Yes It Is (Take 2) - The Beatles - Back-Track Part Two (CD)

Than anything you'll hear on the legit CDs Yes It Is (Take 2) - The Beatles - Back-Track Part Two (CD) from the US pressing of this album originally issued. These were supposed to be the cats meow until the remasters came out in The album was originally released as part of The Beatles Collection, a box set featuring all other Beatles records, but was later released individually. Use the file list tab and browse through folders to get better understanding about the file you are about to download.

I only have a few and would like to get the whole collection if possible Thanks to anyone who can. Good Night. Beatles single mixes, including the Penny Lane promo.

I Want to Hold Your Hand PCS rm. Ebbetts [Full Album]. One After 2. Love Me Do Ebbetts Sound Systems project, I swore that once EMI did the right thing and released remasters to be proud of As Beatles fans, it's what we've prayed for. Ebbetts CD-Releases.

Ebbetts release tracklist 1. To many, Yes It Is (Take 2) - The Beatles - Back-Track Part Two (CD) set offers among the best representation of the original UK stereo releases. Like new from my personal collections. PCM Yes It Is 3. Ebbetts decided to put an end to his 14 year-old project. Sleeve strong side of VG with some denting and a small patch of sticker residue but overall looks good. Ebbetts releases re: The Beatles.

This is a work in progress, that has only recently started. Ebbetts Sound Systems DESS A collection of CDR's of official releases, so they must be considered as pirate discs rather than bootlegs, but many collectors consider these to be the core collection for these titles, the majority of which have not been officially released on CD's.

This album was released in on vinyl only and has never officially been released onto CD. I have created this blog in order to share my collection with others. At a time when many audiophiles were unsatisfied with the sound of the official CD catalog, Dr. Ebbetts provided a high quality alternative and gained a loyal following. PMC As you all may know Dr. Ebbett, who experiment is a niche in the audiophile world, making available of needledrops popular vinyl of the Beatles, among others to hear the Beatles in mono in the digital transfer of high quality, officially announced his retirement after hearing excerpts of remasters.

Nice copy! Ebbetts Sound Systems will cease operations. The Beatles - Ultimate Dr. To that end - and with the heaviest of hearts - effective immediately, Dr. Even the infamous remastered stereo and mono boxes. The Beatles 'Story Dr. I Should Have Known Better 2. His unofficial needledrop transfer is super clean and blows EMI's version out of the water. This is a work in progress, that has only recently started. All I've Got to Do Ebbetts "outfake" remix featuring centered vocals and bass, except for "Love Me Do" and "P.

Ebbetts Stereo Remix Bonus. Ebbetts German Stereo LPOne of the biggest torrents indexer with more then torrent files listed. Title Credit s Runtime; 1. Ebbetts Sound Systems DESS A collection of CDR's of official releases, so they must be considered as pirate discs rather than bootlegs, but many collectors consider these to be the core collection for these titles, the majority of which have not been officially released on CD's.

Ebbetts project was to make available to the public the best sounding versions of the Beatles' original LP releases - with emphasis on the American and British catalogues. The album was originally released as part of The Beatles Collection, a box set featuring all other Beatles records, but was later released individually.

I have no idea how much Ebbetts has messed with the sound, but the original bootlegger was apparently an audio engineer and did a great Yes It Is (Take 2) - The Beatles - Back-Track Part Two (CD). Yes, he did continue after the remasters with his Archive series but has now stopped which is a shame really. Dr Ebbetts has now stopped releasing CDs.

Ebbetts CD-Releases. InDr. This Boy 4. COM: Dr. Good Night. Availability: Usually ships in business days. He has released many different permutations of all of the discs of which some of his Revolver transfers are still the best to my ears. Unreleased U. With the Beatles Canadian Stereo Ebbetts From the outset of the Dr.

Ebbetts - FLAC The Ebbetts US version has Having used the beta software for over 4 months, I have come up with my own set of steps to process raw frames to stacking and wavelets. Harris, the prog head of the band pumps his volume in the mix and brings his masterful playing upfront, leading everyone into this heavy metal nordic-like progressive tune.

The twin guitars become a trio, because Harris has playfully united to the harmonic feast and that anthemic feel kicks in, to never let go. The Parchment, Harris again, and again, and again. This song and its melody has the mischievous "bad boy" imprint all over the place, like the atmosphere that surrounds a rainy day in the aftermath of a Viking battle, slowly upgrading the tempo with a wiser and serious sounding Dickinson who is co-leading the scene with the guitar licks.

This is my favorite song from this album, the desperate and sometimes painful guitar playing just hooks me without any available remedy. Almost 13 minutes of perfectly crafted "mid tempo" heavy and melodic heavy metal! Again, the lyrical content is out of bounds!

Afraid to shoot strangers. Sorry, my bad! The almighty Hell on Earth, with the most accurate and actual track title in the whole double set!

Traditional Maiden galloping brain designed by H, maybe the more hit single fitted out of the three epics, it just sounds like any song from the SSOTSS era? Signature instrumental pause preparing the vocals reentrance at full and furious capacity!

Guitar galore with a flawless Nicko and a more than cohesive band! This album is a grower, it just gets better with every listen, but is also guaranteed to grab your attention at first ride, and it might not be the best Iron Maiden ever, but is definitely the best new Iron Maiden ever!

The End! I've been quite harsh on Queen in recent years, since their dramatic fall from grace as my favourite band aged 9 to being one I consider to be amongst the most overrated of all time. But revisiting this for the first time in years, perhaps for once they've gone up in my eyes rather than down. Perhaps it's because this is the one I knew the least from during my years of Queen spam. Even the deep cuts from their earlier albums I was familiar with, but of this, only "Killer Queen" was part of my obsession.

It still has much of the same criticisms you can throw at a Queen record - wild inconsistency in both style and quality, torrid lyrics, love-em-or-hate-em harmonies. But there are surprisingly more decent songs than poor here, and I even quite enjoy the break we get from Freddie Mercury on "Tenement Funster" - to the point where I'd actually say Roger Taylor should have got a lot more songs on lead.

It stutters in the second half, as Queen albums tend to do, but for the first time since I was 13 or so, I put on a Queen record and didn't want to turn it straight off, and that says a lot. The formation of the group started with the idea of having several virtuoso musicians and a pop singer joined together to make new fashioned music in the old fashioned way. The idea appeared in by the executive producer Bill Evans and the album was made with the help of the music producer Peter Collins.

Intrigued with the idea and the prospect of working together, this group of musicians signed on to a contract to form a band and record a full length studio album. Vocalist Casey McPherson shows early that he is able to hold his ground within this so strong cast of musicians. By the other hand Steve Morse supplies the first, of what will be the main characteristic of the album, great melodic solos.

The second track "Shoulda Coulda Woulda" represents a heavier rock track where Portnoy and LaRue make an excellent rhythm section. It's a standard hard and heavy rock song that shows the high quality of all musicians. This is the heaviest track on the album and is also probably to standard to my personal taste. The third track "Kayla" begins with a very promising way. Soon, I felt that it was to be a strong track with a great melody and a great vocal line by Casey.

The vocal line in the chorus takes us into the catchy territory of American bands like Styx, Kansas and Journey. The fourth track "The Storm" is another hook filled track once more with some rally concise and fine guitar solos.

I know this is a very standard rock track but, we are in presence of a very well written, performed and executed piece of music. The song has a nice and rhythmic passage and the vocals are some of the strongest made on the album.

The song has a funky, bluesy and even jazzy line and it has also a great guitar work by Steve Morse. This is a song very influenced by The Beatles and it has also some Queen influences, particularly the guitar work that reminds us Brian May. This is a typical song of the 60's and 70's pop rock genre. The seventh track "Everything Changes" is a typical ballad with acoustic guitar to start and a simple back track of drums and bass to keep things moving.

Once more we can see the influence of The Beatles on the song. And, once more, we can see a superior vocal and guitar works on this powerful and beautiful ballad. The eighth track "Better Than Walking Away" is another typical American ballad fashion way that gradually becoming louder and heavier and where its climax appears just before the song ends.

This is AOR in its optimum form. The ninth track "All Falls Down" is like "Shoulda Coulda Woulda" a heavy rock song with some fast paced drumming and a great riff. It demonstrates that despite should the fancy take them, then the area of progressive metal can be very well on the album.

Once again Neal Morse taking the upper hand in the musical arrangement giving the song a rare blend of Portnoy and Morse sound. The bluesy solo by Steve Morse completes the feel of the song. The eleventh and last track "Infinite Fire" is the epic track on the album, the most progressive of all.

It's a very well structured song and where we can see clearly the hand of Neal Morse. The song combines several styles of music, from blues to rock, funk and jazz. It's a perfect way to close this intriguing, surprising and magnificent album. Conclusion: This is the kind of albums that divide the opinions of the prog heads. For the purists, this is an outrage for the progressive rock. A good producer would have forced Iron Maiden to rewrite the song and use that as an opening.

The solo sections remind me of the X-factor album, though that album showed a nice restrained when it comes to the production - giving the themes a sense of depth. The verse riffs in the major key and vocals are among the most exciting Yes It Is (Take 2) - The Beatles - Back-Track Part Two (CD) the record and the way Dickinson rises in pitch is very uplifting.

At another track starts out of nowhere and the form of the song is ruined. The song has some clean guitars, which gives it some time to breath and work as a song. Then begins the run of Harris' three epics. By the way, they all open with the acoustic bass of Harris. The album's closer 'Hell on Earth' fails to leave an impression on me as well. Just Iron Maiden galloping in the minor key and some simple lead guitar melodies.

In conclusion; Iron Maiden has become a band that has its success guaranteed since the return of Bruce Dickinson. They are confident and do what they feel like.

They record an album the way they want to. With the song-writing talent they have, the vocals of Dickinson and instrumental prowess they can still showcase they are sure to have another well selling heavy metal album and sold out gigs all over the world. Progressive rock fans have shown great interest as well in this album because of the lengthy epical songs. I myself am not impressed by this record that should have - yet again - been so much more.

Had I been given the choice; the full Senjutsu album or a single song like 'The Flight of Icarus', I would have probably chosen the second option.

The overall production sound is however the best since Brave New World and it surely is one of the better records of their 21th century run. Here we are though in and now finally after 6 years we have a new Maiden album. Obviously, there was an extensive "Book of souls" tour, but they also did a tour looking back at an older album too Yes It Is (Take 2) - The Beatles - Back-Track Part Two (CD) their "Legacy of the Beast" tour.

This year thanks to Tim's Twitter listening party where two of the albums involved were "Powerslave" and "Seventh son of the seventh son" has seen me really get into Maiden in a bigger way than ever before. While I haven't got into the whole back catalogue yet. I have listened to a lot of the 80s stuff and also bought a lot of the live DVDs they have released over the years.

In terms of the build up to "Senjetsu", Maiden did make it fun for fans by giving out t-shirts to famous music friends like Frank Turner and Tim Burgees and getting them to wear the t-shirts or post on social media to create this hype wagon. There was then a countdown to specific day and time at one point which ended up being the premier of a new song which was "Writing on the wall" which was soon followed by the album announcement. I did see some reaction afterwards from reviewers saying Bruce's voice has gone but I have to disagree with that.

I think he still has it. In terms of the album, like "Book of souls" this is a double album which is roughly 40 minutes per CD.

The first 6 tracks have what I would call some of the more accessible tracks on the album and ones which would appeal to more people. Tracks like "Writing on the Wall", "Stratego" and "Days of Future past" are the shortest tracks on the album. It has a fast tempo kind of like "The Trooper" without being a carbon copy. For me it's a lot more of a hit than "Stratego" and I think it deserves the single treatment and definitely an appearance in their live set. Title track "Senjetsu" sets up them album well, being the first track.

The big drum comes in straight away and the 8 minutes it lasts for feels like it's over all too soon. Much like other tracks on this album. Another track on the first side is "Lost in a lost world" which is the longest track on the first side at around 9 minutes.

I would say this has one of the best outros on the album as it winds down with about a minute to go with Bruce's lyrics slotting in absolutely perfectly with the music. To be honest I think they could have gotten away with just releasing the first disc as an album itself.

Yes, it's 6 tracks but it's also 40 minutes which is more than acceptable for an album. It is nicely contained, has the longer tracks and has the more anthemic tracks.

I certainly wouldn't have complained if this was the album. However, if you hear the 4 tracks on the second disc you would probably change your mind. The first disc is excellent, but the second disc reaches places and moments which are out of this world and for me arguably up there with best Iron Maiden have ever done. The shortest track on this disc is "Darkest Hour" which is still 7 minutes long.

Then you have "Death of the Celts" at 10 minutes, "The Parchment" at 12 minutes and "Hell on earth" rounding off the album at 10 minutes. Now I think the best way to get across how good these songs are, is that when you look across at say minutes through any of these songs. I don't look at it and go "Oh no another 5 odd minutes to go".

At these points I'm thinking "You absolute beauty minutes to go". These songs are all absolute epics. I must pay particular attention to "Death of the celts" as this gives me major goosebumps.

The long guitar instrumental section on this is just sensational. The way the track progresses and the change in pace along with the interplay between guitarists is this best passage of music I have heard all year. And when I say moments, in Maiden terms moments equals minutes. The way this song builds up and finishes with an epic guitar solo is spot on. Overall, I think and hope this goes down as a classic Maiden album.

Its definitely one of the better Beatles albums. Discussion, pictures, videos, and other posts are all welcome! Don't Bother Me A5. Please Mister Postman B1. Formed In Direct download via magnet link. S Singles Hi-Res. Rocker 3. The Beatles The White Album. The Beatles Complete Discography kbps torrent.

Something New is easily the best of the U. Download Anonymously. Singles, E. Great Gifts!! Download James Brown discography rar greatest hits mega zip, fue un cantante de soul, funk y rock estadounidense, considerado el padrino del soul.

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One After 2. For You Blue 9.

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