Omnisssant - The Flimsy - Strange Dogs (File, MP3, Album)

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Pass me another Chicken Head. Random overview of Ry Cooder's session work. Mainly a southern vibe to the cuts, with countryfied acoustic numbers hazing the ambience. Sorrow is so easy to express yet so hard to tell. Born Yesterday Funny How I'm Losing You Memories Of You Oh My Sweet Valentine To Be The One Hey There, Mrs. Lovely In My Time Of Need Onslow County Folklore [Disc II] Live performance in Nov. Broadcast on KFOG They are most remembered as one of the earliest practitioners of psychedelic rock, and one of the world's first jam bands, along with the Grateful Dead.

This recording includes 2 sets from a week-long string of concerts. These shows were recorded and played at a later date This set includes many songs from the Skull and Roses double album, which was just released. Mark Knopler also recorded a TV interview for a station in Copenhagen just before this concert. Topics: americana, country, folk, podcast, singer-songwriter, tmtht. Just maybe like you've never heard 'em before. Topic: only rock 'n roll.

Led Zeppelin - - Audience Recording - 1st Gen. Fame - David Bowie - Young Americans [] Badge - Cream - Goodbye [] Blue Sky Topics: brooklyn bowl, tribute shows. I'm not an attorney, but I believe most jurors believe the actual person that commited the murder is the guilty party. Hmmm27 Jul pm. Likewise, your computer, router, cables, etc. Not in the UK at least. How do they prove that you KNOW your visitor will use it? Any sane 'normal' person wouldn't, and most people would assume their visitors are sane and 'normal' before inviting them to a party.

They would have to prove there was prior knowledge of a real danger at which point: a you aren't an accessory, you are irresponsible and b it becomes a local health authority issue cos people who like knives shouldn't be free to attend parties or any other situation where they might be able to get dangers weapons.

On the other hand, if you took Joe from the local nut house specifically for your party knowing that he had tried to kill bob before, then you have a problem.

And besides, in the UK at least, if your car gets a speeding ticket and you ask for the photo evidence to try and identify the driver, if the photo is crap they will drop charges. If the photo clearly identifies the driver then you get done for not identifying the driver. Seperate issue covered by UK law. They will not 'normally' press charges if their photo is crap as their evidence should have been better and it isn't sensible to make someone log all use of their car, ever.

I am guessing there is no UK statute that covers identifying the users of your ip. As such they have no fallback if they can't prove you were the computer user which they can't. This might prove false, but I would love to see them contest a case in court where someone with a "straight out of the box" router said I don't know who was using my ip, I used the hardware as it came and have very little computer knowledge. Do you think a judge or jury would convict someone of not being a techie?

Shouldn't the hardware vendor and ISP take some responsibility for making sure the user of the products are aware of the risks? Don't shops that sell alcohol to people underage get into trouble? And it is actually illegal to sell alcohol to underage customers, big shiny letters in some law book. Not so with IT stuff. That is why they send you a letter FIRST to warn you that you are having some maybe illegal activity and they want you to CHECK and make sure that no body is using your junk to get some illegal files.

They give you a chance to fix things. I have a friend that downloaded some real old gameboy pokemon emulated game and got a letter from their isp Yarrrr28 Jul am. Leaving the internet open is NOT like leaving a gun around. It is like inviting someone to your house They can watch TV, get something from the fridge, have a sleep, play some games OR take the gun out of your cuboard and shoot you Bruce28 Jul am. I am not required to lock my front door, why should I be required to secure my wireless router?

I have a reasonable right to presume that I can trust my neighbors. TJ16 Feb am. That may be, but it still has no bearing on the issue at hand. If someone hijacks your wi-fi connection and uses it to illegally download files, you can't be held legally responsible, any more than you'd be held legally responsible for someone breaking into your home, stealing one of your registered firearms, and shooting a person with it afterwards.

Basically, they can scream that a crime was committed using YOUR connection, but can't prove YOU had any involvement in the crime yourself. Steve27 Jul pm. I have been saying this for the longest time. Just because the RIAA is filing a civill suit, there cases is not a slam dunk. The RIAA still has to have poof that a particular person is doing it. Even under the DMCA you still need proof. The RIAA basically turned the rule of law upside down.

Even with people fighting back and winning the RIAA still won't give up suing people. The RIAA figures there are enough dumb people out there who will give in rather than fight back. Frink27 Jul pm. The tab key submits?? Anyway back to my rant. You, the person paying for the broadband access, are and should be legally responsible for what happens over that connection.

Just as you're responsible for what you children do. Just as you're responsible for what your dog does if he gets out of the yard. Just because the RIAA's using lowdown tactic's to sue, does not mean you are no longer responsible. I think if the RIAA drops cases they should be held responsible for paying any and all legal fees for the people they sued - at the very least. Bob27 Jul pm. First of all pay for your damn music and you dont have to worry about lawsuits.

Second of all if you're so stupid you dont know how to secure your network you deserve to get sued. You are responsible for that IP address as per terms of service and letting someone else use it makes you responsible. If you dont know how to use every feature of an item you buy you shouldnt buy it. Simon27 Jul pm. William Williams27 Jul pm. The RIAA is most likely losing money on every case they file due to the high cost of lawyers. There sole purpose to try and force consumers to stop downloading and start buying there clients music.

And I think they are succeeding, the music industry would be dead right now if it weren't for the RIAA. You should bear in mind that the only reason for the RIAA's existance is to encourage people not to break the law. And I tend to agree with Johnny you are responsible for what Omnisssant - The Flimsy - Strange Dogs (File on on your Album) connection.

Mark Kitchen27 Jul pm. It doesn't cost much to draw up and file a lawsuit. But yes, I agree - to get most americans to listen, hit them in the pocket. Anonymous Coward29 Apr am. RIAA27 Jul pm. William, you need to stop spreading our propaganda here, we can't let them know you work for us or our lame position will be blown along with your POS cover.

BTW, can you go "service" Metallica on your way back to headquarters? Yo Mamma27 Jul pm. So here's what I've learned from these little tid-bits of info: Don't let anyone leach your connection or you'll get smacked with a suit when they P2P.

Lock down your wireless When I want to download music Consider using some international proxy to aid in protecting that dumb user so I can keep on leaching and not have to choose another dumb user later although there seems to always be at least a handful. Sounds good to me IronWhiskers27 Jul pm. Unless I am taking this terribly out of context, that is one of the dumbest things I Album) ever heard.

I did know how to use certain features of it, i. To not get something just because you don't know how to use every feature of it? That is ridiculous. Phillip27 Jul pm. I am suprised nobody came up with this sooner. Well they sent out lawsuit paperwork to each person who appeared as a customer for the company they raided.

Every single one of the suits except the people who gave up to easily and settled was dropped right away. DirectTV couldn't prove that you actually used the equipment for stealign signals, its like charging someone with murder if they just buy a gun. Yes it can be used for that but prove that Omnisssant - The Flimsy - Strange Dogs (File did it. Just because my IP was seen downloading music doesn't mean that it was me, prove it was.

Charles Jillian27 Jul pm. No you mean spend their money on some other record label. Contrary to popular belief, the companies that make up the RIAA do not own music in its totality.

Just corporate just want to get rich music. Clair27 Jul pm. I partly agree with the need to be responsible. If you invite friends over and they leech off your internet access, hence your IP add is pointed out as a culprit and all that. You really would like you were encouraging it if you know it was their intention. In any case, there are legally downloadable material off the Internet.

Until you find more legal downloads that suit your taste, just try to keep away from activities that could imply you were doing something that RIAA could sue you for. RunPCRun28 Jul am. I've walked up and down two streets near me a couple of weeks ago in Central London and seen 46 yes forty six, not a typo unsecured networks with my PDA scanner. Granted I didn't test them for MAC filtering or if they have an Internet gateway, but that's still a big number. Unfortunately, you can't expect users to know how to setup their wi-fi router properly, and really ALL routers should come with the default of needing a key.

Unfortunately even this simply gives the illusion of security as WEP is an easily breakable encryption standard these days. Ray Beckerman28 Jul am. What happened in California case is not so typical. I have never before heard of them dropping a case just because they had no evidence. Just go to allofmp3. Its a russian site and its awesome. Better yet, use your neighbor's wireless access point, especially if they have a cablemodem with high download bandwidth.

Then you're not even the defendant. Bob28 Jul am. Just wait - soon we will all have to log on with a personal user identity or perhaps even a thumbprint, to use the internet. Or just a proxy server configured to change your ip address in any packet it transmits except if they're returning to you.

Dan28 Jul am. Then, you can't be found Don't be niave. Any information that is routed can be traced. The more resources the tracer has, the less you can count on remaining undetected. On the Internet, everyone knows you are a dog and that you are neutered.

Don28 Jul am. You want to make sure the RIAA cant prove you pirated something? Keep your case open and a. They knock on the door you put a bullet in the drive. If you had open wireless and someone on it pirated something youll be fine because they have NO proof. Of course it will look bad that you discharged a firearm within city limits but thats potentially a smaller fine for those with 20 gigs of MP3s Anyways. Anonymous Coward3 Aug am. A bullet in the drive doesn't destroy the data on any parts but that which the bullet penetrated.

It is still possible albeit very expensive and slow to use a scanning electron microscope to read off the individual bits from the remaining sections of the drive. And those files you deleted? You can still read them, as only the file names were deleted.

The data still exists on your drive until those sectors were overwritten, and even then its possible to read the old data off the platter. How can we be certain that the magnetic head wrote that bit in the exact same place every time?

For more secure data erasure, use a program called Eraser - it overwrites the sectors on the drive with enough random crap and bit-compliment pairs after deletion that its damn-near but not quite impossible to recover. The most secure means of destroying the data is a complete destruction of the drive, however.

The best way to accomplish this is through melting it, as it not only deforms the platters into an unrecognizable, unreadable mass, but the extreme heat also causes the platters to lose all magnetic resonance. Thermite is one fast way to do it, although messy and dangerous.

Unless you can encase your drive bay in some thick cerramics, this is probably out of the question, although its still the best "Oh shit, they're here! If you have the time, drop your drive into a forge. CC10 Apr pm. Ikari23 Mar am. I imagine that would kinda' suck when the Pizza Guy shows up. Jason28 Jul am. If someone is at my house at an open invitation party and uses my phone without my express permission to call someone and give a death threat, can I be held responsible?

No, because although it is possible for that to happen, it isn't probable. If I leave my WiFi open, it is probable that people may use it to check email and surf the web, it is possible that they are going to make terroristic threats or download kiddy p0rn over my connection. CashCrate28 Jul pm. Some other links can be updated too; a much better copy of the studio Dark Star has appeared, along with new transfers of the Shrine shows.

But only the Vault tapes could confirm that. My parents were just telling me they saw the Dead in SF in '67 and they remember one of them pointing out a narc in the audience. According to archive. My parents remember it being at the Avalon. But their memories may be hazy. Or maybe the the recording on archive. The Dead could have pointed out narcs at any number of shows.

It's very unlikely to be the Fillmore or Avalon. The Dead played the Avalon in January and March ' So what's going on? The circulating tapes are crappy, muddy near-mono, while the Vault tapes are in sparkling stereo. Could it be one of the non-Mickey sets from the Straight? There aren't many choices for the date anyway.

The banter in the show certainly has a friendly hometown feel I'd associate with the Straight. These shows were billed as "dance lessons" to appease the cops - during the banter, Weir says, "This is a drop-out song and as far as you all are drop-outting, dance dance dance Unless some new details emerge in the remaster, I don't think Mickey played that show.

August 17, Dead Tapes. I was doing reviews for a few of these shows on the Archive, but decided I should write a post covering the whole year. This won't be one of my usual musical posts - simply an attempt to clear up some of the confusion with Dead dates. The reason we have so few shows from '67 is because Bear was not with the band. He visited them at Rio Nido in September, and recorded the show, but otherwise most our other shows of the year were haphazardly captured by other anonymous tapers.

We even have the earliest Dead AUD tapes "" andthough both are for fanatical Dead freaks only. Bear started taping the Dead from the early Acid Test days, but split from them after the July '66 Vancouver shows which is why there are so few recordings from the second half of '66 - he returned in June '68 when the Carousel closed.

Deadbase moved the setlist to

My Minds Eye - The Small Faces* - 16 Greatest Hits (Cassette), Ardo Sì Ma Non Tamo - Monteverdi*, Les Arts Florissants, Paul Agnew (2) - Madrigali - Vol. 1 Cremona, Love Shine A Light - Various - Bravo 20 Hits Vol.3 (Cassette), Daybreak - Various - Afterhour Techno Stories Volume Seven (File), Stop The Rain In The Night - Silent Circle - No. 1 (CD, Album), Ero/Kosi - DJ Decks - Mixtape 5 (Vinyl, LP, Album), Bust A Shot (Instrumental) - Akon Presents Brick&Lace* - Love Is Wicked (Sampler) (CD), Take Me Bak Ome - Slade - Cum On Feel The Noize (Vinyl), Sonya Spence / Sky Nation - When (Vinyl), Down To Nothing, Soldier Soldier - Kirk Brandon - Anthology (CD), Through Your Hands - John Hiatt & The Guilty Dogs - Hiatt Comes Alive At Budokan? (CD, Album), 13 - The Silencers (4) - Cyclerific Sounds (CD, Album), You Can Get It - Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out (Special Edition) (CD, Album), Deep In The Night - Barbra Streisand - Songbird (Vinyl, LP, Album)