Two Out Of Three Aint Bad - Various - 1978 (CD)

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Retrieved July 3, Note: Select 'Songs — TV'. She can take Shelia E. They were making a joke. There was a time where the Beatles were a 3-piece band and Paul picked up the slack on drums. Not on the list is an exaggeration as is the top twenty let alone where he ended up. By the way, Sir Paul is a revisionist. Paul is senile. Rich could drum circles around everyone on this list, except maybe Krupa. Also, Krupa confined hisself to a room for hours and listened to tribal drum beats to hone his craft.

Man, you got that right about Buddy his chops were incredible his speed was extraordinary. Their music style either doesnt allow or call for it. As for Charlie Watts? Is he even alive? Seriously watch him when he plays. Hard to beat those great classic jazz drummers.

Not sure why Jon Hiseman rarely makes these lists. Not enough stock is given to full spectrum musicians who can write musical scores and understand harmonies, writing and melodies. Ringo is a better drummer than he sounds. There are things he played on those Beatles records that ae quite surprising. Agree with you Eolo. Buddy was a great drummer live. Also think Cozy Powell and Roger Taylor should be higher.

Only my opinion. Just my opinion. Chester Thompson at least needs a mention. Even that will be challenged however, musical greats regardless of era……. All Ringo did was hold down the beat. You could have him on the deck of a steamship in the middle of a typhoon in middle of a battlezone in the middle of a nuclear was and he would never miss a beat.

He does it flawlessly. That still does not make him equal to Keith Moon or John Bonham. Ringo rarely stood out. He was a timekeeper. John Lennon was once asked if Ringo was the best drummer in the world. As great as The Beatles were—and they were great—people—especially Beatles fans, must look at them objectively.

Ringo very unique drummer. Very different style not a drummer i would put in top Only because of the Beatles fame. Not one, other than Buddy Rich, could hold a candle to Gene Krupa. Thank you, Howard. How does Carl Palmer not rank in the top ten?

And Gene Krupa at 49? And Dingo Starr ahead of both of them? What criteria were you using for this? Or what drugs? As a drummer for many many years I have to say other than John Bonham being 1, this list is a joke and a travesty to all drummers. Where is Don Brewer? Peter Criss? Bill Ward just to name a few. Let musicians pick who are the top and not some overweight office staff that works part time for some lame magazine. Ringo was good at what he did but are you kidding me no Tony Williams in the top What a joke.

Never heard off Dave Weckl????? The best drummer in the world!!! Not even in the list!??? Tony Williams…who could outplay everyone on this list. He played with Miles Davis at age Who made up this list?? I agree! Dave Grohl is a pedestrian drummer at best. Lars Ulrich is allegedly better than Art Blakey? What a load of crap! Tony Williams…how could you leave off Tony Williams? He was so good he played with Miles Davis at age It simply points out the folly of these lists.

This is a laugh…. Ringo Strarr???? Steve Gadd should also be in the top 10…. Hunt Sales has actually been named the greatest living drummer in the world. Chad Wackerman should be on the list. Where is the great drummers from the east? These were also greats. What about Don Brewer from Grand Funk? His drum solo from the song T. Keeith Moon mejor que Neil Peart????? The late Tony Meehan, original drummer of The Shadows and his long-serving replacement Brian Bennett take a lot of [drum] beating.

And Terry Williams formerly of Dire Straits would make practically all the rest of the rock drummers listed look and sound pretty silly. As for Stewart Copeland and Phil Collins — please!

Who drew up this motley assortment of no-hopers? Lights went down and just sticks flashed! Love them! His style sometimes overshadows his real talent.

I was at a concert where he performed a solo lasting more than 24 minutes, with no goofs. The master of time changes! Ringo Starr should have been number one hands down!!!

Yeah, sure. Prairie Prince? Truly great drummer from The Tubes, Prairie was a founding member of Journey. If it is meant for skill, Charlie Watts and Ringo should be nowhere near this list. Where is Tony Williams? Love Bonham, but as a lifetime drummer I personally would put Buddy Rich at the very top. The greatest of the greats. You claim science was involved in the selection process, yet from what I can see, it appears that you simply scimmed your record collection.

Ian Paice at Has whoever compiled this ilist heard him play??????? The fastest most technically gifted rock drummer ever. Have a listen to Fireball. Michael Giles. Listen to him! Should be top 50 just for those performances alone! I think this Poll should qualify that it is generally rock drummers that are profiled. Great jazz and jazz rock drummers are conspicuously absent with the exception of Buddy Rich.

Say this out loud and with sincerity: Ringo… is a greater drummer… than Carl Palmer and Bill Bruford. Any list of the greatest drummers of all time should include Gavin Harrison of Porcupine Tree at the top. Or its not a list! Ask Eric Clapton! Clem Cattini, played on 45 UK Number one hits. I really mean this Ringo Starr is a much better drummer than Gene Krupa.

Danny Serephine!!!!!!!! Ask any of those other of the living 50 on that list and see what they have to say about the original drummer from Chicago Transit Authority!!!! Truly paved the way for jazz drummers in rock!!

What no michael Shrieve of Santana, he had Woodstock in the plalm of his hand one afternoon with Soul Sacrifice………and on 4 drums!! No problem with Ringo being high up in this list, but a greatest drummer list without Elvin Jones, Tony Williams and Jaki Liebezeit is not to be taken seriously.

Ringo Star, Phil Collins…. No harvey bartswonkle? They had 1 listed correctly. John Bonham was the right choice. The man was born to play drums. He had the energy and the timing along with great improvisation skills to fill gaps with amazing sounds. Sheila E? Good grief. Ridiculous skill and personality to boot. Very respected session drummer. Why not go with only the opinion of drummers and who they find the best in their profession? The list is bunk. Ginger Baker?

It was the drugs playing, he had no talent. Gene Krupa should have been way higher. Sandy Nelson, even the drummer from the Surfaris. Nerve wracking twerps. This list is a travesty. Bill Bruford should be 1. He can drum ANY style. Buddy Rich 2. I agree with most of the names that were omitted.

What about Sly Dunbar, the most influential Reggae drummer? And Style Scott? Jaki Liebezeit from Can? Philly Joe Jones, Kenny Clarke?? Chester Thompson? John Weathers from Gentle Giant was a great drummer. This clearly is a list of sales records, not of musical quality and innovation. I think moon should have taken the cake he was a Mitch better performer than bonham it also feels like moon had a tighter sound. Not too many arguments. Keith Moon might not be the technician, but his gonzo style both behind the set and elsewhere is legendary.

I would have probably put Josh Freese significantly higher… easily within the top IMHO, he is phenomenal. Ringo, number 11? Shurely shome mishtake. Lars is surrely not better than Nicko McBrain. Nicko is awesome drummer, keep in mind that he never uses double pedal, and you can hear some serious gallop kicks from him, he is the beast. Deserves much higher place.

I was also looking for Jon Hiseman from Colosseum. Lots of great drummers on that list, but Lars Ulrich? I can play circles around him. Moon is way overrated. Crazy character, great rock personality. I like Roger Taylor, original sound, perfect for his band. Are you kidding me! Butch Miles is not even mentioned!

And what about Carter Beauford? Yes Ringo- too much is not better! He fit his drumming into the song without standing out- a solid beat is everything.

Man, Mitch Mitchell is damn too low at 13, he was damn good to be in top Also Michael Shreive should be above 24 certainly. Surprised at no Gavin Harrison or Marco Minnemann.

Bonham better than Rich mmmmm? Not sure. But Rich better than both Moon and Baker. Sheila E ahead of Charlie Watts?!? Ahead of anybody?!? Bogus list. Gene Krupa would be spinning in his grave if he read this list. Any list of drummers that has Neil Peart at number THREE and Mike Mangini omitted is a completely irrelevant list and the author of said list should be given a triple-drumstick enema.

Gene Krupa was as good if not better than Buddy Rich. So Gene Krupa should be much higher than Todd Sucherman of Styx has been winning numerous awards lately…. And, perhaps un-categorizable, is Dame Evelyn Glennie, drummer and percussionist extraordinaire. Drums, hand percussion, tuned percussion — nothing is off limits for her. Of course, the all-time glaring omission on this list is Chris Partridge.

Such oversights are intolerable. Tre cool was missing as well — I would put him in the 40s somewhere. Jimmy should be somewhere in the top No Louie Bellson? No Charlie Benante? How is Travis Barker on this list and Louie and Charlie are not?

No offense to Bonham and Moon, great drummers in their time, over 30 years ago! Just saying. They belong on the list. Dennis was and John is an incredible drummer. Gene Krupa is better than all of this skin bashers — get real and understand talent at the highest level.

Bill Bruford should be high on list. Don Brewer should be on the list. Dino Danelli should have made the list. Likes 3 of the 4 especially Keith and Ginger.

Come on people, stop getting so emotional, this list is obviously in order of popularity and not technical ability as these lists most often are. Well-balanced list. Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann deserve a grateful nod. Unique drumming, no egos. Have a nice day. Totally agree with the top three… but in reverse….

Love Moon and Bonzo. This is why no list should be made. Different styles, differentmusic, different decades!! What…no Art Taylor? As far as rock drummers go, how about Paul Hammond of Atomic Rooster?

He should be on the list. I would have put don brewer on here and the one drummer that nobody seemed to mention at all was paul t riddle from the marshall tucker band his drum rolls are legend!! You will never hear a closer player to Keith Moon saw him 5 times. I would move Gene Krupa way up on the list. He was my earliest inspiration as a drummer. Also where is Dino Dinelli from the Young Rascals? Big inspiration for me. As much as I dig listening to Cream and Led Zeppelin — seriously….

There is someone missing from this list because she is first and foremost thought of as a vocalist although she considered herself a drummer first. Karen Carpenter was a phenomenal drummer! Not a single mention of John Densmore? Clearly the improvisational jazz and bosa nova beat would be missing in the Doors if not for his amazing and unique contribution. I saw Iron Butterfly in concert back in the day and after Ron Bushy finished his five minute drum solo, or whatever it was, he was so wrecked that a couple of stage hands had to pick him up off the floor, give him some water and fan him off before he could get back on the stool to pound out the finale.

Now he was a drummer. Also…why they forget Phil Collins? If you play and know drums, the list you have put forward is a joke and the order is all wrong. How could Jeff Porcaro be no He has been incredibly influential in so many songs and with so many different artists. The same applies for Steve Gadd. Gene Kruppa, the greatest drummer of all time, at 49?? There is too much rock bias. Buddy Rich is by far the best drummer.

Sheila E and Charlie Watts…gimme a break. Why would Max Roach and Art Blakey be so low on this list? Go ahead and spit on Ringo all you want Motherfuckers. This list is meaningless! He was fine, but not top 50 or anything. He knew how to blend with the other 3. Bonham at number one. What the fuck. Most overated drummer of all time. Yes he was good but Paice was better in a band setting and his solos were crap.

Louis maholo had more talent in his penis than anyone mentioned here in there sticks. Ringo ranged as Chalie Watts What is wrong With the People who made this list, they cant understand music.

You guys will laugh but what about Karen Carpenter. Karen peat out Bonham for drummer of the year according to Drummers Mag. Then there is my personal favourite, Mr BJ Wilson. Who you ask, the guy who was approached to drum for Led Zep before they invited Bonham.

Real drummers do it in a tuxedo. Buddy Rich is the fastest, he goes nuts at about John Bonham was a very good drummer, but come on, Keith Moon was hands down the best drummer in rock and roll with Ginger Baker a close second.

Nice drummer, but other session drummers were used over the years to supplement his work. HE was without doubt the most charismatic drummer I ever seen or heard. Jon Hiseman could wipe the floor with a lot of these. Irish Singles Chart. Retrieved January 15, GfK Chart-Track. Retrieved June 11, Dutch Top 40 Retrieved September 20, Romanian Top Archived from the original on February 18, Retrieved September 20, Retrieved August 1, Retrieved October 16, German Chartblog.

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Archived from the original on January 27, Retrieved January 27, Note: User may scroll down the 'Podcasturi' menu to play or download the respective podcast. September 21, Retrieved July 2, Note: Romanian and international positions are rendered together by the number of plays before resulting an overall chart.

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Muscle and sweat and blood and bones feel good, feel strong! My ghost is everywhere here It hangs on every tree Lingering with every flower and leaf, smell of scent and sight and sound These are calling cards from another time. Familiar days and forgotten phases, like water trickle down down down Time is an ocean, and I'm set to swim and I'm tumbled by her. Circle around the sun, turn turn turn Someday my turn will come Stretched by time and torn by fate I'm held together by the flesh of faith.

Pushing up I hope for the sun, but I'll take the rain with what all it comes I walk and my feet roll, arms sway side to side, to and fro Who am I to try to guide my life? Like the tribes that came before us, and all the kings and queens and our ancestors, through the centuries Through the birth of a child, I return the gift that was given me The wind on the skin, and the pull of gravity.

Circle around the sun, turn turn turn One day my turn will come I'm living every minute and dying every day I hope my heart is in the right place. Aloha, Honolulu, here I come with some friends of mine Half of them the Hawaiian kind The other half just need a little sunshine On the isle of Oahu, the day is just begun Relax is number one "Don't rush me haole, there's plenty of sun" "Did you bring the lotion? You know your skin is awful white" Yeah, I brought the lotion, spread it on my broad daylight.

Now I'm free sky stylin on the shiny island all the peoples smilin', and brother let me tell ya I'm smilin' too. Oh Elizabeth, would you come down, with your wood guitar now. Oh please play for me. Lay your hands upon those strings, wood guitar, wood guitar I wish that you could play for me, I wish that I could fall asleep.

I'm walking, feel my hands and my legs, They feel good to be moving, side to side sway, sway, I'm gliding. A lifetime of accomplishments of which the dirt knows none, only in death can one truly return Return the carrots, the apples and potatoes, The chickens, the cows, the fish and tomatoes. In one glorious swoop, let the deed be done and bury me deep so that I can be one And all around my muscle and all around my bone, don't incinerate me or seal me from the dirt which bore me, the bed Two Out Of Three Aint Bad - Various - 1978 (CD) which from the rain falls upon and the fruit comes from For the dirt is a blanket, no fiery tomb, No punishment, reward, or pearly white room And you who say that in death we will pay, The dead they can't hear a word that you say Your words are not kind, sober or giving, they only put fear in the hearts of the living So put away your tongues and roll up your sleeves, and pick up your shovel and bury me deep.

Wishing like a mountain and thinking like the sea How it is to feel absolutely free The simplest things so hard to achieve. I want to be your watermelon, let me sing into your radio Let me be the yeast inside your bread, let me be the new thought inside your head.

Here in this room, where the cost of light and heat are such a distraction from the things we really need Love is everything and everything's a distraction. You should wear with pride the scars on your skin They're a map of the adventures and the places you've been "Praise God," he said lifting his drink.

Hey Woody Guthrie! Hey Marc Chagall! There's far too many of you to thank you all But I wanna talk about the gift that you gave I'm so happy about the gift that you gave! A friend of mine once said I know you're bitter, but why? Don't you know that two wrongs don't make a right? It's not that simple But everybody's trying to figure it out. I feel so detached today, I don't know It's not that simple, It's not that simple It's all that we can do to try and work it on out.

Wrap around me and curl, you big beautiful spoon The thought of your touch and smell just makes me swoon When you lay me down, my heart is still as a pond Together like two spoons until dawn. Sometimes I live in the past, I know that it's true I'm romantic to melancholy, you know that's true too.

The past is a shoe box of old songs and photographs, I dig in and wade through, I learn from my past. I'm helpless and doomed, sad and ashamed The mistakes that I've made, will I make them again? Feet are made for walking, and hands are made for love, And for the longing and the lonely, the moon and stars shine above. Well there's a time and a place, a river and a bridge, a kitchen and a hallway, a stove and a fridge. A clock on the wall, and there's a telephone call, songs to be sung, and work to be done.

Well you rub two sticks together and sparks start a fire, and I'm longing and I'm lonely, and for you I desire.

All around the world, a long long time ago, People would walk, where ever they had to go. They didn't have car keys, and they didn't have roads -- They didn't have those ugly convenience stores, or Texacos In fact, all around the world, a long long time ago, people would walk, where ever they had to go.

Well now it's the 's, and the gasoline does flow, but I still try and walk most of the places I have to go But sometimes my friends will stop and say, "Hey Frank! There's a bus or a cab over there Why don't we go ahead and get in it? Oh the days of wine and roses and the rubbing of noses Bare feet, new sprouts, and garden hoses.

Skipping stones, while skipping home Take an aimless drive behind a motor wheel Sticking fingers on paintings to see the way they feel! Spending the day in the shirt that you wore I can sense your presence from the day before Thanksgiving By Adam Sultan Somehow I find myself far out of line from the ones I had drawn Wasn't the best of paths, you could attest to that, but I'm keeping on.

Would our paths cross if every great loss had turned out our gain? Would our paths cross if the pain it had cost us was paid in vain? There was no pot of gold, hardly a Two Out Of Three Aint Bad - Various - 1978 (CD) lighting my way But I will be true to the red, black and blues that colored those days. I owe my soul to each fork in the road, each misleading sign.

Thanksgiving for every wrong move that made it right. And she can do just what she wants to me, and I know she does nothing purposely. I must respect, that goes unsaid, but it's all just a twist of fate.

And I know about heaven's gate, because I've seen it but not up close, and I know it ain't no pearly white, and I know that I'll be nothing there, just food for fish and twisting worms, but that's just fine with me, 'cause when I'm being tossed by the sea, I can feel a force greater than misery, greater than my stupid job, greater than our stupid bomb, and a time comes to mind a time without complexity.

So don't tell me about the land of Nod, where we are supposed to sit at the right hand of God, where the lion will lay down with the lamb, because you know damn well he'll eat him if he can.

The lion doesn't Two Out Of Three Aint Bad - Various - 1978 (CD) to be pacified by promises of an endless life 'cause he knows it's not that way -- he's not detached, he sees it everyday: the birth, the death, and the decay. And he accepts and says it's okay -- he would eat us for our elitist ways. Mother, you have been dead now for six years And in the years since then, I have grown to know my father, and this makes me happy.

Do you know that you two are so different? And I wish I remembered the two of you together, but all I have are photos of them, and they tell me a lot, but only in the way that a smell reminds you of a time long gone. This makes me sad, my friends don't know the you then, nor have they ever met the me that was your son. Mother, when I'm in my memory of you, I meet again the me that was your son, and he is a stranger, but so are you.

But Mamma, one cannot live in the past. Everyday brings new decisions, new sadness and new joy. I could walk away, I could let this fly go back home and start again -- Fruitless I have faith in how things seem to start again, that tale of your one big chance is a lie, told by consumed men.

And I push, and I push to not give in. I don't recall a place that I would call the end But things are different now I know and that was then.

I could walk away, I've been pushing for so long, All dried up and sap sucked thin -- Fruitless And I push, and I push to not give in. Take a trip 'round this great big world There are many things that I've never seen, many places that I've never been but I'd like to.

Global Village, under one sun, that means one for all and all for one. This great big world is for everyone. India, Africa, Canada, and Thailand too. Afghanistan, Australia, Tahiti and Russia, too. Suniva's way up in Canada, we wanna know "What's it like?

Married by the minister, her mother made the cake, and her husband played the drums in a big dance band, and they could take the six dollars they made everynight and keep them in hot food in her cast iron pan. Volo Volo volo. Slippy side, Side-Side-Side go to go. Leaning longingly against The window, falling forlorn to the ground, ground, ground. Beautifully Pained like an angel in purgatory -- wrapped up and exhaulted -- immaculate in melancholy -- She sea sure shore rose and The sand fell Through her hands grain after grain after grain!

Twisting and Tumbling, not Standing or fumbling. Desire hangs on for dear life on the window sill of the collarbone of the one I love And a glimmering shimmer of sweat gathers into a pool in her palm from a well in her wrist. And the only thing that speaks the truth is the eloquence of passing time the spoken word is a jacket too tight. There's a shimmering vision by the window pane a cellophane figure speaking in tounges from above. Theres the curve of a stone and the crest of a wave here are the lips that cracked and the sound that they made.

Desire hangs on for dear life on the window sill of the collarbone of the one I love. The grass spills out and catches a flame the trees stand up and scream there blissfullness. Protagonist -- "get me to the point where the truth will unfold, I wanna know. If we don't snap outa this, I don't know what I'm gonna do I'm just tryin' to make it up to you I see so many lovers policing each other Nagging and back Biting One upon another.

One thing I never want is for us to slip into this The hardest thing to bear is when love slips into this. Love cries for freedom So let's keep it together keep it together Give it what it needs Love cries for freedom So let's keep it together keep it together Give it what it needs. So sit down beside yourself and take a look around There are no chains here No shackles to be found And if we are to be Together you and me Then nothing will hold us here But our desire to be.

And if it's too much to bear, the pain and disappointment Then we gotta get up and set each other free Because in time all things will be revealed And the truth in our hearts We won't be able to help but feel.

Ta Bouche Est Tabou english version lyrics by J. Headlong down your hallway with a head full of sweet possibilities Though I know damn well here I go again hoping you'll see things my way My knock upon your door unanswered as it has been A dozen times before my love for you an unopened book Bittersweet bittersweet Chorus Ta bouche est tabou ta bouche est tabou Ta bouche est tabou ta bouche est tabou.

And my blood boils Your lips are closed to all alive and breathing ambiguity The fullness of them guarded private property I would love to taste the sweet forbidden fruit And leave upon my lips the savor of your juice Chorus And my blood boils Chorus. I've got my body I've got my soul I have so much to learn now this I know I might have eyes I might have fingers and toes But tell me what good are all those things if you ain't got your soul I've got my body I've got my soul Someday I might have a million dollars, then again I might have only One change of clothes You may deal in silver you may deal in gold But tell me what good are all those things if you ain't got your soul Now cut me bleeding down fallen if I should rob from my soul Let the sight of my blood remind me of the truths I do know Like the fleeting hold the body has on the soul I've got my body I've got my soul Help me keep it true help me keep it straight help me to heep hold Cut me bleeding down fallen if I should rob form my soul And let the sight of blood remind me of the truths I do know.

Bridge Because every time you lie deceive or cheer you lose a little bit Lose a little bit lose a little bit of your soul Solo Bridge again Cut me bleeding down fallen if I should rob from my soul And let the sight of blood remind me of the truths I do know I like the fleeting hold the body has on the soul I've got my body I've got my soul I've got my body I've got my soul I've got my body I've got my soul. Sometimes like a dream you come cut from the same cloth The light in your palm so white I feel it in my heart Horse hoof imprint on the saddle back bare hide of a horse You come with steam of breath and Caligula's's head To me so lonesome and longing and so unsatisfied Even with all this beauty flooding deep into my eyes Stop for a moment and listen to the wind See the trees, leaves the sun they catch and their rustling din.

Chorus Breathe deep fill up with relief don't go mad, don't go mad. Breathe deep fill up with relief don't go mad, don't go mad. Life is a long river learn from your past I been reading my history to learn what the others have seen Blood in the hollow of my heart Sweat on the skin of my chest Run a little bit faster now and breath a little deeper.

Come to me come to me set me free, Jack ass ginger, jack ass ginger. Looking for a structure to call my own I reached down my throat and grabbed my rack of bones. Looking for a structure to call my own I grabbed my rack of bones I grabbed my rack of bones. Cut by a blade of grass fell slain by a drop of rain. Lay fallow fallen 40 feet onto pastures of catastrophe Sucked out set adrift at sea Floor board decked out with uncertainty In open doldrums oceans of unknowable emotions.

Just before the end a great efflorescence A plead to the will of the sea A great soul collective Painters pile paint upon paint Losing themselves to get what they see Enshrouded in a cocoon of doom And then set free.

I'm as steady as a sea saw, and as longing as the wind, visions of you come so filling I swoon -- so far and distant and under the same moon, all I ask is you to Take Me under the strength of your words my heart is carried by a hundred birds Take me. Standing tall as a woman but acting tough as can be Curling your lip directing your poetry at me When I know it was written for another time and place It doesn't Two Out Of Three Aint Bad - Various - 1978 (CD) me You're so bitter the past so close behind You're so curling and churning how could your angel give in When there's nothing to blame but your price Chorus And I guess you need an excuse to fall If you're gonna pretend to fly at all.

You can curl up cradled in your past But it isn't as warm there is it will nothing ever last Your painting your pictures with shards of your pain You'd prick your fingers for blood to paint You sing your strife like a sonnet I believe Chorus Bridge You sing your strife like a sonnet But you buy your hat with a sweat stained brim already on it Chaos and fate your enemies at least that's the way you've sold them to be You can put yourself on a cross but not for me Chorus.

Look at that Building It's so beautiful The certainly don't make them like that anymore Look at that detail Over that doorway That must've taken some time The curve of that stone And ornate design Look at that Building It's so beautiful They certainly don't make them like that anymore.

Te manu puka Rua e rua puka manu haka "Book" "Boom" "Boom"! Blood and thunder And all the sights and sounds of real life wonder. Vim and vigor Full of piss and vinegar Wrapping around surround and bound By ligaments and skin Leaping along springingly long Bounding and pounding down leg walking sidewalks. The moment of clear and absolute perception So immaculate at the moment of conception Strike spark on a lark of inspiration Getting it down a sort of netherworld dictation.

So I'll sharpen my pencil And rip my stencils asunder And ready my writer full of ribbon and wonder. Like God's ankles, like God's feet. Smooth like God's skin, smooth like God's bones. Fruit so wet, my tongue laid upon. She rises with the night, she sleeps with the dawn. The tooth is a stone, the eye is a pit. Nipples are seeds, and the mind is the culprit. Milk blood flowing, stardust sleeps. Water light glistens, and the fireflies beat. The pull of palms, along the skin of dreams. Discotheque and light beams.

You know you're holding something, you know you see. Bring it to me, gimme seed. Time is a bastard it won't let me patch things up. It's all firecracker paper and empty tin cups. Eyes to the sky and feet on the ground. Weighing all the consequences, pound by pound. Pomegranate in the palm of my hand. I was ruler of the kingdom, I was ruler of the land. I'm dusting off the old ghosts now and they're giving me a run for my money.

I'm down here with the skulls and bones, down here in the catacombs. Swimming through the blood of years, chipping away at this wall of tears. With no muslin hands to hold me, in the dark I was left, to find the light. Down here in the catacombs. Chorus: Open my mouth, the air dilutes my thoughts, words are like a string that I pull out of my mouth, like a tapeworm eating me from inside out, words are like a string that I pull out of my mouth.

I can hear my friends and family walking and talking up there on the ground. We are all truly alone, down here in the catacombs. They can't help me now, I gotta chase these demons out, with no muslin hands to hold me, in the dark I was left to find the light. Wanna Get it right this time. Complicated is all right Complicated it's all right. Sorrow is an angel that comes to you in blue light and shows you what is wrong just to see if you'll set it right and I've fucked up so many times in my life -- that I want to get it right this time.

Complicated, it's all right. So tell me something someone and help me get it right, or hit me over the head, box me up and say good night. I can't stand to see myself go through the motions that bring me back into these same old sad emotions. Sometimes I get so afraid of life I'm not afraid of death I'm scared of going through this thing twice. Wanna get it right this time Complicated it's all right. Darling I'm giving you all my love. Don't want to do anymore of those things I've been guilty of.

Show me the way to always be renewed. I want love to be our only food. Now I want to give it all for love.

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