Various - Your Hundred Best Tunes, Volume 4 (CD)

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We were able to hear a distinct difference between the i1 and the Apple devices, but our panel felt it was a lateral move: The i1 definitely sounded flatter, both in the frequency-response sense and in the spatial sense. The Apple devices were slightly more boosted in the lows and highs, but that made them sound more 3D. There are two settings, measure and listen, which seem to mildly alter the low frequencies.

When we turned the volume dial, we got some slight crackling noise, which shouldn't happen in this price range. Overall, we were disappointed, especially compared with how much we liked the Hip-dac by the same company. Lauren Dragan is a senior staff writer and has tested over 1, headphones for Wirecutter. She has a BA from Ithaca College in music performance and audio production.

Brent Butterworth is a senior staff writer covering audio and musical instruments at Wirecutter. He regularly gigs on double bass and occasionally ukulele with Los Angeles—area jazz groups. Our pick. AudioQuest DragonFly Red Best for computers Powerful enough to drive most headphones, the diminutive DragonFly Volume 4 (CD) works best with computers because it needs to draw power from the connected source.

I recognize that these lists are really the preference of the writer and that in itself makes the list valid. However……Robert Johnson at 1? That title goes to Son House, who taught Robert Johnson.

The fact is that you could have had a Clapton without a Robert Johnson. There is little doubt in the word that Clapton and Hendrix are 1 and 2 and those spots are interchangeable between the two of them. These guys took the playing of some of the old timers — Johnson included — to another level. Alvin Lee may not have known the difference between the phrygian mode and refrigerator mold but he could play circles around most of these guys.

So while some folks may be technically better than, say, David Gilmour who would you rather hear? I think this is a pretty good list. Robert Johnson deserves 1. My favorite guitarists are all underrated like Neal Schon and Alex Lifeson.

But no Frank Zappa. I have seen Steve Howe 7 times. I would have to say. The Reason? He can play any type of music that you can put in front of him. He is amazing!!! Kudos to Keaton who mentioned this. Wow, just wow. So many guitarists nominated, but so many great guitar guitarists not even mentioned. John M is one I would certainly consider for a place in my own top ten guitarists. Speaking of Cambridge in the late sixties, of course Dave Gilmour was another who came out of that scene, but he and Nick were far from alone.

For example, there was and is Fred Frith. You deserve it to yourself to check him out before you dismiss him. Then there is Allan Holdsworth — not just a superb technician but a master of long melodic lines. His name usually comes up in these debates. John Etheridge is pretty good, too. Or that master of comping, Freddie Green? To Charlie Christian? MarleyIII gets special credit as the only one naming the marvellous Jim Hall, who really should be up there in one of those ten spots.

Or Dennis Coffey? How can you guys have neglected Barney Kessel, truly a top ten contender? Astonishing technique — enough to make the shredders weep with envy, coupled with an exquisite feel for melodic line. Martin is one of the few guys or gals whose playing brings tears to my eyes regularly.

When one of his albums gets into my CD player it stays there for weeks. I just noticed that no-one has mentioned Robben Ford — another master of both technique and taste and a certain contender for my top ten list, fighting for a place in the same space as Larry Carlton and John Scofield. Just saying… Oh, and for the record, never used to be a John Mayer fan, but then I saw him and man, he is amazing… Also, more Matt Bellamy! Tom Morello? John Frusciante? Paul Gilbert is better than any other guitarist on this planet hands down I can promise u that.

Covering from every genre and musical style, Paul is the best! Vlatko Stefanovski. Top 5 ever. Eric Clapton 3. Jimmy Page 4. Saul Hudson Slash 5. Van Halen. Dimebag darrel. Dave Mustain 3. Jimmy Page not so good 1. The great battle Eric clapton vs Kirk Hammet So: Eric is simple not so powerfull he is from the old music from : rock n roll and rock…. Kirk is powerfull he have so good solos : seek and destroy solo master of puppets solo and other but Kirk Hammet is member from Metallica ,Metallica are trash metal and its not so easy to find out who is better metal or rock guitaris.

Top TEN lists are not serious. We know who is the besteven though for various reasons a loy of people dont even know him. Rory Gallagher is the best, by far. Ranking starts after Rory Gallagher. As for the Quote……. He actually wrote alot of Chet Atkins material. As for misquoting Hendrix you may not want to be so quick to point fingers….

Where the hell is dimebag darrell? I think duane allman should be on here. SRV Hendrix. B Duane Allman. Jimmy Page. Are YOU joking? Clapton, Hendrix, King…. Jimmy Page? Broaden your horizons my friend. What about Esteban? Glenn Campbell is an outstanding guitar player. Lee Roy Parnell is second only to Duane Allman as far as that style of slide playing. It would suck if everyone played the same. Variety is the key…learn to truly love the art of music.

Just like blonds, brunettes and redheads they are all wonderful! If you even try to list the top ten of anything, you are only shortchanging yourself. Any list without Gallagher is not valid. But well i hate lists about whos the better musician. These i some i like, then you sort out the list, if its a big deal to you.

Jimi: I dunno, ask Rory Gallagher. Robert johnson as 1, really?? I remember a long time ago a man asked Jimmy hendrix how it is to be the best guitarplayer in the world: aske Gary Moore said Hendrix. Moore is a phenomenal, world class guitarist. Good list — not so sure about Page being number 7…should be more in the range, in my opinion.

For my humble tastes the breakdown is below. Most emotional and spine tingling — David Gilmour my favorite guitaristnobody touches his solos. Also John McClaughlin. Clapton… old slow hand… of course. Bachman-Turner Overdrive. My list goes like this: 1. Jimmy Page 3.

Kirk Hammet 4. Stevie Vaughn Ray 5. James Hetfield. Chet was THE best guitarist to ever reach popular standings. Which gets me thinking, this list would be a lot different if it included people that were in the background, but were easily better than anyone popular. For me chet would still make top even on that list though. This is just not a top 10 list, its a random list of guitarists that someone thought would be controversial. If your list has no Rory Gallagher, well then on behalf of the music world.

Five guys that have to be on every top ten list. Chuck Berry 3. Duane Allman 4. Eric Clapton 5. Stevie Ray Vaughan. Hendrix 2. Buchanan 3.

Beck 4. Allman 5. Guy 6. Clapton 7. Page 8. Winter 9. King Jimi Hendrix is the only guitarist that should be included. Agreed with the absence of Trower and Alvin Lee, and many others. John Mayer on this list is a joke! I agree with what you say about King but when Clapton and Beck cite him as influences its hard to keep him off. No way can this list be accurate simply for the fact that there are so many styles out there with such important players, having a list of greatest guitar players with BB King and Tom Morello on it is ridiculous.

There should probably be separate lists for separate genres. Now, out the icons, the best rock guitar player of world is a young Pedro Castilho. Very emotional, the guitar is your trird hand. What is the musical schooling of whoever made up this top 10 list. What is a guitar player top 10 without Django Reinhardt? Also, more than one if not most of the players mentioned in this top 10 will be played their socks of by Jimmy Rosenberg.

Finally, about the other top 10s, objectively, anyone presenting a list list with Jimy Hendrix lower than place 3 has to be more influenced by his music than his superb technique. That's the worst list I've seen. Jack White is on that list? That's a complete joke. I could play Jack White under a table. The guy can barely hit a note let alone stay on pitch. John Frusciante again, decent, but not even in the top I'm not hearing much going on there to be honest.

No Originality, same old, same old. Sure it's cool to show off your little Various - Your Hundred Best Tunes and digital effects but whatever, play something without a hip hop influence for God's sake. Mentor beats student this time round. It's all well and good picking the pioneers of Solo guitar but no way are they at the standard of the guitarists out these days. I do think though that Hendrix definitely should be there.

The man's got the best flow I've ever heard. David Gilmour is a must. He knows how to make a solo sound good. Clapton isn't even there? You put Jack White there and Clapton isn't there? Who the hell compiled this thing???? Additions: Eddie Van Halen whether he's your favourite or not, he is the greatest guitar player…. The man's insane. Yngwie Malmsteen He's to the guitar what Mozart was to music itself! Dave Mustaine possibly the greatest Metal guitarist.

Perfect amount of atonality : playing style, aswell as his complex rhythm patterns while being able to sing along with them.

And enough of this Kirk Hammett business, please… The man came from Exodus and based his style off of Dave Mustaine's guitar work in Metallica. As I've said Clapton! Rory Gallagher Ireland's only! Dimebag is good one for the list.

Dimebag was the man! Can't really think of others who really deserve the other spots though. I can think of a lot of other guitarist with immense talent but none of them really stand out as number 1's to me. Hendrix was asked after wood stock "what it felt like to be the greatest guitarist in the world?

Slash loved him as well! Best musician ever to come out of Ireland bar none, and that says a lot. Eric Clapton invented rock guitar as we know it.

Eddie Van Halen took it to another level. Tony Iommi defined heavy metal, despite losing his fingertips in an accident. Duane Allman showed us how to play rock and roll slide guitar. Yngwie Malmsteen combined blinding speed and classical theory for a potent combination. None of them made the list. Don't get me started on the absurd choices that are on the list. Yes and he lost the finger tips on his left hand and attached makeshift fingers out of thimbles but managed to play some of the greatest evil licks ever.

I love Eddie but he screwed up Van Halen terribly by getting rid of Dave and turning it into a girl band. Duane was awesome and highly skilled and a sought after studio musician. Clapton is the master. Tommy Emmanuel If you don't know who he is check him out on Utube titled guitar boogie and may you never be the same. Firstly, I really appreciate the effort of the writer to actually go across genres to get this list sorted. For the purists out there who only listen to loud music, just accept the fact that you only stick to loud ones, you can never appreciate the soul of REAL guitar players….

And yeah, before you judge me, I've listened to almost all of em; from yeah, the Shakespearean John Mayer to the outrageously ambidextrous Michael Angelo Batio…. I think the list makes sense and after 2 years it still does… And it will stay that way until another Hendrix shows up….

Hands down. Has and can play every genre. And has speed, style, amd emotion. Okay first of all yes, John Mayer deserves to be on this list. I would've probably put him even higher. I understand if you don't agree but go listen to his Where The Light is album and get back to me on that. I think Eric Clapton should've made the list though. And, although I'm not a big fan of metal I can say as a guitarist anybody can go up and down scales and embelish notes and sound like a metal genius.

The artists above put real soul into their music. I think you have an amazing list though. Many people probably would've have thought of some of the people on here… but what about Derek Trucks? Yea um John Mayers way misunderunstood and under rated, watch the 'where the light is live in LA' DVD and actually watch it before you think of posting a reply and tell me he aint an amazing guitarist, im not saying hes a god but hes definetly an amzing guitarist n i rekon he deserves a spot just for the fact that hes one of the few guitarists of this generation with some talent.

And personally no metal guitarists deserves a spot on the list, i appreciate the skill they have, but they dont fit the criteria for best guitarists cause it would look like this for metal guitarists:. Inovation: different progressions of power chords and one string at a time notes arent innovative. Skill: they do have skill but it's a skill that most people could master with alot of practice. Impact on the evolution of guitar playing: not much cause metal is one of the more recent genres that branched out from blues, rock….

Worthyness: not much cause somewhere a long the way the guitar stopped being a part of the player and became an accessory to the player. This is a crazy list but most of these lists are. It's about who is fashionable rather than who is good or influential. Volume 4 (CD) Robert Johnson at the top is a joke.

All the kids now think it's cool to like him because he was so "influential" but it's a complete myth. He was virtually unknown until the mid sixties and even then the whole "Robert Johnson is cool" thing didn't get going until aroundby which time most of the real pioneers were already well on their way. Hendrix et. Umm, no. Jimmy Page and Hendrix have both alluded to the fact that without Robert Johnson, they would never have existed.

His albums were released before the 50's and 60's. To think that most of these guitarists and by effect the people influenced those artists as well didn't have their hands on Robert Johnson or Mississippi John Hurt albums which they learned from is preposterous. Please stop typing. He says the project "has been in the back of my head to do for so long. It was about time that I took my hat off to him. But being honest I agree with Rostropovich who said that you can learn to play even a monkey… I am not in favour of quick fingers.

And therefore David Guilmor is anyway 1 worldwide for me…. Listen to "Where the Light is" and tell me John Mayer is not an amazing guitarist…. And I've only really been listening to Mayer for about a week and a half now. But he is awesome. Eric Clapton is probably the only one who needs to be in there. I love how he understands the importance of Robert Johnson. I love John Mayer, but you should really pick Clapton instead of him.

For all you Mayer haters, go bone your palm. John Mayer, get real. Where's Fripp and Carlos. Tom Morello should be higher than Not even Steven Wilson. Did everyone forget Shawn Lane? Derek Trucks? Just my opinion. Zakk wylde, slash, eddie van halen and joe satriani should be in that list. Zakk Wylde can even play with his tongue.

I bet John mayer is really a good musician he feeds my soul, regardless. This is ridiculous…"Best guitarists" any and all of them are all a matter of opinion.

Most top classical and flemenco players blow all those in the lists above away, but because they are not 'rock 'n' rollers', people forget about them. By the way, i believe it's not how fast you are but what melody is played and what surprises you can produce.

I don't think that he really would even call himself one of the best guitarists of all time, he's obviously not far enough into his career to be criticized about this stuff. But i love him, and he eventually will make it on this list. Oh, and for all you who say he sucks and whatever, if he is so bad then why has he played with so many of the people who actually should deserve to be on this list?

Obviously there are going to be different lists depending on genre and tastes in music and many wont agree with me but I have to put Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth out there… amazing guitarist and overall musician. Or maybe all those jazz and classical guys can't play. Seriously have any of you ever listened to John Mayer play the guitar? Do me a favor and look up Jih Mayer Trio live on Conan and tell me that he isn't a good guitarist.

A little correction: Jeff "Skunk" Baxter is a really excellent guitar player, but I did a little more checking and Elliott Randall was the solo guitarist for "Reelin' in the Years" — apparently he did it in one take…. Why did nobody mention him? I love that guy's style. You should see the film "It Might Get Loud. The Edge shows how he produced the sounds he gets, and admits he plays very simple stuff, it's all his computerized production techniques.

A guitar player of quality? Not to bring down the sausage fest seriously, she just deserves to be in the top ten, I mean Jack White? Pink Noise? I'm a straight girl, and watching that video made me want to jump her. It is definitely an opinion based list, ask people, and get different answers. But please, 99 out of those would have Clapton on it, the list loses credibility without him. Even among his peers he is revered, he just has to be here! The guy built his OWN guitar.

He sometimes added piano wire behind the guitar strings, he was technical and had soul, and is an innovator. I know he doesn't belong in this list, but any musician that has their own sound like these two deserves a mention……but yes, taste is subjective anyway. Hendrix's career didn't last 8 years?? It was only 4 years and then he was murdered. Where did you get 8 years???

You may also want to consider getting a radio with short wave capability as well, just in case. This is the main problem with radios made by obscure brands—quality control seems like an alien concept for them.

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The Glee cast has released sixteen soundtrack albumssix compilation albums and eleven extended plays EPscontaining different performances of an individual song or a mashup of two or more songs in a single performance. Of the performances on the various albums and EPs, were also released as singles. The album eventually went on to earn platinum certifications in these five countries, plus double platinum in Australia and triple platinum in Ireland.

Debut single " Don't Stop Believin' "a cover of the Journey song, was a top ten hit, reaching number two in the UK and number four in Ireland and the US; it Various - Your Hundred Best Tunes since been certified platinum in the US and Australia. Glee: The Music, The Complete Season One was a compilation albumwhich contained all one hundred studio recordings from the first season released on the first three volumes Volume 1Volume 2and Volume 3 Showstoppers and the first two extended plays The Power of Madonna and Journey to Regionalsincluding bonus tracks.

All singles from the first season were also included, with the exception of "Last Christmas". The album was released to the iTunes Store on September 14, These albums both charted in the top ten in Canada and the US, and are the only two albums to have been certified platinum Volume 4 (CD) the season, with the former achieving that in the US, and the latter in Australia. The cast holds the record for most charted songs by an act in the year history of the Billboard Hotwith appearances as of October From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Glee discography. For their songs, see Glee songs discography. The version that charted features both. The version that charted features the former. In the episode, the two songs were not performed consecutively.

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Petra Janů - Všechno Nejlepší (The Best Of) (Cassette), The More I See You - Doris Day - Doris Days Sentimental Journey (Vinyl, LP, Album), Just Over - Hexsagon - Beat Flip Tuesdays Volume 1 (File), You Can Get It - Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out (Special Edition) (CD, Album), Bad Lieutenants - For A Fatter America (CD, Album), Catatonic Society - Baptistina (CD, Album), The Taggart/Creeper Faceoff - Bennett Salvay - Jeepers Creepers 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtra, Portishead - PPP (CDr), Greater Love Hath No Man - The Choir Of St Johns College, Cambridge*, George Guest (2) - Bairstow* /, Intermission* - Gypsy Chief Goliath - Its A Walk In The Mist (CDr, Album), Dont Hold Back - Chanson - Did You Ever / Dont Hold Back (Vinyl), Medley: Authority Song - Land Of 1000 Dances - John Mellencamp* - In Europe (CD, Album), Orbital - Snivilisation (Vinyl, LP, Album)