Turista - The Atlantics - Now Its Stompin Time With The Atlantics (CD, Album)

This theory presumes Atlantis itself was fictional, but the story of its demise was inspired by an actual historical event: the breaching of the Bosporus by the Mediterranean Sea and subsequent flooding of the Black Sea, around B.

At the time, the Black Sea was a freshwater lake half its current size. The flooding inundated civilizations known to flourish along its shore with hundreds of feet of sea water in a short period of time perhaps less than a year. Island of Thera Santorin in an eruption that may have created tidal wave destroying Knossus and wiping out the Minoans. One of the more recent Atlantean theories concerns the civilization that flourished on the Greek islands of Crete and Thera now Santorini more than 4, years ago: the Minoans, named for the legendary King Minos.

The first part of the tune was written that April day, and was completed by Hood's addition of the middle segment, which he had written a year earlier but had not been able to find a use for.

The word 'bombora' is reputed to be an Aboriginal word describing large waves breaking over submerged rock shelves. It was quickly covered by a number of overseas groups, including a vocal version, recorded in Italy!

The group's name assisted in this overseas recognition, as Peter Hood recalled:. Over the years I've met a lot of deejays who have confessed that if they had known at the time that we were an Australian band then they would never have played our records. CBS was quick to capitalise on the success of "Bombora", with Libaek and the group laying down tracks for their first LP over the next two months. Both were original numbers, recorded at EMI's Sydney studio, but it was not a chart success and Shane left the group soon after.

Interestingly, the title -- which referred to a huge collapsing wave -- had almost been used as the title for the first single instead of "Bombora". These two remarkable recordings established the band as a leader of the burgeoning surf-music craze in Australia. The titles of both releases were intended to capitalise on the current dance craze, The Stomp, which had taken Sydney in particular by storm. Six of the twelve tunes had 'stomp' in the title and apart from "Teddy Bear's Picnic Stomp" and "Tequila Stomp" all the tracks were original group compositions.

The next three releases continued the group's run of classic surf original instrumentals. The latter track was, not surprisingly, inspired by the famous Marlon Brando film of the same name. Their sixth single October was a notable change of style and an attempt to diversify their sound and avoid being pigeonholed as a 'surf' band.

Even though they had always played a wide range of material, The Atlantics were one of countless bands who had to reassess their style as The Beatles changed the face of popular music during that momentous year.

The A-side was written at their rehearsal hall in just ten minutes and was originally called "Flight Of The Banshee", although the name was eventually changed at the insistence of the record company. It was standard record company practice to revert to tried-and-tested favourites when original material failed to perform to expectations.

The "Peter Gunn" single was to be their final release for CBS, and they parted ways with the label later that year, even though their contract had not expired. The ancient Minoan civilization had technology far ahead of their time and are considered to be the pioneers for ancient Greek civilization.

They even spoke a language that stands as one of the few known today that may never be translated. This "Atlantis" was also virtually destroyed overnight, however there were survivors that persevered, eventually blending in with ancient Greek civilization rather than being completely wiped out. This evidence is contrary to Plato's account leading many to believe that it can not possibly be Atlantis.

However once again, stories can be embellished. Leaving out those minor details makes for a better story. Few better geological Album) exist than the Azores Islands, when trying to find where Atlantis might have been.

The islands reside about 1, miles from the Strait of Gibraltar Where the Pillars of Hercules are said to be. And they are in a perfect location to justify the history of Atlantis. The sea level has risen dramatically since the times of Atlantis. This not only makes the destruction of the lost city palpable, but it provides a basis for the belief that the Azores are now what were once the Album) mountain peaks of Atlantis.

One might think that this would be simple to prove or disprove with a simple underwater expedition, but the geological nature of this location makes that a nearly if not completely impossible task. The Azores Islands lie in an area of the Atlantic rife with volcanic and tectonic activity.

In areas such as this, entire islands can be submerged, or even created only to rapidly disappear again over the span of thousands of years. The underwater geography surround the Azores Islands certainly supports the possibility of Atlantis, but the odds of ever finding a single relic from thousands of years past only becomes less likely with the passing of time.

A man stumbled across this pyramid by Album). He is the only man to ever have seen it, but it must be Atlantis, right? Before It's News. In popular culture, the Bermuda Triangle may stand as one of the most popular possible locations for Atlantis. However, there is little real evidence to support the matter. While it is true, there are a lot of strange phenomena surrounding this geographic location, none of these strange phenomena can be directly associated with Plato's description of Atlantis.

The dogma behind the Bermuda Triangle also drives a lot of people to attempt what are probably nothing more than elaborate hoaxes, in order to achieve a variety of goals. One man for example, was diving in the Caribbean when he got separated from his group. Apparently, he stumbled across a great crystal pyramid and even came up with a crystal orb retrieved from the city. Of course, stories like this always involve somebody getting separated from the group Will the Bermuda Triangle ever be proven to be the location of the lost city of Atlantis?

That study revealed that the park was above sea level during certain periods, including the Neolithic and the Copper ages. But, at least for this location, that date doesn't match up with an Atlantis-type society, he said.

Meanwhile, Feder the anthropologist at Central Connecticut State University questioned why Merlin Burrows hadn't submitted its findings to a peer-reviewed journal, which would give other scientists the chance to vet the research. In his book "Encyclopedia of Dubious Archaeology: From Atlantis to the Walam Olum" Greenwood,Feder found 53 specific descriptions of Atlantis in Plato's dialogues, including that the city had bridges connecting rings of land, as well as a central island surrounded by a stone wall on every side.

Descriptions also said that Poseidon's temple in Atlantis had a roof of ivory, Turista - The Atlantics - Now Its Stompin Time With The Atlantics (CD of silver and pinnacles of gold. It's common for amateur scientists to check off a few of these boxes but rare for anyone to go through the entire checklist, Feder said.

Archaeologists have known for years that southern Spain was a maritime-trading hotspot in antiquity, Adams told Live Science. I can't say for sure, 'no,' but I'm not seeing any new evidence that sways me" toward yes, Adams said, after watching the new "Atlantica" trailer. Like Feder, Adams said that Album) few aspects of the site meet the Atlantis checklist, including that the region experienced cataclysmic earthquakes and floods, but that other aspects are missing.

Adams said he would take an Atlantis proposal more seriously if it had key details from Plato's dialogues, including the city's unique layout of concentric circles like a bull's eye of sea and dry land.

These concentric circles are different than the polka dot-like circles that Merlin Burrows found on the landscape.

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