Touch Me - Various - Vibrant Voices (CD)

Further east, the Afghani singer and harmonium player Ahmad Sham performs delicate devotional music based on Sufi poetry, a tradition that survived the immensely restrictive Taliban rule. Another Asian flavour appears in the Mongolian folk revival movement. The Beijing-based group Hanggai enriches this ethnic heritage of magical songs with traditional instruments, throat singing and a touch of punk rock.

The many colours of India emerge in a wonderful unity in the improvisations of slide guitarist Debashish Bhattacharya. With a Grammy nomination and a BBC World Music Award under his belt, he celebrates eternal love in a dazzling fusion of Carnatic music from the south and Hindustani music from the north.

The energetic dance grooves of bhangra already point to the meeting of Eastern and Western influences, as British Asian bands add synthesizers and serious basslines to Punjabi rhythms and lyrics. The British Isles are home to splendidly rich musical traditions, including those of the Highlands, where Scottish folk tunes are played on fiddles, pipes, harps and drums alongside enchanting voices such as that of singer Maggie MacInnes.

Although continental Europe offers an astonishing cultural diversity, some influences have managed to reach across it. I have listened to "Angel" many times through many different systems, but never before could I identify such delineations in the background. The clear and distinguished sound Touch Me - Various - Vibrant Voices (CD) by the Audience interconnects helped me to define the opening timpani solo, which is so often lost to the listener. The string orchestra filling the background added depth to the arrangement.

While the lower frequencies were not lost or diminished, the Conductor-e was slightly less effective at reproducing them; the bass was a touch lightweight. I tried the Conductor-es with many other tracks from various musical genres. In my review of the White Lightning I found that it produced a crisp sound, with well-defined highs and midrange. Through the Conductor-es I heard greater clarity throughout the soundstage. Press promos, at the time, were non-existent I recall.

It was a triumph to get a press release in a card folder from them. Interesting to hear about the sound quality difference, though. Thanks for that. Paul, this is not necessarily an audio question, but would you by chance know how one might obtain the books that are sold with the CD versions of the 50th anniversary editions of Sgt Peppers, The White Album and Abbey Road??

I have the vinyl of the first two and will get Abbey Rd for Christmas. I would love to have the hardback book that come with the Deluxe CD versions that are sold, but they dont seem to offer the book separately. By the way, I enjoy your weekly newsletter. Thank you so much. Hi Mark — Having gone through this process with another reader for a different CD release, the answer seems to be to approach the record label itself.

There may be spare copies floating around out there so the label may have a contact for you. Thanks Paul. I did contact the people who run The Beatles marketing site they fill the orders and they were no help.

Maybe I can go above their heads. Absolutely — often marketing sites are third party affairs, brought in for a limited time. Paul, did you see this??? By the way, in reference to the question above that I asked you about, I did contact the author of the book that is included in the Deluxe CS set for Abbey Rd and he wrote me back and said it was a way to sell the Deluxe package. However, I the Deluxe vinyl set, has no book, on any of the 50th anniversary sets.

Hmmm, sorry to hear about your book experience, Mark. As for the singles set? Again, hmmmm. Underwhelmed, I have to say. What does surprise me and I guess disappoints me is that Miles Showell was not involved in this. He is part of Abbey Road and in control of half speed mastering. Mastered by Showell in half speed. Many thanks. Absolutely fascinating and beautifully written article. I have a record collection that was started in the early s and is still being added to.

So, today I played the mono Sgt. Peppers on the Technics and the 50th anniversary Sgt. Peppers on the Rega. It made me realize that I need to clean my speed potentiometers on my Technics since the speed was fluctuating. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Posted on 26th February THE U. Original CD issues. FOR: Collectable investment. FOR: Hidden alternative track rarities. The Beatles. By Paul Rigby. You Might Also Like.

Reply Colin M 11th June at pm Very helpful — clear, concise and definitive. Reply Robert Kovler 27th June at pm Hi Paul, Thank you for your feedback and getting to my thoughts so promptly. R Loading Reply Paul Rigby 27th June at pm I respect Peter and what he does but I strongly disagree with him on this one. Reply Robert Kovler 27th June at pm Interesting.

Regards, Rob Loading Reply Paul Rigby 27th June at pm Depends where your interest lies. Reply Robert Kovler 28th June at am Hey Paul, Really excellent writing on your part with great detail of the subject you were writing about. Reply Paul Rigby 28th June at am Hi Robert — the problem with most mono carts is that they are adapted from a basic stereo design. Reply Robert Kovler 28th June at pm Thank you for the advice. Reply Mark Hooton 24th October at pm Mr. Reply Mark Hooton 24th October at pm Thank you for the quick reply.

Touch Me - Various - Vibrant Voices (CD) ideas???? BTW, chasing should have been changing. You mentioned saving, but I dont know what to save for… Thank you Loading Reply Mark Hooton 11th April at pm Paul, thank you for the suggestions.

Thanks again…. Am I missing something in that analysis??? Thanks Mark Loading Reply Mark Hooton 12th April at pm Paul, thank you again for all your time and your expertise. Reply James Last 26th September at am Thanks for an excellent summation of the various Beatles box sets.

Reply Mark Hooton 2nd October at pm Paul, this is not necessarily an audio question, but would you by chance know how one might obtain the books that are sold with the CD versions of the 50th anniversary editions of Sgt Peppers, The White Album and Abbey Road?? Reply Paul Rigby 3rd October at pm Hi Mark — Having gone through this process with another reader for a different CD release, the answer seems to be to approach the record label itself.

Reply Paul Rigby 3rd October at pm Absolutely — often marketing sites are third party affairs, brought in for a limited time. Reply Mark Hooton 16th October at pm Paul, did you see this??? Reply Mark Hooton 17th October at pm yes sir, and do not know enough of the singles box set to be disappointed; thank you for pointing that out.

Thanks again, Sir. Reply Tony Peters 19th August at am Many thanks. And yes, my wallet and I have similar conversations. Instagram Instagram did not return a This is one helluva party platter packed with classic singalong athems from their first 5 albums. You can practically feel the heat from the stage, smell the smoke on your clothes, taste the beery taste of beer and let your ears bask in the un-tempered wall of sound on this raucous free-for-all.

Full of effortless pop smarts and early rock n roll style, casting his creative powers in a whole new light and elevating his craft. Think Buddy Holly in Touch Me - Various - Vibrant Voices (CD) duds. Cuts about dismantling democracy, going for a drink, golfers disguised as national leaders, and meeting the enemy head on with a good, hair-raising, boozy cackle.

The Wacos find fresh ways to gleefully and despondently tell it like it is--the warts, the injustice, and the crushed dreams--without batting an eye or spilling a drop. A few thousand volts of roots rock Touch Me - Various - Vibrant Voices (CD), punk disgust and country heart, and whether you're innocent or guilty you can still be sure that with this electric chair will get your attention.

A glimpse into the future where seemingly disparate influences like Hank Williams, Mick and Keith, Jimmy Cliff, and Morphine share rounds.

High-lonesome spit and three-chord frontal assaults. Touch Me - Various - Vibrant Voices (CD) the chilling and exciting version of Neil Young's "Revolution Blues".

A roots-punk must have. Brimming with grim romanticism, and joyous, near ecstatic, drunken stomps. Join the cause as the Wacos strip the fat and greasepaint off country music's carcass and build a pagan temple out of its bones. Debut CD: A perfect excuse to raise your glass and curse your boss. Pick it up and yell along, because, like us, you're mad as hell and you're not gonna take it anymore!!!

This featured a very hyperactive synth sound and a weird drum rhythm. The piano provided the main melody. Henk sang lead vocals, while Michiel provided the background vocals.

After a while a piano crashes and a jazzy part started. A trumpet-synth solo was played, sounding a lot like the famous jazz song 'take 5'. Some drum effects were played by Rob and the vocals returned over the jazzy backing. A piano crash ended the song. It wasn't yet the sing along it would become a couple of years later, so it was only the four band members that sang these vocals.

At least two different versions were played during this tour. The version that was played at Roskilde featured a piano by Robert Jan that made the song much more fluent, while in Hilversum another keyboard sound, somewhat similar to the typical percussive 'clean shirt in Paris' sound, was used and the song remained much more staccato because of this.

In the chorus strange keyboard sounds and drum effects were played. In Roskilde a solo using a whistle sound was played, it basically was the main melody that was played in this solo. In Hilversum the solo was shorter and Robert Jan used a different sound. As mentioned before no sing along version this tour, but a very Chinese sounding ending was played.

After his visit he met a woman he knew from a long time ago, this is also in the lyrics. Henk also mentions Barbara Hepworth, who's workshop in France he visited. The sounds in the song represent sculpting. In various tours this was also very visually done. This is the live debut version of this song, and it wasn't as weird as it would get in later years. Still it was a remarkable song in between the rest of the songs.

Robert Jan improvised around the main theme with the typical keyboard sounds. Rob provided a cool drum rhythm. The bass sounds like a real one, not a keyboard bass, so probably Michiel played it. He also sang the 'sometimes' lyrics.

An up tempo instrumental part with extra piano bits was also present in the song. The vocals continue over this part. There were multiple instrumental parts in the song and they were all very nice.

As with most later versions of the song the chorus of 'a touch of Henry Touch Me - Various - Vibrant Voices (CD) and Barbara Hepworth' were not present. I believe they were sung for the first time live in ! An 'and I am looking' ended this version of this song. This was one of the two songs from Tent that were played. Pinball-like synth sounds started it. After the song started an undistorted guitar was played by Michiel. Later he switched to a slightly distorted guitar.

The keyboard touches and melodies were stranger than in previous tours. The telstar quote in one of the instrumental parts was still present. Rob's great drumming also must be mentioned. It was quite far removed from the very tight original, but this version is a lot of fun to hear.

This was played very similar to the album version, maybe it was a little bit more bouncy. The driving force of the song was the heavy keyboard bass. Henk sang backing vocals in the 'finally you got to face it' parts. There was a lot of keyboard action in this song by both Henk and Robert Jan. Besides the synth bass I can identify real?

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