What Are You Wearing Tomorrow / Summer Songs - His Name Is Alive - Stars On E.S.P. (CD, Album)

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Articles Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. My Profile. Advanced Search. Track Listing. Joe South. Summer Breeze. Brian Holland. This Ain't the Summer of Love. Losin' It. Dave Pirner. Hey Bulldog. My Baby's Got the Strangest Ways. Rick Miller. The Din Pedals. One Hundred Days. Al's first songs included "Belvedere Cruising" an original ode to his family's car, a Plymouth Belvedere and "Dr.

When Al went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to earn an architecture degree, he began performing his songs at the campus coffeehouse and worked for the school's radio station as a disc jockey, where he picked up the nickname "Weird Al". Sometime before he was kicked off the station for refusing to follow various airplay rules, he went across the hall into the men's bathroom with his accordion and recorded a parody of The Knack's "My Sharona" entitled "My Bologna", which became one of the most popular songs on The Dr.

Demento Show in the following weeks. Knack frontman Doug Fieger turned out to be a fan of "My Bologna", and got the song released as a single on Capitol Records under a short-term contract.

Al scored another minor hit in with "Another One Rides the Bus" a parody of Queen 's "Another One Bites the Dust" and decided to pursue a career in music, feeling architecture wasn't really his calling. After a modest start including a disastrous gig opening for Missing PersonsAl and his band released his first album on Scotti Bros.

Records inhit it big with his second album thanks to "Eat It" a song and music video parody of Michael Jackson 's "Beat It" peaking at number 12 on the Billboard Hotand hasn't looked back since. Most of Al's albums during the '80s and '90s went platinum; Al shrewdly used Viral Marketing to saturate social media with publicity for his album Mandatory Funand he was rewarded with that album debuting at number one on the Billboard his first number one album ever.

Despite this, Al would be the first to admit he was never seriously in the running Album) to behind-the-scenes politics; the gig eventually went to Katy Perry. Al has also won four Grammys in his career: three Album) various albums and one for a video. He has been involved with the Transformers franchise twice: his song "Dare To Be Stupid" was played in the movieand he provided the voice of Wreck-Gar in Transformers Animated.

His voice has appeared both before and since the latter in a number of cartoons, with his roles ranging from one-off gag characters to the title characters of the Animal Man Animated Adaptation and the Disney XD cartoon Milo Murphy's Law.

Init was confirmed that Al would be getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He was awarded his star on the 27th of August Al usually releases a new album and goes on tour once every three to four years, which led John Garabedian of Open House Party to say that "every album is [Al's] comeback album, and then he goes away until the next one".

With the release of Mandatory FunAl fulfilled his record contract, and he now plans to go with completely digital releases in the future, which gives him the opportunity to release new songs as they're completed instead of waiting until he has enough material for a full album. Unlike other parody-centric artists, Al and his band who have been together since the 80s from the second album on — the first album used accordion on every track, in keeping with Al's trademark talent — stay extremely close to the original melodies and instrumentation of the song they parody.

In the most extreme example of this attention to detail, "Trapped in the Drive-Thru" based on R. Kelly 's "Trapped in the Closet" sounds exactly like the original.

Al is very sympathetic to geek communities and frequently gives them recognition in his songs. The popularity of his work eventually created the "Weird Al" Effect where a parody remains popular long after What Are You Wearing Tomorrow / Summer Songs - His Name Is Alive - Stars On E.S.P.

(CD originaland his habit of using pop culture metaphors AKA "Pulling a Weird Al" led to his being the former trope namer for that. The Not Al List was created to catalog these songs and give them the proper attribution. Lots of these songs contain raunchy or offensive lyrics, and the lead vocal vaguely sounds like Al; since Al is the most visible parody musician alivehis name gets attached to them, despite having subject matter and lyrics he would never touch.

Even with the occasional dip into raunchy subtext, he still aims to be in his words a "more-or-less family-friendly" performer. The best way to tell if Al performed a given song is to look for music videos of them on YouTube. Take your heart medication first — wouldn't want to Die Laughing. Example of: Keep Circulating the Tapes.

Community Showcase More. Weird Al gets a bootleg copy of Star Wars's oldest shame. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Daring to be stupid since the 80's! Below: His current appearance, starting from Running With Scissors.

When Kurt finally watched the music video, What Are You Wearing Tomorrow / Summer Songs - His Name Is Alive - Stars On E.S.P. (CD former bandmate confirmed that he was on the floor laughing so hard from the video. Al has since disowned "It's Still Billy Joel to Me" although Joel himself admitted to loving the parody, and he even performed it a few times.

Adam Westing : Pal. Plays a version of himself who is Julia Sweeney 's husband in Work in Progress. Affectionate Parody : Most of his original works fall under Affectionate Parody. Michael Jackson gave Al permission to parody any of his work that he wanted for the rest of his life. The only condition was that Al not record a version of his "Black What Are You Wearing Tomorrow / Summer Songs - His Name Is Alive - Stars On E.S.P.

(CD White" parody titled "Snack All Night" as he felt it would cheapen the message of the song. Al agreed and plays the song only at his live shows. The only song for which he didn't have permission was "Amish Paradise", but there was nothing malicious about it; a miscommunication led Al to believe he actually did have permission, and by the time it was cleared up, it was too late.

Coolio the original artist got over it and gave Al a hug. As Al put it, "I doubt I'll be invited to Coolio's birthday party, but at least I don't have to wear a bulletproof vest to the mall anymore. After several hours of backlash, it was revealed that the manager never gave her the song to listen to, out of the assumption she would hate it. Of course, this turned out to be completely untrue; upon actually hearing it, Gaga not only loved it, but considered it an "expansion" of her original song— while the original was a straight-up celebration of alternative lifestyles, Gaga considered the parody a celebration of her own Cloud Cuckoolander -ness.

Lady Gaga : I actually really What Are You Wearing Tomorrow / Summer Songs - His Name Is Alive - Stars On E.S.P. (CD the philosophy behind the song. It's actually very empowering, I think. And he's, in a way, although he's parodying the song, he's kind of standing up for me. And I never would have said no to that. And I never did say no to it. He shops at discount stores, not just any will suffice; He has to find a bargain 'cause he won't pay retail price.

He never acts meshugga and he's hardly a schlemiel; but if you wanna haggle, oy, he'll make you such a deal! Don Pardo : "That's right, Al! The "SNL" comedian and "Black Widow" actress welcomed their first son Cosmo in August, but one family member still quite doesn't understand the name.

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