is Us" and Rudolph once again helps out on guitar.

Turner's sax Eyes Closed - Alan Davey - Human On The Outside (CD also back for this one. Davey's vocals are up front on this psychedelic track, which starts off in a hesitant way, but a moderate rhythm is finally established as it moves on and the sax continues doing a sort of call and answer with the vocals. It's a nice, mostly atmospheric and pensive track, but don't be surprised when things explode into action a few times. It actually sounds natural to have him there, like you almost expected it.

His voice is heavily echoed and effects are added to help dramatize everything, and of course, you get some contrasting vocals and plenty of space effects. The track is strangely cool, but weird Eyes Closed - Alan Davey - Human On The Outside (CD campy.

Sound effects surround his performance and harmonica and drums by Baker are also added in.

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