Solitary Experiments - Cause & Effect (File)

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Maybe its symbolizing that the Fire is fading and the Age of Fire is ending. Thrust into the shrine bonfire to restore its power and enable travel between bonfires. This sword is only bequeathed to chosen ash, as judged by the Iudex, who awaits the arrival of ash as a scabbard". When you start the game you find yourself in the Cemetery of Ash and venture to Firelink Shrine. In this Firelink Shrine you must insert the Coiled Sword into the bone and ash pile of the bonfire to be able to use it.

When you use the Firelink bonfire to warp to Lothric for the first time you are warped to an altar with a basin and a broken coiled sword. Fragment of the coiled sword of a bonfire which served its purpose long ago. Returns caster to last bonfire used for resting, or to the bonfire in Firelink Shrine. Can be used repeatedly. Bonfires are linked to one another irreversibly, retaining their affinity long after their purpose is exhausted.

Later on in the game you come across an area identical to Firelink called Untended Graves. Here you find a dark shrine with a Fragment of the Coiled Sword in it. Towards the end of the game on your journey to the Kiln, you are warped to one more copy of Firelink called the Flameless Shrine.

The Flameless Shrine is in even worse condition than Untended Graves and it is here you find a bonfire that warps you to the Kiln. There are three versions of firelink shrine. The first is where we appear, good old fire link, its filled with friendly npcs, Andre, handmaid, firekeeper Once the consumed king is defeated, we are given access to an illusory wall that leads us to untended graves. Suprisingly, this area is a mimic of firelink.

Except its consumed by the abyss, no sky, all blackness. Is this a similar building? No its not. Messages you leave in firelink will match messages found in the "dark" firelink accessed through untended graves. As well as items brought over by npcs, like the scrolls of Orbeck, or the pots and goods of Greirat. It is the same building. But how? Speculation time! Time travel. This may sound odd, but forces in souls game have enabled time travel, like the memory areas in dark souls 2.

This dark version is firelink of the present. This is also why you have to warp to Lothric, or time travel to Lothric by the bonfire as the actually current state of the bonfire is well, its dead, consumed by the abyss. Im going to speculate harder by suggesting that time power is how the bonfire heals and why armor is "repaired" when you rest as well as enemies being resetted.

It can reset certain aspects of the world. But its not exactly reversing everything, as certain things remain changed. This theory has holes as well, activated levers stay activated, and certain enemies stay killed if killed Anyway, back on topic, still with time travel.

So the dark shrine may be our shrine, but in the future. Ive tried skipping Orbeck and Greirat, just murdering Emma and getting there, and the scrolls and pots in my previous play through were not there.

When I found them, the Solitary Experiments - Cause & Effect (File) they left stayed there. We even have a corpse of a fire keeper that drops the eyes of a fire keeper, which is hidden in an illusory wall where the nun would stay. So basically the firelink from the past is trying to save itself and prevent its current, dark shrine state. As to why the handmaid is still alive, I have no idea. Maybe she hid with an item, maybe she killed them all. Maybe she was spared as she is just an old lady.

Then we have the next flame. The one that takes us to the final boss. Its a ruined version of firelink, this one is damaged with up with many collapsed pathways. Upon exiting it we find lothric and a strange dark, sort of night atmosphere. We seem to have a crazy eclipse going on, and it looks like part of the earth was torn off or ripped out and sent somewhere else. The Lothric castle has parts of it collapsed and sloped, like some crazy earthquake or event occured.

This could be firelink of the future. Please note that while the dark firelink shrine is covered in an abyss, the rest of Lothric is fine. This is because the firelink shrine, birthplace of the powerful fire, is a special ground.

Its paranormal. As the fire weakens and dies, its surrounding area goes to hell. It is swallowed in an abyss and seems to be separated from the world dark shrine. This gets worse in the future as now the firelink and its surrounding area seems to be caught in a crazy cataclysm final area. Its become some vortex that sucks its surroundings to where ever it came from, though very slowly. More speculation! The thing we actually link. Think of it like this, the fire is hurting and its trying to pull back to safety because of the pain.

That was wild and filled with speculation, sorry bout that, here is a shorter theory! Another possibility, is a parallel world, an alternate universe of sorts. We know that undead keep reviving. Hawkwood says it himself that they " cant die properly". But why does Hawkwood die properly when we kill him? Why does killing Aldrich with Anri, have no influence on the Aldrich of our world. Killing him w Anri will not mean that the one we have to face will be dead, you have to kill the one in your world, regardless if you helped Anri slay him.

I think to each undead, the fire presents a "parallel world". Killing an npc will revive them in their world, but in our world, they will have lost "connection" and appear "dead". Npcs very connected to our world, like the firekeeper, will revive just like monsters, if killed.

All the others are like other players, with a weaker, sort of temporary connection. Anyway, theory two is that the first flame is fading, so fire from other "worlds" all connected to it, help it out.

The first one is the fire that called our particular character from the cemetary. Hawkwood and Anri were possibly called by different flames from different parallel worlds. This first flame needs attention as its like the heart of all the other flames, they need it and stuff. The dark version of firelink shrine is a fire that faded, a possible fate awaiting the fires of other worlds if the main one isnt fixed.

The third one, the "kiln of the first flame". Is a parallel world that serves as a "doorway" or entrance to the main flame. Its the world where the power of fire is strongest, and whe whole place is falling apart as the main one is weakening.

We travel there to fix the thing. When the Flame is about to burn out a bell is wrung awakening the Lords of Cinder and the Unkindled. I am a Fire Keeper. I tend to the flame, and tend to thee. The Lords have left their thrones, and must be deliver'd to them. To this end, I am at thy side.

As one of the Unkindled, and with the Fire Keeper's help, we can effectively consume collected souls and become stronger. I think not all undead can absorb souls. It is the Unkindled that can. Perhaps the Unkindled are specially chosen undead who serve the bonfire so it may live on, by renacting the first fire linking, which involves returning Lords of Cinder to their thrones.

Oh this line Long ago, back to dark souls one, the world was a Solitary Experiments - Cause & Effect (File) place with giant trees that rose to the heavens, ruled by mighty dragons.

Fire was discovered, and this wasnt simple flame. This flame allowed man to rise up, champions and lords sprouted and overthrew the dragons. However this empowering flame was of a dark nature. In the dark souls one intro, both lords of light and dark come into power with the help of the flame.

Both light and dark are able to use its power because of their humanity as deep within man is dark, and this is the catalyst that ignites this flame, bring about the age of fire.

Back to the Fire Keeper, because of this nature or connection of the flame to dark, Fire Keepers are trained in the ways of dark. Our Fire Keeper has a mask that covers her eyes because she has no eyes, she is blind as this somehow aids her connection to dark and helps her with her job. To help achieve a certain different ending, you can restore the sight of the Fire Keeper.

This changes her view and tempts her to act differently at the end, suggesting that process of training Fire Keepers had grown beyond simply teaching them how to do it, and became a way of sort of controlling them or influencing their behaviour.

The Fire Keeper of Dark Souls 2 had eyes and did not have to be blind. The Fire Keeper is undying in the sense that if the player kills her, she will result in her revival once you reload or sit at a bonfire. Unlike many other NPCs that stay dead, she is probably very connected to the player's world. Or perhaps the bonfire revives her. The fire of long ago is fading, and it will take a strong humanity, a strong kindling 5 Lords of Cinder to keep it alive.

The firekeeper must assist and empower the champion of ash so the impossible becomes doable. Later, the Fire Keeper will be able to heal the Darksign once you bring her the soul of a former fire keeper. She absorbs it most likely. Looking at her dialogue, trained Fire Keepers seem to lose their sense of self and become one in a way. Give to the blacksmith in the shrine to allow the use of gems for lightning, simple, and chaos infusion.

My, my. Seems like ages past I imagine his passing was long ago. I miss the old bugger, I do. My thanks. I'll be sure this coal is put to good use. I'll be smithing weapons never afore seen by the likes of y'. It's but a small service, to pay my humble respects". Andre revives upon death. Like the Fire Keeper, he is bound by the flame to serve.

I dont think he can leave Firelink Shrine. By following Siris of the Sunless Realms' questline, one finds out the the handmaid is Sirris' grandmother and that Hodrick is the Handmaid's husband. Cronyx is an old Pyromancer who somehow got trapped in a cage. Orbeck is an assassin that decided to try and study sorcery upon undeath. Aside from his studies on sorcery Orbeck is also mention to be in pursuit of becoming the Lord of Hollows. Irina is a saint from Carim and a failed Firekeeper. She is protected by the Knight of Carim Eygon, upon releasing Irina, Eygon relinquishes her safety to the player.

Once Irina is in Firelink there are 2 paths she can take. She can either be redeemed and become a firekeeper or she cane become more broken and sink into the dark.

If Irina sinks into Darkness Eygon takes her away and fights the player. The spurned child of the Abyss never dies, but phases in and out of its fringes. Only, there is no one to search for her any longer. Karla was locked up in Irrithyl Dungeon by the Prisoner Chief who enjoyed to hoard all manner of things.

The prisoner chief used this clout to hoard all manner of things, but died without putting them to use. On what grounds do they remain imprisoned, considering that by now they are mindless Hollows, or unrealized, gibbering fools?

This stained coat is torn and odorous, telling of a long journey and even longer imprisonment. It would be madness to wear such a thing. It seems Karla's jailers had their way with her. As illustrated by her Dialogue and Affinity Spell. It appears to be an expression of envy, or perhaps love towards another, that will tenaciously pursue its target.

Even if, like so many human desires, it amounts to nothing but misfortune. Oh, there you are. How sweet. And I am no exception. A wretched child of the Abyss. Lets start with Patches. He is a recurring character in the Souls games. He tricks the player, hoping to end our lives and asks for forgiveness if we survive. If we dont kill the bastard, he provides some assistance, often in the form of items, and we become his "friend". Once upon a time, a bastard once lived.

Life was tough for the bastard and in response, the bastard bit back at what life threw at him, resorting to tricks, thievery and murder. His Unbreakable title may come from this persistence.

Eventually he died but even as a cursed undead, Patches is still up to mischief. He is first seen wearing Siegward's armor and attempts to trick the player. Siegward is his first victim and progressing through Siegward's quest will require meeting Patches.

Having stolen Siegward's armor and trapped him down a well, Patches attempts to lure you to a bridge that he lowers, which brings you to a hostile enslaved giant. As to how he seems to know that you met Siegward he tries to disguise his voice to match Siegward and how he strips Siegward bare and tosses him into the well Perhaps undead can get drunk, as Siegward seems to trusting and likes to drink and give away his brew, which suggests he has a lot of it.

Patches may have noticed this, befriended him and drank with him, or spiked Siegwards brew. He may had passed out, then got stripped and tossed. Probably told Patches about the player while drunk, which is why Patches sets up a trap for us. Our next encounter with Patches is outside the bed chamber of Rosaria. He tries to fool us with the old "It wasn't me", but proud Patches removes his helm as he lowers us in his first trap.

He wants his victims to know who killed them. If forgiven, we can buy items from him and continue his questline. If you browse his wares but dont find anything, Patches says "Are you sure? You could look a little harder". Lines like this emphasize his greedy and shrewd nature. We next find him trapping us in the upper areas of Firelink Shrine, accessed by the key from the handmaid. Without the door, we Solitary Experiments - Cause & Effect (File) forced to navigate through a potentially fatal fall.

If we are able to avoid the full drop, we can find Patches inside Firelink Shrine. If we can resist the urge to pummel the bastard, he will sell us items and reward us with a gesture. We become "friends" again! Infuriated that we survived the giant, and intrigued by our skill, power and potential loot. Patches wants a rematch and targets us again. His second trap is at Firelink Shrine. Maybe he realized we are unkindled undead chosen by the bonfire, and are bound to return to Firelink Shrine.

Patches could had made a walk to the shrine, or maybe he can use bonfires to travel as well, either way Patches waits for us there. He hides somewhere and when we arrive, he uses his rogue-ish skills and stalks us from a distance, with lots of ninja hiding or maybe he just waits for us at the top, in some disguise or behind some column.

He traps us again hoping to kill and loot the champion of ash. Upon foiling his attempt, Patches realizes that our patience is not eternal, and befriending us would be the safer and easier way of milking us for souls. After this, Patches stays in the shrine as a merchant and sells us various goods.

Dialogue with Patches reveals that he is owes a debt to his friend, Greirat the thief, however, Patches sets up shop in the higher areas of the shrine, away from the others, unseen by Greirat. Eventually when Greirat is sent to his second pillage, you can talk to Patches, tell him of Greirats whereabouts, and, if you have not bought Siegwards armor from him yet, he will wear it and leave for a while to save Greirat.

He pretty much just sits there in firelink after. He asks about Greirat the third time you send him, but he will not be able to save him. Patches, like Greirat, may have come from the Undead Settlement, as both rogues seem to have a history. Patches probably messed up an attempted robbery, or trickery and got jailed for it. Greirat may have been caught trying to free Patches.

Patches may not want to show his face to Greirat because Patches may have used Greirat as a decoy so he could escape.

He feels some obligation and regret for his actions, which leads him to trying to help out Greirat. He needs Siegward's armor because he doesnt want Greirat to know. Patches may have a soft side to him, but he doesnt want others to know. He takes pride in his reputation as a cunning trickster. Yoel is found in the Undead Settlement despairing that he failed his mision. He is among a number of dead pilgrims on a broken bridge facing Lothric.

When he is found he can be taken into service. Yoel's service consists of drawing out one's true strength by applying Dark Sigils. I am Yoel of Londor, a pilgrim as you can see, only… Somehow, I've failed to die as was ordained. Once Yoel has applied enough Sigils he dies and Yuria will thank you for taking him into your service.

Umbral ash of a Hollow who faithfully served a woman, only to become separated from her. With this, the shrine handmaid will prepare new items.

It takes but a brief glance at this thing to easily envision Londor, the foreboding land of Hollows.

From Yoel's ashes it seems that he may have once served Yuria which might be why she comes upon his death. Oh, prithee I am Yuria of Londor, a close friend of his. Thanks to thee, Yoel's soul is redeem'd. Allow me to express my gratitude, in his stead.

Following the introduction Yuria claims that you will become the Lord of Hollows and tasks you with seeking a spouse. Our Lord and Liege.

When the time Solitary Experiments - Cause & Effect (File) ripe, thou mayst make thy salutations. For what Lord taketh no spouse? Oh, hello. How do you do. I am Anri of Astora. Unkindled, like you. This is Horace. A friend and travelling companion. Greatsword with a broken blade, also known as the Giantslayer for the residual strength of storm that brings giants to their knees. Yhorm the Giant once held two of these, but gave one to the humans that doubted him, and left the other to a dear friend before facing his fate as a Lord of Cinder.

Yhorm, old friend. I, Siegward of the Knights of Catarina, have come to uphold my promise! Emma is the one who tasks the player to seek out the Lords of Cinder and to make Prince Lothric a Lord as well.

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